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淄博市哪里割包皮淄博妇幼保健院男科预约Inside his own court, unseen enemies want to destroy him. The official history records Ying Zheng's coming of age at twenty years old as the defining moment.The entire court has assembled in celebration, but not everyone's watching the show. The Queen has a new favorite, Marquis Lao Ai. In the eyes of the court, Lao Ai is a eunuch, which is an odd choice of companion for a woman with a history of important lovers. But Lao Ai is no eunuch. He has fathered two sons by the Queen, who they have raised in secret, and he intends to place one of them on the throne. But the King has his suspicions about his mother and her supposedly secret lover.The state of Chin is not a safe place for anybody. The Queen has kept her young sons secret in the care of eunuchs she believes are loyal to her. But loyalties change quickly and the King has learned of their existence. Hello. Hi. "You are so heavy!"Knowing it's only a matter of time before his plot to put the eldest boy on the throne is discovered, the Queen's lover Marquis Lao Ai makes a desperate bid for power. He has stolen Royal Seals, giving him the authority to mobilize troops. "So you think you’ll make a good King?""Yes!"The boys have just condemned themselves as a direct threat to the King.07/78483淄博友谊男科在哪里 ManagementWhat do bosses do all day? 老板整天在干嘛?The shocking truth can at last be revealed 惊人真相终将披露May 5th 2011 | from the print editionGotta hone those networking skills“撒网”技能有待磨练THANKS to closed doors and fierce gatekeepers, bosses are tricky to observe in their natural habitat. Yet it might be useful to know what they do all day, and whether any of it benefits shareholders. A new Harvard Business School working paper sheds some light.多亏了紧闭的房门和尽忠职守的把关者,老板们得以狡猾地呆在自己的窝里观察一切。然而,了解他们每天做什么,这些行为又对股东是否有利,也许是不无益处的。哈佛商业学院新披露的一份文件向我们揭示了部分真相。Researchers asked the chief executives of 94 Italian firms to have their assistants record their activities for a week. You may take this with a grain of salt. Is the boss’s assistant a neutral observer? If the boss spends his lunch hour boozing, or in a motel with his assistant, will she record this truthfully? Nonetheless, here are the results.调查对象为94位意大利公司的首席行政官,他们被要求让助理们记录下一周的活动。对这些,你也许不能全信。助理们是中立的观察者吗?如果老板在午餐时豪饮,或者和他的助理腻在汽车旅馆,她会如实记录吗?尽管有此种种不定因素,调查结果如下:The average Italian boss works for 48 hours a week and spends 60% of that time in meetings. The most diligent put in another 20 hours. And the longer they work, the better the company does.一般,意大利老板每周工作48小时,而且60%的时间花在会议上。最兢兢业业的人,工作时长甚至达68小时。而且,公司的运营状况和他们的工作时长成正比。201105/135532Constitutional reform宪法改革All change英国剧变Britain is on the verge of constitutional upheaval英国正在宪法剧变的边缘THIS may seem an odd moment to make the claim, but Britain is a country in the grip of a modernising frenzy. The outside world may see an unvarying kingdom of royal weddings, golden carriages and clip-clopping Horse Guards, with a young prime minister drawn from the old Establishment. But strip away the pageantry, and David Cameron’s Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition is proposing radical changes to the constitutional order.现在似乎还不是下结论的时候,但是英国正受到对现代化的狂热情绪配。在国外人看来这个王国并无变化:皇室婚礼、黄金马车、马蹄得得的皇家骑卫队以及正当权的年轻首相。