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A: Help me! I need a doctor!B: What is the problem, sir?A: My wife is on the floor!B: Sir, please calm down. Take a deep breath.A: I need some help, right now!B: Sir, I'm going to put you through to 9.A: Hurry, please!B: I'm transferring you right now, sir.湖州第一医院纹眉毛多少钱湖州曙光整形美容医院耳垂整形手术怎么样What a sport! Incredible moment a cyclist REFUSES to overtake his rival after the athlete suffers a puncture near finish line.这才是运动精神!自行车手在临近终点时自行车爆胎,而紧随其后的对手却拒绝超越When cyclist Agustin Navarro rival suffered a puncture near the finish line of a big competition, it was the perfect opporty him to speed into third place and win the bronze medal.在西班牙坎塔布里亚举行的自行车大赛上,一名参赛选手在临近终点的时候车轮胎被刺爆,此时对于紧随其后的选手奥古斯丁·纳瓦罗来说是绝好的机会,他尽可以加快速度,获得铜牌But in an incredible display of sportsmanship, Mr Navarro slowed down and refused to overtake competitor Ismael Esteban, following him as he ran along the road with his bike on his shoulders.爆胎选手伊斯梅尔·埃斯特班并未放弃比赛,而是扛着车到了终点,然而,紧随其后的纳瓦罗却刻意放慢速度,拒绝超越,跟随他抵达终点,在体育竞赛方面这简直令人难以置信Footage of the scene shows stunned spectators applauding Mr Navarro gesture and cheering the two men as they make it over the finish line - Mr Esteban, by foot; Mr Navarro, on his bike.现场录像显示,两边围观观众对纳瓦罗的这一举动表示诧异,并为其鼓掌,两位选手,一位扛车步行,一位骑车慢行,到达终点时观众纷纷欢呼The was later posted online, where it has since been shared thousands of times globally.该视频发布在网上后,在全球被分享了上千次This week, Mr Navarro, who has been praised by Internet users his gentlemanly act. He told a local newspaper: I dont want to win like that. To overtake him just bee the finish line would have been unethical.本周,网民对纳瓦罗先生的这一绅士风度大加赞赏纳瓦罗告诉当地新闻媒体,“我不想这样赢在终点线前超越他是不道德的”Amazingly, a grateful Mr Esteban tried to give his bronze medal to Mr Navarro after the contest. However, his opponent stoutly refused the prize.而更令人感动的是,赛后,埃斯特班竟然要把铜牌让给纳瓦罗不过,他的对手拒绝接受这枚奖牌 6湖州有什么办法可以彻底去掉脸上的毛孔

湖州乳头内陷怎么办湖州市做隆胸多少钱Sometimes we make bad decisions about who we date or what movie to see -- and those shoes? Too late to return them now. But sometimes, we make really bad decisions.有时,关于日常琐事,比如和谁约会、看什么样的电影、穿哪双鞋等,我们的决定不太美妙现在想要重新来过早已为时已晚但有时候,人们所做的决定实在太过糟糕 example, Thomas Austin didnt consider the consequence of introducing rabbits to Australia; he just wanted a five-star meal. And NASA knew the Challenger had O-ring problems, but decided to launch the space shuttle anyway. And all of the publishing firms that rejected J.K. Rowling ;Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone;? Since their first printing in 1997, the Harry Potter books have broken publishing records; they are now considered the fastest-selling books ever. The next time you make a bad decision, remember: It probably could have been worse -- you could have accepted the Trojan Horse or tried to invade Russia. In no particular order, weve collected of the worst decisions ever made. Hold on to your sweet tooth because were starting with those little candies aliens just cant resist. No, not Mamp;Ms.例如,托马斯.奥斯丁没有考虑到把兔子引入澳大利亚的后果;他仅仅想要一顿五星级大餐罢了虽然美国国家航空和宇航局明知挑战者号航天飞机的环形垫圈有问题,却仍然决定将其发射升空那十二个拒绝出版J.K.罗琳的《哈利波特与魔法石的出版公司呢?在1997年第一次出版印刷,哈利波特系列图书便打破了出版界的记录;如今该系列被视为是史上最畅销的书下次做出糟糕决定时,请牢记:它本有可能变得更糟–你本可能会接受特洛伊木马或者试图侵图俄国下面我们整理了史上最糟的十个决定,排名不分先后吃甜食的一定要坚持住,因为我们要从那些连外星人都无法拒绝的小糖果开始不,不是玛氏.Mars Turning Down the Chance to be in E.T..