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It was a beautiful, sunny, Spring day. I had just finished driving my daughter to the airport to catch an early morning flight.这是一个阳光明媚的美好春日。我刚刚开车送女儿去机场赶早班飞机。My sons and I then went to a fast food place for breakfast before heading back home.在回家之前,我和儿子们去一家快餐店吃了早饭。After eating we all got into the car and pulled out of the parking lot.进餐后,我们回到车里,并将车驶出停车场。The restaurant was at the very top of a hill. At the bottom of the hill was a stop sign so we found ourselves at the end of a long line of traffic waiting while the cars at the bottom turned onto the main road one at a time.餐馆在山顶,在山底有个禁止通行的标志,我们排在等待通行一条长队的最后面,而位于山底的车子每次只有一辆能开上主路。As I looked down to the bottom of the hill my eyes saw an elderly man standing by the stop sign.就在我向山下张望的时候,注意到一位长者就站在禁止通行标志的旁边。His clothes were old and worn. He held a cardboard sign with the words: Need Help Please! written on it.他衣衫褴褛,手举着写有“请帮帮我”的牌子。My heart went out to him and I imagined myself in his situation.我的心不由得被他牵动,想象着如果我是他面对这这样的处境会怎样。As car after car turned onto the road without stopping for him, I reached for my wallet to look for whatever cash was left in it.驶入主路的车辆并没有因为这位老人而停留,我寻摸着钱包,然后打开看看里面还有多少现金。As I was pulling it out of my pocket, though, I saw a young woman walk up to him along the side of the road.就在我把钱包从口袋里拿出来的时候,我看到一位姑娘朝着老人走去。She was carrying a bag full of take out food from the restaurant I was just at. I watched as the old man thanked the young girl and smiled as she reached in to give him a hug.她手上提着一袋食物,就是从我刚刚吃早餐的店里买的。姑娘走到老人跟前给了他一个拥抱,老人微笑着向姑娘道谢,这一切我都看在眼里。Suddenly a loud HONK! from the car behind me made me realize that I hadn#39;t been moving forward, because this simple choice for kindness had so captured my attention and my heart.突然我听到一声从后面车子传来的鸣笛声。刚才姑娘举手之劳的善意深深打动了我,我光顾着看了,忘了把车子往前开。By the time I reached the bottom of the hill both the man and lady who had helped him were gone. Yet, as I drove home the sun seemed to shine even brighter and Heaven felt a bit closer to Earth.当我的车子开到山下那位帮助老人的姑娘已经走了。当我开车回家的时候,太阳光变得更加一样了,天堂仿佛也离地面更近了。A choice is such a powerful thing. It can touch a heart and change a life. It can bring us closer to God and make Heaven smile. Each day we are given a thousand choices. May you make all of yours for kindness. May you make your whole life a choice for love, joy, and God.原来选择也是这么有力量的一件事情,它会直击内心,改变生活。让我们离上帝更近,让天堂微笑。每天我们要做上千个选择。愿你的每个选择都带着慈悲。愿你一生的选择都带着爱、愉悦和上帝的名义。 /201703/499380

4 Ways to Know You Have Finally Found Your Soulmate4种方式可以知道你最终找到了心灵伴侣When Cupid’s arrow strikes your heart, you lose all sense of reason and throw caution to the wind just to be with your sweetheart. As time goes by, though, you may wonder if your love is real and ask yourself if this person is the “one” or if it is just a fling? I have 4 ways to help you know if you have finally found your soulmate, so on.当爱神之箭射中了你的心,你会失去所有理性,放下所有的谨慎,只想与你的心肝宝贝在一起。随着时间流逝,你却会纳闷你的爱是不是真的,问自己这个人是不是“那个人”,或者这是否只是一时冲动?我有4个方法可以帮助你知道你最终找到的是不是你的心灵伴侣,所以继续读吧。