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大余县治疗肛门异物多少钱赣县治疗肛周脓肿哪家医院好排名哪里Could it be a coincidence that just as Caroline Kennedy becomes more visibly political – in October she was confirmed by the US Senate as ambassador to Japan – the butterfly tattoo below her elbow appears to be fading and is increasingly hidden beneath long-sleeved Chanel jackets?随着卡罗琳#8226;肯尼迪(Caroline Kennedy)的政治热情日趋高涨(10月份,美国参议院正式同意其担任驻日大使),她肘部的蝴蝶纹身似乎在慢慢淡出视线,更多地藏身于香奈儿(Chanel)长袖外套下了,难道这一切仅仅只是巧合吗?Kennedy, the daughter of assassinated president John F. Kennedy, will no doubt make an exemplary ambassador but she is well advised to cover up her tattoo – or even have laser treatment to remove it – if her ambitions in politics continue in earnest.卡罗琳是遭暗杀的肯尼迪总统(John F. Kennedy)的女儿,无疑会成为出色的大使,但她若真希望延续自己的政治抱负,还是遮盖住自己肘上的纹身为妙——可能的话,最好做激光手术把它去除掉。Indeed President Obama’s promotion of Kennedy is at odds with the 61 per cent of HR managers who believe a visible tattoo damages a job applicant’s chances of employment. “The influence of appearance goes beyond the hiring process. It has an impact on the perception of one’s competence,” say the authors of an annual study on professionalism in the workplace from the Centre for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania.勿庸置疑,奥巴马总统( President Obama)提携卡罗琳#8226;肯尼迪为驻日大使,61%的人力资源部主管会表示有异议,他们认为一目了然的纹身会让应聘者获得工作的概率大打折扣。“纹身的影响力已经超越了招聘过程,它严重影响到对申请者能力的基本判断。”工作场所职业水准年度研究报告的起草者说,他们均来自宾州约克学院专业卓越中心(Centre for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania)的研究人员。The US Army’s proposed ban on visible tattoos (those below the knee or elbow or above the neckline) also implies that they are becoming less acceptable at work.美国陆军部(US Army)提议显眼纹身者(在膝下、肘部或是脖子以上)严禁入伍,暗指这些人也越来越不受工作单位待见。“No one is going to take you seriously if you’re up for partnership and you have a tattoo of a dolphin on your hand,” says Bryan Mayou, a plastic surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic in London. In the past two years, Mayou says, he has seen a 50 per cent increase in patients for tattoo removal at his Chelsea practice.“您打算与人合伙,手上却有海豚纹身,那么就没人会真正待见你,”伦敦卡多根诊所(Cadogan Clinic)的整形外科医生布赖恩#8226;马尤(Bryan Mayou)说。他还说:过去两年,在自己位于切尔西(Chelsea)的私人诊所,要求去纹身者增加了50%。“Sailors were the original tattoo addicts but now they go across the socioeconomic spectrum. It’s an epidemic, and we now see bankers and lawyers in their late thirties and forties of both sexes coming in because they are genuinely embarrassed by them,” says Dr Nick Lowe, consultant dermatologist and spokesman for the British Academy of Dermatology.“水手是最初的纹身沉溺者,但如今纹身者遍布各个社会经济阶层,它就好比传染病。如今30多岁、40多岁的家与律师(男女都有)都来到我的诊所,因为他们颇为尴尬于自己的纹身,”英国皮肤病学会(British Academy of Dermatology)皮肤病顾问兼发言人尼克#8226;洛士(Nick Lowe)说。“People associate tattoos with drunken behaviour,” explains Dr Amy Forman Taub, a dermatologist in Illinois where interest in removal is up 30 per cent. “In a creative environment like advertising or in Silicon Valley, a tattoo is OK or even expected. But on Wall Street a tattoo would not be advantageous to your career.”“公众常把纹身与酗酒相提并论,”来自伊利诺伊州的皮肤病医生艾米#8226;托布士(Dr Amy Forman Taub)说,该州有意去除纹身者的比例高达30%。“在广告界及硅谷等创意领域,纹身无关紧要,甚至属预料之中的事,但在华尔街(Wall Street),纹身对于自己的职业有百害而无一利。”Dr Ben Saunders, a tattoo removal specialist at UK chain Trueskin MediSpa, has a different take: “I see tattoos more as an outlet for compulsive behaviour,” he says. “Celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and David Beckham are constantly adding tattoos; it has become a habit to mark every momentous occasion with ink.”“卡拉#8226;迪瓦伊(cara delevingne)以及贝克汉姆(David Beckham)这类名人总是不断纹身;他们习惯于用纹身纪念重大事件。”Last year the British Academy of Dermatology reported a third of people regretted their tattoo, which has led to new laser technology to remove them.英国皮肤病学会去年发布报告:有三分之一的纹身者事后后悔,此举导致去除纹身的激光新技术问世。