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江西赣州治疗女性痔疮医院南康区妇幼保健人民医院治疗肛周脓肿价格The traditional path onto Wall Street for women typically involves getting your degree from a top-20 university and then landing a position within an analyst program at a prestigious firm like JPMorgan JPM 0.17% , Citi C 0.61% , Bank of America BAC -0.36% , Goldman Sachs GS -0.41% , or Morgan Stanley MS -0.33% , all of which actively recruit women graduates. There, you would spend the required “two years” determining where you fit within the company and how to pursue your career. However, while this remains a coveted and valid path to success, it isn’t the only one.对于女性来说,进驻华尔街的传统路径包括,就读美国排名前20的高校,然后在根大通、花旗、美国、高盛或根士丹利等知名公司获得一份分析员工作,所有这些公司都在积极地招聘女性毕业生。在那里,人们可以在公司要求的“两年期”内决定自己契合的部门以及职业路径规划。不过,尽管这仍是一条令人梦寐以求的通往成功的康庄大道,但并非唯一的路径。If you’re working towards a career on Wall Street don’t limit yourself to an analyst program – this isn’t the only door of opportunity. There are many other areas on Wall Street where your skills and talents will be equally as valued.如果你准备在华尔街谋职,请勿将自己局限于分析员职位,这并非唯一的机会之门。华尔街还有许多其他领域同样珍视你的技能和才干。So, where should you look then?那么,其他的选择都是什么?For starters, don’t think of Wall Street as just the sell side. There’s a whole world out there that is buying what the sell side is offering in fact, at a number of funds, jobs on the buy side can be more lucrative than analyst positions. But even adding only the buy side to your perspective is still too narrow. Many parts of Wall Street would not exist without the exchanges and IT aspects, which from my personal experience are both extremely interesting and rewarding areas to work. As a matter of fact, Nasdaq would not be where it is today if not for some of the great women who have held managerial and leadership roles in various areas within the company.对于新人来说,不要把华尔街看做是唯一的卖方。事实上,在一买一卖的闭环中,购买卖方产品的公司多如牛毛。在一些基金公司中,买方的工作比分析员职位更赚钱。但是,仅把目光放在买方公司仍然过于狭隘。如果没有交易所和IT业务,很多华尔街公司都无法存在。从我的经验来看,这些领域都有一些非常有意思而且能让人获益匪浅的工作。事实上,纳斯达克有今天的成绩,多亏了在公司各个部门担任管理和领导职务的一些伟大女性。Entry-level jobs are excellent opportunites to educate young women about the realities of the financial world, and can prepare them for the next move up within the firm or another area of the financial industry. And I can assure you that exchanges and financial technology firms are fast-paced, dynamic organizations that often sit at the center of the financial fabric of our economy. Additionally, industry oversight organizations, such as FINRA and the SEC, are also critical components of the financial ecosystem and present relevant opportunities for women. It’s important to experience as many parts of an organization as you can – because some day, you may have the chance to lead that organization.入门级别的工作是年轻女性认识金融界的绝佳机遇,而且能够让她们为今后在公司或金融行业其他领域的晋升做好准备。可以肯定的是,交易所和金融技术公司都是快节奏、充满活力的公司,通常位于经济金融构架的核心。此外,像美国金融业监管局和美国券交易委员会这样的行业监管机构也是金融生态系统的关键组成机构,也为女性提供相关机遇。尽可能多地去体验一个组织不同环节的工作至关重要,因为未来有一天,你可能有机会来领导整个组织。Regardless of how or where you enter Wall Street use your inherent skills and strengths to succeed. One of many strengths that I often see in successful women on Wall Street is a responsible balance between risk taking and risk mitigation – the ability to assess situations smartly and make the right medium-to-long-term decisions without being lured into reckless, short-term profit-taking. Particularly in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, the ability to achieve this balance was highly prized and much sought after.