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When shares in Daimler’s China joint venture partner begin trading in Hong Kong later this week, the listing’s sponsors are hoping that investors will be reminded of another stock that has soared by virtue of its association with German manufacturing excellence.戴姆勒(Daimler)在华合资伙伴北汽的股票将于本周晚些时候在香港开始挂牌交易,上市保荐人希望这将让投资者想起另一只股票,因为与德国卓越制造能力的关系,该股得以大幅飙升。For Beijing-based BAIC Motor, China’s fifth-largest domestic carmaker, comparisons with Brilliance China Automotive are flattering. Since Brilliance Auto was selected as BMW’s China partner in March 2003, its Hong Kong shares have risen more than 800 per cent.将北汽股份公司(BAIC Motor)与华晨中国汽车(Brilliance China Automotive)相提并论或许有些高看了,北汽股份总部位于北京,是中国第五大自主品牌汽车制造商。华晨汽车集团(Brilliance Auto)自2003年3月被宝马(BMW)选为在华合资伙伴以来,其在香港挂牌的股票涨幅已超过800%。For early investors in Brilliance Auto, the timing was perfect. The company’s manufacturing joint venture with BMW, based in Shenyang, was up and running just in time for China’s emergence as the world’s largest car market. Last year, passenger car sales in the world’s second-largest economy reached 18m units, compared with 15.6m in the US.对于华晨汽车的早期投资者来说,与宝马的合作适逢其时。就在中国成为全球最大汽车市场之际,该公司与宝马位于沈阳的合资生产企业及时建成投产。全球第二大经济体去年乘用车销量达到1800万台,美国为1560万台。While still trailing Volkswagen unit Audi, which got off to an earlier start in China, BMW has long enjoyed a comfortable lead over Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz division in China’s market for premium sedans. BAIC’s backers say that as Mercedes closes the gap, it too will offer investors an opportunity to cash in on the biggest motor boom in history.宝马目前仍落后于大众(Volkswagen)旗下的奥迪(Audi),后者在华起步较早,但在中国高档车市场上,宝马一直领先于戴姆勒旗下的梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)。北汽的出资者们表示,随着梅赛德斯逐渐追上宝马,北汽也将让投资者有机会从汽车史上最大的繁荣中获利。Priced at HK.90 per share — midway in the HK.60-HK.80 indicative price range — BAIC will raise US.4bn through the offering.北汽IPO发行价为每股8.9港币,位于参考定价区间7.6港币到9.8港币的中间位置,预计融资14亿美元。Daimler, which has a 12 per cent stake in the state-owned carmaker, has said it would welcome a cross shareholding arrangement with its China partner in future. BAIC declined to comment ahead of the December 19 IPO.戴姆勒持有这家国有车企12%的股权,它表示欢迎与其中国合作伙伴在今后的交叉持股安排。北汽拒绝在12月19日正式挂牌前发表。BAIC’s sales pitch, however, differs from Brilliance Auto’s in two respects. While Brilliance only has one partner and limited manufacturing operations of its own, BAIC’s IPO comes with baggage including a larger joint venture with Hyundai and own-brand operations that lost Rmb3.3bn (7m) last year, according to Bernstein analysts.不过北汽的卖点与华晨汽车存在两点不同。伯恩斯坦(Bernstein)分析师指出,华晨只有单一合资伙伴,自主制造业务的规模也不大,而北汽IPO还囊括其与韩国现代(Hyundai)规模更大的合资企业,以及自主品牌业务,后者在去年亏损了33亿元人民币(约5.37亿美元)。BAIC’s partnership with Hyundai is highly profitable, with earnings of Rmb5.4bn in 2013 compared with Rmb757m from the Mercedes venture. Hyundai was the second most popular brand in China last year after VW.北汽与现代的合作利润颇丰,2013年盈利54亿元人民币,而与梅赛德斯的合资企业仅实现盈利7.57亿元人民币。现代是中国去年第二大受欢迎品牌,仅次于大众。The South Korean carmaker’s joint venture with BAIC has an annual capacity of 900,000 units at its main Beijing plant, and the two partners have plans to build two more factories in Chongqing and Changzhou, a city southwest of the capital in Hebei province.现代与北汽在北京主要工厂的年产量为90万台,双方计划在重庆和沧州再建两座工厂,沧州位于河北省会保定市的西南方向。