“Lasers put out an ultra-fast pulsed width of light that you can actually hear hitting the skin,” says Frank D’Amelio, chief executive of Ellman International, a company that makes lasers for tattoo removal. “The shock breaks up the ink into small particles and these fine particles are removed through the lymph system.” Anything from three to 15 sessions are required, costing from #163;150 a treatment, depending on the size and colour of the ink.“激光发出超快脉冲光去除纹身时,都能听到打磨皮肤的声音,”专门生产去除纹身激光器的埃尔曼国际公司(Ellman International)的CEO弗兰克#8226;达梅利奥(Frank D’Amelio)说。“冲击波可以把油墨破裂成小颗粒,这些微粒可以通过淋巴系统去除掉。”总共需要3-15次激光手术,每次费用150美元起,具体费用取决于纹身的大小以及颜色。“The toughest pigments to remove are yellow, blue and green,” says Dr Roy Geronemus, director of the Laser and Skin Surgery Centre in New York. “But I am seeing a lot more successes with PicoSure treatment.”“最难去除的颜色是黄色、蓝色及绿色,”纽约激光及皮肤外科中心(Laser and Skin Surgery Centre)主任罗伊#8226;格罗内穆斯士(Roy Geronemus)说。“但PicoSure纹身去除术的成功病倒越来越多。”The PicoSure laser, launched in April, may be paving the way for quicker tattoo removal but such advances in technology are also having an adverse effect.PicoSure激光仪于今年4月推向市场,或许可以为快速去除纹身铺平道路。但这种先进技术也有副作用。“Generation Y have a much more transient view of tattoos because they think they can easily get them removed,” says Catherine Cottney, senior trend analyst at Mintel. “They don’t realise how expensive and painful it is.”“年轻一代对纹身持暂时性观念,因为他们觉得纹身能很容易去除掉,”英敏特(Mintel)市场趋势高级分析师凯瑟琳#8226;康特妮(Catherine Cottney)说。“这些年轻人并没有意识到高昂的手术费用以及手术的痛苦程度。”Painful? “Basically we are burning the skin so I inject liquid anaesthetic into each area,” says Forman Taub.手术痛苦吗?“从根本上讲,手术就是烧灼皮肤,因此我会对相应的区域注射液体麻醉剂,”托布说。Now that Kennedy has been made ambassador, she will need to think hard about whether the butterfly stays; in Japan a small tattoo can even prohibit entry to some restaurants and shops. And in an increasingly crowded jobs market, it is not just in Tokyo that tattoos are becoming taboo.既然卡罗琳#8226;肯尼迪已被任命为大使,她就得为是否再保住自己的蝴蝶纹身好好思量一番。在日本,身上饰有微小纹身者,都可能被餐馆与商店拒之门外。如今社会的就业竞争如此惨烈,并非只有日本视纹身为禁忌。 /201312/269614瑞金妇幼保健人民医院看大便异常好不好 HELL HATH NO FURY like a woman with ill-fitting designer pants and a receipt bearing the hateful red block letters: #39;FINAL SALE.#39; That woman, dear er, was me-standing before a full-length mirror in my bedroom, puzzling over the inexplicable combination of a gaping waist and narrower-than-comfortable legs on a pair of Celine tuxedo trousers, and, of course, getting madder by the minute. Shopping well requires information, which of course takes time to acquire. Here are some of my own rules.一条不合身的名牌裤子和一张印有“清仓特价”字样的发票可以让一个女人极度抓狂。亲爱的读者,那个女人就是我。我站在卧室的镜子前,苦苦思索自己为什么要购买这条Celine西裤,绷开的裤腰和过紧的裤腿让这条裤子显得超不合身。穿上它,每时每刻都让我抓狂。成功的血拼需要丰富的资讯,当然,这些资讯需要花时间去累积。以下是我的血拼准则。Believe in Love at First Try.相信第一次试穿时的感受This is not as head-in-the-clouds romantic as it sounds. What it means: If a piece-particularly a high-end designer one-doesn#39;t immediately make you feel fantastic, walk away. Those pesky bugs, like a collar that doesn#39;t sit right or a too-snug fit, will only bother you more as time goes on. I still recall the experience of trying on one of my most winning purchases-a black wool coat by Stella McCartney that I still wear some three years later. I felt like nerdy Clark Kent changing into his Superman tights: cooler, chicer, smarter. That#39;s now my bar with expensive clothes. When you get that feeling, take the plunge. Missing out on something great is a mistake. Incidentally, this was the first rule broken with the aforementioned Celine pants. In the store, I fidgeted endlessly with the flawed fit, which should have been a blanket-sized red flag.这句话并不像听上去那样浪漫。它的实际意思是:如果一件装(特别是大牌设计师的作品)并有马上给你很棒的感觉,那就赶紧走开。如果衣设计上存在一些烦人的小问题――例如衣领子看上去不够端正、领口太紧等,那么随着时间的推移,这些问题会更加困扰你。