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安远县人民医院肛肠赣州市治疗直肠恶变多少钱赣南医学院第三附属医院肛肠痔疮便血肛门异物治疗好吗 Japanese auto makers said prospects in China were finally improving, having unveiled measures to win back market share that fell amid tensions between Beijing and Tokyo.日本汽车制造商说,中国市场的前景终于有所改善。这些公司纷纷公布相关措施,力图收回它们在中日关系紧张时期失去的市场份额。But analysts said it will take more than marketing quick fixes to stem the decline in popularity of Japanese brands in the world#39;s biggest car market, which they said predated the recent territorial dispute over islands in the East China Sea. The spat unleashed protests and prompted consumers to shun Japanese products.但分析人士说,要想改变日系车在中国这个全球第二大汽车市场上受欢迎程度日益降低的局面,仅靠迅速实施一些补救措施是不够的。这些分析人士说,在中日间针对东中国海(East China Sea, 中国称东海)争议岛屿爆发争端前,日系车在华受欢迎程度就已经出现下降。中日领土争端不仅引发了抗议活动,还促使中国消费者抵制日本产品。To remain leading players in a cutthroat market, Japanese auto makers and their Chinese joint-venture partners must increase the pace of new model introductions and connect better with Chinese consumers, analysts said.Zuma Press丰田计划未来三年在中国市场推出20款新车型。图为周四,丰田在广州车展上展示“威飒”。分析人士说,要想继续在中国这个竞争激烈的市场上保持领先地位,日本汽车制造商及其中国合资伙伴必须加快推出新车的步伐,并与中国消费者保持更好的关系。Still, in humid exhibition halls jammed with gleaming new models at the Guangzhou auto show on Thursday, there were early signs of optimism for the future of Japanese cars in China.不过,在周四开幕的广州车展上,透过摆满新车的展厅,似乎可以看到日系车在华前景显示出初步的乐观迹象。#39;The market is recovering day by day. The situation is getting better,#39; said Ye Lei, director of Venucia, Nissan Dongfeng#39;s low-price brand for China. He didn#39;t give figures.东风日产(Nissan Dongfeng)低价品牌启辰(Venucia)的事业部部长叶磊说,市场每天都在恢复,情况正在好转。他没有透露任何数据。Natsuno Asanuma, a spokeswoman for Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., said there had been a noticeable increase in visitors to its showrooms in China since the beginning of this month. #39;But consumers are still hesitating,#39; she said, adding that sales had not fully rebounded to precrisis levels.本田技研工业(中国)投资有限公司(Honda Motor (China) Investment Co.)发言人浅沼奈津乃(Natsuno Asanuma)说,从本月初以来,本田中国展厅的接待人数显著增加。但她说,消费者依然在犹豫。她还说,销量尚未恢复到危机爆发前的水平。Honda Motor Co. and its China joint-venture partners will resume normal production in China from the beginning of next month, she said. In light of poor sales, many Japanese auto makers cut back production and dispatched idle workers for extended training.她说,本田汽车及其中国合资伙伴将从下月初开始恢复正常的在华生产。鉴于销量低迷,许多日本汽车制造商都降低产量,并安排闲置工人接受长时间培训。Mr. Ye said the Sino-Japanese joint venture is introducing a quality-assurance program that promises to foot the bill if a Nissan vehicle is damaged #39;no matter what the situation.#39; Nissan Dongfeng is a joint venture of Nissan Motor Co. 7201.TO +2.87% and Dongfeng Motor Group Co.叶磊说,东风日产将推出一项质量保活动,承诺在任何情形下负担日产品牌汽车受损的维修费用。东风日产是日产汽车(Nissan Motor Co.)和东风汽车集团股份有限公司(Dongfeng Motor Group Co.)组建的合资企业。Angry mobs in recent months damaged Japanese cars and attacked and beat a middle-aged man in the city of Xi#39;an, leaving him partially paralyzed. Those actions chilled sales of Japanese cars across China.几个月前,一些愤怒的暴徒打砸日系汽车,并重伤西安市一名中年男子,致其身体部分瘫痪。此类行为令日系车在华销量下降。Mr. Ye said the program was designed to allay consumers#39; psychological concerns. Honda has introduced a similar program.叶磊说,质量保活动旨在降低消费者心理上的担忧。丰田汽车也推出了类似的活动。But such moves are unlikely to be sufficient to address a fall in the popularity of Japanese cars in China, analysts said.但分析人士说,此类举措预计不足以解决日系车在华受欢迎程度下降的问题。