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瑞金妇幼保健人民医院肛肠痔疮便血肛门异物治疗好吗吉安治疗肛周疾病医院When a patient shows up at a hospital with severe abdominal pain and an ultrasound reveals a mass in his stomach, it only logical to think first of a tumor, perhaps cancer.当一名有严重腹痛症状的病人出现在医院,并且超声诊断结果显示在胃部有块状物的时候,医生的第一反应往往是肿瘤,并且有癌症的可能And that just what surgeons at Amritsar Corporate Hospital in India at first assumed, according to a hospital news release. But then they put a camera down into the man stomach ;and saw a very different kind of thing,; Jatinder Malholtra, the chief surgeon, told The Washington Post.根据印度阿姆利丹的社区医院发布的消息显示,该院的外科医生起初也是这么认为的主治医生贾汀德·马赫塔拉在接受《华盛顿邮报采访时表示,当把微型摄像头伸到该男子的胃部时,却有了;不同寻常的发现;So different was it, they had never seen such a sight. And they found not just one of these things but many of them.如此反常的病症连医生都未曾见过,他们发现在该男子体内不仅仅是有一个而是几十个这样的物体The things were knives, pocket knives, each about seven inches long. ;In years, Ive never seen such a patient,; Malholtra said in an interview. ;I was amazed.;那些不明物竟然是长约七英寸的小折刀马赫塔拉医生在采访时说道:;我当时也震惊了,我从医二十多年来从未遇到过这样的病人;;We asked the patient whether he had consumed these knives in a few days or a few months,; said Malholtra. ;He said he had taken in number in the last two months.;;当我们询问病人是否清楚这些刀在他体内的时间时,病人称在过去的两个月里他总计吞下把刀;马赫塔拉医生说A team of five surgeons opened the patient up. They found exactly knives, just like the man said.由五位外科医生组成的医疗团队为该病人进行了开腹手术,他们在其体内,正好发现了如病人所说的把小折刀But while some of the knives were folded up, some were not. Their blades exposed, the man was bleeding profusely. He could not have survived much longer, Malholtra added.不过这些刀中有一些是折起的,而有一些是打开的,刀刃露在外面,病人出现了大出血的症状马赫塔拉补充说道,他不太可能活这么长时间Perhaps the man, a -year-old police officer, had miscalculated. Perhaps his appetite knives was greater than even he knew. After all, a man who eats knives is not normal也许是这位在警察局工作的岁病人数错了,亦或是他这种;吃刀;的欲望已经超乎自身的意识,毕竟这种;吃刀;的人很难说是精神正常的They did another scan in the operating theater and sure enough, found another , bringing the total to 0.医生在手术室里对该病人又进行了一次扫描,果然又发现了把刀,这样在该病人体内总共发现了0把刀Why would a man swallow any knives, let alone 0?到底该男子为什么要;吃刀;,更何况是0把?The man simply said ;I dont know why. They were taken on impulse only.;据该男子简单地表示:;我也不知道为什么,我就是因为一时的冲动吃了它们;In fact, there is a condition called Pica, once described in the Journal of the American Board of Medicine, as ;common, but commonly missed.;实际上,有一种叫做;异食癖;的病,曾被美国医学协会成为;一种普遍,但是又一般被忽略的疾病;Pica, said the . ;is the compulsive eating of nonnutritive substances. Although it has been described since antiquity, there has been no single agreed-upon explanation of the cause of such behavior.;论文中称,;异食癖;一般表现为;对于某些无营养物质的高度痴狂,虽然从很久之前就对这种疾病有过记载,但至今为止医学界对引起此种病症的原因仍没有一个统一的解释; 633赣州治疗肛肠病的医院 Y: 今天我和Marc, Patrick一起看冰球比赛Hi, Mark, hi, Patrick.M: Yeh, hey Yang Chen. Thanks inviting me to this hockey game, Yang Chen.P: Yeh. So how did you ever get tickets to the Stanley Cup?Y: Well, I could tell you but then I would have to kill you.M: Never mind, I dont want to know that bad. But Im surprised that you are a hockey fan.Y: Im not exactly a hockey fan. 我其实不太懂冰球M amp; P: Of courseM: Oh, I think you are just being modest.P: Believe me. She is not being modest. Look! Our team just scored!Y: 为什么每个人都往冰场扔帽子?M: Because that player just scored a hat-trick.Y: Hat-trick? 