不管你是如何进入华尔街的,运用你的内在技能和优势来获得成功。在华尔街成功女性所具有的众多优点当中,我经常看到的一个优点便是对风险进行认真负责的权衡,她们合理判断形势并做出正确的中长期决策,而不是盲目地追求短期利益。尤其是在2007-2008年金融危机过后,实现这一平衡的能力被高度珍视,而且供不应求。As you start your journey into the world of Wall Street, assume nothing, question everything, and open your eyes to all possible opportunities. Frankly, this advice will help you succeed on Wall Street or anywhere else.随着你开始华尔街的征程,对任何事不要先入为主,但保持怀疑精神,睁大双眼探求所有可能的机遇。坦白地说,这一建议将有助于你在华尔街或其他任何地方获得成功。 /201503/364317When economists think about climate change, some think a lot about horse manure. Specifically, they consider the greatmanure crisis of the late 1800s, when the world’s cities relied on horses for transport to such an extent that a public sanitation disaster loomed. Fine minds set to work on a crisis that The Times of London estimated in 1894 was so dire that in 50 years every street in the city would be buried 9ft deep in horse droppings.当经济学家思考气候变化问题时,其中一些人会重点研究马粪。具体来说,他们研究的是19世纪末的马粪大危机。当时世界各地的城市极度依赖马匹作为交通工具,以至于一场公共卫生灾难迅速逼近。1894年,伦敦《泰晤士报》(The Times)估计,50年后这场危机会变得非常可怕,伦敦的每一条街道都将覆盖9英尺厚的马粪,于是一群聪明人开始着手应对这场危机。As it turned out, a simple solution was at hand: not new laws or policies but the motor car, a technical innovation so successful that the equine pollution problem was swiftly overcome.结果,很快就出现了一个简单的解决方法:不是新的法律或者政策,而是汽车。这种非常成功的技术革新让人们迅速解决了马粪带来的污染问题。The lesson is obvious for anyone worried about climate change, say economists such as Steven Levitt. In 2009’s SuperFreakonomics he and co-author Stephen Dubner used the tale to argue that technological fixes are often far simpler and cheaper than doomsayers imagine; and global warming could be addressed by so-called geoengineering, or manipulating the environment to halt rising temperatures.史蒂文#8226;莱维特(Steven Levitt)等经济学家表示,这给任何担忧气候变化的人提供了显而易见的教训。在2009年出版的《超级魔鬼经济学》(SuperFreakonomics)一书中,莱维特和合著者斯蒂芬#8226;杜布纳(Stephen Dubner)利用这个故事辩称,通过技术解决问题往往比末日论者想象的简单得多,成本也低得多;可以用所谓的地球工程来解决全球变暖问题,也就是通过操控环境来遏止温度上升。The dangerous allure of such thinking is a central theme tackled by two other economists: Gernot Wagner, an academic who works for the US Environmental Defense Fund, and Harvard professor Martin Weitzman in Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet.另外两位经济学家认为此类想法具有危险的诱惑力,并作为其著作的主题加以讨论:就职于美国环保协会(Environmental Defense Fund)的学者赫尔诺特#8226;瓦格纳(Gernot Wagner)和哈佛大学(Harvard)教授马丁#8226;威茨曼(Martin Weitzman)合著了《气候冲击:一个变暖星球的经济影响》(Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet)。They are right to do so. Interest in geoengineering ismounting as warming carbon dioxide emissions have continued to rise despite decades of UN climate negotiations, billions of dollars worth of renewable energy subsidies and sporadic attempts to price carbon. The failure of those efforts underlines the fact that climate change is, as the authors point out, the ultimate “free rider” problem. It is hard to get people to limit their own pollution when they bear the costs and the benefits are global.他们这样做是正确的。人们对地球工程的兴趣逐步增长,同时尽管联合国(UN)几十年来一直举行气候谈判,人们投入了数十亿美元为可再生能源提供补贴,偶尔还会尝试碳定价,但造成气候变暖的二氧化碳排放仍在继续上升。这些努力的失败凸显出如下事实:正如两位作者指出的那样,气候变化问题最终是“搭便车”问题。当人们自己承担成本、好处却是全世界共享的时候,他们就很难限制自身造成的污染。