The recent political dispute between China and Japan is only an #39;additional hammer that is coming down,#39; said Ivo Naumann, a consultant with Alix Partners.咨询公司Alix Partners的咨询顾问诺曼(Ivo Naumann)说,中日之间近期发生的政治争端仅仅只是落下的另一把铁榔头。Japanese brands#39; market share fell to around 21% last month from of over 31% in 2008, he said. He attributed the decline primarily to miscalculation of demand growth in China and to intense rivalry. #39;No other country in the world has this amount of competition,#39; Mr. Naumann said.诺曼说,日系车品牌占据的市场份额从2008年的逾31%下降至上个月的大约21%。他认为,造成这种现象的主要原因是日本厂商错误估计了中国市场的需求增速和竞争的激烈程度。他说,全球没有其他哪个国家的竞争像中国市场这么激烈。Japanese auto makers have been more conservative in China than rivals such as Volkswagen , General Motors Co., who have developed products specifically for the Chinese market, have communicated the strength of their brands to consumers and cultivated high-quality dealer networks.与大众汽车公司(Volkswagen )和通用汽车公司(General Motors Co.)等竞争对手相比,日本汽车生产商在中国的经营策略一直较为保守。大众和通用都专门为中国市场开发了产品,他们把自身品牌的优点传达给了中国消费者,并在中国培育了高质量的经销商网络。McKinsey amp; Co. consultant Paul Gao said Japanese auto makers in China need to catch up. #39;Unless they are prepared to fight a full battle, their success will diminish further,#39; he said.麦肯锡公司(McKinsey amp; Co.)的咨询师高旭说,日本汽车制造商需要在中国市场迎头赶上。他说,除非它们准备全力以赴,否则他们取得的成功将进一步缩小。Given the importance of the market -- it will account for 35% of global auto-market growth by volume between 2011 and 2020, according to McKinsey -- failure in China isn#39;t an option for any car maker.鉴于中国市场所具有的重要性,在中国市场上败北是任何汽车制造商都承受不起的。据麦肯锡公司的数据,2011至2020年期间,全球汽车销售增量的35%将来自中国市场。Toyota Motor Corp. plans to introduce 20 new models in China over the next three years to cater to increasing demand from Chinese consumers, the company said Thursday.丰田汽车公司(Toyota Motor Corp.)周四说,该公司计划未来三年在中国推出20款新车型,以满足中国消费者不断增长的需求。Nissan Dongfeng#39;s Venucia division will introduce up to five new models by 2015, including its e30 electric vehicle, which will be produced in China.东风日产的“启辰”事业部在2015年之前最多有可能推出五款新车型,其中包括其e30电动车,这款车将在中国生产。#39;Japanese, Korean, American…all cars have their benefits and disadvantages,#39; said the company#39;s Mr. Ye. #39;Japanese cars enjoy a reputation for quality. So in the face of competition, Japanese cars can win.#39;东风日产的叶磊说,日本、韩国和美国车都有其各自的优缺点。日系汽车享有质量好的美名,所以面对竞争时,日系汽车能够胜出。Honda#39;s Ms. Asanuma conceded that other car makers have been overtaking the Japanese auto maker in China. #39;We need to make our brand stronger,#39; she said. The company is pushing ahead with plans to put a third production line at its factory in Zengcheng, outside Guangzhou, into operation in 2014, she said.本田的浅沼奈津乃承认,其他汽车制造商一直在中国市场上赶超本田。她说:我们需要让自己的品牌变得更强。她还说,本田正在积极推进其增城工厂第三条生产线在2014年投入运营的计划。增城位于广州附近。#39;We used to have many models that were designed with the U.S. market in mind and that was fine for the Chinese market of a decade ago,#39; she said. #39;Now that#39;s not good enough.#39;她说,我们以往许多车型是以美国为目标市场设计的,10年前这在中国市场还行得通,但现在已经远远不够了。 /201211/210692定南县治疗支原体多少钱