BAIC’s relationship with Hyundai makes it more like other state-owned giants, such as Dongfeng Motor or Guangzhou Automobile Group, that also derive most of their profits from joint ventures with mass market players such as Peugeot Citroen, Nissan, Honda and Toyota. “Originally they were trying to push [BAIC] as a kind of luxury play. Brilliance would be the comparison,” says Janet Lewis, head of Macquarie’s industrials and transport research team in Hong Kong. “But investors are realising that 90 per cent of their profits come from Hyundai. A better comparison is Dongfeng or Guangzhou Auto.”北汽与现代的关系,使其更像东风汽车(Dongfeng Motor)、广汽集团(Guangzhou Automobile Group)等其他国有汽车巨头,这些车企的大部分盈利也来自与标致雪铁龙(Peugeot Citro#235;n)、日产(Nissan)、本田(Honda)和丰田(Toyota)等大众市场品牌的合资企业。麦格理(Macquarie)在香港的工业与交通运输研究团队的负责人珍妮特#8226;刘易斯(Janet Lewis)表示:“起初,他们试图将北汽定位为豪华车生产商,可与华晨相提并论。然而投资者意识到,北汽90%的利润来自现代。更合适的类比应该是东风或广汽。”BAIC is also coming to market at a time when slowing economic growth finally appears to be affecting previously impervious demand in the car sector. In November, sales of passenger cars rose just 4.7 per cent year-on-year, the slowest rate of expansion in almost two years according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.北汽赴港上市之际,中国经济增长放缓似乎终于影响到了汽车业需求。根据中国汽车工业协会(CAAM)的数据,今年11月,中国乘用车销量同比只上升了4.7%,是近两年来的最低增幅。Year-on-year sales of domestic brands such as BAIC’s Senova passenger cars, based on SAAB technology acquired five years ago from the now-defunct Swedish car group, did slightly better last month, rising 5.5 per cent according to CAAM data. But analysts remain sceptical whether China’s state-owned domestic brands can win over drivers — or make a profit. “BAIC makes unit losses for every Senova sedan it sells,” Robin Zhu, Bernstein analyst, wrote in a note.根据中国汽车工业协会的数据,包括北汽绅宝(Senova)在内的自主品牌乘用车的表现确实要更好一点,上月销量同比增长5.5%。但是,中国国有车企的自主品牌能否赢得车主认可并实现盈利呢?分析师依然持怀疑态度。伯恩斯坦的Robin Zhu在一份报告中写道:“北汽每卖出一辆绅宝都要亏损。”北汽5年前收购了目前已不复存在的瑞典萨公司(SAAB),以后者的技术为基础研发并推出了绅宝。“As Senova volumes ramp up, we fear BAIC’s domestic brand loss could increase, eroding incremental profits at Hyundai and Mercedes.”“随着绅宝销量的增加,我们担心北汽自主品牌的亏损可能会增加,从而侵蚀现代和梅赛德斯所带来的增量利润。”BAIC’s original selling point remains compelling. Over the first 10 months of this year, Daimler’s China unit reported a 30 per cent rise in Mercedes sales to 226,000 vehicles, putting it on track to sell 300,000 cars next year as outlined in a three-year turnround plan.北汽起初的推广卖点依然很有说力。今年头十个月,戴姆勒中国业务报告,梅赛德斯销量增长30%达到22.6万辆,这使其有望实现三年扭亏计划中关于明年销售30万辆的目标。BAIC and Daimler have rapidly expanded their Mercedes dealership network to take advantage of growing demand in smaller cities. Their venture is also doing well in larger cities where strict limits on new licence plates to curb congestion and pollution have capped the size of the local market.北汽和戴姆勒已迅速扩大了梅赛德斯经销网络,以利用中小城市汽车需求不断增长的趋势。双方合资业务在较大城市也表现不错,为了减少拥堵和污染,这类城市对发放新牌照有严格限制,从而限制了当地市场的规模。Such limits are effectively turning cities such as Beijing and Shanghai into replacement markets, which tend to favour premium brands as existing drivers upgrade their vehicles.北京、上海等大城市实行的限制措施,实质上使它们成为“换代型市场”,这往往更有利于高端品牌,因为现有车主会倾向于换更好的车。 /201412/349425It is not easy being Microsoft. The price of its Windows operating system, the foundation of its empire, is falling for personal computers. At the same time the market for PCs, on which Windows is installed, stagnates. Microsoft analysts have been busy cutting revenue targets.