我仍记得我试穿Stella McCartney设计的一款黑色羊毛大衣时的感受。我感觉就像书呆子Clark Kent穿上了他的超人紧身衣:自己变得更酷、更时髦、更聪明了。大约三年过去了,我仍穿着大衣。现在这已经成为我购买高价衣的标准。如今这是我决定是否购买昂贵衣时采用的一个准则。当你有那种很棒的感觉时,就买下它。错过一件很棒的衣是一个错误。顺便说一句,这就是我买上述Celine西裤时违反的第一条准则。当时在店里试穿时,我穿着这条不合身的裤子纠结了半天,这本应该是一个再明显不过的警示信号了。Sales Are Suspect.不要相信促销This is the second rule I violated in La Affaire Céline. What are the odds that a classic piece from a coveted fashion brand would drop to over 50% off? Zero. Well-made wardrobe builders rarely languish on racks. What lingers there are irksome skirts and troubled tops that 20 people tried on and rejected. #39;I would see the pieces left at the end of the season at Mick Margo,#39; said Ms. Ferber. #39;It wasn#39;t like they weren#39;t pretty, but something was a bit off.#39;这是笔者在购买La Affaire Céline时违反的第二条准则。作为一个高档时尚品牌的经典款式,折扣幅度超过50%的可能性有多大?当然是零!大品牌做工精良,基本上不愁销路。剩下的都是不怎么样的裙子和有问题的上衣,估计有20人试穿过最后又不要的那种。费伯说,季末Mick Margo会有些没卖出去的货,这些衣也不是不好看,就是有点不对劲。Tailors Are Not Fashion Wizards.衣改动无法复制潮流In the face of something marked down to 70% off, some shoppers resort to a form of magical thinking in which they doggedly conclude that a size 12 piece can be transformed into a size 2 in a Honey-I-Shrunk-The-Frock way. Major tailoring surgery changes proportions, and can turn the trapeze coat you thought you were buying into a capelet. And it still might not fit. Co-founder of clothing label Apiece Apart Laura Cramer recalled buying a size 12 Chloé dress at Neiman Marcus#39;s Last Call sale store years ago to wear while pregnant. Her belly quickly expanded beyond its limits, and when she tried to have the dress tailored to a size 4 post-pregnancy, the sleeves ended up far too slim. #39;I#39;m waiting for the perfect person to give it to, someone with really skinny arms and a bit of a belly,#39; joked Ms. Cramer, whose line, launched with her friend Starr Hout, is grounded in essentials designed to help women avoid fashion mistakes.面对一些打折幅度低至70%的商品,一些顾客一厢情愿地认为,一件12号的衣可以神奇地缩小到2号。进行重大裁剪一般会改变衣的比例,一件梯形大衣经过改动后,可能会让你以为自己买了一件披肩,而且改动后还未必合身。Apiece Apart的创始人之一克拉默(Laura Cramer)记得多年前在尼曼(Neiman Marcus)的大清仓活动中买过一件12号的珂洛艾伊(Chloé)品牌的衣以便在怀时穿。她的肚子很快就长得穿不下了。后来期结束后她尝试着把这件衣改成4号大小,结果衣的袖子紧得不得了。克拉默开玩笑称,自己等着将这件衣送给一个最合适的人,这个人得有很细的胳膊还得有点肚子。克拉默和朋友豪特(Starr Hout)共同创立了Apiece Apart,该品牌的设计主要帮助女性避免时尚误区。Hold Grudges. Remember Your Friends.爱恨分明As tempting as it might be to sweep your mistakes under the rug and forget them, I#39;d suggest keeping a list of blunders to avoid repeating the error. I learned the hard way with a black cashmere crew neck from contemporary line Equipment that, within a few wears, turned into a pilled mess. It was purchased under duress-I was leaving for a round of fashion shows in Europe and needed a sweater fast. In my closet, Equipment knits are now verboten, as are those from any brand I#39;ve found don#39;t go the distance. (Equipment did not respond to a request for comment.) On the flip side, keep a list of labels which have done you right. (I later found my perfect black crew neck from Ann Mashburn.) You#39;ll efficiently narrow the overloaded market.尽管将买错的东西藏到角落里并忘掉它们的做法很有诱惑力,但我的建议是,记下犯过的错误以免重蹈覆辙。我买过的一件Equipment品牌的黑色圆领羊毛衫给我留下了教训。穿过几次之后,毛衣起球严重,简直是一团糟。当时买下它也是情势所迫――我需要动身去欧洲参加一系列时尚秀,急需一件毛衣。现在我的衣柜里不允许出现Equipment的针织衫,就像其他我发现不耐穿的品牌一样。(Equipment没有回应置评请求。)另一方面,也要记下适合你的品牌(我后来在Ann Mashburn找到了完美的黑色圆领毛衣)。这样你就可以在繁杂的市场中有效缩小选择范围。The Internet Giveth, the Internet Taketh.互联网有利有弊Knowing what#39;s out there is crucial to shopping error-free. That#39;s never been easier with the myriad e-commerce sites that let you sift through new merchandise in minutes, as well as tools like the shopping section on Ms. Davis#39;s Keep It Chic blog where she posts an authoritative selection of pieces from Net-a-porter, Barneys and others. And new e-commerce site the Line has such a sharply focused offering that, if I shopped solely from it, chances are I#39;d never err.了解情况对于避免购物失误至关重要。但这并不容易,无数的电子商务网站让你可以在几分钟内挑选新品,还有类似Ms. Davis的Keep It Chic客等购物相关工具可做参考。Davis会在客上发布权威的Net-a-porter、Barneys等商家的精选单品。而新的电子商务网站the Line所提供的商品有着统一的主题,如果你只从这里购物,几乎不会有犯错的机会。 /201408/321156石城县妇幼保健人民医院看排泄疾病好不好

