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The fact diseases have a smell comes as no surprise - but finding someone or something that can detect them at an early stage could hold huge potential medicine.疾病总是带着一些气味儿,这很正常但如果能借此及早察觉到疾病,就很有可能及早治疗Breath, bodily odours and urine are all amazingly revealing about general health. Even the humble cold can give off an odour, thanks to the thick bacteria-ridden mucus that ends up in the back of the throat. The signs are not apparent to everyone - but some super-smellers are very sensitive to the odours. Joy Milne, example, noticed her husband smell had changed shortly bee he was diagnosed with Parkinson disease.呼吸、体味、尿液,能够极其准确地预测人的整体健康状况 多亏了喉咙里的浓浓的阻挡细菌的粘液,我们患了小感冒也会有“味道” 这些标志并非对所有人都很明显,但是一些“超级鼻”对这些气味很敏感比如,乔伊米尔恩在她丈夫被诊断出有帕金森之前,就察觉到了他气味的变化Humans can detect nearly ,000 different smells. med by chemicals in the air, they are absorbed by little hairs, made of extremely sensitive nerve fibres, hanging from the nose olfactory receptors. And the human sense of smell is ,000 times more sensitive than the sense of taste.人类可以分辨出将近一万种不同的气味这些气味与空气中的化学物质结合,被细小的毛发吸收,让我们极其敏锐的神经纤维感受到,传导到鼻子里的嗅觉接受器里而且,人类的嗅觉比味觉灵敏一万倍But dogs, as the old joke might have had it, smell even better. Their ability to detect four times as many odours as humans makes them a potential early warning system a range of diseases. Research suggesting dogs could sniff out cancers, example, was first published about years ago. And there have been many tales of dogs repeatedly sniffing an area of their owner body, only it to turn out to be hiding a tumour.What they are smelling are the ;volatile molecules; given off by cells when they become cancerous. Some studies suggest dogs can be 93% accurate. Others suggest they can detect very small tumours bee clinical tests can. And yet more studies have produced mixed results.不过,就像我们经常开玩笑说的那样,鼻子更灵它们能嗅出的味道数量是人类的四倍,这使得我们能对很多种疾病建立一个早期警示系统,比如,十年前发表的一个研究表明:能嗅出癌症的味道据说,如果主人某个部位有隐藏肿瘤,会不停地嗅那个地方,嗅癌变细胞散发出的“挥发性微粒”有些研究表明,的嗅觉93%的几率是准确的还有一些研究表明它们能比临床检测更早的感知到小肿瘤但是还有很多研究发现了混合的结果Does cancer smell?癌症有气味吗?At Milton Keynes University Hospital, a small team has recently begun to collect human urine samples to test dogs ability to detect the smell of prostate cancer. The patients had symptoms such as difficulty urinating or a change in flow, which could turn out to be prostate, bladder or liver cancer.米尔顿凯恩斯大学医院的一小队伍最近开始收集人类气味的样本来测试鉴定前列腺癌的能力这些病人都患有一些症状,比如排尿困难或尿流变化,这可能是前列腺癌或膀胱癌或肝癌的前兆Rowena Fletcher, head of research and development at the hospital, says the role of the dogs - which have been trained by Medical Detection Dogs - is to pick out samples that smell of cancer.此项研究和医院发展的领头人罗威纳弗莱彻表示,经过医疗检测犬项目训练的能挑选出癌症的气味接着,临床检测能够显示的判断是否正确以后将有可能将用在这类的用途上,这一点是意义深远的,即使在每台手术时都配一只不太现实;We hope one day that there could be an electronic machine on every GP desk which could test a urine sample diseases by smelling it,; she says. ;But first we need to pick up the pattern of what the dogs are smelling.;她说:“我们希望有一天,每个医生的桌子上都能有一个电子机器,通过嗅觉来检测就医的人是否得了病,但是我们首先要知道嗅的是什么”And that the key. Dogs cant tell us what their noses are detecting, but scientists believe that different cancers could produce different smells, although some might also be very similar.