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The TV drama The Empress of China is hot among audiences recently. Actress Fan Bingbing, who plays the role of Empress Wu Zetian, is a fabulous beauty. What did Wu Zetian, China`s only female monarch, look like in real life? Let`s explore the possibilities.电视剧《武媚娘传奇成了观众们的新宠扮演武媚娘的范冰冰可谓美若天仙而现实中,这位中国唯一的女皇帝到底容貌如何?且让我们一探究竟The famous Chinese scholar Guo Moruo researched this, and he thinks that a plump empress portrayed in a painting by Tang Dynasty painter Zhang Xuan is Wu Zetian. Zhang left many famous paintings, such as Paintings of Lady of Guoguo on a Spring Outing of the Tang Dynasty, Court Ladies Preparing Newly-Woven Silk and Lady of Wei.我国著名学者郭沫若曾对此做过考,他认为唐朝画家张悬笔下(《唐后行从图)体态丰满的“皇后”正是武则天张悬曾留下了许多著名画作,包括《虢国夫人游春图、《捣练图、《卫夫人像等It is guessed that Zhang Xuan was a court painter and had met Wu Zetian bee, so the portrait by him is quite reliable.(由于多绘宫中仕女)有猜测认为张悬曾作为宫廷画家见到过武则天本人,,他画中的武则天应较为可信Another frequently seen image of Wu Zetian is the block-painted edition of Images of Ancient People in History, created in 98, during the reign of Emperor Hongzhi in the Ming Dynasty. However, as the painting was recreated by Ming people, it is not very reliable and possibly a portrait born out of imagination.另一个版本的武则天出现频率很高,它出自明弘治十一年(98年)的刻本《历代古人像赞由于是明人的再创作,所以这个版本的可信度不高,很可能是后人根据想象所画There are also many stone statues of Empress Wu Zetian, and the most ancient one is now at her birthplace, Guangyuan in Sichuan province. The statue is said to be vey close to the real appearance of Wu Zetian.除了画像,还有很多武则天的雕像(可做参考),比如位于武则天出生地四川广元皇泽寺的武则天石刻像,它是最早的武则天石像,也被认为是最接近武则天真实形象的一座When Empress Wu Zetian ascended the throne, she built many temples and Buddha statues. Many Buddha statues in the Longmen Grottoes in today`s Luoyang in Henan province were constructed during her reign. Among them, a large Vairocana Buddha in Fengxian Temple is considered to be a ;portrait; of Wu Zetian at years old.武则天称帝后,曾大兴佛寺、广凿佛像,洛阳龙门石窟中有许多佛像都完成于武则天时代而龙门石窟奉先寺中的“卢舍那佛”,则被不少学者认为是武则天岁时的“写真”The Buddha has characteristics of an oriental beauty`s face and is honored as the most beautiful Buddha in the world. At . meters high, the face of the Buddha looks elegant, pretty and plump, and has a mysterious smile.卢舍那佛的面部特征具有东方女性之美,被誉为“世上最美丽的佛陀”它身高.米,面容丰腴饱满、秀丽端庄、露出一丝神秘微笑Wu Zetian funded the statue`s construction and took part in the consecration ceremony when it was completed. Ancient people assumed that the statue was an embodiment of Empress Wu Zetian.(据《造像铭记载)时为皇后的武则天曾为奉先寺的修建“助脂粉钱两万贯”,同时亲自参加了卢舍那佛的开光仪式古人推测卢舍那佛正是武则天的化身According to ancient records, Wu Zetian had big eyes, a long neck, a big face and a square ehead. Anyway, Wu Zetian would not look like Fan Bingbing, who has the little face of a modern beauty. Moreover, maybe Wu Zetian was a woman who had a face similar to a man`s, as the Tang Dynasty regarded chubbiness as a standard of beauty and feminine temperament was not popular then.而据古书记载,武则天有着“龙睛凤颈”,眼大而有神、脖颈细长;“方额广颐”,额头较方、脸颊较大反正一定不会是范冰冰那样符合现代审美的小脸美女说不定武则天其实生了一副男子面相,不过,这倒与唐代以胖为美,阴柔委婉不受青睐的女子审美标准十分相符 36