赣州肛肠科最好医院For years, nearly all of the world#39;s iPhones and iPads rolled off the assembly lines of a single company: Foxconn.多年来,全球几乎所有iPhone和iPad都来自同一家公司的装配线。这家公司就是富士康(Foxconn)。It was a famous partnership between two outsize personalities -- Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.#39;s intense and mercurial co-founder, and Terry Gou, the Taiwanese manufacturer#39;s equally demanding chairman.这是两位个性鲜明的人物达成的一项远近闻名的合作关系:一位是苹果(Apple Inc.)专注且脾气捉摸不定的联合创始人乔布斯(Steve Jobs);另一位则是同样苛刻的富士康董事长郭台铭。But under current Chief Executive Tim Cook, Apple is dividing its weight more equally with a relatively unknown supplier, giving the technology giant a greater supply-chain balance.但在苹果现任首席执行长库克(Tim Cook)的领导下,苹果正将其业务更加公平地分包给另一家知名度较小的供应商。这家科技巨头的供应链因此变得更加平衡。Pegatron Corp., named after the flying horse Pegasus, will be the primary assembler of a low-cost iPhone expected to be offered later this year. Foxconn#39;s smaller rival across town became a minor producer of iPhones in 2011 and began making iPad Mini tablet computers last year.和硕联合科技股份有限公司(Pegatron Corp.)将成为预计今年晚些时候推出的一款低价iPhone的主要组装企业。和硕的名字来源于希腊神话中的飞马珀伽索(Pegasus)。作为富士康的同城竞争对手,规模较小的和硕在2011年成为iPhone的次要制造商,并从去年开始生产iPad Mini平板电脑。Pegatron#39;s rise means an end to the monopoly that Foxconn Technology Group -- the trade name for Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the world#39;s largest electronics contract manufacturer -- has held over the production of Apple#39;s mobile products.和硕的崛起意味着富士康对苹果移动产品生产垄断的终结。富士康是全球最大的电子产品合同制造商鸿海精密工业股份有限公司(Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.)的商标名。People familiar with the matter point to strategic reasons for the shift: risk diversification after Foxconn#39;s manufacturing glitches last year with the iPhone 5 that resulted in scratches on the metal casings, and Apple#39;s decision to expand its product lines amid growing competition from Samsung Electronics Co. and others.知情人士指出了果进行上述转移的战略原因:去年富士康制造工艺存在缺陷导致iPhone 5的金属外壳出现划痕,苹果因此希望分散风险;来自三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)和其它厂家的竞争日益激烈,苹果决定扩大其产品线。Pegatron also has been willing to accept thinner profits as it courts Apple#39;s business, analysts said. The company declined to comment about its pricing.分析师称,在试图争取苹果业务的同时,和硕也愿意接受更薄的利润。和硕拒绝对其定价置评。Apple declined to comment.苹果不予置评。Foxconn#39;s cost advantages from scale have waned as it works to improve factory conditions after a spate of high-profile worker suicides and accidents in recent years. Although Pegatron briefly caught the public eye in 2011 due to a factory explosion that injured dozens of workers, the smaller company has largely escaped the laserlike spotlight that has forced Foxconn to increase wages and make changes to its labor practices.近年来,在发生了一系列备受瞩目的员工自杀和事故之后,为了改善工厂条件,富士康的规模成本优势已经减弱。虽然2011年旗下一家工厂爆炸导致数十名工人受伤曾在短时间内令和硕成为公众关注的焦点,但这家规模较小的企业在很大程度上躲过了一系列备受瞩目的事件。正是这些事件令富士康提高工资,并改变其涉及工人的种种做法。Foxconn, in its growing heft as the world#39;s largest electronics contract company, was also getting more difficult for Apple to control, with incidents such as changing component sourcing without notifying Apple, people familiar with the matter said. At the same time, Foxconn became frustrated with the growing complexity of Apple products, such as the iPhone 5, which is difficult to make in the volumes Apple needed.知情人士说,作为全球最大的电子产品合同制造商,富士康的影响力越来越大,苹果也越来越难以控制这家企业。此前曾发生过富士康改变零部件采购来源却没有通知苹果等事件。与此同时,富士康对日益复杂的苹果产品感到不满。比如富士康的iPhone 5产量就难以满足苹果所需。Executive changes at Apple have also made a difference. Mr. Jobs had been easier at forgiving his favorite manufacturing partner, according to several people familiar with the relationship. Now, instead of relying on the uniquely close partnership between #39;two leaders with a hero complex#39; -- as one of the people said -- Mr. Cook is putting a greater premium on risk diversification, they said. Still, Mr. Cook and Mr. Gou have a strong relationship and have known each other even before Mr. Cook joined Apple in 1998, one of the people said.