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网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:飞黄腾达Laugh是笑,bank是, to laugh all the way to the bank,按字面来解释就是一路笑着去。但是,这个习惯用语的真正含义是,一个人一开始被别人看不起,可是后来正是这个人发了财,飞黄腾达,十分得意。我们来听一个例句。有个年轻人决定把钱投资在一部电影上,家里人都笑他傻。结果呢?我们来听听他是怎么说的。My brothers laughed at me for investing in a movie called The Matrix. They said I would lose all my money while they got rich in real estate. Well, let me tell you, The Matrix turned out to be a huge success! Now Im the one whos laughing all the way to the bank.这个年轻人说:我几个哥哥都笑话我把钱投资在The Matrix这部电影上。他们说,我的钱会赔光的,而他们的房地产投资一定会发财。我告诉你,结果这部电影一举成功,现在发财得意的是我,而不是他们。说来也是,当初谁也不知道这部电影的卖座率会如何。可是它居然一炮打响。这年轻人当时可能也只是孤注一掷吧?laugh all the way to the bank的出处:Laugh all the way to the bank是20世纪六十年代开始流行的,所以是一个比较现代的说法。你知道吗,另外还有一个说法,那就是:cry all the way to the bank--哭着去。我知道。但是不管是cry,或是laugh,这两种说法的意思是一样的。对,只是说cry all the way to the bank是具有讽刺性的,而laugh all the way to the bank是直接了当的,也是大家普遍使用的。我们再来听一个例子。在美国有不少理财公司,这些公司的专业人员专门给人们提供投资的建议。我们来听听一个投资者是怎么说的。I lost a lot of money due to their investment advice. The stocks they recommended were disastrous. But, what do they care? They still collect their fees. Theyre laughing all the way to the bank!这个人说:由于他们的投资建议,我损失了很多钱。他们推荐的股票一败涂地。可他们才不管呢,照样收费,他们现在肯定很得意呢。 /201209/2004691. Head Start如果这两个词开头的字母是大写,则连在一起是一个专有名词,指的是美国政府为贫穷或弱智的儿童设立的一种训练机构,这种机构旨在帮助他们在进小学之前能赶上教学进度。例如:Many poor parents send their children to Head Start.很多贫穷的家庭都将他们的孩子送去Head Start接受提前教育。但是如果head start的字母是小写,那么就是普通名词了,是指比別人早着手或领先,例如:To know more colloquial expressions is a head start in learning English.了解更多的俗语对学习英语有好处。2. blue blood是指有钱人或出身富家的人Some people do not want to admit that they have blue blood.有些人不愿承认自己是富家出身。Many blue blooded children attend this private school.许多有钱人家的孩子就读这所私立学校。3. bed of roses意思是称心如意的境遇;美好、理想的“安乐窝”。例如:Life is not always a bed of roses.生活未必都是称心如意的。 /201109/152350

According to authorities, a man has been charged in Illinois with kidnapping a visiting Chinese scholar. She was last seen three weeks ago.据当局称,一名男子在伊利诺斯被控绑架一名到访的中国学者。三周前最后一次见到她。Federal authorities say a criminal complaint charges 27-year-old Brendt Christensen of Champaign, Illinois, with kidnapping Yingying Zhang on June 9, 2017.联邦当局称,刑事诉讼指控伊利诺斯州尚佩恩27岁的克里斯滕森在2017年6月9日绑架章莹颖。The FBI alleges Christensen was driving the black car observed on security camera . It stopped next to Zhang at a corner near the University of Illinois.联邦调查局指控,从安全监视器拍摄下的视频中可以看到,克里斯滕森那时正驾驶黑色汽车。在伊利诺伊大学附近一个角落停在章莹颖旁边。Zhang is observed on entering the front passenger side of the vehicle.视频中可以看到章莹颖进入了汽车的前排座位。The affidavit filed in support of the complaint says Christensen was under surveillance Thursday. Agents overheard him explaining that he kidnapped Zhang.持诉状的词称,克里斯滕森周四受到监视。执法官无意中听到他解释说绑架了章莹颖。Authorities say based on this and other facts uncovered during the investigation, agents believe Zhang is no longer alive.当局表示,根据这些和调查中发现的其它事实,执法官认为章莹颖已经遇害。译文属。201707/516110

