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信丰县治疗肛门损伤多少钱赣南医学院第一附属医院肛肠科怎么样赣州华兴肛肠医院治疗费用 Japan Urges Industrialized Nations to Give More Aid, Fight Global Warming日本呼吁更多援助及应对全球变暖   Japan is telling the world's most industrialized nations that urgent action is needed on global climate change and development assistance for impoverished nations. Senior officials from advanced industrial nations are gathering in northern Japan for what is seen as a preview of a major summit this July.  日本对世界工业最发达的国家说,需要在全球气候变化和对贫穷国家进行开发援助方面采取紧急行动。来自先进工业国家的高级官员正聚集日本北部就今年7月召开的一次主要峰会召开预备会议。韩国也派特使参加了这次会议。 Development ministers from the world's richest nations are putting their heads together on some of the global economy's most urgent issues.  来自世界最富裕国家的开发部长们正在商讨一些全球经济最紧迫的问题。Japan is hosting the meeting of delegates from the so-called G8, or group of eight industrialized nations. They include Britain, Italy, Canada, the ed States, France, Russia, Germany and host, Japan. Delegates from major emerging industrial powerhouses, such as China, India, Brazil and South Korea are also attending. 日本主持了八国集团代表会议。八国集团也称为八个工业化国家集团,包括英国、意大利、加拿大、美国、法国、俄罗斯、德国和东道国日本。来自正在崛起的工业化大国中国、印度、巴西和韩国等也参加了这次会议。The talks are seen as a prelude to a summit conference scheduled for July. Japan's Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda attended Saturday's session, and called for immediate steps on global climate change. 这次会谈被看作是计划于7月召开的八国集团峰会的一次预备会。日本首相福田康夫出席了星期六的会议,他呼吁对全球气候变化采取紧急步骤。Mr. Fukuda says everyone, not just government and industry, needs to participate in the fight against global warming. 福田康夫说,不仅仅是政府和企业,每个人都需要参与阻止全球变暖的战斗。The Japanese prime minister said a major "overhaul" of modern lifestyles is the only way to reduce gas emissions from the consumption of carbon-based fuels. 福田康夫说,“彻底改变”现代生活方式是减少碳基燃料消费所产生的温室气体排放的唯一途径。Besides global warming, envoys are focusing on issues of urgently needed aid and investment for the world's poorest nations, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Advocacy groups say richer nations have failed to uphold promises of aid to Africa, and that the continent is suffering from a severe shortage of basic infrastructure. 除了全球变暖问题之外,与会代表还把讨论的重点放在急需援助和向世界最贫穷的国家投资的问题上,尤其是在撒哈拉沙漠以南的非洲国家。一些倡议组织说,由于富国未能兑现向非洲国家的援助承诺,非洲大陆正在遭受基础设施严重短缺的痛苦。The Paris-based Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development says Japan, until recently the world's top donor of international aid, slipped last year to fifth place. Overall, the OECD says foreign aid from the 22 major donor countries it measures dropped more than eight percent in 2007, to about 3 billion. 总部设在巴黎的经济合作与开发组织表示,不久前一直是全世界国际援助最大捐赠国的日本,去年的国际援助跌入第五位,经济开发与合作组织表示,总的来说,根据这个组织对来自世界22个主要捐赠国的外援统计数字,2007年下降幅度超过8%,只有大约1千零30亿美元。Japanese officials say they will lead the way in introducing more robust and transparent aid policies. The G8 meeting wraps up Sunday. Heads of government from G8 nations will gather in northern Japan in July. 日本官员表示,日本将带头采取更强有力和更透明的援助政策。这次八国峰会预备会议于星期天结束。八国集团的政府首脑们将于7月汇聚日本北部举行八国峰会。 200804/33768Scripts:The housing market is aly troubled and the next tsunami might be right around the corner. Resets on ARM, adjustable rate mortgages could set off a new wave of foreclosures. CNN’s personal finance editor Gerri Willis joins us now to offer some advice on how to avoid mortgage reset headaches. And Gerri, first and foremost how big of a problem are we encountering in the industry?Well, I will say it’s a big problem. There’re about 2.3 million subprime borrowers whose home loans are projected to reset at higher rates through the end of next year. Now, that means those low teaser rates may go up a few points resulting in monthly payments. It could be hundreds of dollars more. Now the peak of subprime US mortgage resets will happen next march. Gerri, help us to set a priority at this point, the priorities, What’s the No.1 thing we should all do if you happen to have an adjustable-rate mortgage? Well, get your paperwork. If you have a one, three or five year hybrid ARM, your monthly statement will not tell you, your caps or any other terms of your loan to find out when your rate could adjust and what you’ll be on the