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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/469998TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441516

栏目简介:Shanghais first ever Czech Culture Week takes part this week with 21 free performances at Jingan Park. Huang Yue takes a peek...201701/488462

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463939


  栏目简介:Hundreds of young students aged between 5 to 18 will compete at a global robot challenge named FIRST this weekend in Shanghai.201706/510993。

  栏目简介:Education is not only an issue for the young. Some retired people want to keep learning and are signing up for courses at local senior schools, which are expanding classes to meet the rising demand. 201705/507174

  You have been here so many times, and before you were pregnant, during the pregnancy--你来我的节目 已经很多次啦 在你怀之前 在你怀期间I know. And now shes three. Shes three. Over three, or how old?是哒 女儿现在已经三岁啦 是的 已经三岁啦 过了三岁 还是多大了?Three and a half almost. Shes nuts. I bet she is. Shes totally nuts.差不多三岁半吧 她太坏了 我猜她一定是的 她不能更调皮了Made from the two of you. Aww.她毕竟是你们俩的结晶 哇哦……Yeah, i was talking to carey earlier today, and really, you both made a--嗯今天早些时候我还在跟凯里说 你们俩共同的…She must be, like, wild. Shes delicious. Shes wild.你女儿一定很…野… 她很可爱 她很调皮He said shes fierce. She gets it from papa. Yeah, he said sheim physically cautious.她爸爸说她太凶狠了 她一定是遗传了她爸爸 对 他说她… 我是一个头脑很清醒的人Im physical, but Im cautious. Hes reckless, and shes reckless.我也许不够理性 但我做事很谨慎 我老公做事很鲁莽的的 我女儿也是Oh! Yeah, shell jump off-- ;Its only ten stairs, babe.; Yeah.嗯 她会跳下来 不过是10级台阶罢了 亲爱的 嗯He said, ;Well, theyve got to learn.;他说 “嗯…他们得学学”And im like, ;Well, yeah, but you kind of try to protect them from that.;然后我说 “是啊 但是你得保护他们”Thats fire. Yeah. Except she gets a potty mouth from you.这太对了! 嗯 哈哈 但有一点 她遗传了你 喜欢碎碎念She does not have a potty mouth. Yes, she does. She almost had a potty mouth.她才不喜欢碎碎念呢 不 她喜欢的 她一点都没有No, no, she-- Tell them what she said to you the other day.不不不 她… 给他们讲讲 她那天对你说了什么Am I allowed? Yes. Well bleep it, but yes. Okay. She I was in thegetting y我可以说吗?可以 我们可以哔— 没事 你说 好的 她……我在……打扮出门to go out onstage, and she ran in, and she--准备一个舞台演出 她跑了进来 她…She mustve been preparing this, like a bit,她一定准备了很久 看上去是的And she came in, and shes like, ;Im here.;她跑进来说 我在这儿哔—And I was likei was like, ;Im sorry.然后 我好像…我说 “哦 什么?;I canti dontmy ears--My ears dont understand what youre saying.; Wow.我不能…我不懂…我的耳朵… 我不明白你在说什么” 哇哦And then you dont want to make a big deal of it, cause shes gonna keep saying it, so...然后 你也没太重视这个事儿 因为 她还会这么说Sheshe mutters it when she thinks no ones looking.她…她…她小声的说 如果她觉得没有人在看她的话And someone mustve--someone mustve said that to her at some point. But its so cute.一定是有人 一定是有人 对她说过这话 这太可爱了I mean, im notim notim not encouraging it,我的意思是 我不会…我不会…我不鼓励你们这么做but come on, its, like, a little threeyearold body但是 拜托 这可是一个三岁的小子说出来的And then just-- Yeah. No. Like a sailor. Shes like a little sailor.