玛氏糖果拒绝电影“E.T”;Is he a pig? He sure eats like one,; quipped Gertie when she first laid eyes on the small brown alien, E.T., in Steven Spielberg 198 blockbuster movie. E.T. may have had a sweet tooth, but those brown, orange and yellow candies he was snacking on werent Mamp;Ms. It could have been Mamp;Ms, but Mars passed on the chance to use their candy in ;E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial; when Spielberg asked. Instead, Hershey smartly stepped in with Reese Pieces when opporty knocked. The good tune knowing when to say yes? Sales of Reese Pieces jumped 65 percent in June 198, the same month E.T. was released.“他是猪吗?他吃东西的时候确实很像”第一次在在史蒂文森.斯皮尔伯格198年的大片中看到小小的棕色外星人E.T时,格蒂如此打趣道E.T.可能非常喜欢吃甜食,但是他吃的那些棕色、橙色和黄色的糖并非玛氏产品那些糖本可能来自玛氏,但当斯皮尔伯格向其询问时,玛氏错过了在“E.T.,外星人”中出现的机会然而,当机会来敲门时,好时公司明智地借此电影将里斯巧克力(好时公司的一种牛奶巧克力)推出市场是好时运气好,关键时候决策正确吗?198年6月,电影E.T.上映的当月,里斯巧克力销量攀升了65%9.Decca Records Declining to Sign the Beatles9.迪卡唱片拒签披头士乐队In 196, Dick Rowe, an executive at Decca Records, thought guitar groups were falling out of favor. On New Year Day that year, The Beatles – though at that time Pete Best was their drummer and they called themselves the Silver Beatles -- auditioned Decca Records producer Tony Meehan. One month later, when Dick Rowe heard their audition tape -- tracks on a -inch audio tape -- he passed on signing the band. As it turns out, Dick Rowe was mistaken. Guitar bands werent cold, they were hot. The Beatles went on to sign with EMI, and released their first 8 albums through the Parlophone label. It estimated that the band earned .5 million by the end of the summer of 1967. The Wall Street Journal estimated million in record sales in the U.S. alone in 196. In 1968 they launched their own record label, Apple Records.196年,Dick Rowe担任迪卡唱片的执行董事,他认为吉他乐队已不受欢迎那年元旦,披头士乐队(当时的鼓手是彼德·贝斯特Pete Best,乐队自称为Sliver Beatles)在迪卡唱片试音,当时制作人是Tony Meehan一个月后,迪克·罗听了他们的试音带–英寸大小,包括首单曲,但最终丢掉了签下披头士的机会结果迪克·罗错了吉他乐队并没有过时,反而大受欢迎披头士后来签约EMI(电力及音乐集团;世纪世界五大唱片集团之一),并且通过Parlophone(EMI旗下唱片公司之一)发行了他们的前八张专辑据估计,截止1967年夏末,披头士乐队已赚取3850万美元196年,华尔街日报预测他们的专辑仅在美国就有5000万的销量1968年,他们创建了自己的唱片公司—苹果唱片8.Thalidomide Use as a Morning Sickness Treatment8.沙利度胺用于治疗妇害喜Thalidomide was introduced in the early 1950s as a safe over-the-counter sedative, and went on to be prescribed to pregnant women as a morning sickness treatment during the 1950s and 1960s across 6 countries. By 1961, though, negative effects of the drug were becoming evident -- babies were born with severe demities. Affected babies were often born with shortened arms or legs and with flipper-like hands and feet (a condition called phocomelia); some babies were born with other defects such as malmed eyes, ears, hearts and other organs. By the time the manufacturer finally pulled the drug, an estimated 0,000 pregnant women had taken it, and an estimated 0 percent of babies exposed to the drug died (either during the pregnancy or shortly after birth). Thalidomide does have its uses, although always with the risk of severe birth defects or infant mortality. It approved use as a treatment multiple myeloma, which is a blood and bone marrow cancer, as well as treatment skin lesions associated with leprosy, and research is underway on its potential treatment other cancers, HIV-related complications, and autoimmune conditions such as lupus and Crohn disease.