Geoengineering, on the other hand, is so cheap that one country alone could conceivably carry out a plan discussed by Levitt and many others: mimic the 1991 eruption of the Mt Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines, which cooled global temperatures by about 0.5C the following year, by shooting sulphur dioxide into the stratosphere to create a giant sunshade.另一方面,地球工程的成本非常低廉,可以说单个国家就能实施莱维特和其他许多人讨论过的一种方案:模拟1991年菲律宾皮纳图(Pinatubo)火山的喷发。那次火山喷发向平流层喷射了大量二氧化硫,制造了一个巨大的遮阳罩,使全球气温在接下来的一年里大约降低了0.5摄氏度。The cost could be lower than that of cutting emissions, say Wagner and Weitzman, while the impact could be huge — which, they argue, means geoengineering turns the standard economics idea of climate change on its head, from a “free rider” to “free driver” problem.瓦格纳和威茨曼表示,地球工程的成本的确可能比减排低,而影响却是巨大的——他们认为,地球工程彻底颠覆了经济学上对气候变化的标准看法,从“搭便车”问题变成了“随便开”问题。But the risks of such geoengineering are myriad — from ozone depletion to fast-rising temperatures should Mt Pinatubo-style techniques ever stop — because the underlying emissions causing warming would continue.但这种地球工程存在诸多风险,从臭氧层破坏到一旦停止皮纳图式的做法就会导致气温快速上升,因为引发气候变暖的潜在排放仍将持续。A further obstacle to reducing emissions is the lack of certainty about precisely how much warming they will cause. This is another theme of Climate Shock, a title chosen to highlight one widely misunderstood aspect of climate change: it is not enough merely to stabilise annual emissions. They have to be slashed to near zero to bring down C02 concentrations, which in 2013 rose to 400 parts per million, well above the 280 ppm of pre-industrial times.减排的另一个障碍是,对碳排放引发气候变暖的程度缺乏明确认知。这是《气候冲击》一书论述的另一个主题。作者之所以选择这个标题,是为了强调一个被广泛误解的气候变化问题:仅仅稳定年度排放量还不够。要降低碳浓度,碳排放量必须被大幅削减至接近零排放的程度。2013年碳浓度已经升至400ppm,远高于工业时代前280ppm的水平。Dissecting the latest scientific findings about how much global temperatures are likely to rise as C02 in the atmosphere doubles, the authors conclude there is about a 10 per cent chance of temperatures eventually exceeding a catastrophic 6C. Homeowners take out insurance policies against devastating fires that are almost always less likely than this.如果大气中的二氧化碳含量翻倍,全球气温可能会上升多少?两位作者仔细分析了最新的科学发现。他们的结论是,现在气温升幅大约有10%的几率最终会超过6度,而气温上升6度就会引发巨大灾难。房主会投保预防毁灭性大火,而实际上出现这种大火的几率几乎总是低于10%。The correct economic solution has been well understood for years, they argue: stop subsidising fossil fuels by about a ton of C02 globally, and create a price of at least a ton. But Climate Shock advises economists to stop demanding a global carbon price and start working on more politically possible solutions, such as fuel economy standards. That sounds dull compared with geoengineering. But it is also infinitely safer.多年来,人们已对经济方面的正确对策了如指掌,他们主张停止在全球征收每吨约15美元的碳税(那样是在补贴化石燃料),碳价至少应提高至每吨40美元以上。但是《气候冲击》一书则建议经济学家不要再制定全球碳价,开始探寻更偏政治的可能解决方案,比如制定燃油经济标准。与地球工程相比,这样的举措听起来有些枯燥,但它也安全得多。This is not a book for people deeply versed in climate policy, few of whom will find its contents remotely shocking. For the intelligent lay er wanting a lively, lucid assessment of the economic consequences of global warming, however, it is well worth ing.这本书不是为那些深谙气候政策的人准备的,他们不会觉得这本书的内容多么令人震惊。这本书对全球气候变暖的经济影响进行了生动而清晰的评估,对于那些想要一览此类内容的聪颖的一般读者,该书非常值得一读。The writer is the FT’s environment correspondent本文作者是英国《金融时报》环境记者Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet, By Gernot Wagner and Martin Weitzman, (#163;19.95, .95)《气候冲击:一个变暖星球的经济影响》(Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet),赫尔诺特#8226;瓦格纳与马丁#8226;威茨曼合著,售价19.95英镑/27.95美元 /201504/368832赣州肛肠专科