1. You keep them close1.你总是挨他们很近When you are with your soulmate, you just want to be next to them as much as possible even if you are not actually doing anything. Simply sitting in the same room with them makes you feel complete somehow.当你和你的心灵伴侣在一起的时候,你只想尽可能靠近他们,即使你实际上并不想做任何事情。只要和他们坐在同一个房间里面,就会感觉到一种完整感。2. You help each other out2.你们互相帮助Soulmates like to find little ways to help the other person out. Maybe you make them a drink while you are up, or you throw a load of their laundry in the wash – any little thing that you can do just to show them that they are special and worth it to you.心灵伴侣喜欢找到小的办法来帮助对方。或许你在起床的时候会给他们冲一杯咖啡,或者你会把他们的一堆衣扔进洗衣机——任何你能做的小事情都能告诉他们:他们对你来说是特别的,值得的。3. You are happy when you are together3.你们在一起的时候很开心When you are with your soulmate, you find yourself happy for no reason at all. It is that “puppy love” feeling that never really goes away. You may be doing something that is actually boring, but if you are with your man, you are on cloud nine.当你和心灵伴侣在一起的时候,你发现自己会莫名其妙的开心。那种“早年初恋”的感觉永远没有真正消失。你或许会做一些实际上很无聊的事情,但是如果你和你的男神在一起,你就会欣喜若狂。4. You admit when you are wrong4.当你犯错的时候会承认Remember when your mom used to have to force you to apologize to your siblings? That is not how it is when you are with your soulmate. Instead, if you know that you have done something wrong or that you have hurt their feelings, you actually want to make it right because you know your relationship is more important than whatever you were fighting about.还记得你妈妈曾逼你跟自己的兄弟道歉吗?但是当你和你的心灵伴侣在一起的时候,却不会这样。反而是当你知道你做错了事情或者伤害了他们感情的时候,你实际上会尽量改正,因为你知道你们的感情比你需要争吵的事情更重要。 /201701/489938

It goes way beyond the ;do you want to have kids?; conversation.这些问题不仅仅是“你想不想要孩子”之类的对话。1) What makes you feel loved?1)是什么让你感到被爱?It#39;s a common mistake couples make: assuming that the way you show love to your partner is the same way he does. While everyone tends to fall into a category known as the ;five love languages; — physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and receiving gifts — it#39;s not very common for two people in a relationship to have the same one as their top language.情侣们经常犯这样的错误:认为你向另一半展示爱的方式和他一样。虽然每个人往往都有“五种爱情语言”——身体接触、优质时间、肯定的言语、务的行为和接收礼物——但处于恋爱关系中的恋人往往对这五种类别的优先顺序有不一样的偏好。That#39;s why dateologist Tracey Steinberg, author of Flirt for Fun amp; Meet the One, says it#39;s important to clear the air. ;Often what makes one person feel loved is very different from someone else. Understanding what works for both of you will help you keep your connection strong and avoid bigger problems later on,; she says.约会专家特雷西·斯坦伯格是《调情和遇到唯一》(Flirt for Fun amp; Meet the One)一书的作者,因此她说道两人彼此坦诚是很重要的。“通常一个人感到被爱的时候另一个往往感受不到。找到适合你们俩的方式将有助于恋人的情感关系稳固,同时还会免去以后更大的麻烦,”她说道。