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奥巴马颁发美国年度教师奖 -- ::9 来源:   周二,奥巴马总统向几位杰出的教育工作者颁发奖项,并对美国年度教师贾哈娜;海斯予以高度赞扬Jahana Hayes, the National Teacher of the Year, got a glowing introduction from President Obama on Tuesday when he honored her and several other of the nationrsquo;s top educators.  周二,奥巴马总统向几位杰出的教育工作者颁发奖项,并对美国年度教师贾哈娜;海斯予以高度赞扬  Hayes was ecstatic about Obamarsquo;s praise, and the president noticed.  海斯对奥巴马的赞赏欣喜若狂,奥巴马总统也注意到了她的激动  ;This is what makes her a great teacher,; Obama said. ;You canrsquo;t be great if yoursquo;re not enthusiastic. Yoursquo;ve got to love what you do, and she loves what she does.;  ;这就是她为什么能够成为一位伟大的教师,;奥巴马说:;没有热情,就不可能变得伟大你必须喜欢自己所做的事情,她也深爱着教育事业;  Hayes is a history teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Waterbury, Connecticut. She grew up in public housing ;surrounded by poverty, drugs and violence,; and became a mother at , according to a statement Hayes sent to the White House. Despite these odds, she thanked her own teachers believing in her potential.  海斯是康涅狄格州沃特伯里的约翰;肯尼迪高中的一名历史老师在给白宫的资料中,她提到自己从小在公共住房中长大,周围充斥着贫困、毒品和暴力,岁的时候就做了母亲尽管没有接受平等的教育,但她仍然向自己的老师们表示感谢,谢谢他们相信自己拥有潜力  ;They challenged me to imagine myself in a different set of circumstances, no matter how difficult,; Hayes said. ;They encouraged me to do more, be more, expect more, and become the first in my family to go to college. They inspired me to become a teacher so I could make the same kind of impact in my own studentsrsquo; lives ; a teacher whose influence extends beyond the classroom.;  ;无论有多么困难,他们总是告诉我要想象自己正处在一种完全不同的环境下他们激励我多些行动,多些期望,努力能成为家中第一个上大学的人他们鼓舞我成为一名教师,那样我就能对自己的学生产生同样的影响;;这种影响远远超乎在课堂上传授知识,;海斯说道  Hayes is spending the next year advocating educators and traveling across the country, according to the Council of Chief State School Officers, which issued the award. Shersquo;ll have a chance to meet with teachers and policymakers alike as the presidential election approaches.  负责颁发年度教师奖的美国州立学校主管理事会表示,海斯明年将会到全国各地,倡导教育工作者们共同致力于实现教育平等就像年总统大选那样,海斯将有机会有与教师和决策者见面  ;As a country, we really need to have some real talk about equity issues and making sure every student, in every state, and every commy, has high-quality education,; Hayes said. ;Itrsquo;s in the ed States of America. If a student graduates, we should be confident that theyrsquo;re y.;  ;作为一个国家,我们需要重视教育平等,保每个州、每个社区的每个学生都有平等的机会接受优质教育,;海斯说:;在年的美利坚合众国,我们要相信每一个毕业生都已经做好了准备;交通领域三年内投资.7万亿 --30 :: 来源: 作为三年交通发展规划的一部分,超300个新项目已经做出 A massive spending plan has been outlined to try to give more reliable transportation access to China’s more remote areas.近日,政府做出宏观计划,试图让更可靠的交通进入中国更偏远地区As part of a new 3-year outline transportation development, over 300 new projects have been laid out.作为三年交通发展规划的一部分,超300个新项目已经做出规划Among them are a significant number of projects to connect this country’s more isolated, and often impoverished, regions with regional hubs through road and rail.这些规划中,很多项目通过公路和铁路连接了国家落后,孤僻的地区和地区中心枢纽区Chinese authorities are planning to spend .7-trillion yuan - around 75-billion US dollars - on the projects over the next 3-years.中国政府计划在未来3年内投资.7万亿(约750亿美元)Zheng Jian with the National Development and Rem Commission says the massive spending plans are part of a pledge to pull everyone in China above the poverty line by .