苹果公司管理层变动对此也有影响。知情人士说,乔布斯更容易原谅他最喜欢的制造合作伙伴犯下的错误。上述人士说,如今,库克更为看重风险的分散,而不是依靠乔布斯和郭台铭“这两位同样看重英雄情结的商业领袖”(其中一位知情人士的原话)结下的独特的密切伙伴关系。尽管如此,其中一位知情人士说,库克和郭台铭的关系仍然非常牢固。早在库克1998年进入苹果公司之前,两人就已经相识。But with its growing importance as an Apple supplier, Pegatron will likely also face growing scrutiny. The company declined to comment on whether it has made any changes to its labor practices after the 2011 factory explosion.但随著作为苹果供应商的和硕的重要性日益显现,该公司也有可能面临越来越多的审视。在2011年工厂爆炸发生后,和硕对其是否改变了种种用工做法不予置评。As with other contract manufacturers, Pegatron#39;s success is based largely on secrecy and tact as it juggles production of competing products from companies such as Apple, Microsoft Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. as well as Dell Inc.就像其他合同制造商一样,在生产苹果、微软(Microsoft Corp.)、惠普(Hewlett-Packard Co.)以及戴尔(Dell Inc.)等公司相互竞争的产品的过程中,和硕的成功依靠的是保密和机变。At its sleek headquarters on the outskirts of Taipei, engineers serving different clients eat lunch together in the same cafeteria and gather after hours in the gym, but they rarely know the details of each others#39; work. Sensitive projects are cordoned off by keycard access, or even face recognition software.在台北郊区华丽的和硕总部大楼,为不同客户务的工程师们中午在同一个食堂吃饭,下班后又聚集在健身房,但是他们很少知道彼此的具体工作内容。敏感项目一般由门禁系统甚至面部识别软件来把守。While Pegatron migh seem to be a newcomer on the surface, the Taipei-based company#39;s Apple ties run deep, with its earlier incarnation packaging Apple computers by candlelight more than a decade ago.尽管从表面上看,和硕似乎是初来乍到,但这家台北公司与苹果有很深的渊源,早在10多年前,这家公司的前身曾在烛光下为苹果包装电脑。Pegatron Senior Vice President Andy Tsai said that in 1999, the company he founded, Alpha-Top Technology Corp., landed the contract for Apple#39;s first-generation iBooks. It wasn#39;t the best first collaboration: a massive earthquake in Taiwan knocked out power and paralyzed production.和硕的资深副总裁蔡进国表示,1999年,他创办的公司Alpha-Top Technology Corp.获得了苹果第一代iBook的生产合同。首次合作并不顺利:台湾的一次大地震导致工厂断电,生产陷入瘫痪。#39;At that time, there were a lot of Apple people in my factory, telling us to find a solution,#39; said Mr. Tsai. #39;I bought a lot of power generators, and we even used candles on the packing line.#39;蔡进国说,当时我的工厂里有许多苹果的人,他们让我想出解决办法;我买了许多发电机,我们甚至在包装流水线上使用了蜡烛。Alpha-Top managed to keep its Apple business, although orders tapered off after it was acquired by Asustek Computer Inc., which juggled its own competing brand and contract work. Asustek spun off its contract manufacturing business in 2010 into Pegatron under pressure from clients.Alpha-Top得以保住了苹果的业务,不过,在被华硕电脑有限公司(Asustek Computer Inc.)收购之后,公司的订单逐渐减少。华硕在从事合同制造业务的同时也在竭力推出自己的同类品牌。在客户的压力之下,华硕2010年把合同制造业务剥离出来,成立了和硕。Pegatron#39;s revenue in the first quarter -- 219.1 billion New Taiwan dollars (US.4 billion) -- is dwarfed by Foxconn#39;s NT9.1 billion (.3 billion). The smaller company also has thinner operating margins: 0.8% compared with Foxconn#39;s 1.7%.和硕第一季度的营收为2,191亿新台币(约合74亿美元),远远低于富士康的8,091亿新台币(约合273亿美元)。由于规模较小,和硕的运营利润也较低,为0.8%,相比之下,富士康为1.7%。Pegatron, which has about 100,000 employees in Taiwan and China, expects to increase its China workforce in the second half of the year by around 40%, Chief Financial Officer Charles Lin said. Analysts attribute the staffing increase largely to expected production of low-cost iPhones.和硕的首席财务长林秋炭说,和硕在台湾和中国大陆总共拥有大约10万名员工,预计今年下半年公司在中国大陆的工人数量将增加大约40%。