她只是… 对 不 她像个水手 一个小小的水手Shes a precious a little sailor. Shes an adorable little sailor. Little delicious sailor.她就像个 小心翼翼的水手 超可爱的小水手 甜美的小水手201707/516011Tell me about this best friend that you have.跟我讲讲你的好朋友。His names Snowflake.他的名字叫雪花。Your friends name is Snowflake? Mm-hmm.你朋友叫雪花?对的。Is, is it a dog? No. A cat? No.是吗?不是。猫?不是。Is it a bird? Yes.鸟?是的。Okay. What kind of bird? A duck.哪种鸟?它是只鸭子。A duck is your best friend? Mm-hmm.你的朋友是一只鸭子? 是的。So you and your best friend went viral. Yes.你们俩成为了红人,真的?Thats how we found out about you. Lets take a look at the clip.我们从而认识了你,让我们来看段视频。They met 10 minutes ago. Look. Look, look, look.他们十分钟前刚认识。快看。He follows her. He loves you!它一直跟着她。看它多喜欢你!He stays right with Kylie. Whoa.它一直和凯利待在一块。喔!Wow, that duck is so funny.这只鸭子太有意思了。So is it hard for you to be away from Snowflake like this?你今天跟它分开了,这对你而言是不是不那么容易?Actually...hes here. Snowflake is here? Uh-huh.它今天来了。雪花来了? 是的。Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake, time to go.雪花,雪花,该走了。So Snowflake is a very, very friendly, friendly duck. Uh-huh.雪花是一只很友善的鸭子吗,是的。Kiss him. Do what? Kiss him. Kiss who? Kiss him.亲它。你说什么?亲它。亲谁? 亲它。I dont, you know, um, Im married.我不能,我结婚了。So does...does...does... what is...什么,那个什么,这是什么。Does Snowflake have a diaper sometime? Unh-unh, unh-unh.雪花经常带尿不湿吗?恩恩。Oh, he doesnt have a diaper right now.它今天没带尿不湿。Did he just shake his...Did your duck just shake his butt at me?它是不是在晃,你的鸭子正朝我晃屁股。That means hes happy.这说明他很高兴。Oh, that means hes happy? Well, thats good.这说明他高兴?那很好。So Snowflake follows you everywhere? He thinks hes human.那么就是说,雪花总跟着你到处转?他认为自己是人类。Really? Lets see if we can get Snowflake to follow us. Okay.那让我们试试,看看雪花能不能跟着我们。好的。Okay, lets walk. Me and you. Come on, lets go this way.让我们一块走。我们走这边。Snowflake, Snowflake. Snowflake. Snowflake! Snowflake.雪花,雪花,雪花,雪花!Come on, Snowflake. Walking with Snowflake快点,雪花。和雪花一块走。Come on, Flake. Stay right here.快点,雪花,站在这里。You stay on that side so Snowflake dont get confused.你站在这里,这样它不会感到找不到方向。Yeah. I got a friend walk just like that. Come on, Snowflake.没错,我有个朋友他就是这么走路的。快来,雪花。You know something, Kylie? Thats pretty impressive.凯利,你知道吗,这真是太有意思了。Lets have some treats behind the couch. What is...我们在座椅后面放了些吃的。You know how to do that? Yummies. Yummy.你知道怎么做吗?很好吃,很好吃。Kylie, I think that Snowflake really got a great break in life the day your dad brought him home.凯莉,你知道吗,你爸爸把它抱回来的那天,它的命运也从此发生了改变。Thank you for coming, Kylie.凯利,欢迎来到“小小达人秀”。Youre absolutely wonderful. Thank you very much. Ill hold the bag for you.你太出色了。非常感谢。我给你拿着袋子。Yall take care. You can go ahead and take a bow.你们要保重。来向观众鞠个躬吧。Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for Kylie and Snowflake!女士们先生们,为凯利和雪花鼓掌。201706/513788TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/469988