但是在这华丽的虚饰下,大卫卡梅隆的保守党、工党、自民党联合政府正提议彻底改革宪法。A national referendum on May 5th and months of parliamentary wrangling lie ahead. But if all the changes being proposed by the coalition come to fruition, British democracy could look and feel very different by the next general election, set by the coalition for May 2015.5月5日全国范围的公民投票后是长达数月的议会辩论。如果所有联合政府提出的改革都得到成效,下一次联合政府举行大选时(2015年5月)英国的民主会让人们看到、体会到很大的不同。Depending on the outcome of the referendum, that general election may be held using a new voting system: supporters of change call it the biggest shake-up since votes for women in 1928. Voters are to be asked to choose between keeping the winner-takes-all system of first-past-the-post (FPTP) and moving to the alternative-vote (AV) method, in which voters rank candidates in numbered order of preference. Under AV, if no candidate wins more than 50% of voters’ first preferences, the least popular candidate is eliminated and the second preferences of those who voted for him are distributed. The process continues, redistributing third, fourth or lower preferences until someone crosses the 50% line.公投的结果将决定大选是否会采取新的投票体制:改革持者称之为继1928年妇女获得投票权后最大的改革.投票人将选择是保留赢者通吃的简单多数制(FPTP)还是改为排序投票制(AV),后者框架下投票人根据喜好对候选人排序,如果没有候选人获得超过半数的首选,得票最少的候选人将被淘汰,其选票划入排在第二位的候选人名下。以此类推,经过对排在第三位、第四位甚至更靠后的候选人选票重新划分直到有人的得票超过半数。201105/135029淄博友谊医院预约电话是多少

淄博哪家医院检查性病比较准McCain Works to Close Gap in US Presidential Race麦凯恩争取在总统角逐中后来居上  With four days left in the U.S. presidential campaign, Republican John McCain is mounting a furious last minute bid to overtake Democrat Barack Obama in the polls. The final days of the 2008 race for president. 美国总统竞选还有四天时间,共和党参议员麦凯恩正在全力以赴,争取在最后一分钟能够在民调中后来居上超越民主党候选人奥巴马。下面介绍美国2008年总统大选最后几天的选情。Senator McCain focused on Ohio Friday. No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio, and the state has voted with the winning presidential candidate in the last 11 presidential elections. 麦凯恩周五把重点放在美国的俄亥俄州。有史以来没有任何一位共和党候选人能够在没有赢得俄亥俄州的情况下当选总统。在过去十一次总统大选中,在俄亥俄州胜出的候选人都成功地入主白宫。"There's just four days left," he said. "The pundits have written us off, just like they have done before. But we are closing, my friends, and we are going to win in Ohio!" 麦凯恩说:“仅有4天的时间了。那些所谓的专家们像以前那样,已经认为我们输定了。但是,我们的落后差距越来越小。朋友们,我们将会在俄亥俄州获胜!”McCain continues to pound Democrat Barack Obama on the issue of taxes and continues to question Obama's iness to be commander in chief. 麦凯恩继续在税收问题上抨击民主党候选人奥巴马,并继续质疑奥巴马是否有资格担任美国军队的统帅。McCain's vice presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, defended the Republican attacks on Obama at a rally in Pennsylvania. 麦凯恩的副总统竞选夥伴、阿拉斯加州州长萨拉.佩林在宾夕法尼亚州的一个竞选集会上为共和党对奥巴马的攻击进行了辩护。"There is nothing mean-spirited or negative at all about calling someone out on their record, their plans and their associations," she said. 佩林说:“要求某人公布自己过去的记录,自己的计划,以及曾经相关的组织和个人,这并不是什么卑鄙阴险的作为! ”For his part, Senator Obama urged his supporters not to let up in the final days of the campaign, even though Obama leads McCain by an average of six points in national public opinion polls. 在奥巴马方面, 参议员奥巴马敦促他的持者,即使奥巴马在全国民调中平均领先麦凯恩6个百分点,也不要在最后几天松懈竞选活动。Obama campaigned Friday in the Midwest state of Iowa. Obama's victory in the Iowa party caucuses in January set him on a course to win the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. 