Chinese romance film-;Go Away Mr. Tumor; has been submitted to compete this year Academy Awards Best eign language Film. The submission of the tear-jerking real life drama comes as a surprise to many. Critics and film industry insiders were betting on either ;Wolf Totem; or ;Mountains May Depart; to be China official submission to the Oscars.根据奥斯卡官方网站最新消息,代表中国内地角逐明年第88届奥斯卡最佳外语片的电影是《滚蛋吧!肿瘤君,因为这次公布的是最终确定的参赛名单,那么之前被传送选的《狼图腾,在中国内地无疑是落选了A poster of the tear-jerking romance-;Go Away Mr. Tumor;.Variety described the film as a ;slick, glossy but emotionally compelling and humorous portrait of a woman losing battle;.《滚蛋吧!肿瘤君是一部“无厘头”的抗癌史China Film Board had been expected to select Sino-French co-production Wolf Totem consideration, bee choosing Han Yan production. Insiders point out it might be because the board’s submission last year was also a Sino-French co-production and they wanted to avoid a repetition.至于为何选择《滚蛋吧!肿瘤君,有业内人士分析,去年选送的冲奥片《夜莺就是法国导演的一部合拍片作品,所以可能是想避免连续两年选送合拍片的缘故According to the official website of the Academy Awards, Go Away, Mr. Tumor, will be China entry consideration among submissions from 81 countries and regions this year.根据奥斯卡官方网站发布的消息,《滚蛋吧!肿瘤君是今年来自全球81个国家和地区入选作品中的来自中国的最终入围作品Every year, each country is invited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to submit its best film the Academy Award Best eign Language Film. The eign Language Film Award Committee oversees the process and reviews all the submitted films. Following this, they vote via secret ballot to determine the five nominees the award.目前阶段的参赛名单是所有报名的国家或地区选送的影片名单,之后会由奥斯卡评委遴选出8部影片,这是半决赛阶段,再然后是选出5部入围影片,这是决赛阶段这5部入围影片就成为奥斯卡最佳外语片的提名选手,电影主创也会受邀出席奥斯卡颁奖典礼,等待结果揭晓的那一刻Meanwhile, Hong Kong has submitted ;To the e; to the competition and Taiwan has picked Hou Hsiao Hsien ;The Assassin; as its entry.与此同时,中国香港选送的冲奥影片是《破风,中国台湾选送的影片是《刺客聂隐娘,这两部影片和之前的消息吻合The 88th Academy Awards nominations will be announced in January, . The Oscars will be held in late February at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.第88届奥斯卡入选名单将于年1月宣布,颁奖典礼将于年月日在美国洛杉矶的杜比剧院举行 18



  The word dream is probably heard most frequently from people in showbiz, where everyone dreams of standing under the spotlight and being somebody. But the brutal truth is most end up being nobody. Hong Kong director Derek Yee’s latest drama I Am Somebody pays tribute to these anonymous extras in the film industry.“梦想”这个词,我们可能会频繁地从圈的人口中听到在这个圈子里,每个人都渴望站在聚光灯下,成为被别人关注的大人物但残酷的事实是,大多数人到头来还是默默无闻香港导演尔冬升的最新电影《我是路人甲讲述的就是追寻影视梦的无名之辈们的故事To ensure his film’s accuracy, Yee spent three years making this extras-take-the-lead drama. He did extensive research, talking with over 1,000 Hengdian drifters to learn their personal stories and integrate what he learned into the script.为了确保电影的准确性,尔冬升花了三年时间来制作这部由临时演员做主演的电影他做了广泛的采访,聆听了00多个“横漂”的故事,然后把他听到的故事融合在了剧本里In the film, Wan Guopeng, son of a woodcutter, comes a long way from Dongbei with only 1,000 yuan in his pocket to the dream factory of the East to become an actor. In real life, when the earthy and diligent young man was chosen by the director to play the leading role, he had only yuan left but still hadn’t considered giving up.