  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Some call it the Doubting Disease.OCD—Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder—is when youve got recurring, uncontrollable thoughts and behaviors.You get those unwanted thoughts or urges. Those make you anxious. So you start performing some action or ritual to assuage that anxiety. Maybe excessive hand-washing or cleaning. Maybe arranging and ordering things in a very particular and precise way.Kirsten Pagacz of Howell started experiencing OCD symptoms when she was just nine years old. After decades of wrestling with then, she finally managed to get free of what she calls the ;OCD prison.;Pagacz has written a memoir meant to help those who struggle with the disorder, called Leaving the OCD Circus. She joined Stateside to talk about her experience with OCD, and the process of writing about it.Pagacz said she initially welcomed her symptoms, because they instilled a sense of order in what was otherwise an unstable childhood.;I started to hear a kind of an inner monologue or an authoritative voice that would give me certain instructions,; she explained. Tapping out to a certain number, or otherwise following the instructions of the inner authoritarian, gave her a sense of control.Such control was short-lived, however. Soon after she ;let OCD in the door, it became much less of a friend and more of a monster,; she said. ;More and more, he would come into my daily life, my daily thoughts, and the challenges that would be set out before me became much more rigorous.;It was only through the process of writing Leaving the OCD Circus that Pagacz finally hit on the right name for that monster: Sergeant. 201611/479778

  Subject:What a raw deal! 迷你对话A: What a raw deal! I deserve promotion more than he does.卑鄙!我比他更应该得到升职。B: Honey, take it easy. You have done perfectly.亲爱的,算了。你已经做得很好了。 地道表达 a raw deal 1. 解词释义此语的意思是“不公平的待遇”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. The boss gave him a raw deal.老板给他不公平的待遇。e.g. If she lost her job for being late once, she got a pretty raw deal. 她若只因迟到一次就失去了工作,这样对她未免太不公平了。 Ps:表示“某人比另外一个人更应该得到什么东西。”可以用下面这个句型:Somebody deserves something much than somebody does. 例如:I deserves the first prize much than he does.我比他更应该得到一等奖。 /201406/303326。


  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:你完蛋了昨天是圣诞节,不知道大家有没有出去约会呢?不知道大家在约会的时候有没有被朋友放鸽子或者你放别人的鸽子呢?如果你放别人鸽子的话,那你就完蛋了。大家对"done"单词一定都不陌生吧.没错,"done"是动词;do;的完成时,但是你是否知道;done; 还可以用做副词,还有一个非常好用的表达法;be done for;?首先来介绍;be done for;这个片语。“Be done for; 的意思是”完蛋了,不行了,累死了“。  【例句详见】  1. If Jim fails this test, he is done for.  要是吉姆这次考试不及格,他就完了。  2. Im afraid these shoes are done for; throw themaway.  恐怕这些鞋不行了,扔掉吧。  3.At the end of a long dayshard work Im just about done for.  苦干一整天下来,我几乎累垮了。  介绍过词组后,我们再来介绍done做副词的用法.  ;done;做副词表示“已经”,这个用法出现在美国南部黑人的口语中较多。  例如,当你想表达一个人已经逃跑了的时候,你可以说:That guy done run away! /201212/216861My name is Alessandra and Im the owner of Dolce Vici. Dolce Vici is kind of a way of saying Guilty Pleasures in Italy and this is the way we do our things here because we really really really love Italian food and we are passionate about the Italian food culture. So I came to China to actually do this, to bring my family recipes here in Shanghai and because I feel there is room for good Italian quality products. In fact we import most of the ingredients and we make everything homemade, especially our ice-cream. We have our ingredients come from Italy, the machine is from Italy and Im from Italy so its really really traditional ice-cream. But like Lily said, our coffee is incredible, we dont compromise and we dont make any strange names, we just, you know, its just pure Italian coffee and thats what you get if you come here. If you feel like you want to have some traditional coffee then this is the place where you should go and yeh, so if you visit me and say ;Italian coffee rocks;, you will get a free coffee with any purchase of a set lunch.我的名字是爱里,我是Dolci Vizi的店长,Dolci Vizi就是在意大利说这是我;罪恶的快乐;的意思,因为意大利人真的很热衷自己国家的美食和意大利的饮食文化。我把我们家的祖传的食谱带到上海是因为我觉得这里仍然有许多意大利精品可以成长的空间。事实上,我进口了许多意大利的原料,而且还亲手做了很多东西,尤其是我们的冰激凌。就像Lily说的,我们的意大利咖啡真的是无与伦比。而且我们不会偷工减料也不会取一些奇怪的名字。你来了就是喝最纯粹的意大利咖啡。如果你想要喝意大利的传统咖啡的话,这里就是你该来的地方。如果你来这里看我,点一份主食,并说;意大利咖啡好赞;,我就会给你一杯免费的咖啡!What does Dolce Vizi mean?Dolce Vizi是什么意思呢? It means sweet vices and it just means basically if you really, for example if you really like chocolate, you want to eat a lot of chocolate or if you really like some ice-cream and you really want to eat it or if you like coffee and you know, this is a way of, you know, introducing yourself or finding an excuse to have what you like.就是甜蜜的坏东西,就像是你真的好喜欢巧克力/冰激凌/咖啡,你就会找尽所有借口来吃它们,即使吃完了你会感觉很有罪恶感,其实就是给自己一些借口去吃你喜欢的东西。1. Guilty pleasure 让你有罪恶感的快乐2. Italy 意大利3. Rome 罗马4. I went to Rome on honeymoon. 我去罗马度蜜月。5. Have you been to Rome? 去过罗马吗? /201507/384979When you get, give. When you learn, teach.当我们得到越多,我们应该开始回馈,当我们学到,我们把学到的东西传授出去。单词记忆:become a volunteer 做义工share 分享get n. 生殖;幼兽 vi. 成为;变得;到达 vt. 使得;获得;受到;变成get off 下来,脱下,下车get on 上车,过活,骑上give n. 弹性;弯曲;伸展性 vi. 捐赠;面向;有弹性;气候转暖 vt. 给;产生;让步;举办;授予 n. (Give)人名;(意)吉韦give out 发出,分发,用完give up 放弃,停止,投降learn vi. 学习;获悉 vt. 学习;得知;认识到learn from 学习,向,向某人学习learn off 记熟,背下来,背上去teach vt. 教;教授;教导 vi. 教授;讲授;当老师TEACH MIS 教学业绩管理系统,管理系统Teach me 教导我,教我吧,介绍对象 /201608/460427