奥巴马周五在中西部的爱奥华州竞选。奥巴马今年1月在爱奥华州民主党基层党团会议上的胜利,让他踏上赢得民主党总统候选人提名的征途。"And what you started here in Iowa has swept the nation! We are seeing the same turnout, we are seeing the same people going and getting in line, volunteers and people participating," he said. "A whole new way of doing democracy started right here in Iowa, and it's all across the country now!" 奥巴马说:“你们在爱奥华州所展开的趋势已经席卷全国!我们看到同样的参选率,我们看到人们一样出来加入投票队伍,同样多的志愿者和民众参与选举。行使民主的一种全新方式始于爱奥华州,现在已经在全国形成燎原之势了!”In the final days of the campaign, high profile politicians from both parties are out trying to help the two candidates. 在最后几天的竞选活动中,两党的一些著名的政治家都出来分别帮助两位候选人拉票。McCain is getting help from California Governor Arnold Scharzenegger and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. 麦凯恩正得到加州州长施瓦茨辛格和前纽约市市长朱利安尼的帮助。Obama has enlisted former President Bill Clinton and former vice president Al Gore. 奥巴马的阵容有美国前总统比尔.克林顿和前副总统戈尔助阵。Gore told a Florida rally Friday that an Obama victory would improve the U.S. image around the world.  戈尔星期五在佛罗里达州的大会上说,奥巴马获胜将改善美国在世界各地的形像。"This is our chance, all of us, to say don't ever count America out," he said. "The ed States of America is the miracle of world history. We are coming back! We are coming back!" 戈尔说:“这是我们的机会,我们大家可以这样说,别把美国排除在外。美利坚合众国是世界历史的奇迹。我们正在重返世界历史舞台!我们正在重返!”Gore urged Florida Democrats to vote early in advance of Tuesday's election. Gore's narrow loss in Florida eight years go to then Texas Governor George Bush cost him the presidential election. 戈尔呼吁佛罗里达州民主党人在星期二正式举行选举前及早投票。戈尔8年前在佛罗里达州以微弱的差距输给得克萨斯州州长乔治W布什,从而使得他问鼎白宫的努力功亏一篑。McCain supporters are taking some last-minute encouragement from recent polls that suggest the race is tightening in key states like Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.But the Obama campaign is broadening its television advertising campaign in the final days to include the states of North Dakota and Georgia, states that have reliably supported Republican presidential candidates in recent years.The Obama campaign will also begin airing ads in McCain's home state of Arizona in the wake of recent polls that show an unexpectedly close race there.Both candidates will maintain an exhausting travel schedule through Monday as they look to lock up votes in the state-by-state electoral tally that determines who wins the presidency. The winning candidate must secure a minimum of 270 electoral votes out of a total of 538.200811/54689淄博男科医院治疗中心 淄博治疗前列腺炎的费用是多少

淄博男性环形切割World Bank President Says Too Soon for China to Roll Back Stimulus世行行长持中国继续扩张经济政策After meeting with Chinese leaders, including Premier Wen Jiabao, World Bank President Robert Zoellick says he agrees the country should continue expanding the economy instead of looking for an exit strategy from current stimulus spending.世界行长佐利克与中国总理温家宝会见之后表示,他同意中国应该继续扩张经济,而不是从当前刺激经济的出努力中开始实施退出战略。World Bank President Robert Zoellick says China is pleased with its recovery, but leaders recognize there are still large uncertainties. He told reporters in Beijing he is not worried about inflation in China, and agrees China should stay the course with its stimulus policies.世界行长佐利克说,中国对其经济的复苏感到满意,但是中国领导人意识到,仍然存在很大的不确定性。他在北京对记者说,他不担心中国会出现通货膨胀,并且同意,中国应该继续实行刺激经济的政策。"