赣州华兴医院肛肠There is a lot of research behind what makes relationships work — and not work. To keep it short, just keep the 5 R’s in mind:什么能造就美满的情感关系?关于这个问题的研究非常之多。简单地说,你只要记住以下五个R开头的单词:Right, Real, Rapport, Relate, Review适量,真实,交流,相似,回顾Let’s break them down.下面让我们来仔细分析下。1. Fight Right1. 适量争吵You might think it would be great if you could have a relationship with zero arguing. But marriages with no arguments are 35% more likely to divorce.你也许觉得没有争吵的情感关系很棒。可是没有争吵的婚姻离婚的可能性要比适当争吵的夫妇高出35%。Things need to be worked out and you may need to compromise.You can’t not argue and you can’t fight to the death. You need to fight right.事情需要被解决,你们也需要互相迁就。你不能避免争论,也不能争吵到生命尽头。吵架要适量。If you stay compassionate and show you care — even in the midst of a screaming match — you have a better shot at happiness.如果你保持同情心,并表现出关心对方的一面,那么即使两人都在吼叫,你们也有更大的机会收获幸福。When couples experience conflict, they are 45 percent less likely to feel pessimistic about their relationship if they can recognize feelings of caring from their partner during the disagreement. – Ebesu Hubbard 2001夫妻之间吵架时,如果能够意识到对方对自己的关心,他们对情感关系的悲观态度就会减少45%。—易北苏·哈伯德在2001年讲道2. Keep It Real2. 保持情感的真实Do you expect a fairy tale relationship? That’s a prescription for disappointment.你想要童话般的感情吗?那会是失望的开始。Elements of fairy tales such as Cinderella were present in 78 percent of people’s beliefs about romantic love. Those people were more likely to have experienced disillusionment, devastation, and angst in their relationships than were those who gave less credence to fairy tales. – Lockhart 2000如《灰姑娘》一类的童话元素占据了78%的人们对浪漫爱情的信仰。和不那么相信童话的人们相比,这些人更可能经历情感中的幻灭、破裂和焦虑。——洛克哈特The modern day equivalent of fairy tales is TV. And as you might expect, watching too much TV is correlated with unsatisfying relationships.现代生活中,和童话扮演同样角色的,是电视。正如你所预期,沉迷于电视和对情感关系的不满意是相关联的。People who watched an above average amount of television per day were 26 percent less likely to be satisfied with their relationship status than were people who watched a below average amount of television per day. – Hetsroni 2000那些看电视超过平均时间的人对情感不满的可能性比其他人高出26%。—海慈罗尼在2000年讲道。It’s all about the bar that’s set for you or the bar you set for yourself. So, as you might imagine, perfectionism does not make for a happy love life either.是否满足和生活赋予你的感情标准或者你自己设定的标准有关。所以,你可以想象,完美主义也无法造就幸福的爱情生活。People high in perfectionism, a hyperbelief in their own correctness and a desire to find a partner with similar traits, are 33 percent less likely to describe their relationship status as satisfying. – Flett, Hewitt, Shapiro, and Rayman 2002高度完美主义者,对自己想法行为有着超乎寻常的信念,渴望找到和有和自己相似特点的伴侣。和其他人相比,这些人对情感状态不满的可能性高出33%。—弗雷特,海威特,沙皮偌和雷曼在2002年提出Be realistic about what you can and should expect from a relationship. And realize that things change.A third of the time what attracts you to someone isn’t important to you six months later.实际地去考虑你能够且应该从一段感情中期望什么。同时意识到:事情会变的。三分之一的时间里,某人吸引你的地方,六个月后,对你而言已经不再重要了。3. Have Rapport3. 经常交流Talking, sharing, being open — these are all highly praised, and for good reason. Couples who communicate are 62% more likely to describe their relationship as happy.交谈、分享、打开内心——都是被高度推崇的,背后的原因也极有道理。保持交流的小两口,感情美满的可能性要高出62%。Expecting your partner to be a mind er will just make you miserable. Want something? Ask for it.想要另一半有读心术只会让你变得可悲。想要什么?讲出来!Researchers found that those who are more direct in seeking support from their partner are 61 percent more likely to feel they received the support they wanted than are those who avoid explaining their needs. – Fitness 2001研究人员发现,需要来自伴侣的持时,和逃避表达需要的人相比,直接表达的人更有可能觉得自己得到了想要的持。