石城县治疗排泄疾病多少钱赣州儿童肛周囊肿When the Qatar Investment Authority first called Songbird Estates last month to say it wanted Canary Wharf, it was given short shrift. Not even last week’s sweetened bid has changed Songbird’s tune — yet.当卡塔尔投资局(Qatar Investment Authority)上月第一次致电歌鸟房地产(Songbird Estates),提出想要控股金丝雀码头集团(Canary Wharf)时,它遭到了回绝。即使是上周更优厚的开价,也仍然没能改变歌鸟的主意——到目前为止。The war for Britain’s second-largest financial district, 70 per cent owned by Songbird, began with a phone call.这场争夺英国第二大金融区(歌鸟持有70%股份)的战争始于一通电话。The telephoned request for a meeting in early November was not unusual. The QIA, one of the world’s most powerful sovereign wealth funds, is Songbird’s biggest shareholder with 28 per cent and has two representatives on the board.11月初那通要求开会的电话并非不同寻常。卡塔尔投资局是全球实力最雄厚的主权财富基金之一,拥有歌鸟28.6%的股份,是其最大股东,并在董事会有两名代表。But once the group’s directors had assembled, the QIA informed them that it was pairing up with Canary Wharf’s other big shareholder Brookfield, Canadian property investors.但是,当歌鸟的董事们集合后,卡塔尔投资局告诉他们,该局将联合金丝雀码头的另一大股东、加拿大地产投资公司Brookfield Property Partners。With Brookfield’s 22 per cent, the QIA hoped to gain full control of Canary Wharf by offering 295p per share, valuing the company at #163;2.2bn. Analysts panned the offer, arguing that Songbird was worth as much as 400p per share.Brookfield持有金丝雀码头22%的股份,卡塔尔投资局希望以每股295便士的价格购买歌鸟所持有的股份(对歌鸟估值为22亿英镑),以获得对金丝雀码头的完全控制。分析师严厉批评这一出价,认为歌鸟每股价值可达400便士。Three weeks after the initial #163;2.2bn bid, the board published an independent valuation of the company’s assets at #163;2.8bn, or 381p per share — a 19 per cent increase on its valuation just five months earlier.在最初22亿英镑的出价开出三周后,歌鸟董事会公布了一项对公司资产的独立估值:28亿英镑,或每股381便士——比该公司5个月前的估值高出19%。The tensions between the two sides were apparent from the start. The bid was leaked to the media, forcing the board to announce to the markets it had been approached. The QIA and Brookfield felt that the media leak had rushed them into going public before they had a chance to refine pricing. Both sides deny leaking.双方之间的紧张关系从一开始就显现出来。收购报价被泄露给媒体,迫使歌鸟董事会向市场宣布收到收购意向。卡塔尔投资局和Brookfield认为泄露事件使他们在有机会修改定价之前不得不公布报价。双方都否认泄密。That only added to strains lingering from the battle for Canary Wharf a decade earlier.这只会加剧10年前已经开始的金丝雀码头争夺战的激烈程度。In 2004 New York magnate Simon Glickand Morgan Stanley formed Songbird to acquire Canary Wharf, at the time a listed company. Brookfield meanwhile had teamed up with Canary Wharf’s developer Paul Reichmannand also built a stake in Canary Wharf. When Songbird won control, Brookfield held on to its stake in the east London financial centre, waiting for the opportunity to wrest control.2004年,纽约投资大亨西蒙#8226;格利克(Simon Glick)和根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)成立了歌鸟,来收购当时的上市公司金丝雀码头集团。同时,Brookfield也与金丝雀码头的开发商保罗#8226;里奇曼(Paul Reichmann)合伙拥有金丝雀码头的股份。在歌鸟得到金丝雀码头的控制权后,Brookfield继续持有其在这个伦敦东部金融中心的股份,等待机会夺过控制权。During the financial crisis in 2009, the QIA and the China Investment Corp arrived on the shareholder register to inject fresh equity and help relieve the company of its heavy debt burden. The Qataris’ interest in the district is evident. It recently bid #163;1.1bn for the HS Tower — one of the few skyscrapers in the area not owned by Canary Wharf Group.在2009年金融危机期间,卡塔尔投资局和中国投资公司(CIC)出现在歌鸟股东名册上,向其注入新的股本,帮助缓解该公司的沉重债务负担。卡塔尔投资局对该金融区的兴趣显而易见。该局最近出价11亿英镑收购汇丰大厦(HS Tower),这是该地区为数不多的非金丝雀码头集团所有的天大厦之一。