China's actions have helped the global crisis from getting worse, and I agree with its leaders that it is too early to rollback fiscal and monetary measures," said Zoellick. "Recovery may be here, but it could falter."佐利克说:“中国的行动阻止了全球危机进一步恶化。我同意中国领导人的看法,停止实施宽松的货币和财政政策还为时过早。经济复苏可能已经开始,但可能出现曲折。”Zoellick says to maintain recovery, China should keep markets open and resist protectionism.佐利克说,为了持续的经济复苏,中国应该保持市场的开放,抵制贸易保护主义。In June, the World Bank upped its forecast for China's growth in , from 6.5 percent to 7.2 percent. Zoellick says he predicts China will grow more than eight percent this year. 世界今年6月把对中国年经济增长的预测从6.5%上调到7.2%。佐利克说,他预计中国今年的增长将会超过8%。While he praises China's growth and domestic demand as key contributors to boosting world confidence, he also cautions the financial crisis will come in waves. Therefore, he says Chinese leaders are correct to remain cautious even though the country's economy is growing.佐利克赞扬说,中国的经济增长和内需是提升全世界信心的关键因素。但是他同时提醒说,金融危机可能会分阶段接踵而来。他说,因此,中国领导人在经济增长的同时保持谨慎是正确的。This is Zoellick's third visit to China as World Bank president. Besides discussing China's economic recovery and ways to boost domestic demand, he says a big focus of this trip is potential cooperation between the World Bank and China in Africa.这是佐利克担任世行行长以来第三次访问中国。他说,除了讨论中国的经济复苏和促进内需的方法以外,他这次访问的一个重要焦点是探讨世行和中国在非洲展开合作的可能。Zoellick says some World Bank economists, including chief economist Justin Lin, are interested in the possibility of Chinese manufacturing firms investing in Africa beyond resource development and infrastructure. Zoellick spoke with China Commerce Minister Chen Deming about possible cooperation on industrial zones in Africa.佐利克说,包括林毅夫在内的一些世界经济学家对中国除了在非洲的资源开发和基础设施项目以外,由中国制造业公司在非洲投资的可能感兴趣。佐利克与中国商务部长陈德明讨论了在非洲建立工业区进行合作的可能。Zoellick says during all his meetings with Chinese leaders he constantly raises the issue of investment in other developing countries.佐利克说,他在所有会见中国领导人的场合中,每次都提到在其他发展中国家投资的问题。"For every hour that I spend discussing ways that we could help China's development, we probably also spend an hour discussing ways we can work with China in supporting development elsewhere," he said.佐利克说:“我每次会谈的时候,花在讨论我们如何与中国合作帮助其他国家发展的时间和讨论我们如何帮助中国发展所用的时间一样多。”Zoellick says the world cannot rely on the American consumer, and developing countries in places like Africa can offer sources of demand and become future regions of growth. 佐利克说,世界不能依靠美国的消费者,包括非洲国家在内的其他发展中国家也能成为需求的来源,也能成为未来经济增长的地区。Zoellick will travel Thursday to Anhui province to visit several World Bank agriculture and forestry projects, as well as a science and technology university. He will also visit an energy-efficient cement plant.佐利克星期四将前往中国安徽省考察世界在那里的农业和林业项目,以及参观一所科技大学。他还将参观一座有效利用能源的水泥厂。On Friday, the World Bank president leaves China for the G-20 finance ministers meeting in London. There, he says he hopes to press the need for more support for developing countries.世行行长佐利克星期五将离开中国,前往伦敦参加20国集团财长会议。他说,他希望在会上强调向发展中国家提供更大的持。09/83236 Al-Shabab Group Threatens More Terror Attacks in Somalia索激进派威胁再次袭击维和部队  Somalia's militant al-Shabab group has promised to launch more attacks against African Union peacekeeping troops a day after 11 soldiers from Burundi were killed in blasts claimed by the group. 索马里激进组织“青年党”发誓要对非洲联盟维和部队发动更多的攻击。