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瑞金市治疗痔疮多少钱安远县治疗肛周疾病医院东部700名教师教西藏学校 -- :: 来源: 由教育部等部门联合资助了一项教项目,鼓励东部发达地区的教师前往西藏教,以提升自治区的教育水平Some 700 teachers from Chinarsquo;s developed regions have been dispatched to schools in the Tibet Autonomous Region a three-year program to improve the quality of education in the region.来自中国东部发达地区的700名教师已经前往西藏进行教,他们被派往自治区的所学校,进行一项为期3年的教项目,该项目旨在提高西藏地区的教育质量The first group of 76 teachers have arrived in Tibet, y to take up positions in the regional capital of Lhasa, and in more remote areas such as Xigaze, Nyingchi, Shannan and Qamdo.第一批教的76名教师已经抵达了西藏,他们将在西藏省会拉萨,以及更偏远的日喀则、林芝、山南和昌都开始教活动Sponsored by the ministries of education, finance, human resources and social security, the program will improve education in Tibet, which is dependent on both central and regional government funding to ensure education farmers and herdsmen.该项目由教育部、财政部、人力资源部和社会保障部联合资助,旨在提升西藏自治区的教育质量该项目是由中央政府和自治区地方政府联合拨款,以期保障藏区农牧民的受教育权利Fang Lingmin, vice chairman of the regional government, said that the teachers from municipalities and provinces including Beijing and Jiangsu Province, will be divided into groups to assist teaching in the schools.西藏自治区副主席方灵敏(音)说,从北京和江苏等个省市来的教师们将被分成个小组,前往各地学校援当地教学工作Under the program, 00 teachers will also be selected from Tibetan kindergartens and schools every year to receive training and hands-on experience in schools in developed regions.该项计划的另一个内容是将每年从西藏的幼儿园和学校里选派00名教师前往东部发达地区接受培训和教育实践训练The central government has carried out various programs to support Tibetrsquo;s development. Under the assistance mechanism, teachers from developed areas are encouraged to take short contracts at Tibetan schools to help improve the local education.长久以来,中央政府都一直致力于采取措施以援西藏地区的发展在本次的教援助项目中,政府鼓励东部发达地区的教师前往西藏进行短期教活动,以求提升自治区的教育水平The new initiative, however, aims to concentrate the efts in the designated schools to make more significant changes.这一新项目计划集中力量,将教教师集中派往所指定学校,以期能够对当地的教育现状做出更大、更显著的改变Tibet has 1,855 schools and more than 600,000 students. The region was the first in China to offer a -year free education all children from kindergarten to high school, which has helped increase the average enrollment rate of primary, junior high and high schools to 98 percent, 96 percent and 7 percent, respectively.西藏自治区一共有1855所学校,学生总数超过60万人西藏是中国第一个提供从幼儿园到高中年义务教育的地区,这一举措将西藏平均受教育水平为小学、初中、高中的人口比例分别提高到了98%、96%和7%However, schools in remote areas still lack basic infrastructure to ensure stable power supply and even access to clean drinking water.然而,在西藏的一些偏远地区,基础设施建设仍然缺乏,人们难以有稳定的电力供应,甚至清洁用水也很难得到保障赣州市第三人民医院割痔疮价格 大学教你如何谈恋爱 -- :56: 来源: 日前,天津大学开授;恋爱课;的消息在网络上引起热议,不少网友慨叹,;单身三十年,蓦然回首,才发现,都怪大学时代没上lsquo;恋爱课rsquo;;Students at Tianjin University can now enroll in courses in what is possibly the most difficult subject of all - love.天津大学的学生现在可以选修一门可能称之为世界上最难的课程;;;恋爱课;Around 0 students crowded into a lecture hall at the prestigious university on March 30 as the first class of a new course on romance, ;Basic Theory and Experience of Love,; got underway.新学期该校就推出了一门名为《恋爱理论与实践的选修课,3月30日的第一堂课,就吸引了约0名学生的到来;Hopefully the lecture will give students a higher sense of responsibility toward dating,; said Liu Xiaochun, an associate professor of law at Tianjin University and course lecturer.;希望这门课程的开设能让学生们对于男女交往更具责任心,;刘晓纯说,他目前是天津大学的副教授,也是本门课程的主讲老师During the 90-minute talk Liu explained legal issues related to dating, including such topics as mistresses, domestic violence, divorce and abortion. ;It is the first time I have talked about dating in public,; he said.