—摘自《健康》2001If you’re still shopping for a partner, look for someone with good social skills who has maintained friendships for a long time.如果你还在寻找伴侣,注意那些擅长社交、长久地维持友谊的人。People with strong social skills, including an ability to maintain long-term friendships, were 32 percent more likely to be satisfied with their relationship. – Flora and Segrin 1999社交能力强的人,包括有能力维持长久友谊的,有32%更高的可能性会对自己的情感关系满意。—弗劳拉和塞格林于1999年提出More laughing means less fighting.多点幽默欢乐,吵架就少了。When both partners in a relationship thought the other had a good sense of humor, 67 percent less conflict was reported than in couples where neither thought the other had a good sense of humor. – De Koning and Weiss 2002据报道,当伴侣双方都认为另一半有幽默感时,他们比起那些认为对方一点也不幽默的夫妇争执减少了67%。——德·克宁和维斯在2002年提出Want your marriage to last more than 30 years? Just “being married” isn’t enough: you also need to be good friends.想要婚姻长过30年?只是“结婚”并不够:你们也要成为好朋友。In studies of people happily married more than three decades, the quality of friendship between the partners was the single most frequently cited factor in the relationships’ success. – Bachand and Caron 2001研究发现,夫妇之间的深厚友谊被视为超过30年美满婚姻的唯一最常见因素。—巴尚和卡隆在2001年讲道。4. Relate4. 两人有共同点Opposites do not attract. Couples that are similar do much better. Pairs that lasted longer than five years usually had a number of interests in common.对立的两人不会互相吸引。相似的两人感情会更好。在一起长达五年以上的两个人通常有很多共同的兴趣。In comparing couples who remained together more than five years with couples who split up, researchers found that the couples who stayed together were 64 percent more likely to be able to identify multiple shared interests. – Bachand and Caron 2001研究人员发现,当比较在一起五年以上小两口和分手的情侣时,情感长久的伴侣们发现双方多个共同兴趣的可能性高64%。—巴尚和卡隆在2001年讲道Having similar values offers a huge boost in the ability to communicate.相似的价值观能够极大地促进交流。The degree to which couples have similar values does not change over the course of their relationship. Those with similar values, however, are 22 percent more likely to rate their communication habits positively. – Acitelli, Kenny, and Weiner 2001伴侣双方价值观的相似程度在相处过程中是不变的。然而,价值观相似的两个人有22%更高的可能性会正面评价他们的交流习惯。——阿塞特利,肯尼和韦纳在2001年讲道Believe it or not, even having similar fighting styles was a good thing.信不信由你——甚至有相似的争吵风格也是好事噢!It was related to double digit drops in conflict and a double digit increase in satisfaction.有较多相似之处的夫妇会让争吵降低两位数,让满意度增加两位数噢!5. Review5. 不断回顾和提升Many people are probably ing this, identifying the good things they aly do and feeling smug. Sorry, you can’t stop there. Relationships are not a “check the box and you’re done” kind of thing. You need to keep at it, monitoring and improving.很多人在读这篇文章的时候,看到了他们已经做到的好的方面,可能正在飘飘然呢。不好意思,这些还不够!感情不是“给答题框打个勾就搞定”的事情。你需要保持下去,悉心经营,同时不断提升。Plenty of research shows that conscientiousness is a great quality to have in a spouse or partner. Having a partner who is consistently reliable often means a healthy relationship with less conflict.诸多研究发现,尽责是一个伴侣身上非常优秀的品质。有一个总是可以信任的伴侣意味着一个健康的情感关系和更少的争吵。People who consider their partner conscientious, a person who consistently does what they say they are going to do, were 26 percent more likely to rate their relationship healthy and reported 41 percent less conflict in their relationship. Dependability was rated among the most desired qualities in a partner. – Watson, Hubbard, and Wiese 2000认为伴侣可信且总是说到做到的人,有26%更高的可能性认为自己有着健康的情感关系,双方相处中的争吵也少了41%。——沃森,哈伯德和维泽在2000年提出One More Thing最后一点Never forget that, in the end, all relationships are about feelings. Especially when fighting, we get caught up in the facts, the details, the words… And what’s funny is little of that ends up mattering.永远别忘了,最终,所有的感情都和感觉有关。尤其在争吵时,我们深陷于事实,细节和话语之中…滑稽的是,最终这些都无关紧要。When surveyed about their arguments, people mentioned feelings and tone ten times as much as the topic of debate. 