一天前,该组织宣称,他们对11名布隆迪士兵被炸死的事件负责。On an Internet website, al-Shabab posted pictures of the two young men it says were responsible for Sunday's deadly attack on the Mogadishu compound housing peacekeepers from Burundi.  青年党在互联网站登载了两名年轻人的照片。青年党说,这两人制造了星期天在加迪沙军营袭击布隆迪维和部队的流血事件。A statement in Somali accompanied the photos, warning the group would launch more attacks if the 3,500 AMISOM (African Union mission in Somalia) soldiers from Burundi and Uganda did not leave the country immediately.  青年党在互联网上还发表了一份声明警告说,如果非盟驻索马里特派团的3500名布隆迪和乌干达军队不立即撤出索马里,他们将发动更多的袭击。An A.U. official confirmed suicide bombings left 11 soldiers dead and 15 wounded. It was the deadliest strike against African Union troops since their arrival in Somalia nearly two years ago to help stabilize the country. 一位非洲联盟官员实,这次自杀式炸弹导致11名士兵丧生,15人受伤。这是非洲联盟部队大约两年前为了帮助稳定索马里的局势进驻索马里以来发生的最严重的流血事件。In an interview with VOA, AMISOM spokesman, Ugandan army Major Bariyge Ba-Hoku expressed anger at al-Shabab's relentless use of violence. 在接受美国之音采访时,非盟驻索马里特派团发言人、乌干达陆军少校巴里亚格.巴霍库对青年党残暴地使用暴力表示愤慨。"Sheik Muktar Robow, who made the statement praising the two young men who perished according to him, why cannot he himself send his own children into committing suicide? He is sending the children of other people, not his. It means he is keeping himself and his family safe and he is destroying the families of other people. And the Somalis need to look at him as someone who is an enemy of the country," he said. “谢赫.穆赫塔尔.罗在声明中称赞这两名他所说的献身的自杀式炸弹手。为什么他不把自己的孩子送去充当自杀式炸弹手呢?他派别人的孩子,不是他自己的孩子。这意味着他在保全他自己和他家人的安全,毁掉其他人的家庭。索马里人应该把这种人视为国家的敌人。”The African Union described the attack against AMISOM as an attempt to detract attention from efforts to form a new unity government under President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. He was the moderate Islamist who led the Islamic Courts Union before the movement was ousted from power by Ethiopia in late 2006. 非洲联盟形容这次针对非盟驻索马里特派团的袭击是激进分子的一种企图,目的是分散对谢赫谢里夫.谢赫.艾哈迈德总统领导组建一个新的团结政府努力的注意。谢里夫总统是一个温和派的伊斯兰教徒,他曾领导伊斯兰法院联盟,一直到该组织在2006年底被埃塞俄比亚赶下台。After the Islamist leader participated in U.N.-sponsored talks that paved the way for an Ethiopian troop withdrawal from Somalia last month, Sheik Sharif was elected president of Somalia's interim government by an expanded parliament. He and his newly-appointed, western-educated Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke have pledged to reach out to al-Shabab and its allied militias to end the anti-government insurgency and to form the first functioning government in Somalia in 18 years. 在这位伊斯兰领袖参加了联合国发起的谈判后,谢里夫在一次扩大的议会选举中被推选为索马里过渡政府的总统。那次谈判为埃塞俄比亚军队上个月从索马里撤走铺平了道路。谢里夫和他新任命的、曾接受西方教育的索马里总理萨马克承诺同青年党及其结盟的民兵进行接触,结束反政府的反叛活动,组建索马里18年来第一个正常运作的政府。President Sharif says the government needs the help of international peacekeepers to re-establish order and wants AMISOM troops to stay. But al-Shabab, listed by Washington as a terrorist organization, has refused to accept the presence of foreign troops in Somalia and has repeatedly attacked AMISOM bases anda convoys. 谢里夫总统说,政府需要国际维和部队的帮助,重新建立秩序,并且希望非盟驻索马里特派团留下来。但是,被华盛顿定性为恐怖主义组织的青年党却拒绝接受外国军队在索马里的存在,并多次袭击非盟驻索马里特派团的基地和车辆。02/63039淄博哪家医院看生殖器疱疹好博山区中医院不孕不育多少钱



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