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赣州治肛肠哪个医院最好瑞金治疗肛门异物多少钱赣州妇女儿童医院看内痔多少钱 Extravagant mansions are popping up along Russia#39;s Black Sea coast. Activists say one belongs to the president-and that it was built with illicit state funds.俄罗斯黑海海岸涌现出诸多豪华别墅。一些活动人士称,其中一座别墅属于现任总统普京所有,而且是违法使用国家资金建造的。On a recent morning, in the village of Praskoveyevka, located on the northern coast of Russia#39;s Black Sea, a group of activists-some in bathing suits, others in the nude-went for a swim at a public beach. Their goal: to get a closer look at an extravagant mansion, set in the middle of a nearby forest. The house, with its black, iron gate and Soviet era faccedil;ade, looked surreal, as if someone had transported it from Moscow and dropped it in the middle of nowhere.最近的一个早晨,在俄罗斯黑海北部海岸的村落Praskoveyevka,一群活动人士在公共海滩游泳,他们或身穿泳衣,或者干脆裸泳。他们的目标就是要近距离观看这座附近森林里的豪华别墅。别墅有着一扇黑色的铁门,外观有苏联时期建筑的风格,看起来颇为超现实主义,就如同有人把它从莫斯科搬来丢在了偏僻之处。For months, the activists have been camping in the woods near the mansion, sneaking past the guards and the ;No Trespassing; signs to photograph the massive home. Last week, they posted photos online of its lush courtyard and Tsar-like bedroom on their popular blog.这些活动人士已经在别墅周围的丛林里露营了几个月,他们躲过巡查的保安,绕过“不准擅自闯入”的标牌,拍摄这座巨大的豪华别墅。上周,他们把繁茂庭院的照片上传到网上,还把类似沙皇时期的卧室照片上传到客上。Set in 74 hectares of prime land near the Black Sea coast with its own vineyard, the palace has its own helipad. Other features include an indoor cinema, a summer amphitheatre, a casino, swimming pools, a gym and a clock tower.别墅占地74公顷,座落在黑海海岸的黄金地段,有独立的葡萄园,也有直升机起降场。其他设施还包括室内电影院、夏季圆形剧场、俱乐部、游泳池、健身房和钟塔。Sergei Kolesnikov, the businessman who claims the palace is Mr Putin#39;s, has likened the structure to a palace built for Russia#39;s Tsars outside St Petersburg. He said that the Russian prime minister had personally approved the design and materials.声称别墅属于普京所有的商人谢尔盖#8226;克列斯尼科夫将这座别墅比作为沙皇在圣彼得堡外修建的奢华住宅。他说时任俄罗斯总理的普京曾亲自批准了别墅的设计和材料。Mr Kolesnikov has called on Medvedev to investigate his controversial claim. ;A palace is being built on the Black Sea coast for the personal use of the Russian prime minister,; Mr Kolesnikov wrote in his original letter.克列斯尼科夫曾呼吁当时的总统梅德韦杰夫调查此事。他在最初的致信中说:“黑海海岸正在修建一座别墅,供(时任)普京总理个人使用。”;As things stand, the cost of the palace is billion. The funds were mostly raised through a combination of corruption, bribery and theft,; he said.他说:“照目前来看,别墅造价高达10亿美元。这些资金是通过腐败、受贿和偷盗而来的。”Mr Putin#39;s spokesman has dismissed the allegation out of hand however, as has Mr Kozhin, the Kremlin official whose signature allegedly appeared on the original contract.但普京的发言人和克里姆林宫官员科任都立即反驳了这一指控。科任的签名曾出现在别墅的原始合同上。But Mr Kolesnikov, who said he was involved in the project himself until 2009 when he was removed for raising concerns about corruption, is sticking to his story and pictures of the lavish residence have appeared on a Russian whistle-blowing web site.但克列斯尼科夫坚称自己所说的全部属实,这座豪华别墅的照片也被上传到了俄罗斯的一个揭秘网站上。克列斯尼科夫称自己一直参与别墅的建造项目,直到2009年因指出别墅可能涉及腐败问题而被迫离开项目组。 /201208/195252赣州市立医院割痔疮价格

