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定南县治疗肛瘘医院赣县治疗直肠炎医院  Russian President Dmitri Medvedev will be in the ed States in the next few days. His visit will focus on economic and trade matters.The high point of President Medvedev's stay in the ed States will be his visit to Silicon Valley - an area in northern California known for its high-tech companies, venture capitalists and forward-looking entrepreneurs.  Experts, such as Robert Legvold from Columbia University, say Mr. Medvedev is trying to generate interest in his plan to create a Russian Silicon Valley in the suburbs of Moscow known as the Skolkova Innovation Initiative."That area of Skolkova, where the Skolkova School of Business and Management is located, has a fair amount of acreage," he said. "So when Medvedev committed himself to the idea of creating a Silicon Valley, and there were a number of parts, different cities in Russia that vied for its location, it was decided to put it in this park. I think the notion is that there will be some link between the businesses and research centers that are created and the school."David Kramer, former senior State Department official in the George W. Bush administration, says the Russian president will be in northern California to try and form business partnerships and to learn how Silicon Valley got started."He's looking for investment. He's looking for expertise and know-how," he said. "He's looking to form consortiums and alliances with the private sector, with the universities." "And the question is how much interest there really will be and how much money there might be, at least from the outside. There's money in Russia that can be provided to fund some of this, but how much money from the West is there in supporting this kind of initiative? Those are questions that don't have answers yet," he added.Skolkova initiativeAnalysts say President Medvedev's idea of creating a Russian Silicon Valley is tied to his broader plan to modernize the country's economy."There is a realization at the end of the day that despite all the profits that Russia got from its sale of oil and gas over the last 10 years, that unless it modernizes its economy and reforms it, it will be a declining power," said John Parker [expressing his own, personal views] with the National Defense University. "So there is what seems to be a growing body of opinion in Russia among leadership circles that Russia has to start investing in its own technology sector."For that to work, Parker says the Skolkova initiative must be copied throughout Russia. "The danger is that it would just be a very confined experiment," he said. "You really need system-wide Skolkovas - Silicon Valley - otherwise it ends up just like under Catherine the Great when they imported a lot of German tradesmen and planted them in various settlements - but they were fairly self-contained. To really do the trick, Skolkova can't be self-contained. Its rules have to apply to all of Russian society, to all of Russia's economy."After visiting Silicon Valley, President Medvedev comes to Washington for a brief summit with President Barack Obama. Bilateral relationsExperts such as David Kramer say relations between the two countries are good. "The Obama administration touts the U.S.-Russian relationship as one of its major foreign policy successes," he said. "I wonder whether that says more about the rest of its foreign policy than about the U.S.-Russian relationship." Experts say the two sides also will discuss a host of other issues, including arms control after the recent signing of the New START Treaty, what to do about Iran following tougher ed Nations sanctions, as well as trade and economic questions."But having said that, relations are certainly better than they were at the end of 2008, when there were significant tensions between Moscow and Washington in the aftermath of the Russia-Georgia war. And so the tone and environment are much better than they were," he continued. 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫即将来美国访问,这次访问重点将集中在经济和贸易方面。 