国家发改委郑建说道,这次在交通方面的大规模投入将会大力推进中国脱贫"We think access to more reliable ms of movement is the linch-pin to helping people out of poverty. This is why we’ve incorporated rural road construction in our new plans, which will link these remote areas to regional hubs in the next 3-years."“做出更多切实可行的改变是帮助人们脱贫的关键之举这也是乡村公路建设作为新计划的一部分的初衷,这将在未来3年内连接偏远地区和地区交通枢纽中心”China’s unique topography, particularly in the south and southwestern parts of the country, has left numerous commies somewhat isolated from the rest of the country.中国独特的地势,尤其是南方和西南地区,使得中国很多偏远地区比较孤立This has limited their access to government support, leaving them toward the bottom of the development curve.这就导致偏远地区难以得到政府的持,发展速度也处于谷底The new transportation spending plan also includes projects to create better links in China’s major centers, including inter-city links in the Yangtze and Pearl River Delta regions, as well as throughout the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area.新的交通投资计划包括为中国主要城市建立联系,包括长江和珠江三角洲地区,以及京津冀地区少女原味脚皮?揭秘淘宝奇葩买卖 -- 18:6:1 来源:sohu 滴滴代注册、明星分手险、渣男测试、人皮面具、卖脚皮、出租男女朋友、脑残片......近日,淘宝首次公布“奇葩勾当”排行榜,揭露了八种突破法律红线或违反社会伦理道德的奇葩行为据了解,阿里“神盾局”内部有一“禁限售商品管理”团队,仅年上半年就删除此类违法、违禁、扰乱平台秩序的商品链接高达万余条 China's largest e-commerce platm Taobao has published a list of weird goods or services offered on the website the first time recently. The Safety and Security Intelligence Center of Alibaba Group has a team that manages the banned and restricted goods. It has deleted over . million links selling illegal goods or goods that disturb the order of the platm in the first half of . 首先,下面让我们来盘点一下都有哪些奇葩勾当上线 1.What are they? 1)滴滴代注册:这一务主要是为用户提供代理注册务,商家在收费50至0元不等后,保障司机即使在不合符注册条件的情况之下,仍可在滴滴平台上注册成功因滴滴注册自身有注册门槛要求,所以,这一代理行为违背企业安全诚信标准,日后存在未知风险 Help customers register Didi drivers: If a driver wants to register as a Didi driver on cab hailing app Didi Dache, he or she must meet certain standards. example, his car must be in good condition, and he himself must be a good driver, etc. However, some drivers cannot meet the requirements set by Didi. Theree, they turned to Taobao help. Some Taobao shops charge the drivers from 50 to 0 yuan to help them get registered quickly. And if the they register the driver is blocked, they can help them get a new free. 而就目前来看,这一代理行业最大的风险就是一旦不符合注册标准的司机成功注册,并开始接单进行务后,在过程中会给叫车的乘客带来极大的风险和困扰比如:实际车辆与乘客在叫车软件上预定的车号牌不符、型号不符,或司机根本不是同一人等 Reason stopping it: Drivers not meeting the standardsmay not be able to offer qualified service to customers. When customers hail a car on the app, they may find that the car going to take them may have a different number plate or the driver may be a different person, which may be quite dangerous. )分手险:泰勒和抖森新恋情曝光,淘宝网的部分商家趁机推出了与二人恋情相关的专属「分手险」,该险种明显带有对明星私生活的调侃性质另外,此虚拟险种,也涉及非法集资诈骗 Break-up insurance: After Taylor Swift started dating with Tom Hiddleston this June, there's a break-up insurance the two appearing on Taobao. Each bet costs 1 yuan(小测试:种迹象表明你们是天生一对 --7 ::6 来源: You can spot them easily in the movies — the couple that so clearly meant each other. But in real life, it can be harder to detect a perfect match.