有人变魔术?M: There is no magician. It means one player scores three goals in a game. When that happens, everybody throws their hat on the ice.Y: 噢,有一个队员进三个球,我们就说他scored a hat-trick Quick, give me your hat! Im going to throw it.P: No way! Throw your own.M: OK. You can have mine.Y: I have another question. 刚才一个队有五个队员,另一个队有四个太不公平了M: That because the first team was on a power play.Y: what is a power play?M: If a player breaks a rule, he has to sit in the penalty box. So the other team has an extra player and is on a power play.Y: 犯规的队员要坐到受罚席那么另一个队就是on the power play, 比对方多一个人,所以实力更强I have another question.M: Yang Chen, now I do realize you know very little about hockey.P: Let me tell you, she knows very little about any sport.Y: That not true, I can play Mahjong.P: Like I said, you dont know anything about any sport, because Mahjong is not a sport. 5导购口语:Welcome to out shop.欢迎您来我们店Welcome, sir. Step right in.欢迎您,先生请进I’m pleased to have you here.很高兴您能来我们这儿语句:Welcome to our shop. 欢迎您来我们店shop是英式英语,而美国人喜欢用store这句话也可以直接用Welcome!来表达,只不过前者更为客气礼貌情景再现:A:Welcome to our shop. Can I help you?A:欢迎光临我能为您效劳吗?B:Yes. Can you tell me where the sweaters are?B:是的你能告诉我羊毛衫在哪儿吗?A:Sure. I’ll show you.A:好的,我带您去吧 187南康市妇幼保健人民医院看直肠炎好不好

赣州第一人民医院治疗肛周脓肿价格全南县治疗肛周疾病哪家医院好排名哪里 When shoppers enter a store, they m an opinion on the environment and products within the first 90 seconds, and more than half of their opinion is based on the color scheme.走进一家店铺,消费者会在90秒内对环境和产品有一个大致印象,而这种印象一半以上是基于该产品的颜色主题A new study looked at how colors influence or biases the way consumers make ethical judgments, specifically if they view a company as environmentally friendly.一项新的调查研究颜色如何影响消费者的道德判断,尤其是他们是否认为该品牌环保友好Results indicated consumers considered companies with blue logos to be more eco-friendly, compared to those with red logos.调查结果表明,相比红色的商标,消费者觉得蓝色的商标更加生态友好University of Oregon and University of Cincinnati gave shoppers a fictitious logo with a color of a known brand.俄勒冈大学和辛辛那提大学的研究者给消费者一些已知品牌颜色的虚构商标What were finding is that color biases the way consumers make ethical judgments, Aparna said Sundar, a professor of marketing in the University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business.俄勒冈大学朗德科斯特商学院营销学教授阿帕那·桑达说:“我们发现颜色影响了消费者的判断力”Of course green is one of those colors, but blue is also one of those colors that consumers associate with eco-friendliness.“在消费者认为环保友好的颜色中,当然绿色是其中之一,另外蓝色也是一个”It only took one unfamiliar logo researchers to discover shoppers consider retailers using Walmart blue or Sam green in their logos to be more eco-friendly than those using Trader Joe red.研究者只需一个消费者不熟悉的商标,便能发现顾客觉得沃尔玛使用的蓝色或山姆的绿色标志要比乔之店的红色更加环保友好Interestingly, blue is greener than green in terms of conveying an impression of eco-friendliness, despite the frequent use of the word green to convey that idea, said co-author James Kellaris of the University of Cincinnati marketing department.共同作者辛辛那提大学营销部詹姆士·凯拉瑞斯说:“有趣的是,在生态友好印象上,蓝色比绿色更绿色,尽管我们总是用绿色来传达环保的概念”Once researchers established a set of eco-friendly colors, they also identified colors perceived to be environmentally unfriendly, such as Target red.研究者确定了一系列生态友好颜色,也列出那些对环境不友好的颜色,如乔治店红Sundar and Kellaris then developed additional studies to test whether the colors impacted perceptions of the retailer environmental friendliness.