梅德韦杰夫在美国逗留的重点将是访问硅谷,这个位于北加州的地区以高科技公司、风险投资家和前瞻性企业闻名。 专家说,梅德韦杰夫为他计划在莫斯科郊外建立俄罗斯硅谷而努力激发人们的兴趣。俄罗斯计划在斯科尔科沃开发科技创新园区。 哥伦比亚大学教授罗伯特.莱格沃尔德说:“ 斯科尔科沃管理学院所在地区就是这个科技创新园区选定的地址,那里有比较宽阔的土地。当梅德韦杰夫致力于兴建这个硅谷的时候,俄罗斯有很多地方的不同城市争相提出承办这个科技创新园区,最后确定在斯科尔科沃。我认为这意味着在这里创立这个园区是要和这个管理学院形成一种联络。” 小布什政府时期在国务院任职的高级官员戴维.克拉默说,梅德韦杰夫将到硅谷努力建立生意伙伴关系,学习硅谷创业的经验。 他说:“他是来寻找投资的。他来搜寻专业技术和高科技。他希望成立财团,和私营企业和大学形成联盟。” “问题是从外界能真正吸引多少兴趣,能得到多少可能的资金。俄罗斯可以为此提供资金,但是从西方国家可以得到多少对这一园区的持呢?这些问题还都没有。” 分析人士说,梅德韦杰夫要创立俄罗斯硅谷的想法和他更广泛的实现俄罗斯经济现代化的计划是密不可分的。 约翰.帕克是国防大学的教授,他表达了他个人的看法。他说:“ 俄罗斯最终认识到,尽管他们过去10年一直通过出售石油和天然气获得了大量收益,它仍将是一个走下坡路的大国。除非它实现经济现代化,将经济进行改革。俄罗斯领导层逐渐认识到,必须开始对本国技术领域投资了。” 帕克说,俄罗斯要做到这一点,斯科尔科沃科技园区必须成为俄罗斯各地的榜样。他说:“ 危险在于这仍是一个非常受限制的实验。俄罗斯真正需要的是体制的改革,也就是体制范围的硅谷化。否则这些努力不过是当年俄国女皇叶卡捷琳娜改革的翻版。她吸收了大批德国商人把他们安置在各地,但这些人基本上是自成一体的。俄罗斯的条例必须适用于整个国家和社会,适用于俄罗斯的经济。”  访问硅谷之后,梅德韦杰夫总统将前往华盛顿与奥巴马总统举行简短的峰会。包括克雷默在内的一些专家说,美俄两国之间的关系良好。克雷莫说:“奥巴马行政当局把美俄关系大力宣扬为它外交政策的重大成功之一。我想这也许是对奥巴马政府外交政策的其它部分的评价,而不是评价美俄关系。” “不过,尽管如此,两国之间现在的关系肯定比2008年年底的时候要好。那个时候,俄罗斯打完了和格鲁吉亚的战争,莫斯科和华盛顿的关系相当紧张。现在两国对话的语调和气氛比过去改善了很多。” 专家说,美国和俄罗斯将讨论很多其它方面的问题,包括最近签署了削减战略武器新条约之后的军备控制、联合国对伊朗实施更严厉制裁之后如何应对伊朗、以及其它贸易和经济问题。201006/106700信丰县人民医院治疗直肠黏膜内脱垂价格 Rednet: Don't Promote Hatred When Watching "Nanking, Nanking"The highly anticipated historical epic film "Nanking, Nanking," also known as "A City of Life and Death," is now being shown in cinemas around China.When it recently premiered in eastern China's Hangzhou city, some moviegoers shouted, "Overthrow Japanese imperialism" at the Japanese actors who appeared in the film, while others said the Chinese should show respect for the Japanese actors.The website Rednet.cn published an article warning the Chinese not to blindly use the movie as an excuse to rouse hatred toward the Japanese. It ed Lu Chuan, director of "Nanking, Nanking," who said the movie aimed to remind the world of the suffering and misery of common Chinese at the hands of Japanese aggressors.He welcomed the tolerant and rational attitudes of some Hangzhou moviegoers toward the Japanese actors when watching "Nanking, Nanking."The article echoed Lu's sentiment, saying that both the Chinese and Japanese should remember their history and respect the truth of the Nanking massacre.More importantly, the article urged people from the two countries to abandon hatred and promote friendship in an effort to build a bright and prosperous future for both.People's Daily: Let Public Places Serve the Public Orange Island park, a famous scenic spot in central China's Changsha city, recently reopened to locals after a major renovation.The park's management office initially wanted to charge a 100-yuan, or 15-U.S. dollars, admission fee. But the high fee prompted complaints from local residents. As a result, the management office opened the park free of charge.An article in the People's Daily on Friday applauded the decision, saying public places should be used to serve the needs of common citizens. It pointed out that public funds were used in the construciton of various parks in different cities so the parks should benefit average people.The commentary also criticized park managers in some cities for allowing exhibition booths and small shops to occupy large public areas in parks. It also noted that cities built too many entertainment facilities within their parks just to charge visitors additional fees.In light of this situation, the article said municipal governments should oversee park administrators. It emphasized that authorities need to make continual efforts to ensure parks and other public facilities better serve the interest of the public.China Watches Health of Migrant Workers Ministerial-level authorities in public health, social security, and work security supervision joined trade unions and business representatives in discussions.Health Minister Chen Zhu said during the forum he is particularly concerned about migrant workers."Migrant workers tend to change their jobs frequently. They also move around a lot. So it has been hard for us to trace them and