25% of people couldn’t even remember what the argument was about — but they all remembered how it made them feel.对伴侣间的争吵进行调研时,人们提到当时的感觉和语气比提及争论的话题多出10倍。25%的人甚至不记得当初为何争吵—但他们都记得当时自己的感觉。As Maya Angelou once said: People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.如玛雅·安吉罗曾讲过的:人们会忘记你说过的话,会忘记你做过的事,却永远不会忘记你带给他们的感觉。 /201405/298980赣州肛肠医院那家好 As winter chill blankets much of the country, parents of teenagers face a daily dilemma: convince their willful children to dress warmly or let them learn from experience. One expert, pediatrician Jennifer Shu, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Pediatrics and medical editor of the group#39;s healthychildren.org consumer website, offers her view on what the most important item of winter clothing is and when to let children decide for themselves.随着冬寒横扫美国大部分地区,十几岁青少年的父母每天都面临着一个两难选择:说自己任性的孩子,让他们穿暖点,或者让他们从实际体验中学到教训。冬季着装的要点是什么?什么时候应该让孩子自己做出决定?这方面的专家、儿科医生Jennifer Shu表达了自己的观点。Jennifer Shu是美国儿科学会(American Academy of Pediatrics)的发言人,也是该学会的消费者网站healthychildren.org的医学编辑。Core of the Matter事件的核心Growing kids#39; hearts beat faster than those of grown-ups, and their metabolisms are generally quicker. But contrary to popular belief, teens#39; hyperactive hormones don#39;t elevate core temperature above the usual 98.6 degrees. Children also typically have more body surface relative to body mass, which means they can get cold faster than adults, Dr. Shu says. Older children who refuse to wear proper cold-weather gear may be irritable and unable to focus on school because they are too cold.正在长身体的孩子的心脏跳动频率高于成年人,他们的新陈代谢速度通常也更快。但与常见认知相反的是,十几岁的青少年超级活跃的激素并不会将中心体温抬升到平常的37摄氏度以上。Jennifer Shu说,通常而言,儿童的体表面积与身体重量之比也要更高,这意味着他们的身体变冷的速度比成年人更快。年龄较大的孩子在天气寒冷时如果拒绝穿上适当的保暖衣物,他们可能会因为太冷的缘故而变得易怒,并且无法在课堂上集中精力。#39;If a body is fighting to stay warm, it is stealing away energy that could be focused on other things, like fighting germs and concentrating,#39; she says.她说,如果身体正在为了保暖而战斗,那么它就会偷走本来可以用在其他事情上的能量,比如与细菌战斗,比如集中精力。Wet Is Worse湿更可怕Dr. Shu and her colleagues point out that being cold won#39;t cause a child to be sick -- exposure to viruses will. Being wet and cold is a bigger risk, since internal temperatures can drop as moisture evaporates off the skin. Dr. Shu recommends that children who spend a lot of time outside wear thin, wicking fabrics close to the skin, then add a cotton layer to absorb the moisture. On top of that goes at least one other layer, preferably thick.Jennifer Shu和她的同事们指出,仅仅是冷并不会让孩子生病,但病毒感染会让人生病。在感到冷的时候如果还处于湿的状态,那么风险就会更大,因为随着水分从皮肤表面蒸发,体内温度会下降。Jennifer Shu推荐长时间在外面玩耍的孩子贴身穿着吸湿性强的薄衣物,然后外面罩一层棉质衣,达到吸潮的目的。在棉质衣的外面至少还要再穿一层,最好是厚衣。To motivate fashion-conscious teens, she suggests looking to sports stars for inspiration. #39;The Olympics are on right now, and you can see how the athletes cover up in big parkas as soon as they finish their events,#39; she says. #39;They know they perform better when their bodies and muscles are warm.#39;为了让追求时尚的十几岁的年轻人有穿衣的动力,她的建议是:向体育明星寻求灵感。她说,现在正在开冬奥会,你会看到,在比赛结束后,运动员们都会立刻穿上毛皮风雪大衣,他们知道,如果身体和肌肉保持温暖的话,表现会更好。Pick Your Battle把握要点Most older children aren#39;t at high risk for hypothermia or frostbite, since they aren#39;t exposed to cold for prolonged periods, Dr. Shu says. Gloves, hats and scarves are always a good idea. But if she were to pick one essential, it would be boots.Jennifer Shu说,大多数年纪较大的孩子发生体温过低或被冻伤的风险并不高,因为他们不会太长时间地停留在寒冷环境中。手套、帽子和围巾都是不错的装备。但她说,如果要选一样必不可少的,那就是长靴。#39;They will prevent a child from being wet and uncomfortable all day,#39; she says.她说,有了长靴,孩子一整天都不会湿,也不会感到不舒。In her hometown of Atlanta, where boots aren#39;t a regular part of winter wardrobes, Dr. Shu has seen parents Scotchgard sneakers as a temporary measure. Doubling up on clothing can also help keep the wet out and preserve appearances. #39;There is a lot of pressure to look cool, I know. So I had my son put on a pair of pants beneath his nylon sports pants,#39; she says. #39;When it snowed again, he did this on his own, and no one knew.