微软(Microsoft)如今的处境实属不易。Windows是这个商业帝国的根基,而该操作系统应用于个人电脑(PC)的版本的价格在不断下滑。同时,PC市场停止了增长。关注微软的分析师们频频下调该公司营收预测。What might happen if this continues — if the price of a Windows operating system on a personal computer drops to zero? It is currently roughly , Stifel estimates, but is heading that way. Chinese users with pirated versions of Windows 7 or Windows 8 will get free Windows 10 upgrades this summer, Microsoft announced this week. There are hundreds of millions of Windows users in China; three-quarters of them use pirated versions.如果这种情况持续下去,会出现什么结果呢?倘若PC版Windows的价格降到了零呢?据Stifel估计目前Windows售价在35美元左右,但看来它正朝着零的方向下滑。微软本周宣布,使用盗版Windows 7或Windows 8系统的中国用户今年夏天将可免费升级为正版Windows 10。中国有数亿Windows用户,其中3/4用户使用盗版Windows。The amnesty points to a broader challenge: more and more operating systems are free. Google gives its PC operating system away — fuelling cheap Chromebooks that have sold like hot cakes. Apple’s operating systems are baked into the price of the device. The -a-pop operating system for consumer PCs is never coming back.此项特赦令折射出微软面临一个更大的挑战:免费操作系统越来越多。谷歌(Google)的PC操作系统就是免费的——预装Chrome系统的笔记本电脑因为价格低廉而热销。苹果(Apple)操作系统的价格已经嵌入其设备的价格中。40美元一套的家用PC操作系统大势已去。In its place, Microsoft’s revenues will gradually rely more on the services and applications that run on top of Windows. These include things such as Skype, Office, and OneDrive on the consumer side; and cloud computing and commercial Office subscriptions on the enterprise side. This is not such a dim prospect. Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, signs up more than 10,000 new customers per week, and its revenue growth is in the triple digits. Hardware sales have also been strong. And corporate support agreements will continue to bolster Microsoft’s enterprise revenues.微软今后的营收将更依赖于在Windows平台上运行的设备及应用,包括Skype、Office、OneDrive之类的个人端应用,以及云计算和商用版Office等企业端务。这样的前景不算坏。微软的云计算平台Azure每周新签约用户超过1万,营收增速达三位数。硬件销售也保持强劲。同时,企业持协议将继续撑微软企业业务的营收。In the near term though, Microsoft’s sales will be under pressure from the transition. Two years ago, the last time Microsoft did investors the favour of providing a clean Windows sales number, Windows represented over a fifth of sales. Given that the shares have risen 50 per cent in the past two years, some air may come out of the stock.不过,近期来看,微软的销售额将承受来自转型的压力。上一次微软向投资者提供漂亮的Windows销售数据是在两年前,当时Windows占到总销售额的1/5以上。考虑到过去两年间微软股价上涨了50%,其股票可能会挤出一些气泡。 /201503/365696

Anyone who wants to know whether we should leave the EU should speak to Boris. I mean, of course, the vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz. 任何想知道我们应不应该退出欧盟的人都应该跟鲍里斯(Boris)谈谈。当然,我说的这位鲍里斯(本文作者的哥哥是持英国退出欧洲的伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊——译者注)是剑桥大学(University of Cambridge)校长、教授莱谢克#8226;里塞维奇爵士(Sir Leszek Borysiewicz)。 This city by the Fens has been a centre of scholarship for more than eight centuries, long before the EU and many of its member states even existed. Monks and scholars flocked here from Paris, Bologna and Salamanca in the Middle Ages and, over the years, our own benefited from reciprocal hospitality across Europe. 八个多世纪以来,剑桥这座位于大沼泽旁的城市一直是学术成就的中心——那时欧盟及其许多成员国根本不存在。中世纪时期,大批修道士、学者从巴黎、洛尼亚和萨拉曼卡涌到这里,在此后的几百年里,我国的修道士和学者在欧洲各地也得到礼遇。 