hook for. Dig out your adjustable rate rider now. This should be included with your original closing papers. Adjustable rates can adjust annually. Next you’ll wanna look at the caps, these caps, they ah prohibit your interest rates from moving too much in either direction in a given time frame. If you have any questions or you are not sure what you will have to pay, call in our nonprofit counseling organization. To find one in your area, go to HUD.gov.What about refinancing as an option? Who should think about that?Well, sometimes refinancing just isn’t in the cards, especially if your home price has dropped in the last few months. If values haven’t dropped that significantly and you wanna get out of the rate reset, think about refinancing. Refinancing makes sense if you plan to stay in your home for at least another 2 years and you’ll lower your interest rates by at least 1.5 percentage points. In order to refinance, you’ll need 10 to 20 percent equity in your home. For home owners struggling right now to just make the basic payment and then have the adjustable-rate mortgages, is there any help out there for them?Well, right now Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Banking Regulators are working out the details of a plan to extend lower intro-interest rates, those teaser rates on home loans before they are reset at a higher level. A decision could come this week, but remember, this is just a proposal for right now. I’ll bring you the details as they develop. And if you have any questions, please send them to us at toptips@cnn.com. We love hearing from you.Notes:Teaser rate:为了让借款人接受可调利率住房贷款,初始阶段放贷利率通常很低,该利率称为引逗利率, 或者诱惑利率(teaser rate)。在引逗期过后,利率将被调整到市场水平,并定期加以调整。200807/43417赣州华兴肛肠医院首页

安远县治疗急性肠炎多少钱Well, are you trying to climb the corporate ladder but you are getting absolutely nowhere?It may not be your fault, or your co-workers' fault, or your bosses' fault, could be your dad, blame him. That man start of it, Dr. Steven Potter is a clinical psychologist and the author of The Father Factor. Dr Potter, how does your dad decide subtly? Would you become in your career?Your dad has a huge influence on what you do, just as your mom has a huge influence. And the Father Factor is looking that element. It seem/you see men are defined about what they do outside the home; Well, typically, women and sons are decide..defined about what they do in the home by their moms. It~the work place has always been a masculine model, it's said that the father factor comes in. What about personal responsibility 'cause I hear, I mean, parents are getting dumped on for everything. My mom screwed me up, my dad screwed me up, bla(h).blah..blah.. And this sounds like more of that. Isn't their personal responsibility that comes in? Can you change? What do you think is your destiny? Absolutely. It~the father factor is about you~what is your legacy. Not at your fingerpoint, but what are you gonna do with your life? This is your baseline, where will you go from here? Got ya. Alright, we've got, er, five different categories of who is your daddy. Let's...well,we will try to figure out. (Thank you very much Martini) So, so let's do this in the lightening round. What's this Super-Achiever Father?Super-Achiever Father is all about a, a parent's productivity, achievement. Type-A dad.Absolutely, Type-A plus. Alright. (and,and would...)The Time-Bomb Father. Er,more wattle, emotional and stable.But we should talk about the impact. The Super-Achiever Father impacts your kid, how? In their driven, excellent work ethics. So they mirror it. Right. Ok. Time-Bomb? Time-Bomb, tends to be more, er,could be addicted to behavior, that type of parenting. And how's that? You can develop anxiety or you can become very productive in the same way. The passive father? The old joke is, is dad asleep on the couch or is he dead?Yeah, and everybody says (but) if you are not as motivated, be have a passive father,you..but maybe motivated for,er...maybe motivated in others. Exactly. And the passive dad showed his love through actions, not through much words. Um-hum, The Absent Father?That's most problematic style. He, many times