在90分钟的课堂中,刘教授解释了恋爱中的法律问题,包括的话题有情妇、家暴、离婚以及流产等等;这也是我第一次在公众前谈论恋爱问题,;他说 many, often away from home the first time, college is their first chance to explore romance after dedicating much of their high school years to study.对于许多首次离家出远门的大学生来说,大学是他们探索恋爱的第一次机会,毕竟他们的高中生活主要是围绕着学习One male student who asked not to be named, said he hoped the course would help him get along with his girlfriend better.一个不愿透露姓名的男生说,他希望通过学习此门课程可以帮助他更好地和女朋友相处Organized by a student dating club, the course covers a wide range of topics from dating tips and etiquette to counseling. The classes are taught by teachers from the university and external experts.这门课程是由一个学生恋爱社团组织的,话题覆盖面广,从恋爱技巧、恋爱礼仪一直到恋爱咨询,主要由本校的老师以及外聘专家讲授The course was inundated with more than 800 applications, far beyond initial expectations, Wang Rui, head of the student dating club, said.社团负责人王蕊说,这门课程选课人数超过了800人,远远超出预期;Students can gain two credits by attending no less than five lectures and submitting a ,000-character report at the end of the semester,; Wang said.;学生只要能上五次课以上,并在学期末上交一篇00字左右的报告就可以修得两个学分,;王说College relationships have been openly discussed across Chinese campuses, resulting in several programs to help students make their way through what could be a minefield. Such august institutions as China Youth University of Political Studies, Wuhan University and Renmin University of China all have similar courses.大学恋爱关系已经在中国各大校园里公开讨论着,这使得很多学校开始开设一些课程来帮助学生们跨过所谓的;雷区;一些令人敬畏的院校,如中国青年政治学院、武汉大学以及中国人民大学,都开设了类似的课程;The purpose of these courses is not to encourage students to fall in love, but to help them develop a proper attitude toward love and cope with problems they might meet when dating,; Xiong Bingqi, deputy director of 1st Century Education Research Institute, said.1世纪教育研究中心副主任熊炳奇表示:;开设这些课程的目的不是要鼓励学生恋爱,而是帮助他们对恋爱建立起正确的态度,并很好地处理恋爱中遇到的问题;Yang Li from the mental health education center at Tianjin University said many students lack the capacity to deal with failures involved in love, which can be traumatic and result in rash or even violent behavior.天津大学心理健康教育中心主任杨丽说,很多学生在面对失恋时缺乏处理能力,可能会导致心理创伤,行为鲁莽甚至造成伤害行为The courses will give students the skills they need to maintain better romantic relationships, Yang said.;恋爱课;将帮助学生们掌握一些处理两性关系的技巧,杨说The Tianjin course was applauded by social media users, who acknowledged the value of such lessons often clueless students.天津大学这门课程的开设也受到了社交媒体用户的好评,他们认为这对于不成熟的学生们来说很有价值;It is rare college lovers to end up married,; user ;Yindaxiaxia; posted on microblog Sina Weibo. ;It is crucial they understand love and relationships to avoid conflict and pain.;;大学里的爱情终成眷属的并不多;,一名叫;尹大虾虾;的网友在新浪微上说:;lsquo;恋爱课rsquo;可以让在校学生对此有深刻的认识,避免冲突和伤害;女性采用男性站姿更具领导范儿 --31 ::01 来源:chinadaily It is often said this is a man's world.人们总说,这是男性主宰的世界So perhaps it should be no surprise that the key to appearing confident, knowledgeable and inspirational is to stand like a man.所以,女性要想表现出自信、睿智、励志的关键就在于用男性的姿态出现在公众面前的想法就不足为奇了Research shows that women are more likely to be viewed as leadership material when they adopt a typically male posture, with their feet planted shoulder-width apart.研究表明,人们认为女性采用典型的男性站姿(双脚分开站立与肩同宽)时更具领导风范Expansive hand gestures add to the 'power pose'.手势适当伸展可为;强势姿态;加分The University College London study found that small changes to a woman's stance can have a big effect on how she is perceived, even when what she wears and says stay the same.伦敦大学学院研究发现,女性站姿的细微变化会大大影响其在别人心目中的形象,哪怕她的穿着和说话内容没有丝毫变化The researchers said: 'It seems the way people look when words are spoken influences the way people interpret these words.'研究者称:;演讲者的讲话形态似乎也会影响观众的理解能力;In the first of two experiments, the scientists filmed an actress delivering a short speech while standing in various different ways.