2) How much debt do you have?2)你负债多少?It#39;s a topic you think would be covered — credit card debt, student loans, etc. are all pretty important numbers to know seeing as, ya know, you take on the debt your partner has when you get hitched. But ;it#39;s one of the elephants in the room that isn#39;t discussed, and I#39;ve seen it blindside couples all the time,; says Fields. She describes it as often being treated like a don#39;t ask, don#39;t tell situation, but just like that policy was repealed, so should this one. ;There#39;s a lot of shame associated with money, but every fear that comes up or any conflict is an opportunity to create more intimacy and a stronger bond,; adds Fields. ;It#39;s important to be able to say, #39;Here#39;s my truth, this is how much money I owe, let#39;s make a plan together for tackling this.#39;;你认为这是一个应该涵盖信用卡债务、学生贷款等问题的话题,这些都是十分重要的数字问题,因为当你和对象结婚时,这些就是你们要一起偿还的债务了。但是“这是盲人摸象的问题,每个人摸到的都是不同的部位,很多夫妻的弱点就是债务问题,”菲尔兹说道。她描述道:人们通常认为这是一个不要问、不要说清楚处于什么情形的问题,就像政策被废除一样,这一条也该废除。“与金钱相关的问题会引起很多不好意思回答的事情,但每一次恐惧或任何的冲突实则都是机会,一个更加亲密以及情感更加牢固的机会,”菲尔兹补充道。“能够这样说是很重要的,‘说实话,我有这么多外债,我们一起制定计划来解决这个问题吧。’”Whatever you do, don#39;t lie about the amount of debt you#39;re in, even if it comes from a shameful place (ie: a gambling or shopping addiction). Fields says she#39;s worked with people who are secretly -30,000 in debt; that#39;s not a situation you want to put yourself in despite trying to shield your partner from less-than-ideal conditions.不管你做什么,千万别对自己欠下的债务金额撒谎,即使欠债的理由很丢脸(即:或购物上瘾而欠下的债务)。菲尔兹说有些顾客会偷偷欠债20——30,000美元;就算你不想让另一半卷入这一不甚理想的情境,但你也不会想要私下欠债这么多吧。 /201702/490319

We have a much better chance this time around, she said. 我们这一次的几率要高出很多,她说。If a bill comes to a vote in the Legislative Yuan, it will need the support of at least 57 of the body’s 113 lawmakers for passage. 如果在立法院接受投票表决,议案需在113名立法委员中获得至少57票才能通过。So far, Ms Hsiao said, the bills have collectively received backing from 56 legislators.萧美琴说,迄今为止相关几个议案一共获得了56名立法委员的持。All of the bills would legalize same-sex marriage and permit gay couples to adopt, said Yu Mei-nu, a legislator who submitted the Democratic Progressive Party’s proposal. 民进党议案的提交人尤美女表示,所有议案都规定同性婚姻合法,并允许同性伴侣领养孩子。The author of the Kuomintang bill, Hsu Yu-jen, also co-signed the Democratic Progressive Party draft, highlighting the momentum that marriage equality has gathered in both major parties, 国民党议案的撰写人许毓仁也共同签署了民进党的议案草案,这突显了婚姻平等在两大党内部积聚起来的势头。Although some members of each party oppose it.不过各党均有部分成员持反对意见。Public support for legalizing same-sex unions is robust, Ms Yu said. 尤美女称,民众对同性结合合法化的持很强烈。She noted the large turnout last month for the 14th L.G.B.T. 她指出,上月参加台北第十四届LGBT骄傲游行的人数巨大。Pride Parade in Taipei, which attracted about 80,000 participants from Taiwan and around Asia.那次活动吸引了来自台湾和亚洲各地的大约八万人参加。Ms Yu said legalization had a good chance of passing in Taiwan’s next legislative session, from February through May. 尤美女表示,同性婚姻合法化议案在台湾从2月一直持续到5月的下一次立法会议周期中获得通过的几率很大。But if the proposal fails then, its chances in the sessions that follow — ahead of the legislative elections in November 2018 — could be lower, she said, as the issue remains controversial.但她说,如果议案未获通过,那么它在接下来的会议周期——在2018年11月的立委选举前——获得通过的几率会更低,因为这个问题依然有争议。This is a golden opportunity, Ms Yu said. 这是一个绝好的机会,尤美女说。But the opposition is strong.但反对也很强烈。