lived with his kids, but wasn't involved in your life, didn't really know what they are doing. And then the, the one we should probably all wanna be according to my calculation is the Compassionate/Mentor Father. Absolutely. That's the dad that helps his kid find his roadmap where he wants to go. And like you said earlier it's not about blaming, it's about understanding. That's all of my book is about. Understand who your dad is. Alright. So if we wanna be the compassionate mentor father, how do we achieve that or do we have any choice in it?We have a lot of choice. It is all about choices. You don't have to, uh, the key to letting go off blame, and not blaming our dads or our mothers for that fact. (Thank you, hahahaha) In, in, in many times of our career, the glass ceiling isn't so much our careers as is our father factor. And you do believe that fathers play such a dominant role in your twenties when you're getting into your career, that..that's when the relationship could change in really excel and so many times that parents back out think what are my kids' right.Absolutely, in the 20s, F, that, your, your son or your daughter, they really need your kind of stepping and say, "Ok, you are out of college now, you didn't go to college. Where are you going?" Help them their own roadmap. Interesting. So step up to the plate at that(absolutely) point instead of sending them away. You see the bottom-line of the father factor is, most dads tend to step back as your kids get older. It should, should be the universe, move forward, move toward them. Interesting, well, the book is called The Father Factor. How you father's legacy impacts your career. Dr. Steven Potter. Thank you very much. You can also go to the website www. onefatherfactor. com.Thank you very much.Thank youEverytime we say...I owe him some money.Yeah!Alright!It's lovely that you have the same... 200809/49717赣州治疗肛周脓肿医院 Zimbabwe Opposition Leader to Take Part in Runoff Against Mugabe茨万吉拉伊宣布参加津总统决选 Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he will take part in a presidential runoff against the incumbent, Robert Mugabe. The runoff became necessary after the Zimbabwe Election Commission determined Tsvangirai did not get more than 50 percent of the vote. 津巴布韦反对派领袖茨万吉拉伊说,他将参加总统大选的决选,挑战现任总统穆加贝。在这之前,津巴布韦选举委员会认定,茨万吉拉伊在总统选举中的得票率没有超过50%,因此必须进行决选。Morgan Tsvangirai announced his decision Saturday in Pretoria, South Africa, saying he would return soon to his homeland to take part in the runoff. 茨万吉拉伊星期六在南非首都比勒陀利亚宣布这一决定。他说,他将很快返回祖国,参加决选。But he also laid out several conditions. He called for the cessation of all violence, the presence of South African Development Community (SADC) peacekeepers and access for international observers and media. He added that the runoff should take place no later than May 24, according to Zimbabwean electoral law. 但是,他也提出了一些条件。他要求停止一切暴力,以及允许南部非洲发展共同体的维和人员、国际观察员和媒体进入津巴布韦。他还说,根据津巴布韦选举法,决选最迟要在5月24号进行。Tsvangirai has been in South Africa since shortly after the election, during the five weeks it took for the Zimbabwe Election Commission to announce the presidential results. 自从3月总统选举结束后,茨万吉拉伊一直待在南非。在此期间,津巴布韦选举委员会用了五个星期的时间才宣布总统选举的结果。The leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) maintains he won an outright victory in Zimbabwe's March 29 presidential election. The electoral commission says, while he won the most votes, he fell short of a majority. 茨万吉拉伊坚持说,他直接赢得了3月29号的总统选举。但是津巴布韦选举委员会说,虽然他的得票超过了对手,但是没超过半数。Many independent analysts and Zimbabwe lawyers accuse the Commission of being biased in favor of Mr. Mugabe and his party, ZANU-PF, which narrowly lost its parliamentary majority in the elections. 很多独立分析人士和津巴布韦律师指责选举委员会偏向穆加贝和他领导的非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线,这个党派在选举中以微弱劣势丢掉了议会多数党地位。Tsvangirai said in Pretoria, Saturday, that, instead of joy at the Movement For Democratic Change's victory, Zimbabweans had endured confusion, pain, death and despair as a result of what he said was a violent onslaught against the people by ZANU-PF. 茨万吉拉伊星期六在比勒陀利亚说,津巴布韦人民没能为争取民主变革运动取得的胜利而高兴,相反,由于非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线对人民发动暴力袭击,人们遭受困惑、痛苦、死亡和绝望。