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Waxing lyrical复刻音乐Why one British record shop is thriving一家英国唱片店的兴起VISITING Rough Trade, a west London record shop, in the 1970s and 1980s was like going on a pilgrimage. Young men and a few women would gather to discuss the latest releases and swap records, overseen by knowledgeable (if sometimes surly) staff. But Rough Trades latest business venture tests the limits of faith. On November 25th it will open a colossal, 15,000-square-foot music store in New York.在上世纪七八十年代,漫步于地处伦敦西部的Rough Trade唱片店是一次对英伦音乐的朝圣。通常,一些青年男子和为数不多的女子聚集于此,在看似专业的店员眼皮子下讨论最新发行唱片或交换各自珍藏。但最近Rough Trade的最新商业计划—于11月25日在纽约开张的15,000平方尺的超大音像店的这一计划着实令人震惊。Between 2001 and 2012 the number of independent music shops in Britain fell by 69%. Over the same period physical album sales fell by 68%. The American market is no healthier. Expanding in either country seems barmy.在2001年至2012年间,英国独立音像店的数量减少了69%,与此同时,实体专辑的发售量也下降了68%,实际上美国的音像市场也并没有好多少,因此此时无论是在这其中哪个国家扩大店面都不太切合实际。Rough Trade was once both a shop and an independent record label, which released albums by the Fall and the Smiths; the two businesses have been separate since 1982. For years the store was less well-known. But it has fared well. In 2007 it opened a branch in an airy warehouse in the East End. Since then Rough Trades annual turnover has risen by around 20% a year, according to Stephen Godfroy, its executive director.Rough Trade曾以一家独立唱片公司的身份为the Fall和the Smiths乐队发行过专辑,同时它也做着音像商店的生意,这二者直至1982年才分别独立开来。自那之后的几年时间里,音像店一直都不太出名,好在现已逐渐好转。2007年Rough Trade在伦敦东区的一个通风仓库里开设一家分店,其执行董事斯蒂芬·戈德弗鲁瓦表示,从那时起Rough Trade每年的营业额都会上涨20%左右。The East End store is not just spacious and cheap to rent. It also nails something that many in the music business have tried for years to get right: how to capture the valuable aura around music. The store has a cafe, a book stall and a stage as well as lots of records and CDs. Rough Trade sells not just music but the idea of being a music lover: it is the musical equivalent of Daunt Books, a thriving independent bookstore. None of its records are priced at a discount.事实上,东区的音像店不仅空间宽敞,租金便宜,还为许多音乐市场多年来一直试图明确的东西树立起风向标。例如,在如何最大限度地利用其他方面来充实音乐这一问题上,这家商店配备了咖啡厅、书摊甚至还有一个舞台,当然还有许多唱片和CD。Rough Trade试图传达这样一个理念:它不仅仅是在销售音乐,而实际上是一种音乐爱好者的信仰。它就像是贩卖音乐的Daunt Books(一家很受欢迎的独立经营书店),而且它所有的唱片都不打折。The rising popularity of vinyl, which accounts for half of Rough Trades stock, is another key to its success. Between 2007 and 2012 record sales in Britain increased by 88%, albeit from a tiny base. Records are increasingly desirable not so much because of the way they sound as because they are distinctive and rare—precious qualities in a world of ubiquitous free music. “People like to show off what they have bought,” says Spencer Hickman, who runs a record label.占Rough Trade一半库存的黑胶唱片目前越来越受到人们的追捧,这也是促成Rough Trade成功运作的另一关键因素。2007至2012年间,在销售基数量很少的情况下,英国唱片发售量仍上涨了88%。事实上,人们对这些唱片表现出不断增长的热情并不是因为它们的音质,而是由于在这个充斥着免费流行乐的时代,唱片的与众不同和数量稀少的特点在人们看来是弥足珍贵的特点。经营一家唱片公司的斯宾塞·希克曼(Spencer Hickman)对此表示,“人们喜欢炫耀他们所买的东西。”Vinyl is more popular in America, too: between 2007 and 2012 sales swelled from m to 3m. But not all are convinced Rough Trade will succeed in New York. The East End shop is aly so big that customers are overwhelmed, says Tim Chambers, a British music consultant; it could almost be mistaken for a large chain store. The New York shop will be three times larger. There may turn out to be a trade-off between trendiness and sheer size.相比之下,黑胶唱片在美国的受欢迎程度更甚一筹。2007至2012年间,其销售额由2300万美元飙升至1.63亿美元。但不是所有人都对Rough Trade在纽约的发展充满信心。一位英国音乐顾问蒂姆·钱伯斯(Tim Chambers)说,其东区的店铺已经如此之大,以至于超出一些顾客的承受范围,这种大型连锁商店无可避免会犯错误,而纽约的店面是这家店面的三倍,未来这家店可能要潮流经营和庞大的规模经营之中做出选择。