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Today in History: Sunday, May26, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月26日,星期天May 26th 1940During World War II, hundreds of thousands of Allied troops begin their evacuation from Dunkirk, France. They escape Nazi Germany#39;s advancing forces, making their way across the English Channel to Britain.1868 In Washington, President Andrew Johnson#39;s impeachment trial ends with his acquittal. Johnson serves out the rest of his time in office after his clash with the post Civil War Congress.1907;Young feller, if you are looking for travel I#39;ll accommodate ya.;Actor John Wayne, nicknamed the Duke is born Marion Morrison in Winterset, Iowa. Wayne#39;s rugged roles in decades of westerns and action films made him an American icon.1994Pop star Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley#39;s daughter Lisa Marie get married in the Dominican Republic. They split up nearly two years later.(The melody is from Michael Jackson -- The Girl is Mine)And 1949 Do you want a drink? Hey, do you want to party?;Singer Hank Williams, Jr., son of country music star Hank William, Sr. is born in Shreveport, Louisiana.(The melody is from Hank Williams, Jr. -- All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight)Today in History, May 26th, Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201305/241470

  Diana Laufenberg 与大家分享了她从教学中学到的3个令人惊讶的事情,包括一个从错误中学习的关键认识。 Article/201309/256693

  Here are some precautionary measures that can help to increase survival chances during an earthquake.下面是一些在地震中增加逃生机会的预防措施。If indoors, quickly get to a safe location in the room such as getting under a strong desk, and holding firm to the desk#39;s legs. You can also try to stay along an interior wall, which can protect you from falling objects.如果在室内,迅速在室内找到一个安全的位置,如蹲在一个坚实的桌子下面,并牢牢地抓住桌子腿。你也可以尽量倚靠一堵内壁,这样可以防止自己被掉下来的物体砸伤。If you are outdoors, move to an open area where falling objects like window glasses and other hanging objects are unlikely to strike you. Move away from buildings, powerlines and trees. Protect your head with hands or bags. Do not use the elevator.如果在室外,迅速跑到一块空地上,这样诸如窗户玻璃和其他的悬挂着的掉落物就不会砸落在你身上。远离高楼,输电线和树木。用手或包保护头部。不要使用电梯。If you are aly inside an elevator, press the buttons of every floor and walk out as soon as the door opens. If you#39;re driving, slow down smoothly and pull over to the side of the road. Do not stop the car in the middle of the road.如果你已经处于电梯中,按下每一层的电梯按钮,只要电梯门打开就立即离开电梯。如果你正在开车,缓缓减速并将车停靠在路边。不要将车停靠在路中。 Article/201304/236345。