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477472Those who work for the project那些为这个项目工作的人are well aware of the charges it faces.十分清楚他们面临的指控There is often asserted certain narratives about anonymity经常会有一些关于匿名的说法and, of course, one of the narratives is没错 其中一种说法就是that anonymity creates crime匿名能制造犯罪so you hear about things like the Silk Road所以你才会听说例如丝绸之路的例子and you hear, ;Oh, its terrible,你会听到有人说;天哪 这太可怕了someone can do something illegal on the internet.;人们可以在互联网上做非法的事情;Well, welcome to the internet.好吧 欢迎来到互联网It is a reflection of human society这是人类社会的一个映射where there is sometimes illegal behaviour.而人类社会本身就存在违法行为These arguments aside,除了这些议论for users wanting to avoid surveillance,对于想避开监控的用户来说Tor has limitations -洋葱网络有局限性its slow, content isnt automatically encrypted它的速度慢 信息内容在退出网络时on exiting the network不是被自动加密的and some have claimed a bug can de-anonymise users.并且有人称软件存在漏洞会使用户去匿名化Tor say they have a fix for this problem.洋葱网络声称他们修复了这个问题Whilst the search for a solution to bulk surveillance continues,在人们寻找能继续大范围监控的办法时this man has a different approach.这个人另辟蹊径He is Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of one of the worlds他就是尤金·卡巴斯基 全世界发展最快的fastest-growing internet security companies.互联网安全公司的首席执行官重点解释:1.work for 为 ... 效力例句:I work for the government.我在政府机关做事。2.aware of 察觉到例句:We are fully aware of the gravity of the situation.我们十分清楚形势的严峻性。3.hear about 听说例句:I was very sad indeed to hear about it.我听到这件事,确实非常难过。201704/503184

  Hi Im Jon Wiley. Im the director of immersive design for Google VR and AR products.你好,我是乔恩·威利。是谷歌VR和AR产品沉浸式设计的主管。Right now, with current VR technology were pretty good in terms of the visuals and the audio,现在,就目前的VR技术来讲,在视觉和听觉方面还是非常不错的。but what about the other three senses?但是其他三种感官的发展情况怎么样呢?After exploring automated technologies using robotics,通过机器人学探索自动化技术以后,we found that we could actually achieve a better quality simulation with well-trained humans.我们发现可以配合经过训练的人员,来实现更好的模拟。We call them Haptic Helpers, and they can simulate a wide range of experiences.我们称之为触觉助手,他们可以模仿很多的体验。Things like smelling perfume, ing a book, sitting by a fireplace or even petting a dog.比如,闻香水,读书,坐在壁炉旁,甚至是逗宠物。Figuring out how to simulate such a range of experiences has been challenging but rewarding.识别怎样模仿这一系列的体验是很有挑战性的,但是也很有意义。And our helpers inventiveness cannot be overstated.我们没有夸大助手的创造性。AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!啊……Our helpers are constantly updating their repertoires to stay up to date with the latest VR applications being released.我们的助手持续更新它们的计算机指令以跟进最新发布的VR应用程序。And the feedback weve gotten from early user testing has been incredible.我们从早期测试中获得的反馈非常惊人。Ow!啊!Click here to sign up as a beta tester.点击这里可以加入测试。201706/515590

  As the super-continent split up随着超大陆的崩解the hot, dry world of the early dinosaurs changed into a lush, forested one.早期恐龙生活的炎热干旱的世界逐渐被茂密葱郁的森林覆盖The world of the early primitive dinosaurs had been transformed.原始恐龙们的世界改变了Then, as the climate changed, a chain reaction could have started.接着,随着气候的变化,开始发生一连串连锁反应Lush forests meant more food for plant-eaters.茂密的森林为植食动物提供了更多的食物If you have a environment from the plants are thriving,如果周围环境是茂密的植物likewise the dinosaurs are having to adapt at exactly the same sort of rate to keep up with these changes with the plants.那么恐龙也必须发生适应性的改变,以跟上植物变化的速度。And it wouldnt just have effected the plant-eaters.而且它不仅只影响了植食恐龙As these animals are getting larger and larger that are feeding upon these plants为了吃到植物,这些动物越长越大there is a good chance that the predators, if theyre going to keep up with the plant-eaters,如此一来,掠食者也必须跟上植食动物进化的脚步they have to get big as well.它们也必须变大In a sense we would have then had an evolutionary arms race progressing through the middle Jurassic.从某种意义上讲,整个中侏罗世都在进行一场进化“军备竞争”There seemed to be a direct link between climate change and the transformation of the dinosaurs.由此看来,气候变化似乎直接关系到恐龙的进化It really did look like a new climate could have led to an explosion in dinosaur size and diversity.新的气候或许真的引发了恐龙体型与种类的大爆炸。201706/512508。