assess their health conditions."The minister noted that law enforcements are needed so that employers fulfill their responsibilities.It is estimated that 2 hundred million Chinese have at least one kind of disease related to their jobs,many of them suffer from dust lung.As of 2007, 600 thousand people in China were recorded to be living with the disease.140 thousand people had died of the disease by then.Li Yuhuan is vice chairman of a major fund for treatment of the disease."We now have 100 million Yuan in funds. That is enough to cover lung lavage treatments for just 10 thousand patients. Compared to the number of such patients, what we can do is limited."Chen Rui, with the Health Ministry, says migrant workers need to take health into consideration when looking for jobs."They need to keep in mind several things. First, they must sign legally effective labor contracts. Also, make sure that they have work-related injury insurance paid by the employers. And they have to make sure they are provided with proper industrial safety costumes and equipment."Governments around China have launched educational campaigns this week, educating workers on how to find proper legal solutions for physical damage they incur at work.04/68140The remote village of Kodinji in southern India, population about 13,500, is home to more than 100 pairs of twins, and 90% of those were born within the last 18 years. No one quite knows why, and no published study explains the phenomenon. At the last count, 20 pairs of twins were enrolled in one local school, most of them identical and same-sex. Other nearby schools report similar incidences. As far as this village is concerned, it has a lot of twins, much more than others. Most schools have a lot of twins. We can’t pinpoint the reason though. Born in 1993 within 12 minutes of each other, Abhi and Anu Bhaskar walk together to school every day. In our school, they identify us by the way we comb our hair. I comb to the left and he to the right. And I have a mark on my neck. Apart from these, I do not think there are any differences. One of the most popular Hindu Gods in Hindu mythology, Lord Rama had twin boys named Luv and Kush. I think it’s a blessing. Maybe this place is one of God’s favorite ones. Kodinji is different from other places. The village also has a set of identical triplets. The fact that the number of twin births is said to have risen substantially here during the last 20 years is puzzling. And at present, there’s no scientific explanation for the phenomenon. Pinpoint: to be able to give the exact reason for sth or to describe sth exactlyRama: a deified hero worshiped as an incarnation of Vishnu(印度教主神之一,守护之神).200812/59748赣州华兴治疗直肠黏膜内脱垂价格

宁都县妇幼保健人民医院看便秘好不好石城县人民医院肛肠科怎么样 More than meets the eyeMore 4 News discovers that when you turn the new logo for the Office of Government Commerce on its side you might just see something else.Now the government spends 142,000,000 pounds a year on advertising and branding, on things like this, which is the new logo for the Office of Government Commerce. But is it money well spent? Some people have been seeing things in the design that the designers may not have intended. As Rags Martel reports.Introducing the new logo for the Office of Government Commerce, but turn it on its side, and you just might see why this isn't the best thoughtout rebranding exercise, particularly considering it will be this way up when displayed on pens. I must say the first time I saw it, I laughed out loud. It's very funny. I think the logo should probably be scrapped almost immediately, and I think that's probably what the OGC are doing. I mean it's a bit of embarrassment, it's a funny episode. But that logo can never be taken seriously. If this is the corporate thought,the OGC, they are in trouble.14000 pounds was spent on the logo, expensive, especially for a government agency which aims to improve value for money to the tax payer.They are a bit embarrassed because when I turn it like that, what could you see?Oh, not very