  China#39;s Consulate General in San Francisco has confirmed the names of 70 out of the 141 Chinese citizens on board the crashed Asiana Boeing 777 who are known to be safe.中国驻旧金山领事馆目前已确认乘坐韩亚波音777该次航班的141名中国公民中有70名是安全的。The Consulate General has released a list of their names. The Boeing 777-200 bound for San Francisco from Seoul crashed upon landing and caught fire at the airport.领事馆已经公布了该70名中国公民的名单。由韩国首尔开往美国旧金山的韩亚波音777在机场着陆时发生坠毁并起火。 Article/201307/247126Because, again in the 1970s, a lot of geologists had said...oh...that they would just have used blocks of jadeite or jadetite that had been washed down the mountains in the rivers and in the glacial moraines.二十世纪七十年代,很多地质学家都认为斧头制作者使用了被溪流与冰河从高山上冲刷下来的玉石块。But that#39;s not the case.但事实并非如此。So, by going much higher up, between 1,800 and 2,400 metres above sea level, they found the chipping floors and the actual source material-with signs of it having been used.我们爬到更高处,在海拔1800到2400米的地方发现了凿劈石头的场地以及玉石的确切来源,那里还留有人类使用过的痕迹。;And, in some cases, the raw material exists as very large blocks, isolated blocks in the landscape, and it#39;s quite clear that these were exploited by setting fire against them, and then they would be able to knock off large thermal flakes and then work those up.有些单独放置的很大的石块明显经过火烧,这是为了让工匠们敲下大块的石片进行加工。So the sign that#39;s left on the stone, it#39;s a slightly hollow area-a scar as it were-then there are a large number of chips beneath that.;因此,石块上的微微凹陷其实是人类加工的痕迹,下方还有大量的碎片。By using a scientific technique developed by astronomers, the geological signature of any piece of jade can be precisely identified and matched.每一块玉石的地质特征都可以进行精确的辨认与比对。The Petrequins found that the British Museum axe could be confidently linked to the Italian Alps.彼得勒坎夫妇不止确了大英物馆的这把玉斧来自意大利的阿尔卑斯山,Indeed the ings of the geological signatures not only matched the mountain, but they did so with such accuracy that the very boulder that the axe came from could be identified.还能根据地质特征准确辨认出它来自哪块石头。And even more extraordinary, Pierre Petrequin was able to track down a geological sibling for our axe - another jade beauty found in Dorset. Here he is again:更不可思议的是,他们还找到了我们这把斧头的亲戚,出土于多塞特郡的另一件美丽玉器:;And in some cases it#39;s possible to say that this particular axe head here is from the same block of raw material as the other one.坎特伯雷斧头与多塞特斧头的原料来自同一块石头。 Article/201406/304678Studio interview: Gov#39;t cost cutting requires multi-departmental cooperation演播室访谈:减少政府出需多部门通力合作For analysis behind the decline in some government spending we#39;re joined in the studio by Wang Xuewen, political analyst and former deputy president of International Business Daily. Welcome, Mr. Wang.为分析部分政府部门减少出背后的情况,我们邀请了嘉宾政治分析家和原国际商报副院长王学文。欢迎你,王先生。Q1: We have seen a drop in government spending in some area in recent years. What areas have the government#39;s cost-cutting measures focused on?我们已经看到近年政府在某些方面开减少。那么政府削减开的措施主要集中在哪些领域呢?Q2: Many people are calling for even deeper cuts in government spending. What challenges does the government face?很多人呼吁政府进一步减少开。而政府方面又面临哪些挑战呢? Article/201404/291431

  Jay-Z and Beyonce#39;s Three Week Vegan Diet Famed couple commits to changing their eating habits for a set period of time. One of Hollywood’s most famous para-couples is jumping on a trendy diet bandwagon; Jay-z and Beyoncé have started a 3 week plant-based diet. You gotta wonder how committed they are to the vegan lifestyle with Beyoncé apparently spotted wearing fur and swayed the other day, which is a big no-no in the vegan world. As’ Abby Budroll takes a closer look at the diet on everybody’s lips these days. Super star couple Jay-z and Beyoncé are joining forces yet again, this time on a vegan cleanse, a plant based diet with no animal or dairy products. Holy grail, the holy grail artist who turned 44 on Wednesday posting on his personal website life and times, that he and B are embarking on a 22 day challenge to go completely vegan or as I prefer to call it, plant-based, Beyoncé even sharing photos on Instagram, chronicling the challenge. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are notoriously private about their lives together, so it is unusual that they are being so public about what they are going to be eating. Jay-Z says on his website, ”This all began a few months back when a good friend and vegan challenged me to embrace a plant-base breakfast every day.” That good friend is his trainer and nutritionist Marco Bergius, the mastermind behind this 22-day cleanse, who says that plant-based nutrition is better for the environment and your body. His website inviting ers to take the 22 day challenge with daily vegan s. I met with nutritionist Rachel Guller who says going vegan can be tricky.Some of my patients gain weight on a vegan diet.Oh why is that? Because you’re eating things that could be fried, could be sweet potato fries, still fattening. She showed us two meals, one vegan, the other clearly not. But cautions when you go vegan, you need to get plenty of protein. It’s about balance and knowledge. So you know, you just wanna make sure that you’re not getting the wrong foods. Calling it a spiritual and physical cleanse, ending on Christmas day, Jay-Z promises to post his progress. But makes no promise about his plant-based future, posting we’ll see, best of luck and health. For good morning America, Abby Budroll, A News, Los Angeles. Ok, if there was any doubt that this couple is probably the most famous couple in the world, the fact that we are intrigued by what they eat, I mean, you are famous, but I don’t really ask what you ate last night. Yeah. Right and I can guarantee you it wasn’t interesting. We’ll see if they hold up to this, it’s an interesting challenge for them. /201312/269329If he wanted his immigration status to be US citizen,then he had to return by the time he was 18.如果他想正式移民美国,就得在十八岁时回去。To go when you#39;re still a star is very strange,because he could have kept doing films,but they wanted him to go,to make the right decision of where he#39;s going next.在小有名气时离开确实不符合常理,因为他本可以留下来继续拍电影的,但他的家人希望他离开,以在以后的人生道路上做出正确的选择。In Seattle, my father started teaching martial arts.He didn#39;t ever look at people because of their race or their stature in life.If you had a sincere interest in martial arts,he would teach you.爸爸到西雅图后开始教授武术,他根本不在乎自己学员的种族以及社会地位。只要你诚心想学,他就愿意教你Taky Kimura was really his best friend.Taky became his first assistant instructor in his first school,the Jun Fan Kung Fu Institute, in Seattle, Washington.木村武之和他成为了真正的忘年交。木村成了他武术学校的第一个助理教练,即坐落于西雅图的振藩国术馆Bruce used to come to my high school and he used to teach in the Chinese philosophy class.布鲁斯曾来到我们高中,教授一些中国哲学课程He was five years older than we were,and I do remember my heart going,;Pah,pah,pah; You know, he is sure cute.他比我们大了五岁左右,而我清晰地记得当时心头的小鹿啪啪啪跳个不停,他太可爱了It wasn#39;t long after that that I started taking Kung Fu lessons from him and my relationship with him changed more from just a student to actually feeling that maybe,maybe there could be a connection between us.那之后不久我也开始去他那学习功夫,我和他的关系也从师生逐步转变到那种,那种更加微妙的关系。 Article/201311/264068


