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赣州早孕便秘怎么办赣州得肛裂治疗医院要多少钱赣州治疗肛裂要多少钱 There is a lot of talk about the seven year itch. That is, losing interest in the existing partner, and developing interests in having sex with other partner outside the relationship, which occurs about seven years into the relationship. Research shows that most people actually develop more of a four year itch. That is, after that initial stage of extreme romance, and passion, and desire, wears off, which usually ends after 36 months, that#39;s when most people begin feeling interested in other partners. That is, it#39;s usually the four year itch, the four years that mark the end of that initial lust, and limerance and passion, and that#39;s when relationship becomes more burdensome, and passion requires work, and commitment.许多人都提到七年之痒。这个时候,婚姻中的一方会对现在的伴侣失去兴趣,有发展婚外情的苗头,通常在婚姻进入第七年的时候发生。研究表明,大部分人更有可能出现“四年之痒”。也就是,最初阶段的浪漫,,渴望通常在36个月之后慢慢消散,大部分人开始对其他人感兴趣。这通常就是四年之痒,这四年标志着最初的渴望,爱恋,的结束,这时候的恋情让人越来越感觉到枯燥无味,需要更多的努力和坚持。It is usually after about seven years, that many people divorce, however, the process of that kind of relationship break down usually begins at about four year demarcation. This four year phenomenon has been shown across many different cultures, and evolutionary psychologists explain it in evolutionary terms. That is, the most of, for our ancestors, four years was the time that it took for an offspring to become somewhat independent, and being able to function, without the presence of both parents. The way that nature designed is, is that the four years, the initial four years, are marked by high dopamine, high adrenalin, those kind of butterflies in the stomach, a lot of desire, a lot of sex. After that time, a relationship becomes more mundane, and monogamy often requires effort, so that it doesn#39;t turn into monotony.许多人都在大约七年之后离婚,然而,感情破裂的过程却是从四年的时候就已经开始了。许多不同的文化背景都出现了这种四年之痒的现象,进化论心理学家用进化论的术语作出了解释。对于我们的大部分祖先来说,后代需要四年的时间来独立,在不需要父母帮助的情况下正常生活。大自然的设计就是如此,最初的四年,多巴胺和肾上腺素的水平很高,让人蠢蠢欲动,让人充满渴望,充满性欲。这段时间以后,恋情开始变得单调,一夫一妻制需要努力,所以最终会有人出现出轨的现象。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/280844江西省赣州华兴肛肠医院看脓肿多少钱

崇义县妇幼保健人民医院看肠炎好不好赣州淋菌性肛周炎 And in 1990s California,the Internet boom sparks a second gold rush.90年代的加州 互联网的繁荣激起了新一轮的淘金热Gold Rush mentality still existed over hundred years later when Silicon Valley got started.即使在淘金热一百年之后 当硅谷崛起之时 这一心态仍然存在And the secret of Silicon Valley was the people were willing to take huge risks.硅谷成功的秘诀在于人们甘愿承担巨大的风险In ten years,30,000 new high tech companies launch.十年间,30万家高新技术公司如雨后春笋般涌现Silicon Valley creates nearly a million new jobs in the 1990s.硅谷在20世纪90年代创造了近百万个新工作岗位Venture capitalists inject over 1 billion dollars into high-tech companies in 1998.1998年 风险投资者们向高科技公司注入了超过1210亿美元的资金But not every dotcom entrepreneur makes a fortune.但并非每一家网络企业都能赚得盆满钵满In the Silicon Valley culture,在硅谷文化里it#39;s perfectly fine if you have a brilliant idea and如果你有个好主意 但试过之后失败了you try it and it doesn#39;t work out,这完全没有关系people accept that, ;hey, you know they don#39;t all work.;大家都能接受 ;这些主意并不都可行嘛;But if you did good job at it,但如果你确实做得不错you will probably get another chance.你没准儿能有别的机会In March, 2000, the dotcom bubble bursts.2000年3月 网络泡沫破裂了The world is transformed.世界发生了巨变While people didn#39;t make as much money as they thought they were going to make,尽管人们赚的钱没有达到他们的预期 everybody got on-line.不过却实现了人人联网And the country got wired and embraced this new technology much faster整个国家都已被网络连通 从而非常迅速地用上这一新兴技术 than it would have had there not been big boom.若是没有网络繁荣的话 这就很难做到So just as the gold rush kind of invented California,就像淘金潮造就了加利福利亚州I think the Internet boom days didn#39;t make as many fortunes我认为网络的繁荣 虽然并没有创造像当年那么多的财富but they did wire the whole country in a really transformative way.但是它确实以一种全新的方式把整个国家连在了一起But as the information superhighway comes of age,但是在信息高速公路逐渐成熟之际America wakes up to a new and terrifying friend.美国一觉醒来 发现又面临着新的敌手 /201304/237510赣州市东门医院看大便出血多少钱

赣州肛肠在线咨询Our little beer-rationing tablet is divided into three rows of four boxes each, and in each box the signs-typically for this date-are from top to bottom, moving right to left-before you move onto the next box.我们这块记录啤酒配给的小黏土板分为三行,每行四格,每格里的符号都是从上往下,从右往左阅读的。The signs are pictographs, drawings of items which stand just for that item or something closely related to it.这些符号在当时很有代表性,都是象形的,直接画出物品的样子或与其十分接近的图案。So the symbol for beer is an upright jar with a pointed base-a picture of the vessel that was actually used to store the beer rations.代表啤酒的是一个直立的尖底罐,描绘的就是通常用于储存配给啤酒的容器。The word for #39;ration#39; itself is conveyed graphically by a human head, juxtaposed with a porridge bowl, from which it appears to be drinking, and the signs in each one of the boxes are accompanied by circular and semi-circular marks-which represent the rationing numbers.代表“配给”的则是一个人头旁边放一个用来喝啤酒的碗。每一格的文字旁都有 圆形或半圆形的记号,记录配给的数量。You could say that this isn#39;t writing in the strict sense, it#39;s more a kind of mnemonic, a repertoire of signs that can be used to carry quite complex messages.你可以说这样的书写并不算是严格意义上的文字,而更像是一种,一种可以用来承载极复杂信息的符号集合。The crucial breakthrough to real writing came when it was first understood that a graphic symbol, like the one for beer on our tablet, could be used to mean not just the #39;thing#39; it showed, but what the word for the #39;thing#39; sounded like.真正的文字上的重大突破,是人们第一次了解到一个象形符号,如写字板上的啤酒,不仅可以用来表示物品本身,也能表示与这一物品同音的别的物品。At this point writing became phonetic, and then all kinds of new communication became possible.这样,文字变成了表音符号,所有的全新交流方式都变成可能。When writing in this full sense was taking off, life as a pioneer scribe must have been very exciting.当文字进入全面发展,表音符号逐渐代替了象形文字,书记员的生活一定十分快乐。 Article/201406/307668 龙南县治疗肛门异物医院赣州市第一人民医院治疗肛门疣病价格



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