第一场实验中,科学家们拍摄了一位女演员以各式各样的站姿做简短演讲的视频Some 1,500 men and women watched the s and then rated her on everything from attractiveness to how knowledgeable she appeared to be.约00名男性和女性观看了这个视频,并对视频中的女演员进行了从吸引力到学识表现力等各方面的;等级评定;In the second experiment, 500 volunteers watched s of actors and actresses who adopted one of two poses.第二场实验中,500名志愿者观看了由男、女演员分别以两种站姿之一录制的视频One was a power pose, in which their feet were wide apart and they gestured with their hands.其中一种是强势型站姿;;双脚分开站立,并配上一些手势The other was a more submissive stance, in which the actors swayed from side to side and kept their hands by their sides.另外一种姿势则属于较温顺的姿态;;演员们将双手放在身体两侧,在演讲的过程中左右摆动Overall, those who struck the power pose were judged more confident, convincing, knowledgeable, inspiring and leader-like.总的来说,采用强势型站姿的人给人的感觉更加自信、有说力、睿智、励志并更具领导人风范The volunteers also said they'd be more likely to vote them in an election.志愿者表示,选举中他们更倾向于投票持这些人Co-researcher Richard Newman, of public speaking training company UK Body Talk, recommends standing still, with feet shoulder-with apart.来自公共演讲培训公司UK Body Talk的共同研究人理查德?纽曼建议,双脚应分开站立与肩同宽,站立过程中避免身体乱晃Hands - and arms - extended, with the elbows away from the body.手肘与身体分离,并适当展开双手及双臂He said that the advice, detailed in the journal Psychology, may be particularly useful women, many of whom have been brought up to believe it is unfeminine to stand like a man.纽曼称,《心理学杂志里的具体建议对于女性来说尤为受用,但多数女性提出,这种像男人一样站立的站姿失去了女性特有的柔美感Mr Newman said: 'When I do coaching, I find that women more often resist standing like this.纽曼先生说:;我给学员辅导的时候,我发现更多的时候,女性对这种站姿还是有所抵触的;'So, I show them pictures of people like Angelina Jolie, Beyonceacute; and Julia Roberts, and say 'they are all doing it and they have presence'.';所以,我把安吉丽娜?朱莉、碧昂斯、茱莉亚?罗伯茨的照片给她们看,并告诉她们lsquo;她们都是这么站,气场强大着呢rsquo;;He said that we are 'born to stand' with our feet apart.纽曼先生说,双脚分开站立是我们与生俱来的能力It is the first stance that toddlers adopt when they learn to walk and puts someone in a position of physical strength, while show they are not a pushover.儿童学步时便用这种姿势,这种姿势显得人力气很大,也不容易打败The pose also makes the person themselves feel more confident and it may be that others pick up on this.这种姿势同样能够让人感受到由内而发的自信,而且也更有可能得到别人的关注Mr Newman said: 'The findings show that if women can overcome their cultural conditioning and communicate using a stronger style, it could significantly increase their impact and influence and overall success in the workplace.纽曼先生称:;研究结果显示,如果女性能够克文化因素,并用一种更强硬的风格进行交流,那么她们在工作中的影响力以及成功的可能性也会得到显著提高;'Gender should never be a barrier to your ideas being heard.;性别不应该成为向大众传达思想的障碍;'Instead of having a world led by people who are accidentally good speakers, we could have a world led by people who have the best ideas and know how to express them, whatever their sex.' |;我们应该不论性别,让有那些有思想有表现力的演讲者,而非那些发挥不稳定的人来引领世界;However, like most things, practice makes perfect.然而,如大多数事情一样,熟能生巧才是王道Mr Newman added: 'You have to practise it and do it in your own way. Everyone has their own style.'纽曼先生补充道:;关于站姿,我们应该加以练习并形成自己的风格每个人都应该有自己独特的风格;英文来源:英国每日邮报翻译:卢珊珊(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning赣南医学院第一附属医院治疗直肠癌价格