She noted that legislators who had initially signed on to the 2013 bill withdrew their support after being pressured by groups opposed to same-sex marriage.她指出,受到反同性婚姻团体的压力后,最初在2013年那份议案上签过名的立委放弃了他们的持。On Thursday, thousands of people protesting legalization, 周四在台北,成千上万人抗议同性婚姻的合法化。Dressed in white, occupied the street outside the judiciary committee proceedings in Taipei, denouncing what they called a black box in which the bills were being considered. 他们身着白色装,占领了司法委员会举行相关议项的场所外面的大街,称讨论相关议案的做法是黑箱操作。They chanted demands for the legislature to hold public hearings on the issue, and some called for a plebiscite. 他们高呼口号,要求立法机构就这个问题举行公开听会,一些人还要求进行全民公投。Late Thursday, the legislative caucuses of the Democratic Progressive Party and the Kuomintang agreed to each hold a hearing to air opinions on legalization before continuing deliberations.周四深夜,民进党和国民党的立法决策会同意在继续审议前分别举行听会,发表有关同性婚姻合法化的意见。Among the opposition is the Alliance of Religious Groups for the Love of Families Taiwan, 持反对意见的包括台湾宗教团体爱护家庭大联盟(Alliance of Religious Groups for the Love of Families Taiwan)。Which was formed to block the 2013 bill, and is now focusing its attention on presenting its views to legislators.该组织是为了阻止2013年那项议案通过而成立的,现在正把主要精力放在向立委陈述自己的观点上。We don’t use the term ‘lobbying,’ Andrew Chang, the alliance’s secretary general, said in an interview. 我们不用‘游说’这个词,该联盟总干事张守一在接受采访时说。We’re going to explain in detail the social impacts, and they can make their own decision.我们会详细解释社会影响,然后让他们自行决定。Miao Poya, a gay rights advocate, said, Society on the whole has become more accepting than it was a decade ago, when patrons of gay clubs were often harassed by the police. 同性恋权益倡导人士苗雅称,和十年前光顾同性恋酒吧的人常受警方骚扰相比,社会整体上变得更加宽容了。Support for marriage equality is especially strong among younger people.年轻人中对婚姻平等的持特别强烈。Gay-friendly sex education in Taiwan’s public schools and support from straight celebrities have helped increase tolerance, she said.她说,台湾公立学校里对同性恋友好的性教育,以及来自异性恋名人的持帮助增加了社会的宽容度。Among those celebrities is the pop singer A-Mei, who is from the aboriginal Puyuma tribe.这些名人中包括来自台湾原住民普悠玛部落的流行歌手阿。In our tribe, we don’t see love as complicated, A-mei wrote in an email. 在我们部落,我们认为爱情并不复杂,阿在一封电子邮件中写道。So for me, L.G.B.T. love and the right to marry are as natural as breathing. 所以对我来说,LGBT的爱情和结婚的权力和呼吸一样自然。And nobody should be able to deprive others of the right to breathe.任何人都不应该剥夺他人呼吸的权利。Last month, A-mei received the Generation Award for her support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights at the inaugural Queermosa Awards, organized by the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival. 上月,在台湾国际酷儿影展组织的第一届酷沙奖颁奖典礼上,阿凭借对同性恋、双性恋和跨性别者权益的持而获得世代奖。Queermosa’s goal is to spotlight people working to make those voices heard, said the festival’s director, Jay Lin. 影展策展人林志杰表示,酷沙奖的目的是表彰那些致力于让上述人群声音被人听到的人。He cited the ed States as an example to emulate, noting that television there includes many characters of varying sexual orientations.他把美国作为效仿的例子,指出美国的电视上有很多性取向各异的角色。