good. That's not very good at all.Cost 14 grandIs this a joke?No, it's not a joke.I think that's a bit of a joke.I think it is in color. It's just a logo.Or, what if I turn it like this.That looks like ha ha ha.Almost obscene.Now some people could say that they have dirty minds, because they are just seeing the naughty side of a logo. In fact, there's something in the brain which is called the amidol that gives you an interpretation of something from your points of view, rather what it actually is. The fact is, in this case, you know, it is what it is. And what it looks like, what it rather sticks out like a sour farm and that being generous.The OGC refused to comment on the logo, saying only that it had refocused its priorities for delivering high quality public services. But it can take some comfort that this isn't the first logo cock-up. And even in the controversial London Olympic logo, apparently some people see Lisa Simpson doing something unspeakable with Bart. The moral of the logo story yet seems always look at it both ways.Now, we do enjoy ourselves here. And if you didn't quite get that you can see it again on our website at the address on the screen around now, more4news.200811/55058赣州小孩经常便秘治疗医院要多少钱

赣州治疗肛肠疾病的方法The WTO and ChinaHands slapped世贸组织与中国的交锋A ruling with ramifications 裁决之意,一石多鸟Jul 7th 2011 | from the print edition WHEN China joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in late 2001, its share of world exports stood at 4.3%. By last year that share had soared to 10.6%, and the country had become the world’s biggest exporter. In addition to awe and envy, its rise has spawned a rapidly growing list of trade quarrels. China was a party to only two of the 93 trade disputes that were taken to the WTO between its accession and the end of 2005. But in the five years to the end of 2010, it was involved in 26 of the 84 cases filed at the forum. 中国于2001年底加入世贸组织时,对外贸易出口额仅占世界总额的4.3%。然而,去年该比例已飙升到10.6%,使得中国已经成为世界上最大的出口国。对此,各国有敬畏也有嫉妒,因而贸易纷争骤增。在中国入世后至2005年年底这段时间,世贸组织所处理的商业纠纷中,只有两起牵涉到中国。然而,在05年到10年底这段时间,世贸处理的84起纠纷中,就有26起牵扯到中国。On July 5th the WTO’s dispute-settlement body found against China on three linked complaints. The cases were brought by America, the European Union and Mexico in and took issue with China’s policy of restricting the exports of certain industrial raw materials, including bauxite, magnesium, zinc and silica, of which it is a leading producer. The plaintiffs argued that China’s policies gave domestic firms that use these commodities an unfair competitive advantage, while also restricting world supply of these inputs and causing their prices to soar.7月5号,世贸争议解决机构在连续3场投诉中都判定中国违规。这3场投诉由美国、欧盟、墨西哥于年提出,他们的投诉理由为,中国在铝土矿、镁、锌硅等工业原料方面是主要产出国,但是中国制定政策,限制这些原料的出口。原告认定,中国的政策限制这些商品的供给,引起价格飙升,从而让国内利用这些原料的公司具有竞争优势,这很不公平。China says its restrictions were motivated by its desire to conserve the world’s limited supply of these materials and to protect the environment from the pollution caused by their extraction. The problem with this line of argument, as the WTO panel noted, was that although China restricted the export of these commodities, it had done nothing to reduce their actual production. China’s policies were in clear violation of its WTO commitments, it found. 中国辩护说设定这些限制完全出于以下考虑,中方有意节约这些稀有资源,同时减少提炼带来的环境污染。世贸专门问题小组认为,该论的问题在于,虽然说中国限制这些原料的出口,可是它完全没有减少实际产出。该小组认为中国的政策显然违背了它入世时的承诺。China expressed “regret” at the WTO’s ruling and has up to 60 days to lodge an appeal. Jeffrey Schott of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, a think-tank in Washington, DC, expects “several more big cases against China soon”. But the significance of this judgment goes beyond China. Many countries banned some food exports during the food-price spike of 2008. A renewed period of buoyant commodity prices and demand could easily tempt more governments to emulate China’s restrictions on exports of raw materials. The WTO’s judgment may dissuade at least some countries from doing so. And given the rotten state of the Doha round of trade talks, a show of teeth in defence of a rules-based trading system is more useful than ever.