  【视频讲解】“There are sort of three main ways that our species has developed to break down foods, or process foods, in a primordial way.人类有三种原始方式分解或处理食物。Break down1. 分解2. 出故障例:Their car broke down.他们的车抛锚了。3. 分门别类例:The report breaks down the results region by region.该报告将结果按地区一一分类。Primordial原始的; 远古的例:Twenty million years ago, Idaho was populated by dense primordial forest.两千万年前,爱达荷州遍布着茂密的原始森林。And that is by cooking, by fermenting foods and by drying them or desiccating them.”即,通过烹饪、发酵,将食物烘干或者进行脱水处理。Ferment1. 发酵例:The dried grapes are allowed to ferment until there is no sugar left and the wine is dry.干葡萄要经过发酵,直到没有糖分存留,葡萄酒才不会有甜味。2. 骚动例:The whole country has been in a state of political ferment for some months.整个国家几个月来一直处在政治骚动的状态中。Desiccate使脱水Paul Breslin, professor of nutritional sciences at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He’s also a member of the Monell Chemical Sciences Center in Philadelphia.保罗#8226;布雷思琳是美国新泽西州罗格斯大学的营养科学教授。同时也是费城莫奈尔化学科学中心的一员。Nutrition营养例:There are alternative sources of nutrition to animal meat.有能替代动物肉类的其他营养来源。“And the first two, cooking and fermenting, are older than our species is. Homo sapiens came about in the presence of fire. And probably eating some fermented foods, since that happens spontaneously.”“前两种方式烹饪以及发酵食物的历史比人类还要悠久。人类产生时火已经存在了,所以人类吃一些发酵的食物是自然而然的事。”Come about 产生; 发生例:The peace agreement came about through intense pressure by the international community.该和平协议是在国际社会的强大压力下产生的。Spontaneous 自然的; 自发的 (行为)例:Dianas house was crowded with happy people whose spontaneous outbursts of song were accompanied by lively music.戴安娜的房子挤满了幸福的人们,他们在欢快音乐的伴奏下不由自主地唱起歌来。Breslin spoke February 20th at a press briefing at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston.2月20日,在波斯顿举行的美国科学促进会年度会议的新闻发布会上布鲁斯林发表了上述言论。Press briefing新闻发布会;记者招待会Underscoring the uncertainty, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said in a press briefing Friday that it doesn’t quite have the plan all in place. 人力资源和社会保障部在上周五的新闻发布会上称,具体方案尚未全部出台,这更进一步加深了各方面临的不确定性。“So I think that we may be unique among the apes in that we can detect when a food has been cooked or fermented.“我认为人类在猿类当中是特殊的,因为我们可以识别食物何时烹饪或者发酵。Unique 惟一的例:Each persons signature is unique.每个人的签名是独一无二的。Ape1. 猿2. 模仿例:Modelling yourself on someone you admire is not the same as aping all they say or do.以你仰慕的某个人为榜样并不等于模仿他们的全部言行。And that this allows us to identify the benefits of those, which is that they’re detoxified, they have greater available nutrients, and they are, in the case of fermented foods, going to have probiotics—or good microbes that we want and need in our intestines in order to survive in the world.…这又可以让我们获悉这些方法的好处,那就是这些方法可以帮助解毒,具有更高的营养价值。发酵食物里面含有益生菌——为了能存活与世,我们的肠道需要这种有益的微生物。”Detoxify1. 解毒2. (使)脱瘾..drugs which block the effects of heroin use and rapidly detoxify addicts....阻碍海洛因的吸食效果并快速使瘾君子脱瘾的药物Probiotic 益菌的例:probiotic yogurtIntestine 肠“The second leading cause of death of children on Earth today is diarrhea, following pneumonia, which is number one. And that diarrheal disease is in fact the most common disease on Earth in humans.当今世界上导致儿童死亡的第二大原因是痢疾,而肺炎是首要原因。实际上痢疾是世界上最常见的疾病。Diarrhea 腹泻,痢疾Pneumonia 肺炎例:She nearly died of pneumonia.她差点死于肺炎。Following 在…之后例:In the centuries following Christs death, Christians genuinely believed the world was about to end.在耶稣死后的几个世纪里,基督徒们真地认为世界将要消亡。And that eating fermented foods, properly fermented foods of any kind, can in fact deliver probiotics, which help prevent these diseases. And I believe could in fact save lives if they were more commonly adopted in society.”吃适当的发酵食物,实际上可以产生益生菌,帮助预防痢疾。我坚信,如果这些方法可以在社会上更加广泛的应用,可以拯救很多生命。Deliver 递送例:The Canadians plan to deliver more food to southern Somalia.加拿大人计划向索马里南部运送更多的食物。Adopt1. 采纳; 采用例:The ed Nations General Assembly has adopted a resolution calling on all parties in the conflict to seek a political settlement.联合国大会已采纳了一项呼吁所有冲突各方寻求政治解决的决议。2. 收养例:There are hundreds of people desperate to adopt a child.有数以百计的人极其渴望收养小孩。201705/510176