桑达和凯拉瑞斯随后研究了颜色是否影响零售商的环境友好性Participants were asked if they felts DAVY Grocery Store acted ethically in various morally ambiguous scenarios, such as spraying water on produce.参与者被要求作答是否认为DAVY零售店有在道德上模棱两可的行为,如在产品上喷水The results indicated that seeing a more eco-friendly color in a logo influences consumer judgments, and ethically ambiguous business practices seemed more ethical.结果表明,看起来更生态友好的颜色会影响消费者的判断,而那些道德上模棱两可的做法似乎也让消费者感觉更放心Follow-up studies found that shoppers were more critical of a retailer with an eco-friendly-colored logo when presented with a procedure that was definitely ethical or definitely unethical.后续的研究发现,在看待一些道德或不道德的做法时,消费者对有环保颜色的商标的零售商更挑剔While individual differences still play a role in this observed effect of color, Sundar research suggests that color used in a logo has far-reaching consequences on consumers perceptions of retailers.虽然在研究颜色的影响上,个体差异仍发挥着作用,但桑达的研究表明,商标中使用的颜色长久地影响着消费者对零售商的看法 36上犹县妇幼保健院肛肠外科

南康妇幼保健人民医院治疗肛乳头肥大价格A: I was wondering about the apartment.B: I’d be happy to help.A: Could you give me details about the apartment?B: What is it that you would like to know?A: Actually, it’s the floor plan that I am inquiring about.B: If you would like to, you can see it yourself.A: I am very busy and don’t know when I can view the apartment.B: If you would like, you can view it online.A: I can do that?B: If you would like the website, I can give it to you.A: That would be more convenient than having to go all the way down there.B: Convenience is the reason that we made the website. 389 China biggest ice cave is located in the northern province of Shanxi. At an altitude of ,300 meters, the cave is more than 0 meters deep. It was med around three million years ago.中国最大的冰洞位于北方的山西省该冰洞海拔300米,洞深0多米,是约三百万年前形成的The cave, in the Luya mountain in Ningwu County, Xinzhou City, is connected with Fenhe River, which is believed to provide water the cave.这座位于忻州市宁武县芦芽山的冰洞与汾河相连,人们认为是汾河为冰洞提供了水源The cave is less that half an hour drive away from the headstream of Fenhe River. Once, as an experiment, a haystack was placed at the bottom of the cave and it disappeared, only to be found the next day in the river.该冰洞距汾河的发源地不到半小时的车程有一次,作为一个实验,一个被放置在冰洞的底部的草垛消失了,第二天却在汾河发现了它Scientists are still researching how the cave med. Such caves are normally found in extremely cold areas such as Antarctica or Siberia, but Luya mountain is at a similar latitude to Lisbon in Portugal.科学家们仍在研究该洞穴是如何形成的这样的洞穴通常在极寒地区发现,如南极洲或西伯利亚,但芦芽山和葡萄牙里斯本的纬度相近During World War II, war horses that were killed during fighting were stored in the cave, as the sub-zero temperature ensured the meat would keep and it could be eaten at a later time.二战期间,在战斗中被打死的战马就存放在冰洞里,因为零度以下的温度确保肉类保存完好,并且以后也可以使用The wooden ladders in the cave are cleaned twice a day, otherwise they would collect layers up layers of ice. Because the ice continues to m, the ice cave changes all the time.洞里的木梯需每天清扫两次,否则将积起层层冰层因为冰是持续形成的,所以冰洞时刻都在变化The cave is open visitors from April to October each year, when a maximum of 3,000 people are allowed to enter daily.冰洞每年四月至十月对游客开放,每天最多允许3000人进入In the past, villagers used the ice from the cave medicinal purposes. However, to protect the cave, such behavior is now banned.过去,村民使用冰洞里的冰作药用但是为了保护洞穴,这样的行为已被禁止了赣州肛周囊肿肛周脓肿赣州华兴医院治疗肛周脓肿价格




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