  After the recent Diaoyu Island protests在最近的钓鱼岛抗议事件中during which scores of Japanese cars were destroyed许多日产车被砸bilateral trade between China and Japan decline dramatically,中日双边贸易急剧下降particularly damaging Japanese automobile sales in China.特别是日本汽车企业在中国的业务受到损害At the same time,同时diplomatic relations between the two countries have been strained nearly to the breaking point.两国的外交关系可以说是箭在弦上Better understanding of the history of these islands只有更好地了解钓鱼岛历史and of the tragedies of the past了解过去发生的悲剧can only lead to reconciliation between these才能在未来two nations in the future.让两国得到和解The ed States of America要缓和两国的关系can quell the tension美国就要让其日本盟友by encouraging its Japanese ally向中国归还钓鱼岛to return the Diaoyu Island并且to China and apologize to the Chinese people对曾经犯下的战争罪行for the war crimes of the Imperial Japan.向中国人民道歉Our world has become a global village世界已经变成一个地球村We depend on each other.我们要相辅相成We must understand and respect我们要认识并尊重our diversity.彼此的多样性The forces of history历史的力量determine the future. Thank you.决定着我们的未来 谢谢 Article/201409/329694。


  Tal Golesworthy 是一个锅炉工程师——他擅于管道和水管设施。当他需要通过手术来修复一个关乎到生命的大动脉的问题时,他将他的工程师技术和他的医生的医疗知识融合在一起,来设计了一个更好的修复方式。 Article/201306/242819

  This summer, nearly every TV channel in China has been filled with reality singing competitions, a phenomenon that has the government worried. Last week, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television began imposing new restrictions on televised talent shows.这个夏天,几乎每个电视频道都充斥着一些真人选秀类节目,这是一个让政府担忧的现象。上周,广电总局开始出文对真人秀节目进行约束。For more on this new policy, we#39;re now joined in the studio by Professor Teng Jimeng from Beijing Foreign Studies University. He is an Associate Professor at the American Studies Center.我们今天邀请到北京外国语大学的滕继萌教授做客演播室,与我们一同分享更多相关细节。滕教授是北京外国语大学美国研究就中心的副教授。 Article/201308/250762

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