  第一, 迷你对话A: Henry is chatting up with the pretty girl.Henry和那个女孩搭上话了。B: He is always popular among girls.他总是受到女孩子的青睐。A: Perhaps he is very handsome.也许是因为她很帅吧。B: Not exactly. I guess it is what some people call “charisma”.不完全是,我看这就是人所说的“魅力”吧。第二, 地道表达chat up with1. 解词释义Chat up with是指“与……搭讪,与……-攀谈起来”。2. 拓展范例e.g. Who was that pretty girl you were chatting up with in the cafe last night?昨晚你在咖啡馆里搭讪的那个漂亮女孩是谁?e.g. Lionel is very good at chatting up with strange girls and getting them go out with him.莱昂内尔很会与陌生姑娘搭讪,并邀她们一起外出。e.g. It says that his wife got very angry when Jerry started chatting up with that pretty girl.报道说哲力跟其中一人的女朋友搭讪,令他的妻子勃然大怒。 /201507/387814网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:休息室时间还早,我们去机场休息室吧。【英文对比翻译】【中式英语】Chinese Style ——Its still early,lets go to the airport rest-place/room.【地道英语】American Style ——Its still early,lets go to the the airport lounge.英语的resting-place 虽然有“休息处”的意思,但更经常的是用来指“坟墓”,即“最后安息之处”。因此,把公共场所的“休息处”译为resting-place 很不合适。也有人将它译为rest-room,但那更不妥当,因为英语中的rest-room 是“厕所”的委婉说法,而“休息室”明显不是这个意思。Lounge的英文解释是这样的:A public waiting room, as in a hotel or an air terminal, oftenhaving smoking or lavatory facilities.一间公共的等候室,比如在宾馆里或飞机终点,经常有吸烟或卫生设备。lobby虽然也有休息室的意思,但是它却特指政府,它的英文解释为:A publicroom next to the assembly chamber of a legislative body.立法机构集会大厅边上的公共活动室。 /201302/224901

  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Michigan has the largest population in the world of starry stonewort, an invasive macroalgae that stifles native plants and fish.Starry stonewort loves the clean, clear, and calcium carbonate rich waters of Michigans inland lakes. It grows in dense mats which can range in thickness from a few inches to a little over six feet.Scott Brown, the executive director of the Michigan Lake amp; Stream Association, studies the species and spoke to Stateside about the problems it creates in lake ecosystems.The plant looks ;quite beautiful in a crude sort of way,; Brown said, but it blocks the growth of native aquatic plants and prevents fish from accessing their spawning grounds.To prevent the sp of invasive aquatic plants like starry stonewort, Brown supports the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program, which educates boaters on how to clean and dry their boats between lakes. This prevents fragments of the plant from ;hitchhiking; to new lakes, Brown said.;Even though its beautiful from a natural history standpoint, its very disruptive to our inland lakes because its growth is not regulated here, theres nothing to limit its growth,; Brown said. ;So therefore, it grows in such abundance that it becomes a problem.;Listen to the full interview above.201703/495096



  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:放松,自然or把心里话说出来You should let your hair down.你应该要放松些。【讲解】to let ones hair down 的引申意思是指轻松、自然,或把心理的话说出来。【情景一】很多名人啊,国家领导人没人忙忙碌碌,很少有时间像老百姓一样,享受好生活。The president has to make so many official appearances that he seldom gets a chance to let his hair down and enjoy life like ordinary people.总统要出席许多公开场合,因此他很少有机会像普通老百姓那样轻松地享受生活。【情景二】朋友之间不需要拐弯抹角,要坦诚相待,有什么话别憋在心里,坦率地说出来就好。Sally, weve been good friends for a long time. But lately I get the idea you are very much upset with me. I wish youd let your hair down and tell me whats wrong to make you feel this way.萨莉,我们多年来一直是好朋友,可是最近我感到你对我非常不高兴。我希望你能够坦率地告诉我,到底是些什么事让你这么不高兴。 /201204/178955


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