这就是问题关键了不能告诉我们他们在嗅什么,但是科学家相信,即使有些癌症的气味非常相似,但不同癌症气味还是有区别的Electronic noses电子鼻Lab tests to understand what these highly-trained dogs are smelling could then inm the development of electronic noses to detect the same molecules. These might then give rise to better diagnostic tests in the future.通过实验室测试去探索这些训练有素的所嗅到的东西可以帮助“电子鼻”的发展,以此来辨别气味这可能在将来会促进诊断测试的发展The potential using smell to test a wide range of diseases is huge, Ms Fletcher says. Bacteria, cancers and chronic diseases could all have their own odour - which may be imperceptible to only the most sensitive humans, but obvious to dogs. It may be possible in the future to use disease odours as the basis a national screening programme or to test everybody at risk of a certain cancer in a particular age group.弗莱彻女士说,使用气味来诊断很多疾病的可能性很大细菌、癌症、慢性病都有它们独特的气味,这些气味可能对极其敏感的人类来说都不太明显,但是对来说却很明显在将来,这些疾病的气味可能会作为国家筛选项目的基础,或者去测试可能患癌症的特殊年龄群里的每个人However, there are fewer than dogs in the UK trained to detect cancer at present. Training more will take more funding and time. On the positive side, all dogs are eligible to be trained provided they are keen on searching and hunting. Whatever their breed or size, it our four-legged friend astounding sense of smell which could unlock a whole new way of detecting human diseases.但是,目前英国只有不到只受到过检测癌症的训练越多的训练意味着越多的时间和资金不过,从积极的一面来说,所有对搜寻和追捕有兴趣的都有资格接受训练,不论他们是什么品种、大小如何,毕竟,是他们惊人的嗅觉为我们检测人类疾病的新道路提供了可能 1973湖州哪家整形医院隆鼻比较权威A 51-meter-high castle, poised to set the record as the world highest and largest snow sculpture, opened to visitors on Friday in northeast China Heilongjiang Province.周五,在中国东北的黑龙江省,一座51米高的、同时也是目前世界上最高、最大的雪塑建筑城堡正式向游客开放Combining both gothic and baroque styles, the ;Crown of Ice and Snow; stands on the surface of a frozen lake at Sun Island in Harbin, the provincial capital.融合了哥特和巴洛克建筑风格的“冰雪之冠”,伫立在黑龙江省的省会哈尔滨的太阳岛湖面上More than 0 artists used more than 35,000 cubic meters of snow to build the castle, which covers an area of ,800 square meters, said Yang Hongwei, chief designer of the th Sun Island Snow Expo.第二十八届太阳岛冰雪览会总设计师杨宏伟表示,共计超过0名建筑师,使用超过35000立方米的用雪量来建造这座占地面积00平方米的城堡The castle is the main attraction of the European snow town built during the expo this year, Yang said.杨宏伟说,这座城堡是今年世会上建造的欧洲冰雪小镇的主要景点Hosting a variety of snow-themed activities, Harbin attracts millions of tourists each winter.由于举办各种以雪为主题的活动,哈尔滨每年都能吸引数以百万计的游客 019958湖州假体隆鼻后悔死了A 67-year-old man has been unable to claim inheritance of his grandparents apartment because he cant prove theyre dead.近日,一名67岁的老汉无法继承其祖父母的房产,因为他无法明他们已经死亡Xu Yiqing said the red tape began when authorities in Yichang, Hubei Province refused to put the property in his name without death certificates.据这位名叫徐义清的老人表示,这件事始于湖北省宜昌市政府拒绝在没有死亡明的情况下把这处房产归到他的名下The fact that his grandparents were born over 0 years ago has not convinced the courts or police, Xu said.据徐义清表示,他的祖父母生于0多年前这个事实并没有说法院或者警察Xu has been pleading his case to local agencies since in the hopes they can issue the proper paperwork, reported Xinhua News Agency.据新华社报道,徐义清于年就将他的案子提交给了当地机构,希望他们能够出具一份适当的文书But obtaining death certificates relatives who were born during the Qing Dynasty (-19) has proven a bit of a challenge.但是要获得清朝时(-19)出生亲人的死亡明确实有点困难Xu said he even filed a lawsuit against his two sisters - on the advice of their lawyer - in order to show no relatives were contesting ownership.据徐义清表示,在律师的建议下,他甚至还把自己两个告上了法庭,从而明没有亲戚在争夺所有权But the court ruled against Xu, claiming the three siblings had not proven they were the only ones who stood to inherit the property.但是法院驳回了徐义清的请求,声称这三兄不能明他们是唯一可以继承这一财产的人;The bizarre necessity of this document is a stumbling block that harms social justice and the efficiency of administration,; said Wang Shouyi, assistant dean of the Institute of Law and Public Administration, China Three Gorges University.中国三峡大学法学与公共管理学院副院长王守义说道:“这份文件令人瞠目结舌的必要性,是一个既损害了社会公正,也影响了行政效率的绊脚石” 833安吉县人民医院去除狐臭多少钱