But the Qataris’ fellow Songbird shareholders have hitherto been unwilling to relinquish their hold on Canary Wharf without a fight. Although Songbird’s shares are illiquid and it has not paid a dividend for five years, it is hard to find alternative investments of a similar calibre.但与卡塔尔投资局同在歌鸟持股的其他股东目前一直不愿轻易放弃其在金丝雀码头的控股权。尽管歌鸟股票流通性差,而且5年没有付股息,但很难找到能够与其相匹敌的其他投资。The QIA has upped the ante, questioning the role of some of Songbird’s advisers. The QIA hired Citigroup and Barclays, while Brookfield brought HS on board.卡塔尔投资局提高了赌注,它正对歌鸟一些顾问的角色提出质疑。卡塔尔投资局聘用了花旗集团(Citigroup)和巴克莱(Barclays)担任顾问,而Brookfield则聘用了汇丰(HS)。Morgan Stanley, a leading Songbird shareholder, was named as an independent adviser to the board, and Songbird bolstered its advisory team with JPMorgan, which is not a shareholder.歌鸟主要股东根士丹利被任命为歌鸟董事会的独立顾问,歌鸟同时引入根大通(JPMorgan),增强其顾问团队。根大通并非歌鸟股东。Songbird has also appointed Alex Midgen, a Rothschild banker and a Songbird director since 2004 and representative for Mr Glick, as an independent adviser on the bid. Some directors argued that Mr Midgen has plenty of experience in bitter takeover battles, and has a deep knowledge of the company.歌鸟还聘用罗斯柴尔德(Rothschild)家亚历克斯#8226;米德根(Alex Midgen)担任此次收购的独立顾问。米德根自2004年起担任歌鸟董事,是西蒙#8226;格利克(Simon Glick)的代表。一些董事称,米德根在激烈收购战方面经验丰富,而且对该公司极为了解。But a week or so ago the Authority complained to chairman David Pritchardthat there were substantial conflicts of interest.但大约一周前,卡塔尔投资局向歌鸟董事长戴维#8226;普理查德(David Pritchard)抱怨称,其中存在大量利益冲突。Then last week, the QIA and Brookfield week pitched a 350p per share final bid valuing the company at #163;2.6bn — 18 per cent more than their original offer. The Qataris also cemented their relationship with the Canadians by taking a 9 per cent stake in Brookfield.接着,上周,卡塔尔投资局和Brookfield向歌鸟发出每股350便士的最终报价,对歌鸟的估值为26亿英镑,较最初报价高出18%。卡塔尔投资局还巩固了其与Brookfield的关系,购入后者9%股权。Songbird’s board on Friday last week complained that the increased offer still did not reflect the company’s true value. But unlike the first offer, they did not recommend that shareholders reject it, which some observers see as a softening of the board’s stance.歌鸟董事会上周五抱怨称,提高后的报价仍没有反映出该公司的真实价值。但与第一次不同,他们没有建议股东拒绝这一报价,一些观察人士认为,这表明歌鸟董事会态度有所松动。The board says it will produce a recommendation to shareholders once it has received the full offer document, sometime in the coming weeks.歌鸟董事会表示,一旦收到完整报价文件(未来几周的某个时候),董事会将向股东提出建议。Hedge fund Third Avenue Management, which holds 3.5 per cent of Songbird’s shares — 16 per cent of its free float — has aly agreed to sell out.对冲基金Third Avenue Management已同意出售手中持股,该公司持有歌鸟3.5%股权(占歌鸟自由流通股的16%)。But the QIA and Brookfield need either Mr Glick, Morgan Stanley or CIC to accept their offer in order to gain control. There is no sign of that so far.但要获得控股权,卡塔尔投资局和Brookfield需要格利克、根士丹利或中投其中任意一家接受其报价。但目前还没有这种迹象。If none do, the stand-off threatens to destabilise the board and lead to future flare-ups. As one close observer says: “Why would you want to stay in bed with someone who has said they want to leave you?”如果没有一家表示接受,这场僵局可能会危及歌鸟董事会的稳定,并可能会导致未来出现纷争。正如一位密切跟踪此事的观察人士所言:“为什么要跟一个说想要离开你的人继续同床呢?” /201412/347287The listing of Alibaba in New York in September created the world’s second-largest internet company by market capitalisation, behind Google. This did not happen by accident. Of the top 10 internet companies in the world, ranked by market cap, three are Chinese, and the rest are from the US.9月,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)在纽约上市,成为以市值衡量的全球第二大互联网公司,仅次于谷歌(Google)。