He said Mr. Mugabe has turned his back on the people of Zimbabwe and on Africa and that he has sullied his legacy as Zimbabwe's liberator from colonialism. 他说,穆加贝背弃了非洲和津巴布韦人民,也玷污了他作为反抗殖民主义的津巴布韦解放者的荣誉。Tsvangirai said the violence against people who did not vote for Mr. Mugabe and are now being punished, was a breach of Zimbabwean and international laws. 茨万吉拉伊说,惩罚那些没有投票持穆加贝的选民并对他们施暴,违反了津巴布韦法律和国际法。He said he knew that another election will bring more violence, but he said it could also deliver a final knock out to Mr. Mugabe, the last round he said, in a very long fight for Zimbabweans to liberate themselves from the former liberator.  他说,他知道,新的选举将引发更多暴力,但也可能是把穆加贝赶下台的最后一击。他说,这可能是津巴布韦人民最终把自己从原来的救星穆加贝的统治下解放出来的漫长斗争的最后一场较量。Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa told journalists in Harare that the runoff would be held in terms of Zimbabwe law, but he did not give any indication when the election would take place. 津巴布韦司法部长奇纳马萨在哈拉雷对记者说,决选将根据津巴布韦法律进行,但是他没有透露举行选举的时间。 200805/38514章贡区治疗大便出血医院

赣州妇幼保健人民医院治疗直肠先天性畸形畸胎瘤价格Margaret Thatcher, Ted Heath, John Major, not only grammar school-educated themselves, but staunch supporters of academic selection.At the last election, Michael Howard promised they'd thrive. But today the Conservatives, led by Esion-educated David Cameron, turned its back on grammar schools, claiming that selecting children at eleven is unfair to poorer families. Their education spokesman David Willetts said existing grammar schools would not close. But the party will promote more academy schools as a better way of promoting gifted poorer pupils, but as James Blake reports, the policy changes upset some of the party's traditional supporters.For years, for generations even, grammar schools have been the central plank in Conservative education policy.Wherever parents want to have grammar schools, doctrinaire labour councils, will not be able to stand in the way.The basic philosophy here, selection raises standards.But I, we believe in choice and I exercise that choice on behalf of my children. This freedom to choose grammar schools came up again in the latest leadership contest.But allows people to choose the sort of education they want.But nowall that has been abandoned, according to new conservative ideology, grammar schools deepen the divisions between rich and poor, but David Cameron risks alienating his core support here. In recent survey of grassroots Conservatives, 73% said they back selection."If we believe in choice and localism, why don't we say that, if a group of social entrepreneur has it in the city,a group of parents won't set up a grammar school to lift the education standard in the city, why can't they? Why weare rude at saying that we have the party diversity in localism and choices? And ruling out new grammar schools is inconsistent with our principles.Instead the Conservative front bench has surprised many of its own Mps, by supporting Labour's city academy scheme. It's proved controversial, because private companies, organizations, and religious groups can gain some control of schools, with a 2-million-pound investment. When I look at the evidence about where children from poor backgrounds get the best education opportunities, it's clear to me that it's our city technology colleges and Tony Blair's academies funding all of them, which do far better providing a high-quality education for children from poor backgrounds, regardless of income of your parents. That's what we got to extend.In fact, the Conservatives seem more enthusiastic about Labour's policy than the government itself. The Education Secretary Alan Johnson says he now wants to limit the number of city academies.Despite the private investment, each city academy cost the government about 25 million pounds. And yet the Conservatives now claim they'll open more academies than Labour under Gordon Brown, James Blake's reporting on.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.staunch:adj. loyal, steadfast; strong, solid, sturdy; steadfast, unwavering (also stanch) 2.plank:n. political platform 政纲条款200805/39704 赣县区治疗内痔医院赣州市治疗急性肠炎医院



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