分析人士认为,和硕增加人手主要是因为公司预计将生产低成本的iPhone。Pegatron began making iPad Minis last year, but some people familiar with the situation said low yield rates meant volume was lower than originally planned and Foxconn ended up taking on the bulk of the production.和硕去年开始生产iPad Mini,但是一些知情人士说,由于和硕的生产效率较低,其产量赶不上最初的计划,最终富士康承担了大部分的生产任务。#39;There#39;s a learning curve for any new products, so our yield rates are increasing,#39; said Mr. Lin, although he declined to comment on any Apple products.林秋炭说,生产任何新产品都需要一个学习的过程,我们的生产效率正在不断提高。不过他拒绝对任何苹果产品置评。More than half of Pegatron#39;s revenue in its consumer-electronics and communications businesses this year will be from Apple, said KGI Securities analyst Angela Hsiang. She expects Pegatron to make the majority of iPad Minis sold this year, as well as the majority of the coming less-costly iPhone.凯基券(KGI Securities)的分析师Angela Hsiang说,今年,和硕的消费电子和通信业务的营收中,来自苹果的将超过一半。她预计,今年销售的大部分iPad Mini以及大部分即将面市的低价iPhone都将由和硕生产。Foxconn spokesman Simon Hsing conceded the company is in the midst of a challenging period.富士康的发言人邢治平承认,公司正处在一个充满挑战的时期。#39;We are transforming the business and expanding in areas like e-commerce, #39; Mr. Hsing said, without providing more specific details.邢志平说,我们正在实施业务转型,在电子商务等领域进行扩张。他没有提供更多具体细节。 /201305/242249崇义县中医医院看湿疹好不好 Earlier this year TubeMogul signalled its intention to join that elite group of new technology companies that have done well enough to float shares on a stock exchange. The advertising software company is aiming to raise m in its initial public offering.新科技公司中的佼佼者往往选择在券交易所上市,TubeMogul如今也加入了这个精英行列。TubeMogul是一家视频广告软件公司,从首次公开发行(IPO)中筹到了7500万美元资金。Things have certainly come a long way for the three MBA alumni from Haas School of Business at Berkeley, who formed the company in 2007 with a small amount of money they won in a Haas business plan competition. But their journey to their current success has not been straightforward.2007年,加州大学伯克利分校哈斯商学院(Haas school at Berkeley)的三名MBA学生,用在哈斯商业计划竞赛中赢得的微薄奖金开创了这家公司。他们如今已经取得了很大的成功,但他们的成功之路并非一帆风顺。“One day you think you’re going to take over the world and the next you think you’re going to go out of business,” says John Hughes, co-founder and president of products. He and co-founder and chief executive Brett Wilson agree, however, that they could not have done it without their business school.联合创始人兼产品总裁约翰#8226;休斯(John Hughes)说:“今天你觉得自己要统治世界了,明天你又觉得自己要破产了。”不过,他和另一位联合创始人、首席执行官布雷特#8226;威尔逊(Brett Wilson)都觉得,没有哈斯商学院,就没有他们的今天。“There would definitely have been no TubeMogul if it had not been for Haas,” says Mr Wilson.威尔逊说:“要不是哈斯商学院,TubeMogul肯定不会诞生。”The three men were in the same cohort at Haas. “We identified each other fairly early on as people who wanted to do something really great after we graduated,” says Mr Wilson. Mr Hughes and Mr Wilson were in an entrepreneurship class together and started talking about business ideas with another student, Mark Rotblat, who was also to become one of TubeMogul’s co-founders.在哈斯商学院,这三人是志同道合的同学。威尔逊说:“我们很早就发现彼此是同一类人,我们都希望在毕业后做一番大事。”休斯和威尔逊上了同一门创业课,后来他们又开始跟另一个同学——马克#8226;罗特布拉特(Mark Rotblat)讨论创业想法。罗特布拉特也成为了TubeMogul的联合创始人。Mr Hughes and Mr Wilson entered their initial idea into a business plan competition in their first year, but it did not win. The pair went on to do summer internships in Silicon Valley. Mr Hughes had a role with Adobe and Mr Wilson was with Yahoo.第一学年时,休斯和威尔逊带着初步构想参加了一个商业计划竞赛,但没有获奖。到了暑期,两人就去硅谷实习了。休斯在Adobe实习,威尔逊在雅虎(Yahoo)。