其实在电影里很容易就能发现——每一位最佳情人都是为对方而设的但是在实际生活中,想要找到自己的完美情人却没那么容易了That especially true when that ;match; involves us. Sometimes were so wrapped up in our relationships that we dont even ask ourselves if were actually a good fit.这个道理格外准确,尤其当我们自己在找“绝配”的时候有时候我们太沉迷于俩人的关系了,甚至忘了问问自己:我们俩真的合适吗?Relationship expert Talia Goldstein, CEO of white-glove matchmaking service Three Day Rule, told INSIDER that there are four major signs that a couple is a good match.婚恋专家Talia Godlstein,也是务周到且上乘的婚恋务机构Three Day Rule的总裁,她在接受Insider网站采访的时候表示,若想判断一对情侣是否是最佳情侣,可以从个迹象来判断If a relationship demonstrates each of these attributes, Goldstein said, then that how you know it built to last.如果这段关系能够把每一个属性都表露无遗,那么你就知道这段感情肯定能维系一辈子了1. You travel the same way.1. 旅行方式相似One of the easiest ways to tell if youre a good match with your partner is to plan a trip together.其中一个也是最容易的判断最佳情人的方法,就是给双方安排一次旅行;A good match is people who are willing and wanting to travel the same way,; Goldstein said.“天生一对的情人彼此都主动并希望用同样的方式旅行”Goldstein 表示If one of you wants to hop in an RV and road trip to Mexico, while the other wants to fly first class and stay at a five-star resort, then that a sign that you arent a good fit.但如果你们其中一人想要坐着休旅车,自驾游到墨西哥,而另外一人却想要乘坐头等机舱,享受五星级度假区的务,那么这就显示了你们并不那么相配;It indicative of your lifestyle,; Goldstein said. ;It could lead to problems down the road.;“这从另一方面反映了你的生活方式”Goldstein表示,“这个迹象将会给你们的爱情道路留下隐患” example, these lifestyle differences could come into play when it time to buy a house or pick an education path your children, the expert said.举个例子,这些生活方式的差异可能会在某些场景下体现出来,比如购买房子时,或为孩子规划教育时等,专家表示;If you have a really narrow mind about the way that you travel, you probably have that same mindset in other aspects of your life,; she added.“如果你所能接受的旅行方式很局限,那么你对生活的其他方面可能也会有相似的价值观,”她补充道. You have common interests that you love doing together.. 你们有共同的爱好It may seem intuitive, but a great way to tell if you are a good match with a person is to determine whether you have common interests.可能听起来全凭直觉,但若想确定对方是否最适合自己,很好的方法就是看看你们是否有共同的兴趣爱好That doesnt mean that you just like the same sort of art or listen to the same sort of music. Instead, good matches not only enjoy similar things, but they like doing those things together.但这不意味着,你们喜欢某一类型的艺术或喜欢听某一类型的音乐而意味着,最佳的情人不仅能共享相似的东西,也喜欢与对方一起做这些事情;There should be at least two or three things you really like to do together,; Goldstein said. ;It should be about spending time together.;“你们之间至少有-3件喜欢一起做的事情,”Goldstein表示“这关乎于能否花时间相处的问题”And so, if youre a couple who, instance, enjoys going on long walks, playing board games, or watching the same sports together, then youre likely a good match.并且,如果你们是这样的情侣,例如,喜欢长时间散步,玩桌上游戏,或者一起观看体育比赛等,那么你们真的是最佳的情侣了3. Your relationship has the right balance.3. 你们的关系能找到合适的平衡点Most of the successful pairings Goldstein has witnessed involves people who strike a perfect balance, where one of them is ;the star; while the other is more of ;the rock.;Goldstein见过的大多数成功的情侣,他们都能取得关系的平衡,当其中一方负责表现时,而另一方负责配合;I found that the majority of my success stories fall into those categories, where sometimes one of them is outgoing and the life of the party, where the other is more stable and supportive,; Goldstein said.“我发现了大部分这些成功的情侣都离不开这几个类别,其中一方外向好客,另一方更沉稳和持”Goldstein说道People with different energies tend to complement each other, whereas those who are both super outgoing and both extremely introverted dont always go the distance.