Today these continental networks are deeper than ever and help explain why this university has more Nobel Prizes to its name — 92 — than any other institution. They also play a part in its success in turning research into good business. With more than 1,500 technology companies, employing nearly 60,000 people, it is the most successful innovation cluster in Europe. 如今,这些遍布欧洲大陆的网络比以往任何时候都更加深入,而且有助于解释为什么剑桥大学育的诺贝尔奖得主(92位)比其他任何机构都多。在将研究成果转化为优秀业务方面,这些网络也发挥了作用。拥有1500多家科技公司,雇佣近6万人,剑桥已成为欧洲最成功的创新聚集地。 The big question, then, for Boris is how much of this success is due to our membership of the EU? Let us be clear: Britain has been a science superpower since the dawn of the Enlightenment and our scientific temper will help us thrive either way. 那么,对剑桥校长而言,大问题在于这种成功在多大程度上应归功于英国的欧盟成员身份?让我们明确这一点:英国自启蒙运动开始以来一直是一个科技超级大国,我们的科学素养将帮助我国不断结出科学的硕果,无论我们留在还是退出欧盟。 The issue, though, is whether we would be as strong as we could be, without the funding and the partnerships that we gain through the EU. 然而,问题在于,若失去通过欧盟获得的资助及合作伙伴关系,我们还能不能保持强大,把我们的优势发挥到极致? European research funding offers a good example of how the EU can get things right — and of how the UK benefits from a seat at the table when the rules are framed in Brussels. We have successfully argued for EU research money only to flow to where the best science is done, regardless of geography or pork barrel pressures. And because of the excellence of our research base, we end up winning an outsized slice of EU research programmes. 欧洲研究经费提供了一个很好的例子,说明欧盟能够正确安排事情,说明当布鲁塞尔框定规则时,在谈判桌前拥有一席之地让英国受益。我们已经成功地说让欧盟研究经费只流向科研工作做得最好的地方,而不考虑地理或“笼络民心的政治拨款”压力。而因为我们的研究基地非常优秀,我们赢得了超出比例的欧盟研究项目。 The UK puts in about 12 per cent of all EU funding yet wins about 15 per cent of research funding, making us one of the largest beneficiaries of EU science programmes. In the latest funding round, we have to date secured 15.4 per cent, second only to Germany. 英国贡献欧盟全部经费的约12%,但赢得约15%的研究经费,这使英国成为欧盟科技项目的最大受益者之一。在最近的一轮经费划拨中,英国迄今已争取到15.4%,仅次于德国。 Britain’s universities flourish under this system. Cambridge topped the list of EU universities for participations in the most recent funding programme. And Oxford, Imperial College London and University College London occupied the next three positions. Some argue non-EU countries also benefit from EU science. But there is a big difference. They may be part of the European Research Area but they do not sit at the table when the European Council or Parliament set rules or decide budgets. 英国的大学在这一体系下蓬勃发展。在最近的经费分配中,剑桥大学在欧盟所有大学中获得的资金最多。紧随其后的是牛津大学(Oxford)、伦敦大学帝国理工学院(Imperial College London)以及伦敦大学学院(UCL)。有人辩称,非欧盟国家也受益于欧盟的科研。但这里有很大的区别。他们或许是欧洲研究区(ERA)的一部分,但当欧洲理事会或欧洲议会制定规则或决定预算时,他们毫无话语权。 Of course, British scientists will be able to call for support from the UK government. Indeed, since 2010 we have protected the science budget at a time of significant savings elsewhere, but we should not pretend that replacing these rich additional European funding streams would be easy. 当然,英国科学家有能力从英国政府争取到持。的确,自2010年以来,在其他方面开大幅削减之际,我们保住了科研预算,但我们不该自欺欺人地认为,替代欧盟的大笔额外经费将是容易的。 To keep our knowledge factories winning Nobel Prizes, we must in addition recognise that research is rarely a solitary undertaking or even a narrowly national one. About half of UK research publications now involve cross-border collaborations. And EU countries are among our most crucial partners, representing nearly half of our overseas collaborations. Free movement of people makes it easier for our universities to attract the best talent. 要继续让我们的“知识工厂”获得诺贝尔奖,我们还必须认识到,科研极少是一项孤立的事业,甚至很少是仅仅一个国家就能开展的。