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European cities are most popular for prospective British solo travellers, according to a new top 10 list of destinations.根据最新十大旅游地排行榜显示,欧洲城市是英国个人旅行最受欢迎的目的地。Seven different European destinations were featured on the list. Barcelona came top, followed by Venice and New York.在这十大城市名单中有7座欧洲城市。排名首位的是巴塞罗那,随后是和纽约。Sydney is the most far flung destination while, closer to home, holidaymakers picked Dublin.悉尼是最远的旅游目的地,而较近的旅游地当中,英国度假者们选择了都柏林。The list was compiled from the results of a survey conducted in October of 10,000 Brits over the age of 50 by Staysure.这一榜单基于staysure在今年十月对一万名50岁以上英国游客的调查。It revealed that Barcelona was favoured because it combined a city and beach break.调查显示,巴塞罗那因其城市和海滩景观的完美结合使得这个城市备受欢迎。Travellers also enjoyed its rich culture and heritage.度假者们也很青睐巴塞罗那的深厚文化内涵和历史遗产。The Venetian waterways and the Empire State Building in New York also made them top attractions for solo travellers.水道和纽约的帝国大厦对个人旅行者也很有吸引力。The survey showed that solo travel is on the up.调查显示个人旅行一直在增长。Of those who responded, around a third had taken a trip on their own in the past year and 23 percent were planning to do it again.在参与调查的人当中,约有三分之一的人去年单独出去旅游,其中有23%的人计划再次单独出游。For those who have never travelled alone, 17 percent were happy to give it a go.在从未单独旅游的受访者中,17%的人表示愿意尝试一下个人游。The survey also revealed the benefits and fears of travelling alone.调查也揭示出个人游的益处和令人担忧之处。29 percent of people said that they were prompted to travel alone because they enjoyed their own company.29%的受访者表示他们倾向于个人游因为很享受一个人旅游的感觉。However, a significant number of people also chose solo travel because they didn#39;t have a partner or were widowed.但是,相当一部分的人选择个人游是因为他们找不到同伴或其伴侣已不在人世。16 percent of people felt that going to a destination by themselves could be a great opportunity to make new friends.16%的受访者认为独自一人去一个地方旅游将是结识新朋友的好机会。But there are worries about solo travel.但是人们对于个人游还是存在一些担忧。Cost was the biggest concern as travellers were worried about paying a singles supplement, despite the fact that money-saving was also one of the reason why people chose to go away on their own.出行者最大的担忧就是旅游开销,因为还要补单房差价,虽然节约开也是人们选择个人游的原因之一。However, holidaymakers also didn#39;t want to eat alone and worry about their belongings on the beach or by the pool.此外,度假者们也不想独自一人吃饭,还要担心自己放在沙滩上或泳池边的个人物品。TOP 10 DESTINATION FOR SOLO TRAVELLERS:十大最佳个人旅游目的地:Barcelona巴塞罗那VeniceNew York纽约Rome罗马Malta马耳他Sydney悉尼Algarve阿尔加维Amsterdam阿姆斯特丹California加利福尼亚Dublin都柏林 /201512/417032Steve Jobs#39; ;reality distortion field; helped propel an empire, but it couldn#39;t keep a leather wristwatch band from showing some serious wear. Even in ;heavily worn condition,; however, the Seiko wristwatch that Jobs wore in a 1984 photo shoot with the original Macintosh still fetched ,500 in an online auction Saturday.史蒂夫·乔布斯的“现实扭曲力场”理论虽然推进了苹果帝国的发展,但是它并依然不能阻止一块皮革质手表表带的自然磨损。不过,即便已经处于“严重磨损状况”,在当地时间上周六举办的网上拍卖中,乔布斯在1984年与世界上第一台Macintosh的合照中佩戴的那块Seiko手表还是以4.25万美元的价格被拍走了。The watch was just one of a handful of personal items consigned by Jobs#39; longtime house manager Mark Sheff for the auction held by Heritage Auctions.这块手表只是乔布斯小部分个人物品中的一件,而这些物品都是他的长期房屋管理人马克·谢夫在传统拍卖公司拍卖的。A pair of Jobs#39; equally battered Birkenstock sandals sold for ,750, one of his signature black turtlenecks with the Next logo on the front went for ,500 and a lot including two of Jobs#39; Next business cards, a pen with an Apple logo and a postal service return receipt signed by the late Apple CEO garnered a winning bid of ,250.同样的,乔布斯的一双破旧勃肯鞋凉鞋也以2750美元的价格拍出,他的一件印有NEXT公司标识的黑色高领衫成交价为7500美元,此外,包括乔布斯的两张Next名片、一有着苹果标志的钢笔和一封由该已故苹果CEO签署的邮政务回执等在内的小物件最终成交价为16250美元。The watch is perhaps best known for making an appearance on a 2011 special issue of Time magazine commemorating Jobs#39; life after his death from cancer.乔布斯因癌症不幸故去后,《时代》杂志在2011年为纪念乔布斯的一生发布了特刊,或许乔布斯这款手表这么出名也得益于它在该杂志上的亮相。Amazingly, the auction could indicate that the market for Jobs memorabilia has cooled off a little bit from the days when original Apple 1 computers were fetching well in excess of half a million dollars and a single legal document signed by Jobs was auctioned for over ,000.令人惊讶的是,这次拍卖或许表明,相比从前,消费者对乔布斯纪念品痴狂的火爆程度似乎稍微冷却了一点,过去,Apple 1计算机的原型机拍卖价曾超过了五十万美元,而一份乔布斯签署的法律文件则被拍卖到了4万美元。Apparently you can put a price on distorting reality.显然,在“扭曲的现实”中你可以这样定价。 /201602/428067