这并非偶然。在市值最高的全球十大互联网公司中,3家来自中国,其他则来自美国。Together, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent form what is know in China as “BAT”. These economic juggernauts that have come to dominate the internet in China are operating almost along the lines of Japan’s keiretsu, which are alliances of businesses with similar interests or that have shareholdings in one another. They are also rapidly branching out into offline sectors, such as transport, travel, retail and banking.在中国,百度(Baidu)、阿里巴巴和腾讯(Tencent)被合称为“BAT”。这些巨头主宰了中国互联网,它们的经营模式与日本的“经连体系”(keiretsu)非常相似,后者是由利益相似或者互相控股的企业组成的联盟。它们还迅速延展到线下行业,比如交通、旅游、零售和业。Whether the rapid growth of the Chinese internet is just a bubble or a stable trend is open to question. However, for the time being at least, BAT has become the nucleus of an internet industry that is starting to rival the US, creating what is essentially a US-China duopoly. The three Chinese companies also benefit from what has become known as the “Great Firewall”, as most of the top US companies, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, are excluded from operating in China.中国互联网的飞速发展到底是泡沫,还是一种稳定趋势,还须拭目以待。然而,至少就目前来看,BAT已经成为了中国互联网行业的核心,而中国的互联网行业已经开始与美国相匹敌,基本上形成了一种中美双头垄断的格局。这3家中国企业也受益于广为人知的“长城防火墙”(Great Firewall)。依靠这个防火墙,中国把美国的多数领头企业,如谷歌、Facebook和Twitter拒之门外。However, no Chinese internet company has yet made the leap from China to become a global brand. For now, it is enough for them be dominant in China, which had 632m internet users as of June, 527m of whom go online using mobile devices. The potential of the forecast consumption boom, as China moves from an investment-driven economy to a consumption-driven one, is enough to attract investments such as the bn sunk into Alibaba in its initial public offering, the largest ever.然而,目前还没有哪家中国互联网企业跳出中国,成为一个全球品牌。目前来看,它们能在中国占据主导地位就足够了。6月的数据显示,中国有6.32亿网民,其中5.27亿网民使用移动设备上网。随着中国经济从投资驱动型转为消费驱动型,预计将出现的消费热潮蕴含的潜力,足以吸引大笔投资,比如阿里巴巴在首次公开募股(IPO)中筹得250亿美元,这也是目前规模最大的一次IPO。The internet is the most dynamic part of China’s budding private sector, though it remains solidly under the control of the state. Foreigners hold large shareholdings in Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu and dozens of other internet companies. But these stakes are largely theoretical at best and owned via “variable interest entities”, or VIEs, which guarantee a payment stream from, but not ownership of, the licence-holding vehicles in China. These VIE’s are technically illegal, though Chinese courts turn a blind eye to the practice, and owners know their large holding only exists thanks to the tacit consent of the state.互联网是中国崭露头角的私营部门中最活跃的部分,尽管其依然处于国家的严密控制之下。外国投资者持有阿里巴巴、腾讯、百度及其他数十家互联网企业的大量股份。但大体上,这些股份充其量不过是理论上的,是通过“可变利益实体”(variable interest entities, VIE)持有的,这保持股人从持有许可的中国企业那里得到付流,但并不保对企业的所有权。这些VIE理论上是违法的,但中国的法院对这种做法睁一只眼闭一只眼,而持股人也知道,他们持有的大量股份全都仰赖政府的默许。Nimble private internet companies, able to dance circles around the inefficient state-owned enterprises, have begun impromptu liberalising of whole sectors such as financial services. Alibaba’s fund company Yu’e Bao is China’s biggest online money market fund, with Rmb574bn (.8bn) worth of assets私营互联网企业非常灵活,能将低效的国企远远甩在后面。在并无事先谋划的情况下,这些企业已经开始在一些领域掀起整个行业的自由化,比如金融务业。阿里巴巴的基金公司余额宝(Yu’e Bao)是中国最大的在线货币市场基金,资产总值达到5740亿元人民币(合938亿美元)。