“We used to get the train down together to these great companies and get the train home again after work,” says Mr Wilson. They used that travelling time to bounce ideas off one another.威尔逊说:“那时我们总是一块儿乘火车去那些了不起的公司里实习,下班后再一块儿乘火车回家。”他们利用上下班路上的时间来讨论创业想法。In their second year their business idea gelled around the first incarnation of TubeMogul, which was originally conceived as an analytics platform for YouTube. They started to build the site and enlisted Keith Eadie, a first-year student friend, in January 2007, persuading him to write their new business plan.第二学年的时候,他们的创业想法逐渐成型——为YouTube建一个分析平台。那是TubeMogul的第一个前身。他们开始着手创建这个网站,2007年1月,他们把一个一年级的朋友——基思#8226;伊迪(Keith Eadie)——拉入了伙,说后者为他们撰写新的商业计划。“We were literally building it while we were at school. Every single class was an incubator,” says Mr Hughes. They found software tech interns from Berkeley and paid them out of their own pockets.休斯说:“我们还在学校的时候就着手创建网站了。每一门课都像是孵化器。”他们从加州大学伯克利分校找了一些软件技术实习生,自掏腰包付实习生工资。Mr Rotblat started working with them in earnest in February 2007 in a customer development role. Customers were signing up for free access to the data analytics, he says. “I would figure out who the customers were and what exactly they cared about. I’d take their pain points and share that feedback with the team.”2007年2月,罗特布拉特正式入伙,负责客户开发。他说,当时客户开始注册,然后可以免费试用数据分析平台。“我的工作是找出这些客户是谁,他们真正在乎的是什么。我会找出他们的‘痛点’,将反馈信息分享给团队的其他成员。”“We were able to do a lot with a little,” says Mr Wilson. Their efforts paid off and they were able to provide a software demo of a functioning entity in the business plan competition. The plan won, and Mr Hughes, Mr Wilson and Mr Rotblat found themselves with ,000 from Berkeley and the use of a “grungy basement” in the Haas start-up incubator.威尔逊说:“当时我们能用很少的资源做很多事。”他们的努力获得了回报——带着一个实际运行平台的软件模型,他们参加了商业计划竞赛并获奖,然后休斯、威尔逊和罗特布拉特发现,他们有了加州大学伯克利分校提供的2万美元奖金,还可以使用哈斯商学院创业孵化器的一个“简陋的地下室”。Mr Eadie, who ought to have been one of the co-founders, had another year of MBA study and, on graduation, went to Boston Consulting Group. However, three years later he joined TubeMogul. “He now runs marketing for us. He would have had a lot more equity had he joined back then,” jokes Mr Wilson.伊迪原本也可以成为联合创始人,但他当时MBA还差一年没有毕业,毕业后他又去了波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)。不过,3年后,他还是加入了TubeMogul。“他现在负责市场营销这一块儿。他要是当初就加入了我们,拿的股份就远不止现在这么多了,”威尔逊开玩笑道。In fact, the grubby basement was not an easy decision for any of them to make. “It’s difficult starting a company and working for free when you have just invested quite a lot in an MBA education and then find yourself jumping off a cliff into the unknown,” says Mr Wilson. Both he and Mr Hughes remember turning down a number of attractive job offers.事实上,选择“简陋的地下室”对他们中的任何一个人都不是个容易的决定。威尔逊说:“选择创立一家企业、无偿工作,不是件容易的事情,特别是你刚刚为念MBA投资了一大笔钱,然后发现自己跳下了悬崖,不知道未来会有什么结果。”But the basement won out and they set about trying to raise more money for the business. One of the first investors was a classmate from Haas, but they also managed to persuade friends and family to put money in. These angel investors between them contributed 0,000, enough to get TubeMogul off the ground.但“地下室”成功了,他们开始尝试为自己的公司筹集更多资金。早期的一笔投资来自哈斯商学院的一个同学,他们还说了一些亲友投钱。这些天使投资人总共投资了75万美元,足以让TubeMogul启动了。The Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at Haas was integral to their early progress, says Mr Wilson. It provided a forum for them to talk to investors and build a “map” of the company. They practised their pitch on other students and received valuable feedback. The centre also hosted events that attracted angel investors and venture capitalists.