赣州市黄金医院治疗肛门直肠狭窄价格杭州小夫妻3万月薪请家教,引发网友热议 -- :00:3 来源: 近日,一对杭州的小夫妻抛出月薪3万元的优厚条件为自己的孩子聘请家庭教师,此举引发了网友的热议,是烧钱任性还是追求教育? A recent job advertisement in Hangzhou has become the subject of hot debate. The ad, posted by a young couple, promised between 30,000 and 50,000 yuan per month to a tutor, whose main job would be playing with the couple’s child.最近,杭州一条招聘广告引发网络热议一对年轻的夫妻发帖欲寻一位家教,月薪3万到5万人民币,而家教的主要工作就是陪自己的孩子玩Many netizens joined in the discussion: Was the couple throwing away their money or simply pursuing an advanced educational concept?网民纷纷参与讨论:这对夫妻是在烧钱还是在追求先进的教育理念?The wife, Ms. Zhang, holds a master’s degree from a prestigious university in Beijing. Her husband, Mr. Chen, has spent a lot of time studying and working abroad. Now they run a company together in Hangzhou. Their first child is months old, and Zhang is currently pregnant with their second.妻子张女士是北京某重点大学的硕士研究生,丈夫陈先生则长期在海外学习工作目前二人回到杭州共同经营公司夫妻俩的第一个孩子刚刚个月大,而张女士目前已经怀上了二胎Zhang thinks a solid education at an early age has a long-lasting impact on a child’s future development. Even though children may not explicitly remember what they experienced at the age of 1, Zhang believes experiences at that age can still influence children’s character mation. She hopes to hire a qualified tutor to play with her children until they are old enough to start kindergarten.张女士认为,早期教育的基础牢固对孩子未来的发展存在着长远的影响尽管孩子们可能记不清1岁时发生的事,但是张女士相信早期经历会对孩子性格的形成产生影响她希望聘请一位高素质的家庭教师,陪自己的孩子玩到上幼儿园为止Those who disagreed with the offer mainly considered it a waste of money. Some netizens said it was unnecessary and irresponsible Zhang and Chen to hire someone else to take care of their own babies, especially at such an early age.持反对意见的人认为这纯粹是在浪费钱财一些网友表示夫妻二人雇人照料自己如此幼小的孩子既多此一举又不负责任安远县妇幼保健人民医院看肛裂多少钱 捷豹跑车遗失6年 日思夜想终失而复得 --5 ::56 来源:   ty-six years ago Ivan Schneider, successful Manhattan lawyer, bought himself the Jaguar convertible that would feature in a most unusual tale of unrequited love.  It was the first (and "prettiest") of many luxury cars he would own, his companion on fast drives — and the only one that was ever stolen.  ty-six years later, a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol analyst running a routine export check through a stolen car database came up with a hit. The 1967 Jaguar XKE was hot.  The problem: It was aly on a cargo ship, in a container, headed Europe, two days out of the Port of Long Beach on the Pacific Ocean.  Investigators with the Calinia Highway Patrol and nonprofit National Insurance Crime Bureau got to work.  New York police still had the March 1968 incident report.  CHP investigator Michael Maleta spoke with Schneider in Florida, where he now lives. Schneider thought it was a prank.  "After we convinced him, he was excited," said Maleta.  After all, Schneider told the Associated Press on Wednesday, he would think of the car every time he bought a new one. And, he said, he is a car guy who has owned quite a few exotics.   the months he owned it, he was in love.  "I've always said that was the prettiest," Schneider, now 8, said.  Tracing the car's history, Maleta learned the Southern Calinia man exporting it to the Netherlands had bought it about three months ago from an owner in the San Joaquin Valley, who himself had it 0 years.  What happened between its disappearance from the concrete canyons of the Upper East Side and its Calinia sojourn – hopes his investigation will answer that.  After its out-and-back sea journey to the Netherlands, the car is back in Southern Calinia, more than two months after the law finally found it.  It's rusty and scratched, but still worth about $,000 – and far more if restored, as Schneider plans to do.  He just won't push it too hard.  It's old, so is he, and though beautiful, it is known trouble under the hood.  "I'll use it as a Sunday car," Schneider said. "They were never reliable."  At least, one day soon, it will be back home.  【新闻快讯】  近日,美国纽约市曼哈顿区一位老汉找回其6年前丢失的捷豹跑车  据悉,该老人名为伊万·施耐德(Ivan Schneider),现年8岁6年前,伊万是一名成功律师,他购买了一辆捷豹敞篷车,但不久后被偷这是伊万众多奢侈汽车中的第一辆,也是唯一一辆被偷的汽车纽约警方仍有1968年3月份关于该事件的调查报告  6年后,一名美国海关和边境巡逻分析师在例行查看出口数据时偶然发现了这辆1967年丢失的捷豹XKE汽车问题是这辆汽车已经在一辆前往欧洲的货船上了加州公路巡警和非国家保险犯罪局的调查人员已前往调查  CHP 研究员迈克尔·马列塔(Michael Maleta)追踪汽车的历史发现,这辆车3个月前被一名荷兰人从加利福尼亚州圣华金河谷一人士那里购买,此人持有汽车0年之久当迈克尔就汽车丢失事件询问伊万的住址时,伊万以为这是一个恶作剧Maleta表示当他们联系上伊万以后,伊万很兴奋他表示,自己是一个“汽车迷”,拥有非常多的跑车,但每当他购买一辆新车的时候,他都会想到这辆捷豹汽车  这辆捷豹跑车目前已经生锈并且有了刮痕,但仍价值.万美元(约合人民币.7万元),伊万计划对这辆车进行恢复不久后,这辆捷豹跑车将物归原主石城县治疗肛周脓肿医院