不同性格特质的人互为补充,然而若双方都极度外向或极度内向,他们的爱情道路则一般不能走得很长远;If you have the yin and the yang, they balance each other out,; the expert said. ;Ive found that balance works really well in a relationship.;“如果你们既有阴也有阳,那么就能互补平衡”专家表示“我发现了这种平衡用于维系感情最为奏效”. Youre with someone who makes you feel good about yourself.. 跟TA在一起,你会感到自己很棒It seems like common sense: You should be with someone who makes you feel like youre at your best. But of course, a lot of people end up in relationships where they dont really feel like themselves.这似乎就是常识:你应该与一个能让你感到自我状态最好的人在一起但当然,很多人最终结束一段感情是因为他们再也感受不到真实的自己了;Relationships where you truly feel like youre the best version of yourself — that the best way to see if youre a good match,; Goldstein said.“当你在一段感情里,你所感受到的是最好的自己,那么这就能显示你们是最佳情侣了”Goldstein表示Being in a relationship where you feel like you mean that you dont have to stretch to come up with topics to talk about.随心而行,感受最好的自己,去寻找一段不必费心找话题的感情吧It also when you feel at home with their group of friends, or feel comtable lounging around in your pajamas with the other person.这段感情,也能让你在对方的亲友前感到轻松自在,在TA面前也敢穿着睡衣到处跑.). If the pop singer 'breaks up' with the new boyfriend within a year then the buyer will get double their bet which is directly paid into their bank . One seller says that there have been 53 transactions. While another seller said that the highest amount someone has spent was 00 yuan. 这项务所提供的险种本是就是不存在的,看似好笑,单笔交易也不过一元左右,而事实上它涉及非法集资诈骗在零成本的基础上,卖家可以盈利几千元之多 Reason stopping: There's no break-up insurances. This business could be suspected of involving fraudulent fund-raising. Although it’s sold at 1 yuan each, the seller may collect several thousand yuan or even more. It’s illegal fund-raising. 经过严格的筛查和监管,分手险和类似商品已在淘宝下架详情请点击查看:分手险系非法集资已遭下架 3)渣男测试:买家花钱购买后,就会有年轻女性以陌生女孩的身份,根据客户所提供的资料,通过QQ或微信来帮助客户鉴定另一半对自己是否忠诚 Fidelity tests: After you buy the service, there will be a young female using the inmation you give to seduce your boyfriend, testing whether he is loyal enough or not. 这一“勾当”其实严重扰乱了社会公共秩序更有潜在非法性交易和发生强奸犯罪的隐患 Reason stopping: it violates public order and fine customs. There’s also a risk of potential sex trade or rape cases (because of seducing), just like renting a boyfriend or girlfriend to satisfy worrying parents. )人皮面具:高度仿真人脸,其脸部皮肤纹理、色泽与真人极度相似 Skinmask: Skinmask that looks similar to genuine human faces in skin texture and color. Many people love to use such tools to make practical jokes, or frighten somebody fun. Or they may just want to imitate what people in TV dramas do and want to make some fun with the mask. 这一奇葩商品给了犯罪分子可乘之机,它们可以通过这些面具在作案时隐藏身份,逃避警察追捕 Reason stopping: Some criminals may also buy the mask, and use it as a tool to hide their identity while committing a crime, which may hinder the police from finding the criminals. 5)代骂挨骂务:协助他人提供报复、发泄性质的骂人和被人骂务 Revenge service: It was quite easy to find such service sold online. The seller charges customers money according to the time the seller spent in making phone calls to scold others them. 