威尔逊说,哈斯商学院莱斯特创业中心(Lester Center for Entrepreneurship)对TubeMogul早期的发展功不可没。利用中心的一个论坛,他们能够游说投资人、设计公司的发展“蓝图”。他们在其他学生身上练习推销策略,收到了有用的反馈。中心还举办了一些活动,吸引了天使投资人和风投资本家参加。“Our first board member came from one of those meetings,” says Mr Wilson.威尔逊说:“我们的第一位董事就是参加了其中的一个会议和我们遇上的。”The business plan competition was also integral to their later success. Their pitch on the winning day eventually yielded their first venture capital funding. Someone in the audience on that day made a personal commitment to follow their progress.商业计划竞赛对他们后来的成功同样必不可少。他们在获奖那天的宣讲后来为他们带来了第一笔风投。那天的观众中有人以个人身份承诺会关注他们的进展。“We had some street cred because he had watched us do exactly what we said we were going to do,” says Mr Wilson.威尔逊说:“我们的实际表现为我们赢得了一些信誉,因为他看到我们所做的跟我们那天宣称要做的完全吻合。”Listening to their initial outline would have given a clue to what was to happen a few years down the line, when the company changed tack. Mr Wilson and Mr Hughes had said they wanted to create an industry giant.如果听过他们最初的宣讲,你或许可以猜到几年后会发生的事情——公司转变了发展方向。威尔逊和休斯说过,他们想打造一个行业巨头。“We did not see the analytics as a major disruptive business and we wanted to build something really big,” says Mr Wilson.威尔逊说:“我们觉得分析平台不是一项很大的颠覆性业务,而我们希望开创一项真正了不起的事业。”“It’s part of the evolution. Customers were saying to us: ‘It’s great that you’re tracking my but I really want people to watch it’,” explains Mr Hughes.休斯解释说:“那是发展的一个阶段。当时,客户对我们说,‘你们能追踪我的视频当然很棒,但我其实想要的是人们会打开我的视频观看’。”As a result, in 2010 they convinced their board and made the “pivot” into being a brand advertising sales platform for , mobile and even television. They then sold the original business.因此,在2010年,他们说董事会,开始转型做一个面向视频、移动设备甚至电视等媒介的品牌广告销售平台。随后他们卖掉了原先的业务。“A lot of credit to Brett for making the bold move,” says Mr Hughes.休斯:“我们能勇敢迈出这一步,布雷特立了大功。”他说的是担任CEO的布雷特#8226;威尔逊。“It’s nice of John to give me the credit but it’s been a great partnership over the years. We all argue like spouses,” says Mr Wilson.威尔逊说:“谢谢约翰把功劳计到我头上,这些年来我们合作得很好。就像夫妻一样,我们也会争吵。” /201408/320513上犹县妇幼保健人民医院便血肛门异物肛瘘肛裂肛周脓肿治疗好吗

赣州华兴医院看脱肛多少钱 In 2000, analysts predicted a massive chunk of the world’s business-to-business commerce market would come online, resulting in trillions of dollars in B2B e-commerce. Gartner, the market research firm, predicted .3 trillion by 2004. Goldman Sachs predicted .5 trillion by 2005.早在2000年,分析师们就大胆预测全球企业对企业(B2B)商务市场将大规模上线,从而带来数万亿美元价值的B2B电子商务交易。市场研究公司Gartner曾预测,到2004年,全球B2B电子商务交易会达到7.3万亿美元。高盛也曾预测到2005年会达到4.5万亿美元。That promise has remained largely unfulfilled.但是这些预测在很大程度上仍未实现。B2B e-commerce startup Chemdex flamed out spectacularly in the fallout of the dot-com bubble, and was blamed for taking the entire sector down with it. In 2013, B2B ecommerce hit 9 billion,according to Oracle estimates, a far cry from the trillions once predicted.B2B电子商务初创公司Chemdex在上世纪90年代的互联网泡沫破灭之后破产,人们指责其是导致当时整个行业崩盘的罪魁祸首。据甲骨文公司预估,2013年B2B电子商务市场交易额达到5590亿美元,远不及以前的预测。Incredibly, many businesses today still buy and sell supplies and materials with paper invoices, faxes, and checks. It’s a huge opportunity on which the two largest e-commerce companies in the U.S., eBay and Amazon, have not focused. Both companies run marketplaces, but they specialize in consumer-facing goods, not wholesale items and business supplies. Amazon has been running AmazonSupply, a wholesale site, in beta for two years, as CEO Jeff Bezos promotes increasingly flashier schemes around drone delivery, TV shows, mobile phones, and publishing.