译者:尤熠 校对:姜开锋 译文属译生译世 /201511/409744Its been a tough week for the nation. It saw numerous tragedies, such as the police shootings that killed Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and the shootings in Dallas that killed five police officers.These events have heightened unrest between police and their communities, and protests were seen across the country in places like Baton Rouge, Chicago and New York City.Sgt. Terry Dixon, the public information officer for the Grand Rapids Police Department, joined us to talk about his departments response to last weeks tragedies and its effort to bring diversity into law enforcement.GUESTSgt. Terry Dixon is with the Grand Rapids Police Department where he is the public information officer.201607/453995The Next IdeaFor the last two years, Mason County has the Momentum Business Plan Competition, which awards ,000 to entrepreneurs during the startup phase of their businesses. The project aims to boost entrepreneurship and small businesses within the county. Prize money is provided by local sponsors and organizations.The competition can galvanize budding businesses, like it did for Andy Thomass business, Starving Artist Brewing, which won the competition last year.Before the competition, Thomas, who has an enthusiasm for Michigan beer and brewed at home, was a gallery owner in downtown Ludington for nearly ten years. But the prize money from the competition jump-started his business.;I really believe it launched us two years into the future—overnight,; Thomas said. ;And weve been going high-speed ever since.;This year, Thomas is mentoring the candidates and the potential winner. He says having a mentor is as important as having the money to start a business.;I personally believe that the mentors that come along with the package—with the board of judges and the business people that put this together—I believe that their input is worth as much if not more than the prize,; Thomas said.Thomas joined Stateside to discuss how winning the Momentum Business Plan Competition transformed his life and business.Join the conversation in the comments section below, on Twitter or Facebook, or let us know your Next Idea here.GUESTAndy Thomas is the founder of Starving Artist Brewery.201607/455211

OK, this is where I fess up and tell you that the answer to that headline is ;only time will tell.;A scientific advisory panel is studying the possibility now (see their names here), and we expect to see their findings this October. After that report, there will be more ;time telling; as state officials decide whether to allow it.But right now, theres a lot of buzz.The Canadians raise fish commercially in open-water pens on the Great Lakes, and proponents say producing seafood like this has the potential to be a billion dollar business for Michigan. But critics say its too risky, and it wouldnt mix well with the states tourism industry.Peter Payette from our partner station Interlochen Public Radio got the latest on the debate when he attended a conference on open-water aquaculture in St. Ignace.Payette says proponents of net-pen aquaculture planned the event.;But theyve organized it as a dialogue, so there are a fair number of skeptics and critics here,; he said.Its on the Canadian side of Lake Huron — up in the North Channel and the Georgian Bay — that Canadians are farming trout for restaurants and grocery stores.And Payette says several of these Canadian fish farmers spoke up at the conference.;Theyre very interested to defend their industry — to show that theyve done this responsibly, without harming the lake — and to advocate that Michigan go the same direction,; he says.Farmers have been raising fish on the Canadian side of the lakes for 20 years, but Payette says its hard to know whether or not the farming has caused any damage to the lake and its ecosystems.;Well theres no one to really check that,; he said. ;The Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario has been pretty quiet about this. Ive not been able to get them to talk to me for my reporting, and they were not here today. So theres really no one involved to respond, in any serious way, to the assertions of the fish producers.;Critics of open-water pens in the Great Lakes did chime in, however.They raised several potential issues.Phosphorus in the Great LakesIts true the Great Lakes need phosphorus, Payette says. But too much causes problems, like the algal and cyanobacteria blooms Lake