崇义县治疗肛门损伤多少钱英国部分小学将引进上海式数学教学方法 -- 18::7 来源: 英国半数小学将很快引进中国式数学教学方法教师们将接受培训,使用新教科书,学习“上海式数学”教学方法 As reported by The Times on July , half of primary schools in the U.K. will soon adopt the traditional Chinese method of teaching mathematics. Teachers will be specially trained and given new textbooks with which to teach the “Shanghai math” method. The new teaching style will rely heavily on repetition, drills and “chalk and talk.”据英国《泰晤士报7月日报道,英国半数小学将很快引进中国式数学教学方法教师们将接受培训,使用新教科书,学习“上海式数学”教学方法这种新方法将完全依赖于背诵、练习以及“填鸭式教学”Previous tests have shown that the average mathematics ability of -year-olds in Shanghai is three years more sophisticated than that of -year-olds in the U.K.此前的测试结果显示,上海岁学生的数学水平比英国同龄学生高出三年Nick Gibb, the Minister of State at the Department of Education, announced on July that training will be provided 8,000 primary schools--half the country’s total--to switch to the Shanghai approach.英国教育部国务大臣尼克.吉布在7月日宣布,将会对8000所小学——约占全国的半数——的教师提供培训,以引进上海的这种教学方法“We are seeing a renaissance in maths teaching in this country, with good ideas from around the world helping to enliven our classrooms,” he said.他说,“我们期待着英国数学教学的复兴,希望引进全球的优秀教学方法以活跃我们的课堂”Critics of the new program complain that the “progressive” math-teaching style used in China, Singapore and Japan is difficult to apply to real-life situations. Others say that the rem would lead to confusion, and could even stop children from learning the basics and enjoying the subject.对这个新项目不满的批评人士称,这种在中国、新加坡和日本所采用的“先进”的教学方法很难解决日常生活中的实际问题还有人指出,这项改革会导致混乱,甚至会影响孩子们掌握数学的基础,阻碍他们的学习兴趣Mike Ellicock, chief executive of National Numeracy in the U.K., says it is necessary children to learn the basics of math so that they can be confident about the subject, and repetition and drills are not the right way to achieve that. Ellicock believes it is inappropriate to simply import a teaching method from such a different culture.英国算术基金会负责人迈克.埃利科克表示,孩子们当然需要掌握数学基本思想,这样他们才能在此基础上感受到自信但要实现这一点,练习和重复并非正确的方式他认为,从一种完全不同的文化中全盘引进教学思想是不恰当的 戒热茶?世卫将热饮列入可致癌类别 -- ::57 来源:sohu 国际癌症研究机构表示,饮用温度太高的液体可能导致癌症,同时对大家关切的咖啡可能会致癌问题,表示目前还没有充足的据明小样本数据显示,饮用温度太高的饮料与患食道癌几率直接关系,世界卫生组织随即把它评为A级别(对人体可能致癌界别) The International Agency Research on Cancer (IARC) said drinking very hot liquids could cause cancer but added no conclusive evidence showed that coffee is probably carcinogenic. Based on limited data which have shown a positive links between oesophageal cancer and drinking very hot beverages, the World Health Organization agency rated very hot drinks as probably carcinogenic in its group A category. 国际癌症研究机构负责人克里斯托弗表示:饮用非常热的饮料很可能是导致患上食道癌的成因之一,而温度比饮料本身带来更直接的影响 ;These results suggest that drinking very hot beverages is one probable cause of oesophageal cancer and that it is the temperature, rather than the drinks themselves, that appears to be responsible,; said Christopher Wild. IARC's director. 国际癌症研究机构表示,他们曾在中国、伊朗、土耳其和南美进行研究, 这些国家普遍喜欢饮用高于七十摄氏度的茶或其他饮料 结果显示“食道癌的风险可能会随饮料温度的上升而增加” The IARC said studies conducted in China, Iran, Turkey and South America which consumed very hot tea and mate, an infusion, at above 70 Celsius, showed that ;the risk of oesophageal cancer may increase with the temperature of the drink.; English Source: China Daily Photo:Baidu 版权所有:CRI NEWSPlus 英语环球广播 转载请获得许可赣县人民医院治疗肛周脓肿价格赣州长期大便干燥



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