令人难以置信的是,如今许多企业仍在使用纸质发票、传真和票来买卖用品和材料。但美国两家最大的电子商务公司eBay和亚马逊(Amazon)都没有专注于这个巨大的机遇。这两家公司都运营电子交易市场,但它们专注于面向消费者的产品,而不是批发产品和商务用品。亚马逊运营的批发网站AmazonSupply的测试已进行两年。该公司首席执行官杰夫o贝佐斯不断推出各种吸引眼球的商业计划,领域涵盖无人机送货、电视节目、手机和出版等。In recent years, a number of U.S. startups have sprung up to fill the gap. Joor andNuOrder do it for the fashion industry.Handshake and Tradeshift do it for a variety of businesses.近年来,B2B电子商务领域的美国初创公司如雨后春笋般出现,填补了这一空白。 Joor 和NuOrder主要针对时尚行业。Handshake和Tradeshift则为各种企业提供务。But there is one true giant in the category: Alibaba, the Chinese retail darling that last week revealed plans for a .12 billion initial public offering, which has dominated in B2B e-commerce. I was reminded of this over the weekend while listening to Planet Money’s entertaining explainer of the Alibaba wholesale market. Through Alibaba.com and 1688.com, the company provides to people everywhere access to the Chinese supply chain. This means tinkerers, builders, entrepreneurs, and small businesses can order custom motors and parts from Chinese factories without having to travel there, find a scout, and forge a relationship with a manufacturer before doing business. It opens up the world of international suppliers to people who wouldn’t normally have access to it. They can buy in bulk through Alibaba, which acts as a trusted third party, vouching for the transaction.但是该领域有一个真正巨头——中国零售宠儿阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba),它是B2B电子商务领域的一主导力量。上周阿里巴巴透露,其计划通过首次公开发行募集211.2亿美元。周末,我在听金钱星球(Planet Money)节目[译者注:该节目由美国全国公共广播电台(NPR)制作]中有关阿里巴巴在线批发市场的有趣讲解,其中便提到了阿里巴巴的主导地位。该公司通过Alibaba.com和1688.com向全球用户提供进入中国供应链的渠道。这意味着修理工、建筑商、企业家和小企业都可以从中国的工厂订购定制的发动机和零件,而不必亲自来到中国寻找联系人与制造商建立关系,然后开展业务。很多人通常没有条件接触国际范围内的供应商,而阿里巴巴为他们打开了一扇门。他们可以通过阿里巴巴进行批量购买所需产品,阿里巴巴则作为受信任的第三方对交易的顺利完成提供保障。Alibaba has an advantage here, because of its proximity to so many of the world’s manufacturing assets. The reason Amazon hasn’t focused on it? Because it doesn’t have access to those sellers. “Much of it is representative of the differences in their markets, and where Chinese products have typically fallen in the supply chain,” says Mark Mahaney, an e-commerce analyst with R Capital Markets. Amazon AMZN -1.17% and eBay EBAY 0.61% simply have access to different wholesale and B2B products than Alibaba does.阿里巴巴的一个优势在于其在地理上靠近众多的制造业企业。亚马逊为什么没有专注于此?因为它没有渠道接触这些卖家。加拿大皇家资本市场(R Capital Markets)的电子商务分析师马克o马哈尼表示:“这主要说明了这两大巨头各自市场的差异,中国产品通常处于供应链中。”只是亚马逊和eBay平台的批发产品和B2B产品与阿里巴巴的不同而已。The majority of Alibaba’s revenue comes from its consumer-facing sites, such as AliExpress, Tmall, Taobao, and Juhusu. Wholesale represented 11.8% of Alibaba’s overall revenue in fiscal 2014, and most of that is from buyers outside of China. It is a small piece of Alibaba’s portfolio, relatively speaking, but that’s only because the company is such a behemoth. Alibaba’s wholesale revenue in fiscal 2014 was billion, versus billion from its retail operations. The company processed a total of 6 billion worth of sales on its platform in its last full fiscal year.阿里巴巴的大部分收入来自于其面向消费者的电商网站,如全球速卖通、天猫商城、淘宝和聚划算。批发业务占阿里巴巴2014财年总收入的11.8%,其中大部分买家来自于中国以外地区。相对而言,这只是阿里巴巴业务组合的很小一部分,不过这主要是因为阿里巴巴规模庞大。阿里巴巴2014财年批发业务营收为10亿美元,而来自于零售业务的营收为80亿美元。在上一个财年中,该公司在其电商平台上处理的交易价值总额达到2960亿美元。 /201409/327715赣州肛肠检查南康治疗混合痔医院



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