#39;她的家乡在亚特兰大,在那里,人们冬天不怎么穿长靴,Jennifer Shu曾经见过一些家长在孩子的运动鞋上涂防油防水剂,这是一种临时措施。多穿一层也是既防湿又能显得很帅的办法之一。她说,孩子们都要自己看起来酷一点,他们都有这样的压力,这我知道,所以我让我的儿子在运动裤里面再穿一条长裤;等到再下雪的时候,他自己就这么做了,别人都不知道。Strategic Planning战略规划Lack of sleep and poor nutrition can make it harder for a growing child to fight the cold. These factors may be more important than bundling up for a walk to the bus stop, Dr. Shu says. She advises parents to teach children how to dress appropriately, then let them take charge of their own bodies.睡眠不足和营养不良也能让正在长身体的孩子更难抵御寒冷的侵袭。Jennifer Shu说,在孩子走路到公共汽车站的时候,这些因素可能比多穿衣物更重要。她建议父母教会孩子如何正确穿衣,然后让他们自己掌控自己的身体。#39;Taking a child shopping to pick out his favorites will help to encourage him to actually wear the clothes when he is out of a parent#39;s sightlines, but ultimately a child must learn to make good choices,#39; she says.她说。带孩子去商场,让他们自己选喜欢的衣,这样有助于鼓励他们在父母看不见的时候真正地去穿这些衣,但归根结底,孩子必须学会如何做出好的选择。 /201402/277634江西省赣州治疗脱肛多少钱

章贡区妇幼保健人民医院肛肠痔疮便血肛门异物治疗好吗 Okay, be honest: Do you bribe your kids? Do you offer them cash (or similar rewards) for good behavior? For grades? For abandoning the cell phone at the dinner table? For keeping the cursing at bay?好了,老实交代。你是否曾贿赂过自己的孩子?你是否会给他们发钱(或类似奖励),让他们保持良好的行为?获得好成绩?或在吃饭的时放下手机?别惹你生气?I#39;ll confess. I#39;ve done it, albeit with so-so results. (My offer to pay to go to the gym was initially welcomed then discarded in favor of other, non-sweat-producing activities.) And so have half of all parents, according to the most recent T. Rowe Price Kids and Money Survey. More than two-thirds of parents told the data collectors they#39;re very or extremely concerned about setting a good financial example for their kids. Yet, bribery seems to fall within the acceptable boundaries.我承认,我做过这种事,虽然结果并不理想。(我提出付钱让孩子去健身房,最初这种做法受到欢迎,但后来惨遭抛弃,因为孩子爱上了其他不需要流汗的活动。)而据最近的T. Rowe Price基金母婴调查显示,约有一半的父母曾经做过类似的事情。超过三分之二的父母对数据采集员表示,他们非常或者极其关心给孩子树立一个良好的财务榜样。而贿赂似乎在可接受的范围之内。That raised three questions for me: First, is bribery on the up-and-up? Years back I listened regularly to a radio psychologist named Dr. Joy Browne. She was hugely in favor of bribery to get the desired results. But does that opinion extend to kids and money? Second, what#39;s the difference between a bribe (which has huge negative connotations) and an incentive (which doesn#39;t)? And third, if you decide a bribe is okay after all, how do you structure it to produce the outcome you#39;re looking for? Here are the answers, one by one.这让我想到了三个问题:首先,贿赂是否为一种诚实的行为?多年前,我经常听心理学家乔伊o布朗士的广播节目。她非常赞成通过贿赂获得想要的结果。但延伸到孩子和金钱时这种观点还成立吗?第二,贿赂(有巨大的负面意义)和激励(不存在负面意义)之间有什么区别?第三,如果你认为贿赂没问题,应该如何实施才能得到你想要的结果?依次如下。Is bribery okay? Yes and no. If what you#39;re looking for is a short-term fix -- getting your kid to try a new food, for example, or to capitulate and see the movie that the rest of the family wants to see -- a bribe can actually be fairly effective, says Dean Karlan, economics professor at Yale University and the founder of Stickk.com. You draw the line. The child toes it. You pay up. (As an example: A friend of mine was having trouble getting her child to sit down to write her essay for the common app. She offered a bribe -- even let the child name the amount. Fifty dollars and two-and-a-half hours later, the child emerged with a ;beautiful essay.; The reason this is such a good example is because it was a task that would never have to be completed again.)贿赂可行吗?既可行也不可行。耶鲁大学(Yale University)经济学教授、Stickk.com的创始人迪恩o卡兰认为,如果家长的目的是解决短期问题,比如让孩子尝试一种新食物,或让孩子屈,观看家里其他人希望看的电影等,贿赂会非常有效。你划下道来,孩子成功触线,你就掏钱。(例如,为了让孩子坐下来写一篇用于大学网申的论文,我的一位朋友绞尽脑汁。于是,她提供了贿赂,甚至让孩子自己提出金额。在付出五十美元和两个半小时后,她的孩子写出了一篇“漂亮的文章”。