I really do see a lot more potential for media to have an impact, Mr Lin said. 我真的认为媒体有更多发挥影响的潜力,林志杰说。After the Queermosa Awards, TV producers and film producers actually came up to me and said, ‘O.K., what can we do to have more diversity on TV and in film?’酷沙奖颁奖典礼结束后,电视和电影制作人真的找到我说,‘好吧,为了在电视和电影上表现得更加多元,我们能做些什么?For now, Mr Lin said he was focused on finding out who the allies are to ensure that marriage equality became a reality.目前,林志杰说他的重心在找出谁是盟友上,以确保婚姻平等成为现实。If we don’t capitalize on this moment, he said, 如果我们不利用这个时机,他说。I don’t know when the next opportunity will be.不知道下一次机会要到什么时候。 /201611/479689Second-hand used to be a taboo. 买旧衣穿,在过去是大忌。No self-respecting fashion fan would admit to buying someone’s cast-offs, especially just a few seasons old. 有自尊心的时尚拥趸都不会坦承自己买过别人穿过的二手衣(尤其是只过了几个时尚季的装束)。Fashion was all about new, new, new. 时尚过去总是以新为上。Times have changed. Now it’s about the nearly new; pre-owned pieces bought for a thrifty price, just a few seasons after their catwalk debut.但如今早已今非昔比,现今追求的是八成新,只过了几个时装季的二手装往往以很优惠的价格就能淘到手。 At the same time, avid shoppers have become shrewd sellers, turning to booming consignment websites to shift unwanted goods quickly and conveniently. 与此同时,狂热的买家如今摇身一变成了精明的卖家,他们借助快速发展的代销网站便捷处理自己的累赘东西。Previously, their options were donating or going through the inconvenient, time-consuming process of selling-on through bricks and mortar stores. 在过去,他们的处理办法不是捐赠就是通过实体店转卖,既麻烦又费时。Online, the vast eBay marketplace was their only obvious option.而规模空前的eBay在线拍卖市场曾是其唯一选择。Julie Wainwright, chief executive and founder of The RealReal, noticed a gap in the market. The RealReal创始人兼CEO朱丽#8226;温赖特(Julie Wainwright)注意到了市场存在的巨大缺口。As a shopper, you run out of space in your closet. 对买家来说,家里的储衣柜已无多余存储空间。After a while it just piles up. 过不了多久,就会衣满为患。Before us your options for reselling were limited and clunky, she explains. 大家把它们再转卖的选择余地既小又别扭。她解释道。In five years of business (predominantly in the US), The RealReal has sold on 2.5m items. 运营五年来(主战场在美国市场),The RealReal已成功售出250万件物件。Chanel, Hermès, Prada, Rolex and Louis Vuitton are some of the biggest sellers. Consignors earn 60 to 70 per cent of the sale.香奈儿(Chanel)、爱马仕(Hermès)、普拉达(Prada)、劳力士(Rolex)以及路易威登(Louis Vuitton)是最受欢迎的品牌。零售价的60-70%归委托人所有。Second-hand used to have a stigma. Today it has none: worldwide last year 0bn dollars of personal luxury products went into the market, in the US bn were sold, says Wainwright. 买二手时装在过去是件丢脸的事,如今则大不一样了:去年全球个人奢侈品的销售额高达2000亿美元,光美国就达600亿美元。There are multiple reasons — one is a generational shift, one is a green thing — when you buy something previously owned, you’re recycling, it’s a circular economy — the other is the internet and access to information. 温赖特说,买卖二手货原因多种多样——其中之一是出于更新换代,第二个原因是为了环保:购买二手货属于回收利用,是循环经济;另一大原因是因特网的广泛应用以及获取信息的渠道异常便捷。To her, the biggest shift that laid the foundations of the consignment boom occurred in 2008. 在她看来,奠定网络代销蓬勃发展基础的最大转变始于2008年。It was such a devastating time for almost everyone and the financial crisis brought a sense of guilt to shopping. 金融危机对几乎所有人造成了毁灭性打击,当时花钱购物有某种负罪感。