福建的律师邓长昌表示,根据法律规定,每个人都有人权,且都应得到尊重随意辱骂他人是严重伤害他人人权的行为买卖双方都属于侵犯他人权利 Reasons stopping: Deng Changchang, a lawyer in Fujian, said this behavior is illegal. According to the law, everyone has his or her right of personality, which should be respected by others. Scolding others will violate their right of personality. Those who scold others customers and customers who hire them infringe others' rights together. 6)脚皮、新鲜大便等无厘头商品:淘宝上出现“少女原味脚皮”等怪异商品,并持续热销,奇葩商品引发社会舆论和广泛关注 Dead skin from the foot of a virgin or feces: Some sellers sell original flavor of dead skin from the foot of a virgin or feces as snacks, which even became a huge hit on Taobao. 这一商品必须叫停的原因 奇葩商品吸引奇葩取向的顾客,造成负面社会影响 没有严格的检疫,这类商品极有可能携带病毒细菌 那么多人在买“少女”的这,“少女”的那如此大的销量,哪来那么多少女脚皮?或者,这也许根本不是你心中的“少女”?细思极恐 Reason stopping: These could attract some people with weird hobbies, and bring some negative social influences. Is that edible? There's no healthstandard that, which may sp some insects. There are a lot of people buying that. So are there so many girl's dead foot skin sales? Are these dead skins really from girls?7)脑残片:商家对普通糖果进行伪装,为了取眼球和恶搞而冠上脑残片等怪异名称 Pills stupid people: These are candies in fact. But sellers use a fancy package to pack these candies, and name it pills stupid people (脑残片). People may buy it prank use, like making fun of others by giving them the pills to cure their brain damage. 我国对于网络渠道销售药品食品是设有十分严格而明确的规章制度的而“脑残片”既不属于食品,也不属于药品,这就意味着它很有可能既不符合食品规定也不属于药品规定,所以对消费者健康而言,这类怪异药片有着不可预知的风险 Reason stopping: there is strict quality control in selling drugs or food on the internet. Such pills are neither food nor drugs, which may neither meet the requirements of food nor drugs. So it may be risky to customer's health. 那么,究竟是何原因导致市面上出现这些奇奇怪怪的“勾当”呢? .Why is there such weird business? 1)为了吸引消费者 许多年轻人喜欢标新立异,从而显示出自己的与众不同许多黑心商家利用法律漏洞,销售一些奇奇怪怪的商品,以此来取年轻人的眼球,从而盈利 To attract customers:Many young people love to show their individuality, and differentiate from others. Theree, many sellers make use of the loopholes of the law, and make their goods appear weird and special in order to stand out on the online shopping website to attract these young people to buy. )一个愿打一个愿挨--需求刺激供给 以滴滴打车为例,随着滴滴这款app越来越火爆,许多私家车司机也想从中捞一桶金而然部分司机不符合滴滴审核的标准无法注册为了迎合这一需求,淘宝的一些黑心商家就提供虚假信息帮助他们在滴滴上完成注册 There's demand stimulate the supply: As the Didi Dache app becomes popular, many drivers want to join in to make extra money. However, not all of them qualify the registry requirements. Theree, some Taobao sellers charge them money to help them register with false inmation. 3)监管的缺乏 由于淘宝这一平台自身的开放性和丰富性,人们似乎可以在淘宝上售卖任何东西这就使那些不法卖家可以披着万众创新的外衣,在这一平台上销售自己那些奇葩商品而且由于淘宝平台的复杂性,在监管团队查出他们之前,还有时间可以大赚一笔 Lack of supervision: Due to Taobao's qualities of abundance and openness, people seem to sell everything, real or virtual online. Theree, it’s easy people to start a business on the platm to sell these weird things, under the name of innovation. And it's highly possible that they can make money bee Taobao team found their business improper, and blocked their shops or links. )利用“名人”效应 分手险就是随着霉霉和抖森恋情曝光而出现的奇葩商品黑心商家利用广大中国粉丝对霉霉的关注和喜爱,积少成多,从中盈利 Make use of celebrity's gossip: Those who sell break-up insurance just want to make use of the relationship between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Because the singer is very popular and has many fans in China, there must be fans focusing on the development of their relationship, and want to buy the insurance which only costs 1 yuan each. 最后,针对这些奇葩“勾当”,我们应该做些什么呢? 下面是几点小建议 3. What should be done 1)提醒广大消费者 Remind customers )与有关监管部门取得联系 Contact related departments 3)设立热线举报平台 Set up hotlines or reporting platm )屏蔽“奇怪”关键词 Block more key words