The internet is a phenomenal wealth generator. Five of the 10 richest men in China are tech moguls, up from none three years ago, according to the Hurun China Rich List, which tracks wealthy individuals. In September, Alibaba founder Jack Ma joined the list in first place and became one of the wealthiest men in the world, with a 7.8 per cent stake in a 0bn company.互联网也制造了非凡的财富。根据追踪富人的《胡润中国百富榜》(Hurun China Rich List),中国最富有的10人中,5名是IT业大亨,而3年前他们还未能进入榜单。9月,凭借在当时市值2300亿美元的公司中7.8%的持股,阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)一跃登上榜单首位,也成为全球最富裕的人之一。Competition between internet companies is fierce, however. With the entire industry switching from desktop devices to mobile ones, many companies risk being left behind if they don’t have a “killer app” that will act as a gateway for mobile users.不过,互联网企业之间的竞争非常激烈。随着整个互联网行业从桌面设备转至移动设备,对许多企业来说,如果他们没有一款“杀手级应用”,作为移动用户接入的通道的话,就有可能落在后面。Alibaba has been searching for just such a feature to challenge the currently undisputed leadership of Tencent, whose WeChat instant messenger has 350m monthly users. WeChat and Tencent’s other messenger, QQ, are the two most popular mobile apps in China, according to iResearch, a Beijing-based internet research firm.阿里巴巴一直在寻求推出这样一款应用,来挑战目前腾讯无可争议的领导地位,腾讯的即时消息应用微信(WeChat)有3.5亿月活跃用户。根据北京互联网咨询公司艾瑞咨询(iResearch)的数据,微信和腾讯旗下的另一款消息应用QQ是中国最受欢迎的两款移动应用。In June, Alibaba bought UCWeb, a popular mobile browser company, and the two have developed Shenme, a mobile search engine. They are also working with Quixey, a US-based company in which Alibaba has invested, to design a mobile gateway using Quixey’s app search engine. Francis Bea of PapayaMobile, a Chinese mobile technology company, says Alibaba is attempting to mirror Tencent’s success with WeChat. He says: “In as highly competitive a market as China, there is potential for the mobile internet to disrupt established internet players if they don’t manage the transition from desktop to mobile.”6月份,阿里巴巴收购了人气颇高的移动浏览器公司UC优视(UCWeb),两家公司已联手开发移动搜索引擎“神马”。阿里巴巴还在与所投资的美国公司Quixey合作,拟利用Quixey的应用搜索引擎,设计一个类似的移动门户应用。中国移动技术公司木瓜移动(PapayaMobile)的弗朗西斯#8226;贝亚(Francis Bea)表示,阿里巴巴试图复制腾讯在微信上取得的成功。他说:“在中国这样高度竞争性的市场,如果当前已确立市场地位的互联网企业不能处理好从桌面端到移动端的转移,移动互联网可能使它们陷入困境。”Alibaba has spent an estimated bn-bn in the space of a year on full acquisitions of, or investments in, companies including mobile providers, chain stores, an internet TV company, a maker of electrical appliances, a movie producer, a digital broadcaster and a professional Chinese football team.在仅一年之中,据估计阿里巴巴已经花去60亿到80亿美元,对企业进行全资收购或者投资。这些企业包括移动运营商、连锁店、网络电视公司、电子设备制造商、影视制作公司、数字电视台,甚至还有一中国职业足球队。While attention has focused on Alibaba’s acquisitions, Tencent and Baidu have been on similar spending sprees. Baidu is betting that its stake in Qunar, China’s top travel website by users, and mobile app store 91Wireless.com, will complement its popular search engine to carry it into the mobile age. Tencent has taken a stake in JD.com, China’s second-largest ecommerce platform, and mobile-friendly companies such as restaurant review site Dianping and South Korea’s CJ Games.尽管人们的关注点集中在阿里巴巴的收购上,但腾讯和百度也进行了类似的大笔出。百度投资了用户数量最多的国内旅行网站去哪儿(Qunar)和移动应用商店91无线(91 Wireless.com),希望二者能与其广受欢迎的搜索引擎相互补充,将其带入移动时代。腾讯则入股中国第二大电商平台京东(JD.com),以及一些适应移动时代的企业,如餐馆点评网站大众点评网(Dianping)和韩国游戏开发商CJ Games。 /201412/351392赣县人民医院看肛门瘙痒好不好赣州治疗肛裂的最好办法

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