之所以说这是一个很好的例子,因为这种任务仅此一次。);The problem is that once that line is drawn you may have trouble getting your kid anywhere near it without a similar -- or larger -- payment in the future. ;Understand, if doing X gets your kids Y, you#39;re setting up a structure where that takes place,; says Stuart Ritter, a certified financial planner with T. Rowe Price. That means it can be tough to produce the desired behavior without paying for it next time.T. Rowe Price基金的认理财规划师斯图尔特o里特表示:“问题在于,一旦你开了价,未来如果没有同样的甚至更多的钱,你可能无法说孩子做任何事情。例如,如果做X能让孩子得到Y,家长其实是建立一个体系。”这意味着,如果下一次你不掏钱,便很难得到想要的结果。What#39;s the difference between a bribe and an incentive? Both are forms of negotiation. You give a little to get what you want, the child gives a little to do the same. The difference is that bribery usually happens in the crunch. For whatever reason, you feel your child#39;s behavior must change immediately so you make an offer that you hadn#39;t planned on making. Incentives are a little more planned. (In hindsight, my gym offer was more incentive than bribe.) You#39;ve thought about what sort of carrot might bring about the sort of behavioral change you#39;re after, and you#39;re prepared to make an offer to spur the change.贿赂与激励之间有什么区别?两者均属于谈判的方式。你付出一点东西来获得自己想要的,孩子同样如此。两者的区别在于,贿赂通常发生在危机关头。不论是何缘故,你觉得孩子的行为必须立即改变,于是你报出一个自己没有多做考虑的价格。而激励则更有计划性。(事后想想,我付钱让孩子去健身房的做法,更像是激励,而不是贿赂。)你已经仔细考虑过用哪种“胡萝卜”可能让孩子按照你想要的方式改变行为,做好准备出价来刺激孩子做出改变。Financial literacy expert Susan Beacham, founder of Money Savvy Generation, explains: ;A lot of parents use a bribe not because we#39;re confident it#39;s the best parenting tool, but because we#39;re tired.; (Yep. That sounds about right.) ;We#39;re overwhelmed and we want our child to do what#39;s best, and we can#39;t figure out how to use our words effectively enough to get them to understand it. So we think to ourselves, #39;Okay, the shortest distance between two points is to get them to just accomplish a task and over time, they#39;ll get it.#39; Unfortunately, a child who is given a bribe to do something is focused on the bribe, not the task. So it doesn#39;t work.;理财知识专家、儿童理财网站Money Savvy Generation的创始人苏珊o比切姆解释道:“许多父母之所以使用贿赂,并非因为我们自信这是最好的教育工具,而是因为我们厌烦了。”(没错。听起来很合理。)“我们不堪重负,但我们又希望孩子能做到最好,我们不知道如何有效地利用自己的言语,让孩子理解我们的意图。所以,我们会想:‘好吧,管不了那么多了,眼下最紧急的是让孩子完成任务,未来,他们会明白的。’但可惜的是,靠贿赂完成任务的孩子,关心的是贿赂,而不是任务。所以,贿赂是无用的。”So how do you use both bribes and incentives more effectively? First, says Beacham, stop and think about why you#39;re doing this -- and communicate that to your child. Say your child has to 20 books over the summer. You want them to accomplish their goal (and are willing to bribe/incentivize) them to do that. But what you really want is for them to start to enjoy ing. It#39;s okay to explain that. And to offer ways to make the task more fun. (Reading on the beach is fun; so is a half-hour of ing time after what#39;s supposed to be lights-out.)那么,家长在使用贿赂和激励时如何更有效果?首先,比切姆表示,停下来想一想自己为什么要这么做——然后将理由告诉孩子。假如孩子在暑假必须读20本书。你希望他们完成目标,并且愿意通过贿赂/激励让他们来完成目标。但你真正希望的,是他们开始享受阅读。只要这样向孩子解释便没有问题。家长可以提出一些让阅读更有趣的方式。(在海滩上阅读很有趣;在预定的熄灯时间之后拿出半个小时阅读也很有趣。)Karlan suggests rewarding effort rather than outcomes (i.e. 30 minutes of ing rather than completing a book). That way a slow er is not likely to get frustrated and give up because he or she has the same shot at the reward. And make it clear that this is a limited-time offer. Otherwise, you risk them not wanting to (or whatever) without being paid for it. ;Kids are pretty perceptive,; says T. Rowe#39;s Ritter. ;They#39;re aware of what#39;s going on.;卡兰建议,奖励孩子付出的努力而不是取得的成果(例如,奖励孩子阅读了30分钟,而不是读完一本书。)通过这样做,阅读速度慢的孩子就不会变得沮丧并放弃阅读,因为他们有同样的机会获得奖励。而且,家长要明确告诉孩子,奖励是仅限一段时间的。否则,你会遭受没钱孩子们就不想读书(或做某事)的风险。T Rowe的里特表示:“孩子的理解力很强。他们知道现在是什么情况。” /201405/300902上犹县妇幼保健院看结肠炎好不好赣州市人民医院治疗直肠溃疡价格



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