寨卡危机:世界卫生组织称奥运会将不会延迟或易地举办 --9 ::9 来源: 世界卫生组织(世卫组织)已经否决了今夏的里约奥运会应该因寨卡疫情而延期或易地举办的建议 The World Health Organization (WHO) has rejected a call to move or postpone this summer’s Rio Olympic Games over the Zika outbreak.世界卫生组织(世卫组织)已经否决了今夏的里约奥运会应该因寨卡疫情而延期或易地举办的建议It said this would "not significantly alter" the sp of the virus, which is linked to serious birth defects.世卫组织称,由于寨卡病毒主要由生育传播,奥运会并不会对病毒的扩散带来“极大改变”In an open letter to the WHO, more than 0 leading scientists had said new findings about Zika made it "unethical" the Games to go ahead.在一封给世卫组织的公开信中,0多名知名科学家称关于寨卡病毒的新发现明了如期举办奥运会是“不道德的”They also said the global health body should revisit its Zika guidance.他们还表示世卫组织应重新审查有关寨卡病毒的指导The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has said it sees no reason to delay or move the Games because of the mosquito-borne disease.国际奥林匹克委员会(国际奥委会)曾表示,看不到任何这个由蚊虫传播的疾病推迟或改变奥运会举办地的原因The outbreak began in Brazil a year ago, but now more than 60 countries and territories have continuing transmission.寨卡疫情一年前在巴西爆发,但现在超过60个国家和地区已经遭受感染While Zika’s symptoms are mild, in the letter the experts say it causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and may also cause a rare and sometimes fatal neurological syndrome in adults.虽然寨卡病毒的症状通常较轻,但是在公开信中,专家指出这种病会导致初生婴儿出现畸形的小头症,并且还可能导致成人出现罕见的神经系统疾病,在一些病例中可能致命The letter is signed by 0 international scientists, doctors and medical ethicists from such institutions as Oxd University and Harvard and Yale universities in the ed States.公开信由0名不同国籍的科学专家、医生和医学伦理学者联合签署,包括牛津大学,美国的哈佛、耶鲁等高等学府均有学者参与联署They cite the failure of a mosquito-eradication programme in Brazil, and the country’s "weakened" health system as reasons to postpone or move the Olympics in "the name of public health".他们指出巴西灭蚊措施的不成功,以及该国医疗卫生系统能力被削弱,都是"以公共卫生之名"延迟或易地举办奥运会的理由"An unnecessary risk is posed when 500,000 eign tourists from all countries attend the Games, potentially acquire that strain, and return home to places where it can become endemic," the letter says.信中写道,“自不同国家的五十万外国游客赶来观赛,很有可能会感染病毒,然后回国时将病毒带回并传染开来,冒这样的危险是不必要的”The biggest risk, it adds, is if athletes contract the virus and returned home to poor countries that have not yet suffered a Zika outbreak.公开信还写道,最大的危险是如果运动员感染了病毒回国,而他的国家是没有办法应对寨卡疫情爆发的贫困国家They also express concern the WHO has a conflict of interest because of its partnership with the IOC.他们还表达了对世卫组织与国际奥委会的合作是否有利益冲突的关心The Rio Olympics are due to take place between 5 and 1 August.里约奥运会预计在8月5日至1日间举行In a statement, the WHO, which has declared the Zika virus a global public health emergency, said: "Brazil is one of almost 60 countries and territories which to date report continuing transmission of Zika by mosquitoes.在宣布寨卡病毒为国际健康紧急事件的声明中,世卫组织称“截止到目前,有60个国家和地区报告有持续的蚊虫传播型寨卡病毒扩散,巴西是其中之一”"People continue to travel between these countries and territories a variety of reasons. The best way to reduce risk of disease is to follow public health travel advice."