  【视频讲解】Then worries about Uber’s culture mounted. A former employee wrote a blog post on how Uber’s human-resources department failed to act on her sexual-harassment complaint. Next, an Uber driver filmed Mr Kalanick arguing with him about fare cuts and uploaded the material, including the boss lamenting that “some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own shit”. The latest embarrassment was the revelation that Uber had secretly designed and used a software feature, called Greyball, to evade city officials attempting sting operations to catch Uber drivers violating local regulations.随后,针对优步企业文化的忧虑升温。一名前员工发表文称,优步人力资源部门对她遭性骚扰的投诉坐视不理。接着又有一名优步司机把自己与卡兰尼克就车费下调问题的争吵拍摄下来并上传到网上,卡兰尼克在其中哀叹“有些人就是不愿意为自己的屁事负责”。最新曝光的丑闻则是优步秘密设计并使用一款名为“灰球”(Greyball)的软件来逃避政府监管人员的执法钓鱼行动,使违反当地法规的优步司机得以逃脱。mount v.上升 (increase), 爬上(to climb up onto)- The troubles have continued to mount.- The cowboy mounted his horse.sexual-harassment complaint 性骚扰投诉lament v.叹息 (to express sorrow, regret, or unhappiness about something)embarrassment n.尴尬evade v.逃避 (to avoid)- The criminals have so far managed to evade the police.sting n.圈套 (a clever plan to deceive someone in order to catch criminals)Two questions face the company. One is whether Uber will continue prospering under Mr Kalanick’s leadership. Silicon Valley and its denizens may celebrate his type, but his public words and actions have made people close to the firm squirm. Bill Gurley, a venture capitalist and early Uber backer who sits on the board, is helping direct a search for a chief operating officer to keep Mr Kalanick in check and bring experience and discipline to the firm. It is certainly hard to keep on top of the firm’s growth: last year, its headcount doubled.该公司面临两个问题。一是优步在卡兰尼克的领导下能否继续繁荣发展。硅谷及其科技精英们也许对卡兰尼克这类人赞赏有加,但他的公开言论及行为却令与优步有切身利益的人困窘难当。风险投资家、同时也是优步早期的投资人兼董事会成员的比尔#8226;格利(Bill Gurley)正协助物色一名首席运营官来制衡卡兰尼克,并希望藉此将经验和规矩引入该公司。公司增长迅速,管理难度必然大增:去年,其员工数量翻了一番。prosper v.蓬勃发展 (to become very successful usually by making a lot of money)denizen n.居民 (a person/animal/plant that lives in a particular region)- The polar bear is an iconic denizen of the snowy Arctic.squirm n.不安 (show or feel embarrassment or shame)keep ... in check 约束discipline n.规矩headcount n.员工数量If Mr Gurley and the rest of the board cannot find an experienced candidate willing to work with Mr Kalanick, calls for him to step down may grow louder. But that is his decision to take. Uber is a prominent example of founders’ power at fast-growing tech firms. On its own, Uber’s board does not have the clout to change the CEO, because of his super-voting shares and those of his co-founder, Garrett Camp: together they control a majority of the voting stock.假如格利及董事会其他成员找不到愿意与卡兰尼克共事的资深人选,要求卡兰尼克下台的呼声可能会高涨。但这个决定却是要由他本人来做出。在创始人掌控高速增长的科技公司方面,优步是个突出例子。优步的董事会单凭自身力量是无权更换CEO的,因为他和另一创始人格瑞特#8226;坎普(Garrett Camp)都拥有超级投票权股份:两人控制了大部分的投票权股份。prominent adj.突出的clout n.影响力 (the power to influence)The second question concerns Uber’s longer-term business prospects. One of the firm’s early-stage investors says that recent events have been a series of “body blows”, but he worries that there could be a “knockout blow” that would permanently damage Uber’s momentum. So far, he says, it looks as if Uber is merely bruised.第二个问题事关优步的长期业务前景。该公司的一位早期投资者表示,最近的事件是一连串的“沉重打击”,而他担心优步可能会遭到“致命一击”,令发展势头受到永久性伤害。他说,目前为止,优步看起来还只是受了点皮外伤。concern v.关于(be about),使担心- The book concerns 3 soldiers.- Her health concerns me.prospect n.前景 (the possibility that something will happen in the future)blow n.打击knockout n.打晕momentum n.势头bruise v.擦伤- bruise n.淤青201705/510408