Good books take ers on journeys in their minds. The announcement of this year’s US National Book Awards finalists has highlighted a number of modern literary gems.一本好的书能带领读者徜徉心灵的海洋。今年美国国家图书奖的入围书目无疑是现代文学的瑰宝。The books tackle a range of topics, from science to friendship to culture. Here are some standouts to add to your ing list.图书涵盖了各种主题,从科学、友谊到文化。下面为各位推荐其中几本好书。 A Little Life《小生活》by Hanya Yanagihara作者:柳原韩亚Publisher: Doubleday出版商:双日出版社A Little Life follows four university friends, Jude, Willem, JB and Malcolm, who start their adult lives in New York City after graduating from a prestigious New England college. They attend parties, go on dates and gain professional success.《小生活》围绕四个大学时代的好友——裘德,威勒姆、JB和马尔科姆展开,他们从久负盛名的新英格兰学院毕业后一起留在了纽约打拼。他们参加各种派对和约会,并最终获事业上的成功。What sets this novel apart is that Yanagihara explores larger issues through her work.韩亚在书中探讨的宏大主题是这本书脱颖而出的关键。As the narrative unfolds, Jude’s mysterious and traumatic past emerges. When Jude’s friends try to help him, they start to realize limits of love. Sadly, they struggle to accept what can’t be helped.随着叙事的铺陈,裘德伤痕累累的神秘过往浮现出来。当朋友们试图帮助裘德时,他们开始发现爱也是有界限的。他们悲伤地努力接受了自己无能为力的现实。Yanagihara scrubs the novel of any significant events and important figures in New York. This gives ers a sense of immediacy and allows them to make close connections with the characters’ emotional lives.柳原并未在小说中交代纽约的重大事件和重要人物。这样读者会觉得故事更有亲近感,从而对小说人物的感情生活同身受。This page-turner has captivated ers. US talk show host Andy Cohen even post a photo of himself ing A Little Life on social media. “Best book I have in years. Beautiful, heartbreaking, unforgettable,” he tweeted.这本书引人入胜,完全征了读者。美国脱口秀主持人安迪科恩还在社交媒体上发布了一张自己读《小生活》的照片。“我读过最好的书。美丽,悲戚,难以忘怀,”他在推特上写道。 /201512/413728

As tastes rapidly change, Chinese consumers are swapping mass-produced local beers for imports and local craft beers.中国消费者的口味迅速变化,他们正在从大规模生产的本地啤酒转向国内外的精酿啤酒。It is the type of opportunity that is at the heart of Anheuser-Busch InBev#39;s 6 billion deal to buy SABMiller, its rival global brewer. While major markets in Europe and the ed States have been sluggish, developing markets like China offer a growing customer base and the potential for a stronger profit.百威英斥资1060亿美元收购对手南非米勒啤酒公司,就是看准了这样的机遇。虽然在欧美主要市场一直低迷,但像中国这样的发展中市场为他们提供了不断扩大的顾客群和较强的盈利潜力。The Chinese middle class is swelling with young, affluent professionals who are more willing to spend money on brands and who are experienced travelers looking for a taste of other countries back home. And in China, most beer is still considered affordable. So sales have held up relatively well even as wine, the Chinese spirit baijiu and other more expensive liquors have been hit by the country#39;s anticorruption crackdown and the slowing economy.中国中产阶级的规模正在蓬勃壮大,年轻富裕的专业人士更愿意把钱花在品牌上,经验丰富的旅行者回到国内后也想追寻其他国家的滋味。而在中国,人们仍然认为大多数啤酒的价格很亲民。因此,虽然像葡萄酒、白酒和其他比较昂贵的酒类受到了中国反腐行动和经济放缓的冲击,但啤酒的销售形势相对较好。;It#39;s an escape route from maturity in the West,; said Spiros Malandrakis, a senior analyst of alcoholic drinks at the research firm Euromonitor International, referring to the established markets of the ed States and Europe.;这是逃离西方成熟市场的一条出路,;酒精饮料研究机构欧睿国际的高级分析师斯皮罗斯·马兰拉基思(Spiros Malandrakis)说,他指的是美国和欧洲的成熟市场。In China, Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller are betting on premium products.在中国,百威英和南非米勒把赌注押在了高端产品上。The two beer behemoths were among the first international entrants into China in the 1990s and initially teamed with local brewers. At the time, domestic breweries produced beer of inconsistent quality, but they were quickly multiplying, and consumption was soaring along with disposable incomes.这两家啤酒巨头都属于1990年代进入中国,与本地酿酒商合作的第一批跨国公司。当时,中国国内的酿酒厂生产的啤酒质量很不稳定,但产量很快就成倍增长,销量也随着民众可配收入的提高而飙升。 /201601/423161

5. Turn off wireless when reception is poor.5. 信号弱的时候关闭无线网络You may have noticed that when you’re in a place without good Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, your phone’s battery seems to drain much more quickly. That’s because the phone uses energy searching for a good signal and, if the signal is very weak, trying to get a better connection.你可能注意到了,在Wi-Fi或蜂窝网络覆盖不好的地方,手机电量耗得特别快。这是因为手机会使用电能寻找耗得信号,如果信号特别弱,还要试着更好地去连接。 /201603/429170

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