Erie is dealing with now.Proponents response to the phosphorous argument?;They say its negligible,; Payette said. ;And theyll even argue that the upper lakes need phosphorus. So they argue that this could even be a benefit to the lakes.;Critics, on the other hand, dont think the risk aquaculture presents for the Great Lakes is worth it.The Michigan Environmental Councils Sean Hammond spoke as a panelist at the conference yesterday. Payette said he argued for farming fish not in the Great Lakes, but on land.;We see a future need for aquaculture and a future need for fish protein, its just whether we want to see it risking the natural use of the lakes, or if we want to expand it in a way to help revitalize our urban centers,; Hammond said.Payette said Hammond pointed out the potential for fish farming in cities like Detroit and Flint.He explained that fish farming on land can be controlled and wont affect the ecosystems established in the lakes. He also pointed out that Michigan cities like Detroit and Flint have extra sewer capacity and plenty of water to make farming fish on land viable.So is Michigan likely to buy into the open-water pen industry?Payette says Gord Cole — one of the first fish farmers on the Great Lakes — doesnt think Michigan has the potential for a lot of net-pen aquaculture operations. He said fish farms need to be protected and when looking at a map, he doesnt see many spots on Michigans side of the Great Lakes that would allow fish to thrive.;So youre not going to get 100 fish farms,; Cole said. ;There might be one spot. There might be five spots. There might be 10, maybe. There might very well likely be none.;However, Payette said that a second Ontario fish farmer ;was much more optimistic.;;He thinks that, with the right technology and the right design, they can handle more open water. So there were differences of opinion on that,; Payette said.So back to my main point. Will Michigan buy into fish farming on the Great Lakes? Well have to wait and see, and well keep you up to date on the process.201508/395419

Sorry, Im late.I was brushing my teeth.对不起,我迟到了。我刚刚刷牙去了!Brushing your teeth! Right before A Moment of Science?Why?刷牙!就在节目开始前!为什么啊?Im trying to get rid of a cavity.防止蛀牙啊!Get rid of a cavity? Are you stuck with a cavity once youhave it?防止蛀牙?你长过蛀牙吗?It depends on how deep it is.这就得看牙被蛀得有多深了。Acid from bacteria in yourmouth can cause your tooth to decay.口腔中的细菌会产生一些腐蚀牙齿的酸性物质。First, the acid eats away the very hard outer layer of yourtooth, called the enamel. Inside the enamel is the dentin.酸性物质会先腐蚀掉牙冠表层的珐琅质(也就是我们所熟知的釉质)。珐琅质所包覆的便是牙本质。Its spongy and has nerve endings, soyour tooth might be sensitive to sweets or cold if the decay reaches there.牙本质不如珐琅质坚硬,其中还含有很多的神经末梢。因而,如果牙本质也受到了腐蚀,牙齿对甜食或是过冷的东西就会很敏感。But the cavity doesnt really start to hurt until it gets through the dentin to the soft pulp. Thatswhen you get a toothache.但是,要等到酸性物质通过牙本质,开始腐蚀牙髓了才会对牙齿造成本质的伤害。这个时候牙齿也就开始疼起来了。Dentists sometimes will fill a cavity by putting in a filling while the decay is still in the enamel.当珐琅质遭到腐蚀时,医生有的时候会采取补牙的方式进行治疗。But decay is reversible until it reaches the dentin. If its properly treated, the decay will stop, and the enamel will harden, although the tooth will never be perfect again.可是,在牙本质遭到腐蚀之前,腐蚀随时都会发生。如果治疗得当,腐蚀将会停止,珐琅质也会重新变硬,美中不足的是,牙齿不会像受腐蚀前那么完美了。So, thats why youre brushing. Can you do anything else to help get rid of a cavity?这就是你刚刚刷牙的原因!你还有其他防蛀牙的办法吗?Dentists can help by giving you a fluoride treatment, but you have to brush and floss regularly.医生还可以为你做氟化物治疗(在蛀牙部位涂上高浓度的氟化物,令初期蛀坏的部分还原),但是,你必须定期洗牙,还要经常使用牙线清洁牙齿。You might have to give up soda and sweets. So its not easy–and dentists know that.另外,什么汽水啊,甜食啊,都必须戒掉。Thats whythey sometimes fill a cavity in its early stages, before it starts to hurt.所以说,做这个治疗并不容易—当然,医生们也是很清楚的。这也是为什么医生会在蛀牙初期的时候为病人补牙,防止酸性物质的继续腐蚀。So, youre not stuck with tooth decay once it happens.Nope. But its better not to let it happen in the first place.这么说,你从来都没有长过蛀牙。当然。但是,“防患于未然”总是好的啊! 201411/344265

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