在影片中,东北小伙万国鹏怀揣着00块钱离开家乡到号称“中国好莱坞”的横店追寻成为一名演员的梦想在现实生活中,当这位质朴勤奋的年轻小伙被导演看中来主演这部电影的时候,他全身上下只剩下块钱尽管如此,他从未想过要放弃Distinguished Hong Kong actor Tony Leung recalled in a review that 30 years ago, he was a salesman but knew that’s not the kind of life he wanted to live. “Wan is exactly like me back then ... Only when I was in an acting training course did I realized that what I wanted to be was an actor, not a star winning the best actor awards, only being an actor.”香港著名演员梁朝伟在为《我是路人甲撰写的影评中回忆:30年前,我还只是一个推销员,但我知道这不是我想要的生活“万国鹏就像当年的我……我是在进入训练班之后,才发现这是我想要的人生——我想要成为一名演员,不是明星,不是影帝,就只是演员”Yee chose real nobodies to play themselves in the movie, even using their real names. Their strength was their deep understanding of the feelings of the characters they portrayed. But the disadvantage was also obvious: They lacked of acting skills. When perming scenes required their emotional intensity, their expressions and moves seemed exaggerated and unnatural.尔冬升选择无名之辈来做主演,甚至在电影里使用他们的真实姓名这些演员们的优势在于他们能深刻地理解他们所刻画的人物(因为那就是他们自己人生的真实写照)但是他们的劣势也是显而易见的:缺乏演技当拍摄那些需要他们表达强烈情感的场景时,他们的表情和动作似乎有些夸张和不自然Inspirational movies about underdogs pursuing their dreams are nothing new. But the entertainment industry is special. It might be the field with the most broken hearts and most efts gone in vain. Here luck, opporty and physical appearance are probably much more crucial than hard work and persistence.关于小人物追求自己梦想的励志电影并不新鲜,但圈这个题材是特别的,这里可能让最多梦想之心破碎,让最大努力付之东流在这里,运气、机遇和外表可能都要比努力和坚持更重要In the film, Qin Peijun, a survivor from a coal mine collapse, goes all out to seize every possibility to get his face in the lens of the camera, even if only as an extra. However, his dream of becoming a professional actor is obviously much less promising than Wang Zhao, who is a cynical slacker with a pretty face.在影片中,覃培军扮演了一位经历过煤窑塌方的幸存者,他拼命抓住每一个可能让他在镜头前露脸的机会,即使只是作为背景然而,他成为一名专业演员的梦想实现起来显然比有着漂亮脸蛋的王昭更困难,尽管王昭是愤世嫉俗的懒鬼Some critical comments are directed at the sudden inversion in the last part of the film. The two protagonists’ happy ending seems discordant with the film’s realistic tone. But anyway, this movie is not a documentary but a way to reince that every bold heart deserves to have their dreams realized.对这部电影也有一些批评的声音,主要是针对电影最后的转折这两个主人公的美好结局似乎和整部影片的写实风格不一致但无论如何,这部电影不是纪录片,而是想要强调“每个勇敢者值得去追寻、实现梦想”的信念 38561






  Whether he studly and shirtless or playing the doting dad, a photo of David Beckham is always a sweet surprise.不管大卫贝克汉姆是上身还是扮演宠溺女儿的爸爸,小贝的照片总是给人甜蜜的惊喜.The latest precious pic of the soccer star features Becks playing with his adorable -month-old daughter, Harper Seven, as they go shopping toys together at the Grove shopping center today in Hollywood, Calif.这张最新爆出的珍贵照片是在加州的好莱坞,我们这位有名的足球明星和他个月大的宝贝女儿哈珀一起去购物中心买玩具时拍到的.Beck mini-fashionista also looks fab in a black-and-white dress, and the youngest member of the Beckham family is seen grabbing at a bubble machine, clearly enjoying the one-on-one time with her dad.小贝家的迷你潮穿着黑白相间的裙子看上去可爱极了,这位贝克汉姆家族最小的成员抓着泡泡机,显然和享受和她爸爸一对一的美妙时刻.The British power couple have four children together—-year-old Brooklyn, -year-old Romeo, 6-year-old Cruz and -month-old Harper.这对英国明星夫妇目前有四个孩子-岁的布鲁克林,岁的罗密欧,6岁的克鲁兹和个月大的哈珀.


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