如今,英国约一半的研究成果都涉及跨境合作。而欧盟国家是英国最重要的合作伙伴,占到英国海外合作的近一半。人员自由流动让英国大学更易于吸引到最优秀的人才。 I am not suggesting that Brexit would reverse eight centuries of progress, returning “Silicon Fen” to marshland. However, those who want Britain to leave the EU must explain how they will sustain the same levels of investment and the same depth of partnership under different circumstances. 我并不是在暗示退出欧盟将使英国八个世纪以来取得的进步付诸东流,把“硅沼”(Silicon Fen)变回沼泽。然而,那些希望英国退出欧盟的人士必须解释,在不同的环境下,他们将如何维持相同的投资水平以及同等深度的合作伙伴关系? A vote to leave would be a leap into the dark that would put our status as a science superpower at risk. That is why I will be joining Boris in making a positive case for Britain’s future in a reformed EU. 赞成退欧的公投结果将使英国跃入黑暗,进而危及英国的科学超级大国地位。这就是为什么我将加入剑桥校长的行列,为英国在改革后的欧盟中的未来提出正面的理由。 /201603/430559

Goldfish Now Have Better Attention Spans Than We Do人类注意力比金鱼还差Last week, Microsoft released a study that sought to analyze the impact that technology – cellphones and social media specifically – is having on our attention span and the quality of our focus. They found some pretty significant changes compared with research conducted 15 years ago. Let#39;s take a look at the findings.上周,微软公司就现代科技——手机和社交媒体对我们注意力时长和质量的影响做了一项调查。研究发现,与15年前做的调查相比,有了很大的改变。让我们来看看调查结果。1. The average attention span has fallen to just eight seconds.1.平均注意力时长降到了8秒The average human attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds, and now it#39;s just eight. The decrease was found across genders and all age groups. Apparently, a goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. Measuring the attention span of animals is sort of tricky stuff though … so it#39;s possible we still have them beat.2000年人类平均注意力时长为12秒,现在只有8秒。各个年龄段的注意力时长都有下降。连一条金鱼的注意力时长都有9秒。不过研究动物时会有其他不确定因素,所以也许我们仍领先。。。2. Young people were most likely to demonstrate addiction-like behaviors when it came to digital technology.2.年轻人更容易痴迷科技产品Seventy-seven percent of 18- to 24-year-olds responded ;yes; when asked if the following statement was true for them: ;When nothing is occupying my attention, the first thing I do is reach for my phone.; Only 10 percent of people over 65 said the same thing.当问及以下问题是,18到24年龄段的青年中有77%人回答“是的”。这些问题是:“如果眼前没什么可做的,我会想到第一件事就是看手机。”而65岁以上人群中仅有10%会这么做。3. Young people may be more alert, just for shorter increments of time.3.相对下降的注意力,年轻人更灵敏The good news is that these young people, ;early adopters of technology,; as the study sometimes refers to them, have developed some strengths to accommodate for their shorter attention spans. 好消息是这项研究提到,那些走在科技前沿的年轻人已经进化出其他能力来弥补较短的注意力时长。4. The ability to multitask has improved.4.同时处理多重事件的能力有改变Part of the explanation for the shortened attention span comes from what the study refers to as ;multi-screening; – viewing multiple screens at once, using social media while consuming the latest news, etc. As long as the environment is active, early tech adopters are able to process information and commit it to memory more efficiently. But, their capabilities fall short if the digital experience is passive – probably due to their decreased ability to focus for long periods of time. 变短的注意力时长有些方面也可归因为“多屏”处理能力,即人们可以同时注视多个屏幕,比如看新闻的时候使用社交应用,等等。在主动环境下,使用科技产品的老手可以更有效的处理信息并把信息储存在记忆里。但是,如果是被动的,这些能力很可能会因为他们下降的注意力时长而减弱。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201509/393785

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