兴国妇幼保健人民医院治疗肛乳头肥大价格A stowaway fell thousands of feet from a plane on to a quiet suburban street after apparently hiding in the landing gear.英国某条安静的郊区街道近日从数千英尺的高空“天降”男尸,看起来死者是一名藏在飞机起落架上的偷渡者。The body of the victim, in his thirties and from North Africa, was discovered in an affluent London neighbourhood under the Heathrow flight path.这名死者来自北非,现年30多岁,事发地点位于富裕的伦敦郊区,处于希思罗机场航线下方。Aviation experts say he was probably dead before he hit the ground either because he had been crushed by the retracting landing gear shortly after the plane took off or because of the extreme cold at high altitude.航空专家认为,该男子在落地之前已经死亡,死于飞机起飞后不久起落架收起时的挤压,或者高空的极寒。It is thought the man#39;s body dropped from the aircraft undercarriage as the plane came in to land.据称,飞机着陆的过程中,该男子的尸体从起落架上掉落。Residents on the tree-lined road in Mortlake, on the south bank of the Thames less than ten miles from the airport, yesterday spoke of their shock on finding the body after hearing a loud bang.莫特莱克位于泰晤士河南岸,距离希思罗机场不到10英里。这里的街道树木成排,居民谈到,昨天街头突然一声巨响,然后看到这名男子横尸街头,感到非常震惊。Billy Watson, 26, a security guard who lives opposite where the man fell, said he saw the body ;all twisted up;.26岁的保安比利#8226;沃森说,看到尸体已经“完全扭曲”了。他居住在男子坠落地点的对面。He said: ;It is unbelievable. The first thing I thought when I saw the body was that it must have fallen from quite a height.;他说:“简直令人难以置信。我一看到尸体就觉得一定是从高空掉下来的。”;You could tell by the way his body was mangled. There was a big pool of blood coming from his head.;“尸体整个扭曲着,头上还流出一大滩血。”Richard Taylor, of the Civil Aviation Authority, said a stowaway in an aircraft undercarriage was unlikely to have survive as he would either be crushed by the wheels after take-off or freeze in temperatures as low as minus 40C .英国民用航空局的理查德#8226;泰勒认为,藏在飞机起落架上的偷渡者没有机会幸存,有可能在飞机起飞后受起落架的挤压,或者难耐高空零下40度的极寒。He said: ;The chances of survival for a stowaway are very slim, particularly in the recess of the landing gear. I don#39;t know of anyone who has survived being stowed away on a long-haul flight.;他说:“偷渡者生还的可能性非常小,尤其是藏身在起落架上。我还没听过能够幸免于长途旅行的偷渡者。”Police said they were investigating whether the body was that of a stowaway.警察已经对此事展开调查,以确定该男子是不是偷渡者。The discovery comes just over a fortnight after the body of a stowaway was found in the landing gear recess of a BA plane arriving at Heathrow from Cape Town.两周前,英国航空公司一架从开普敦飞往希思罗机场的航班起落架隐蔽处也曾发现一具偷渡者尸体。 /201209/199398于都县妇幼保健院看腹泻好不好 石城县治疗肛周脓肿医院

章贡区治疗肛周疾病多少钱There#39;s more evidence of a turning point in China#39;s property sector. But developers won#39;t rush to start new projects just yet. 又有据表明中国楼市的拐点正在到来,但开发商暂时不会匆忙开建新的项目。 June#39;s property data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows prices rising 0.02% month-over-month, the first increase since September 2011.国家统计局发布的数据显示,6月份房价环比上涨0.02%。这是2011年9月份以来首次上涨。 That jibes with numbers from private property agency Soufun, which also showed a turnaround in prices in June. It reflects a creeping increase in sales, which have been improving steadily since February.民间房地产中介搜房网(Soufun)的数据也显示6月份房价出现反弹。房价反弹是房屋销量缓慢上升的反映。从今年2月份以来,房屋销售状况就一直在稳步改善。In 2009, the last time a slowdown in overall economic growth forced the government to abandon its controls on real estate, the turnaround in property prices triggered a rapid rebound in investment by developers keen to cash in. 2009年,也就是上一次政府因为经济增长整体减速而被迫放弃房地产调控的时候,房价的回升刺激急于从中获利的开发商增加投资,投资数额迅速反弹。This time it might take a little longer.这一次可能需要更长时间才能看到投资反弹。For starters, inventory levels are high. Property aly under construction is equal to 3.7 times total sales in 2011. Developers will want to clear some of that overhang before breaking ground on new projects.首先是库存水平高。已经在建的房屋达到了2011年总销量的3.7倍,开发商将会先清理掉一部分库存,然后再开建新楼盘。 Also, though policy controls are not as restrictive as they were at the start of the year, the government is not about to allow another binge of speculative purchases. Earlier this month, Premier Wen Jiabao was promising #39;unflinching#39; and #39;long-term#39; controls on speculators.其次,虽然政策调控没有年初那么严厉,但政府不会允许再出现一轮投机性购房热潮。本月早些时候,国务院总理温家宝还在承诺要“坚定不移”地抑制房地产投机,并将这作为一项“长期”政策。 Finally, there has been no surge in new loans like the one that funded the rapid turnaround in investment in 2009. In the first half of that year, new loans tripled on-year. In the first half of 2012, they grew only 16%.最后,新增贷款并没有像2009年那样急剧增加,当年新增贷款的飙升为迅速反弹的投资提供了资金。2009年上半年,新增贷款达到上年同期的三倍;而2012年上半年,新增贷款只同比增加了16%。 Rising sales and prices will put a floor under falling investment, so China#39;s property sector should not be a drag on growth in the second half. But it won#39;t be a major boost to the economy either.房屋销量和价格的上升会阻止投资下滑,所以中国房地产行业应该不会拖累下半年的经济增长。但它也不会给经济带来重大提振。 /201207/191454 定南县治疗肛周疾病多少钱赣州市黄金医院治疗直肠溃疡价格




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