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赣州华兴肛肠医院首页赣州省肛肠病医院Just like that.If you see a news report that you think I should see.就像那样 如果你看到一则新闻 觉得我应该看看Please send it to me.I love these things.Here is something you should see.请把它发给我 我好这口 下面的视频你也应该看看Ah, last weekend we sent one of our assistant Jason to a restaurant with a birthday cake for his grandma.嗯 上周末我们派了一位助理杰森 去一家餐厅 带上给他奶奶做的蛋糕And he asked people to hold it.But the cake was rigged.然后他让别人帮他拿着 但是蛋糕被做过手脚So that it would immediately fell off the tray.But the cake was rigged.端着会立刻从托盘上滑下来 于是他又做了一个And he brought his grandma with him to Chilis.My grandmas.Beautiful.他还带上了奶奶去Chilis 这是给我奶奶的 真漂亮Actually I am looking to take a quick picture.Can you hold it quickly for me?Beautiful.事实上我正想给它拍一张照 你能帮我端一下吗 当然If you just lower so I can get it over.And 3, 2... Oh... Oh.Hi, grandma.你能放低点吗 我可以拍下整个蛋糕 准备 3 2 噢 噢 你好 奶奶Oh, my birthday cake?My grandma comes, its her birthday.No.啊 我的生日蛋糕 我奶奶要来了 今天是她的生日 不Jason, what did you do to my cake?We dropped it. I am sorry.杰森 你对我的蛋糕做了什么 我们弄掉了 抱歉Its all right. It looks okay.Oh, man.Do you have an interview?Yeah?没事的 它看上去还好 天哪 老兄 你有一个面试吗 什么Do you have an interview?Yeah. - Good luck in.Yeah. - Good luck in.你在等面试吗 是的 -祝你好运 谢啦老兄 -你能帮个小忙吗Just hold it quick.My grandmas birthday.Here it is.Oh...Grandma.只是端着它而已 (今天是)我奶奶的生日 拿好了 噢 奶奶Jason, what did you do to my cake?We just got a little messy, gradma.杰森 你对我的蛋糕做了什么 我们只是出了点小意外 奶奶Well get this Here.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday dear grandma.Happy Birthday to you.这个我们还是可以用 给你 祝你生日快乐 祝你生日快乐 祝你生日快乐 亲爱的奶奶 祝你生日快乐I dont think so.Can I say something? - Yeah.Youre on the Ellen Degeneres show right now.Thanks, buddy.我并不如此认为 听我说 哥们 -怎么了 你上了艾伦秀 谢谢你 老兄Elbow high five, thanks for being a good support.You want some cake? Oh, Im fine, thank you.- Good luck on your interview. Thank you.用肘击个掌 谢谢你的持 你想尝一点蛋糕吗 哦 不用了 谢谢 祝你面试顺利 谢谢Oh he clapped in everything. So sweet!Well be right back.哦 他什么都可以拍得精 真贴心 我们马上回来 /201602/425333赣南医学院第一附属医院看直肠炎好不好 If, somehow, brains could other brains directly, there would indeed be a very strong evolutionary advantage to it. 大脑如果能够直接解读其他大脑,必然会是一种强大的进化优势。In Asimovs example, even a simple version of mind-ing,such as a chicken being able to sense an approaching foxs brain as it thinks “food, food, food,”would be a huge advantage! 在阿西莫夫的实例中,即使是读心术的简单版本,比如一只鸡能感受正在逼近的狐狸脑中满是“食物,食物,食物”的念头,这就是很大的优势。Animals of any species that could do rudimentary mind-ing should survive much better than ones that couldnt, and should pass on their mind-ing gene quite effectively.那些拥有最基本读心术本领的动物比不会这项技能的动物能够更好生存,并且可以高效传授自己的读心术基因。Do you see the problem?现在你懂了吗?The fact that there is a debate at all over whether mind-ing exists suggests that it doesnt. 关于读心术是否存在的争论表明它根本不存在。If it were a real phenomenon, versions of it should be widesp, the way normal vision is. 如果读心术的确存在,它的传播应该更为广泛,而且方式更正常。We would expect it to be everywhere . . .not just in a few “special” people with nothing up their sleeves.我们希望它无处不在,而不只是出现在少数毫无根据的;特殊;之人身上。201502/360829赣州东南医院看肛周疾病多少钱

赣州便秘型结肠炎的治疗赣州同济医院治疗直肠黏膜内脱垂价格 On Tuesday, three crew members were missing and one was hurt after a head-on train collision in the Texas Panhandle. 周二,在德克萨斯州潘汉德尔,两列火车迎面相撞,造成3名员工失踪。The collision caused several box cars to go up in flames and authorities had to evacuate residents in the area. 碰撞造成几个车厢起火,当局不得不疏散该地区的居民。The two Railway freight trains were on the same track when they collided near the town of Panhandle. 在潘汉德尔镇附近相撞时,两列货运火车在同一轨道上。Each train carried two crew members.One man jumped before the collision. 每列火车搭载2名员工,一人在相撞前跳离了火车。That man was in stable condition at an Amarillo hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. 该人受了伤,无生命危险,在阿马里洛医院情况稳定.His identity was not made available. 他的身份没有被提供。Since the fire was still burning Tuesday night, crews were not been able to search the wreckage for the three missing crew members.因周二晚上大火仍在燃烧,救援人员不能在残骸中搜寻失踪的三名员工。译文属。201606/451916吉安治疗外痔哪家医院好排名哪里

赣州市第三人民医院看肠息肉好不好Hes so fun, he is a real sweet, he is a gentleman.他很有趣 非常贴心 很绅士Were doing all this promo together, for the movie,So we walked the carpet at the Globes together.我们在一起为这部电影做宣传 所以金球奖的时候我们一起走的红地毯So theres nothing going on,Cause people of course assume you, cause you.No, no, no, no. Always, always.所以你们之间没什么 因为人们总是想当然地认为你 因为你 不 不 不 人们总这样 总是No, but we arrived separately,But then later we went to the party together,We had fun, and that was good.不 但我们是分开过去的 不过后来我们一起去参加了聚会 我们玩得很开心 很好Right. Does he have a girlfriend?好的 他现在有女朋友吗-Um, I think he might, Im not sure, I know he did. - Uh huh.呃 我觉得可能有 我不太确定 我知道他有过 -嗯哼What?No, Im not, Im just, Im not in his business like that.怎么了 不 我只是 我跟他不是那种关系Not yet.You never know. - Why not?What the heck, whats going on around here.目前不是 这可说不准-为什么不呢 怎么回事 发生什么了I dont know,we just have all these posters laying around backstage.我不知道 我们后台到处都有这些海报You pop them up. - Yeah.Um, How old is he?然后你就放上来了 -是的 他多大了Hes, somewhere I...Like twenty -five, twenty-six, maybe,seemed older.Yeah, so much older.他 25 26左右吧 大概 看起来比较成熟 对 太成熟了 /201511/412631 兴国县治疗尖锐湿疣哪家医院好排名哪里赣州肛肠病治疗费用



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