中国认为世贸组织裁判不公,因而花费多达60天提出上诉。彼得森国际经济研究所是华盛顿的智囊团,其员工杰弗里#8226;斯科特认为,“中国很快就得面对几场更大的投诉。”然而审判的意义其实不在于针对中国。2008年食品价格狂升时,许多国家都禁止进食品出口。现在各国面临新一轮的食品价格上涨,需求增大,所以它们很可能效仿中国,限制原材料出口。世贸组织做此判定至少可以阻止某些国家采用这条计策。然而,考虑到多边贸易谈判的糟糕情况,我们有必要在此刻展示出维护有规可循的贸易体系的勇气,这会比以往任何时候都有效。201107/143936 US Disappointed Over Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Impasse美国对津巴布韦权力分享僵局失望The ed States Monday expressed disappointment over the failure of a southern African regional effort to get the main Zimbabwean parties to agree on power-sharing. Officials say new U.S. sanctions are possible if President Robert Mugabe fails to give the opposition a meaningful share of authority. 非洲南部地区的国家没能使津巴布韦主要政党就权力分享问题达成协议。美国星期一对此表示失望。有关官员说,如果津巴布韦总统穆加贝不给反对党有意义的权力,美国就可能对津巴布韦实施新的制裁。The State Department is calling the latest compromise offer by President Mugabe another example of the long-time leader's attempt to "subvert the will" of the Zimbabwean people. 美国国务院说,穆加贝提出的最新的妥协措施再次说明,这位长期以来统治津巴布韦的领导人企图违背该国人民的意愿。It is making clear its disappointment over the results of the weekend summit on Zimbabwe of leaders of the southern African regional grouping SADC, and raising the prospect of additional U.S. sanctions targeting Mr. Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party. 国务院清楚地表示,美国对南部非洲发展共同体在周末召开的津巴布韦问题首脑会议的结果感到失望。此外,国务院还提出可能对穆加贝及其领导的执政党“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”实施新的制裁。Mr. Mugabe, despite a power sharing deal with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangerai in September, has unilaterally named ZANU-PF loyalists to key ministries of defense, justice and foreign affairs. 虽然穆加贝在今年9月同反对党领导人茨万吉拉伊达成了权力分享协议,但是他单方面把忠于非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线的人任命为国防部长、司法部长和外交部长。In a talk with reporters, State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood expressed agreement with Mr. Tsvangerai that the formula advanced at the SADC summit for the parties to share control of the Home Affairs Ministry, which oversees the country's police force, falls well short of what is required: 南部非洲发展共同体峰会通过了一项解决僵局的办法,那就是津巴布韦各党派共同控制掌管该国警察部队的内政部。美国国务院副发言人伍德在向记者们发表讲话时表示,美国同意茨万吉拉伊的观点,那就是,这个办法远远不能解决津巴布韦的问题。"I think you can understand his [Tsvangerai's] position right now. I mean, this is supposed to be power-sharing, and this example of trying to share the Home Affairs Ministry doesn't reflect the will of what the Zimbabweans voted for," said Wood. "And so we're disappointed. And what we want to see is true substantive power-sharing negotiations so that they can agree on a cabinet, and so that Zimbabweans can feel that they have a future." 他说:“我想,你们现在可以理解茨万吉拉伊的立场。这应当是权力分享,而共同管理内政部并不是津巴布韦人民投票时所希望得到的结果。所以,我们感到失望。我们希望看到的是真正深入的权力分享谈判,这样双方能够在内阁人选上达成协议,而津巴布韦人民也能觉得他们的未来是有指望的。”Wood declined to criticize SADC leaders for the latest negotiating setback, saying they face a difficult task in trying to get Mr. Mugabe to sit down and negotiate seriously with the opposition. 伍德拒绝批评南共体领导人,说他们并不需要为谈判最近出现的倒退负责。他说,这些领导人试图让穆加贝坐下来,认真地同反对党进行谈判,这是一项非常困难的任务。He said the ed States had long been concerned about whether the September agreement could be implemented. 他说,美国长期以来一直关注津巴布韦9月份达成的权力分享协议是否能得到落实。Zimbabwe has been effectively without a government since disputed elections earlier this year in which the opposition Movement for Democratic Change won enough seats to control parliament, and Mr. Tsvangerai dropped out a run-off presidential race because of repression of his supporters.Earlier Monday, a spokesman for British Prime Minister Gordon Brown also expressed disappointment about the SADC summit outcome. 星期一早些时候,英国首相布朗的发言人也对南共体首脑会议的结果表示失望。Spokesman Wood said the ed States will be consulting with international partners about whether to pursue new targeted sanctions against the Harare leadership. He said sanctions are among a number of options to pursue. 美国国务院发言人伍德说,美国将征求国际夥伴的意见,看看是否要对哈拉雷的领导人实施新的制裁。他说,除了制裁之外,还有许多其它可以应用的手段。200811/55773江西省龙南县人民医院治疗肛门瘙痒价格南康市治疗肛门异物哪家医院好排名哪里



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