湖州去除眼袋哪家医院好湖州注射丰胸医院哪家好A: I opened my mail, found this eviction notice, and donrsquo;t know what to do with it.我打开邮箱,发现了搬迁通知,我不知道改怎么做B: Actually, it is a 30-day notice to vacate the premises.实际上,再过30天你就得搬迁?A: Just being a few days late?就因为晚交了几天房租B: This isnrsquo;t the first time you have been considerably late with the rent. I need to start the procedure to evict you.这不是你第一次拖欠房租我得开始驱赶你的手续A: Are you taking my apartment away?你会将我的公寓收回吗?B: This is a notice to inm you that the sheriff will evict you in 30 days if you do not pay up on your rent.如果你补交房租,你得在30天内搬走A: Can I keep the apartment if I pay my rent in full?如果我全额交房租能继续住下吗?B: You can keep the apartment if you stay caught up on your rent. Otherwise, I need to find someone who can make the payments.如果你补全房租是可以的否则我就把房子租给能付起房租的人A: I will go write a check right now.我马上就开张票B: Thank you. I will need a cashierrsquo;s check or cash, please.谢谢我需要本票或现金China is now capable of building the world first underwater vacuum tube train, a futuristic m of transportation that can achieve supersonic speed and reduce airborne noise, according to Chinese academics and scholars.据中国的学者和学术研究人员表示,中国现在有能力建设世界上第一条水下真空管列车--这种未来的交通方式,其速度可以超过音速、且能大幅度降低噪音;In order to build an underwater vacuum tunnel, China must bring th new ideas...about submerged floating tunnels, maglev trains and vacuum techniques. Currently, the country technologies are sufficient to carry out such a program,; Sun Jun, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the Science and Technology Daily.中国科学院院士孙钧向《科技日报透露:“为了建设这样一条水下真空隧道,中国必须在水中悬浮隧道、磁悬浮列车以及真空技术等方面进行创新目前我国的技术已经足以完成这样的项目了”The vacuum tube train is a magnetic levitation line that utilizes evacuated tubes or tunnels. Due to reduced air resistance, the train could hit a theoretical speed of ,000 kilometers per hour using relatively little power, and its operation would not be affected by weather.水下真空管列车是一条真空管中的磁悬浮列车轨道由于空气阻力的降低,列车使用较小的功耗就能达到每小时00公里的理论速度,而且其运行不会受到天气影响The China Railway Tunnel Survey And Design Institute has finished a tentative research survey on the possibility of building a -kilometer underwater vacuum tunnel in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province.中国中铁隧道勘测设计院已经完成了对浙江舟山全长公里的水下真空隧道建设的可行性研究Once built, it would become China longest underwater tunnel, as well as the world first underwater vacuum tunnel, cutting the travel time between Fujian and Taipei - located 180 kilometers apart - to just minutes.一旦建成,这条隧道就将成为中国最长水下隧道、世界第一条水下真空隧道,使得往来福建、台北(相距180公里)两地的时间缩短到分钟The program has been welcomed by many scholars and experts, who note that China has built over 500 underwater tunnels over the past years, gaining rich experience and refined technologies.该项目得到了许多学者和专家的持,他们指出,中国过去年已经建成了500多条水下隧道,积累了丰富的经验和精湛的技术Sun, along with two other academicians, has called Chinese authorities to approve and support the program.孙钧和其他两名院士已经呼吁中国政府批准并持该项目 596湖州福音医院隆胸多少钱长兴县煤山地区医院整形美容科

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