That said, no one is going to stop buying luxury but post-2008 the idea of buying luxury on value became important.即便如此,消费者仍然大肆购买奢侈品,但2008年金融危机后,高性价比地购买奢侈品变得越来越盛行。While the US market is dominated by The RealReal, France’s Vestiaire Collective has monopolised the European market. 美国市场由The RealReal主宰,而欧洲市场的主导者是法国电商Vestiaire Collective。It started in 2009 with just 3,000 items from friends and networks, discloses Fanny Moizant, one of the site’s original six. 据该电商最初6位创始人之一的范妮#8226;莫藏(Fanny Moizant)透露:网店创建于2009年,起初只有朋友与其它网站提供的3000件二手奢侈品。Now, they have more than 400,000 items online and took Euro78m in 2015. 如今,网站销售的二手奢侈品超过了40万件,2015年的利润高达7800万欧元。Its bestsellers are Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Louboutin, though mid-priced labels such as Isabel Marant and Maje also do well. 网站最畅销的品牌是路易威登、香奈儿以及娄伯丁(Louboutin),尽管伊莎贝尔#8226;玛兰(Isabel Marant)与Maje等中等价位品牌也异常抢手。Moizant also cites the financial crisis as a catalyst. 玛兰也认为2008年金融危机是二手奢侈品网店井喷式发展的催化剂。I saw the marketing phenomenon that was the fashion bloggers. 我当初看到各大时尚主这类营销现象。In France they were called the Recessionistas, because they appeared at the height of the crisis and were finding a smart way of reselling their own pieces on blogs and making money, even though there was no real system. 在法国,这些人被称为‘不景气时尚达人’(Recessionistas),因为他们出现在金融危机最严重的时候,找到了一种在客兜售自己用过的奢侈品并且赚钱的妙招,尽管当时并没有实际销售平台。She agrees that the taboo around second-hand has disappeared.她也认同社会上二手奢侈品犯忌之说已烟消云散的看法。 /201610/469345

Tiffany Trump, the youngest daughter of the US president, came out in support of Chinese fashion designer Wang Tao last Saturday.上周六,美国总统特朗普的小女儿蒂法妮·特朗普现身并持中国时装设计师王陶。Along with her mother Marla Maples and boyfriend Ross Mechanic, Trump sat in the front row at the Taoray Wang show for New York Fashion Week.在纽约时装周的王陶时装秀上,蒂法妮·特朗普在母亲玛拉·梅普尔斯和男友罗斯·梅凯尼克的陪同下在前排就座。;She#39;s an amazing designer,; Trump said backstage before the show, explaining that she became a fan of Shanghai-based Wang after a show in September.节目开始前,蒂法妮·特朗普在后台表示:“王陶是位非常棒的设计师。” 她解释说,去年9月在看过来自中国上海的王陶的一场时装秀后,她就成了王陶的粉丝。Last month, she wore a custom-made white, double-breasted Taoray Wang coat to the inauguration of her father Donald Trump as president of the ed States.就在上个月,她曾身着王陶订制的白色双排扣大衣参加了父亲唐纳德·特朗普的总统就职典礼。Tiffany Trump said she is keen to see the work of more Chinese designers. ;I#39;ve never been to China, but maybe one of these days, I would love to,; she added.蒂法妮·特朗普称,她渴望看到更多中国设计师的作品。她还表示:“虽然我从未去过中国,但也许最近某天,我就会去中国看看。”After spending 14 years as creative director of Shanghai womenswear brand Broadcast: Bo, Wang debuted the Taoray Wang label in New York City in fall 2014. She has returned every season since.在担任了上海女装品牌Broadcast:播的创意总监14年后,王陶的装品牌Taoray Wang于2014年秋天首次亮相纽约。此后每季她都会回到纽约。Taoray Wang targets ;powerful, professional and modern women who want to be stylish, elegant and sexy;, the designer said.王陶表示,Taoray Wang品牌定位于“那些有权力的、专业的、又不失时尚、优雅、性感的现代女性。” /201702/494197

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