“由于种种原因,人们将持续前往这些国家和地区旅行避免病毒感染的最佳方法就是谨遵公共健康出游建议”Several public health experts had previously warned that hundreds of thousands of people arriving in Rio would speed up Zika’s sp and lead to the births of brain-damaged babies.一些公共健康专家此前警告说成千上万人前往里约将加速寨卡病毒的传播,最终将有害于新生儿脑部健康But on Thursday, the head of the US Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), whose advice is ed approvingly in the letter, said the threat did not warrant halting the Games.但是在周四,美国疾控中心领导称这个危险不能使得奥运会取消,该言论也被公开信引用"There is no public health reason to cancel or delay the Olympics," Dr Tom Frieden said.汤姆·弗里登士称:“奥运会不能因为公共健康原因延迟或取消”However, he urged the US to act more quickly to prevent pregnant women contracting Zika, amid congressional deadlock over the release of .9bn in funding.然而,他敦促美国要迅速行动起来,保护怀妇女避免其接触寨卡病毒,并陷入敦促美国国会提供19亿美元救助资金的僵局

美国总统的女儿玛丽亚.奥巴马即将就读哈佛 -- :6: 来源: 白宫周日宣布,奥巴马的女儿玛丽亚高中毕业后会有一年;间隔年;,而后将于年就读哈佛大学Barack Obamarsquo;s daughter Malia will take a year off after high school and attend Harvard University in , the White House announced on Sunday.星期天,白宫宣布,奥巴马的女儿玛丽亚高中毕业后会有一年;间隔年;,将于年就读哈佛大学Harvard encourages new admissions to take a ;gap year; bee or during their undergraduate years, so that the students can pursue work experiences outside of school.哈佛鼓励新学员在本科前或期间采取;间隔年;,追求校外工作经验 the schoolrsquo;s most famous new freshman, the year off could mean less attention when she does start classes in , and time to build her resume.作为学校最有名的大一新生,;间隔年;可能意味着当她在年开始上课的时候,会引来更少的关注,也给予她打造自己简历的时间First lady Michelle Obama has said that Malia hopes to become a film-maker, and that she worked last summer in New York as an intern on the set of the HBO show Girls.第一夫人米歇尔;奥巴马曾表示,玛丽亚希望成为一名电影制作人,去年夏天她曾在纽约为HBO节目《女孩担任实习生She spent the previous summer as a production assistant CBS, and held previous internships at the National Zoo in Washington.她去年夏天担任CBS的制作助理,此前又在华盛顿的国家动物园实习Harvard accepted 5.% of applicants this year, the lowest acceptance rate in its history.哈佛大学今年的录取率是5.%,为历史最低Obama has said he intends to stay in Washington after he leaves the White House until his youngest daughter, Sasha, graduates from high school in 19.奥巴马曾表示,离开白宫后,他打算继续留在华盛顿,直到他的小女儿萨沙19年高中毕业Even so, the first family has remained quiet about their plans after inauguration day on January , when someone else takes to the Oval Office.即便如此,这个第一家庭还是对年1月日后的计划保持沉默,这天,另有人选将入主白宫,就职美国总统;We havenrsquo;t figured that out yet,; he told voters in Wisconsin earlier this year. ;Wersquo;re going to have to stay a couple of years so Sasha can finish.;;我们还没有想清楚,;今年早些时候他告诉威斯康星州的选民,;我们会再呆上一两年直到萨莎完成学业;Though usually extremely private, the president opened up to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres about his close relationship with his daughter. ;Irsquo;m not y her to leave,;he said.虽然总统平时非常注重隐私,他却对谈话节目主持人艾伦;德杰尼勒斯坦言自己与女儿的亲密感情;我还没有准备好让她离开,;他说;Shersquo;s one of my best friends. Itrsquo;s going to be hard me not to have her around all the time, but shersquo;s y to go. Shersquo;s just a really smart, capable person and shersquo;s y to make her own way.;;她是我最好的朋友之一她长期不在我身边对我来说是很难适应的,但她准备好离开了她非常聪明,能干,她已经准备好走她自己的路;


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