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2017年10月24日 13:51:44

The Dutch think their plan to fill this dockland area荷兰认为用漂浮建筑物with a raft of these buildings来填满港口区域的计划could be a blueprint for urban living in the future.可能成为未来城市生活的蓝图We are now planning in this harbour a new floating community.我们计划在这一港口建新的漂浮社区The city has announced a competition城市已经发起了国际性的竞赛for international architects to think about邀请全球的建筑师this new floating community.为这个新的漂浮社区出谋划策It could be a sort of new Venice.这可能会成为新Thats all well and good for small rich countries like Holland,对荷兰这种小而富裕的国家来说who can afford to build the infrastructure可以承担这些费用to cope with the future of weather extremes.去建设这些设施来应对未来的极端天气However, there is another solution然而 还有一种解决方式thats more about brain than brawn.更关乎于脑力而不是体力201411/341730南康治疗直肠炎哪家医院好排名哪里A tour bus has plunged off a mountain road in Changji, Xinjiang, in Northwest China. 15 people are dead, and 21 others injured.一辆旅游巴士在中国新疆昌吉翻车。15人死亡,另有21人受伤。All the injured were taken to hospital-two have severe injuries. Thick fog and poor road conditions following days of heavy rain are being blamed for the accident.所有受伤人员均被送往医院,其中2位伤势严重。此次事故是由连日大雨后的大雾天气和湿滑道路所造成。The 36 people on the bus were returning to Changji from a local tourist attraction. Reports say the bus had passed safety inspection and was not overloaded.36名乘客当时正乘坐该巴士从当地某旅游景点返回昌吉途中。有报道称该巴士已经顺利通过安检并未有超载情况。201306/244711瑞金治疗肛门瘙痒哪家医院好排名哪里To the Chinese, combining a wildlife reserve with a tourist development makes perfect commercial sense, and the monkeys dont seem at all unhappy with the deal.对中国人而言,自然保护与旅游业结合是个完美的商业联姻,猴子们似乎对此未有任何不满。The question is where to draw the line. Like the rest of the world, China is still feeling its way towards a harmonious relationship with nature.问题是在何处划定最后的界限。正如世界上的其他地方一样,中国依旧向往着人与自然的和谐共处。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201410/337549宁都县中医院治疗肛乳头肥大价格

瑞金市治疗大便出血哪家医院好排名哪里赣南医学院第一附属医院看痔疮多少钱Reptiles and amphibians must warm their bodies...爬虫类和两栖类动物before they can become active and until then...要先让身体热起来才能活动they are slow-moving and vulnerable.它们在热身之前 行动迟缓,十分脆弱The quickest way to gain heat, is to bask in the sun,热身最快的方法是做日光浴as this basilisk lizard from Central America is doing.就像这只 中美洲的芒腹冠蜥一样The trouble is that exposing yourself inevitably makes you easily seen.问题是摊在阳光下 很容易被人发现But a conspicuous perch over a river like this...但大刺刺的 趴在这么抢眼的树枝上seems to be making yourself unnecessarily prominent.似乎有点太明显了This basilisks greatest threat comes from the sky.这只蜥蜴最大的威胁来自空中Dark shapes overhead make it nervous.头顶上出现的阴影 搞得它紧张兮兮A hunting bird might expect it to flee to the trees.狩猎的猛禽 八成以为它会逃到树上In fact, it does the opposite.但它却反其道而行This skitter across the surface of the water earns it precious seconds...这种踏水前进的绝活 为它争取到宝贵的几秒钟and the nickname, Jesus Christ lizard.和耶稣蜥蜴的昵称201307/248526兴国治疗肛门疣病医院Nonetheless, it remains a wonderful and moving piece of sculpture.但这无损于这幅雕像的动人魅力。But what does it mean?然而,这图案究竟代表了什么意思?And how can it sum up, in itself, a view of the Athenian state?我们又如何从中了解当时的雅典城邦呢?Im fairly certain that these sculptures are using myths to present a heroic version of recent events.这些雕像无疑是在以一种神话的方式讲述当时现实中发生的英雄事迹。A generation before these sculptures were made, Athens was one of a number of fiercely competitive city states, who were suddenly forced into a coalition with each other by the Persian invasion of the Greek mainland.在雕像制作者的父辈生活的时期,由于波斯入侵希腊本土,像雅典这样原本处于激烈斗争中的城邦不得不团结一致,抵御外敌。So, in the metopes, when we see Greeks fighting Centaurs, these mythical battles stand proxy for the real-life struggle between Greeks and Persians.在排档间饰上,我们看到希腊人大战半人马,这场神话中的战役代表了现实中希 腊与波斯间的战争。Heres Mary Beard, Cambridge classicist, on what the sculptures would have meant to the people who first saw them:剑桥大学的古典学者玛丽·彼尔德这样解释雕像在当时所代表的意义:;Ancient Greece is a world which sees - sees - issues in terms of conflict, of winning, and losing.在古希腊人的世界里,凡事都通过争斗来解决。输赢决定一切。Its a conflictual society, and one of the ways that Athenians thought about their position in the world, and their relationship to those they conquered, or abominated, was they saw the enemy or the other in terms that were not, in a sense, human.希腊人在世界上为自己定位的方式之一,就是将“敌人”及“他者” 都视作“非人”。这便是他们与自己征或痛恨的人之间的关系。So what you have on the Parthenon is different ways of understanding the otherness of your enemy.帕台农神庙的雕像展示了表现敌人的“他者性”的不同方式。I mean, the best interpretation of the metopes, is that you see the heroic conflicts as necessary in order to ensure order.对这些排档间饰最好的一种诠释,便是将英勇的战斗视为确保秩序的必然手段。And part of that is a feeling that we can very easily empathise with.其中有一部分我们很容易感到认同:I mean, we dont want to live in a culture that the Centaurs - the half-men half-horse run, we dont want to live in Centaur World!我们不愿意生活在半人马的世界,Nor do we want to live in Amazon World. We want to live in Greek World, and Athenian World.;我们希望生活在希腊的世界,雅典的世界。201409/328479赣州轻微便血治疗医院要多少钱

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