  There are two Harolds depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry,贝叶挂毯上描绘了两位哈罗德but which was the real one,the confident king who issued coins bearing the optimistic slogan ;Pax;,但哪一位才符合现实 是发行了印着拉丁字;和平;的硬币的the Latin for peace,or the guilty, twisted usurper,stricken by omens, haunted by a vision of ships?信心满满的国王 还是愧疚而扭曲 受凶兆折磨 被船只幻象困扰的篡夺者The phantom fleet which the embroiderers set in a border of the tapestry suggests Harold could all too well imagine the reaction across the Channel to his coronation.绣女们绣在挂毯边缘的幻影船队 暗示哈罗德可能把穿越海峡进行加冕的过程 想象得太容易了A Norman historian has William hearing the news while out hunting.一位诺曼的历史学家 告知了外出打猎的威廉When the Duke heard the news, he became as a man outraged.公爵听闻这消息之后 他变得狂躁暴怒Of he tied his mantle, of he untied it again and spoke to no man.他系上斗篷 复又解开 不和任何人说话Neither dared any man speak to him.也没人敢和他说话For ten years, William had confidently let it be known throughout Europe十年来 威廉一直信心满满地 向整个欧洲宣称that hed soon add England to his territories.自己马上就会将英格兰据为己有He was now in a lethally dangerous position of looking ridiculous.但此时 却极可能成为他人嘲讽哂笑的对象He consulted his feudal magnates in a series of assemblies他数次集合自己的封建财主进行商议and by no means all of them were particularly thrilled with the idea of an invasion of England.而他们都被进攻英格兰的想法 吓得不轻The risks seemed a lot more daunting than the enticement of new lands and wealth.田地和财富的诱惑 并不能打消对危险的恐惧 /201608/457793

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