世纪50年代初,沙利度胺作为一种安全的非处方止痛药被引进;世纪50年代至60年代期间,有6个国家将沙利度胺用于治疗妇早期害喜到1961年,该药物的副作用已经显而易见——新生儿先天四肢畸形受影响的新生儿一般先天四肢短小,四肢如同鱼鳍(这种症状称作海豹肢症);一些新生儿有其他的先天缺陷,例如畸形的眼睛,耳朵,心脏或者其他器官截至药品制造商最终决定召回沙利度胺为止,预计已有万名妇曾经用该药物,其中大约0%的受影响婴儿死亡(或在期死亡或产后早夭).尽管沙利度胺很可能导致新生儿严重的先天缺陷或死亡,但是它的确有其他作用沙利度胺在不少疾病的治疗上获得认可,如用于多发性骨髓瘤(一种血液及骨髓癌症)或因麻风病导致的皮肤损伤沙利度胺的潜在功能还在研究,如用于治疗其他癌症、艾滋病相关的并发症和红斑狼疮和克罗恩病等自身免疫系统疾病7.The Titanic Many Bad Choices7.泰坦尼克号的多重错误More than a century ago, the RMS Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage across the North Atlantic. But just five days into the trip from England to New York City, the luxury liner collided with an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland; consumed by damage she sank, killing more than 1,500 passengers and crew.一百多年前,泰坦尼克号开始她横穿北太平洋的处女航但仅仅第五天后,从英格兰驶向纽约的航程中,这艘豪华邮轮撞上了纽芬兰岛沿岸的冰山泰坦尼克号的沉没带走了超过00名乘客和船员的生命Multiple mistakes were made that collectively sent the Titanic to its tragic end in April 19. First, there were no safety regulations in place a ship as large as the Titanic. It didnt carry adequate safety equipment. example, there were only lifeboats, enough only about one-third to one-half of the passengers on board, and crew members werent prepared with binoculars or proper lighting. Additionally, the Titanic was untested. Sure, theyd reviewed the ship equipment, but it was never test driven; it was unproven. The crew was not fully up to speed on the liner, its equipment (such as the state-of-the-art Marconi wireless messaging system) and its emergency procedures. Despite how unprepared the Titanic was operationally, it may have been a simple human error that ultimately caused the iceberg disaster. In it was revealed that the helmsman may have made a steering error when diverting the ship around the iceberg, and the turn wasnt corrected in time to avoid disaster. The iceberg was spotted just bee midnight, and by : a.m. the Titanic had split and sunk.多重错误导致了泰坦尼克号于19年月沉没的悲惨结局首先,当时没有符合泰坦尼克号(那么大客容量的)安全标准泰坦尼克号并没有装配足够的安全设备例如,它只配置了艘救生艇,仅够船上约至的乘客使用,并且船员也未配备望远镜和专用照明设备此外,泰坦尼克号未经检测当然,船上的设备是经过检修的,但游轮整体并未试航;,泰坦尼克号是未经检验的船员也未能充分了解这艘邮轮,不够清楚邮轮的设备(如最先进的马可尼无线信息传递系统)及应急措施尽管泰坦尼克号(自身)在操作上准备不足,但最终造成撞上冰山这一灾难的却是人为操作错误年,调查发现,在游轮转向躲避冰山的过程中,舵手操作错误,未能及时转向在午夜前,船员发现了冰山,到凌晨点分,泰坦尼克号已经破裂、沉入大海6.Filling the Hindenburg With Hydrogen6.兴登堡号的氢气气囊In the 1930s, there was a dream of commercial airships ferrying passengers across the Atlantic in no time at all, just 60 hours. Commercial airship travel was gaining popularity, and the Hindenburg was the largest zeppelin ever built (in fact, it was the largest thing ever to fly). The airship was three times as long and double the height of a Boeing 77 of today, all wrapped up in a silver-painted fabric membrane. It was just as luxurious as it was enormous -- it even had a specially designed lightweight baby grand piano on board, and, paradoxically, a smoking lounge.世纪30年代,人类梦想有一架商用飞行器能载着乘客在短短60小时内飞渡大西洋后来,这个梦想实现了,齐柏林飞艇问世,搭乘飞行器来场空中旅途的热度逐日增长,而兴登堡号作为史上型号最大的齐柏林飞艇(事实上,它也是史上最大的飞行物),是现代波音77飞机的三倍长、两倍高,通身包裹有银色织物材质的保护膜而且其奢华程度也极为少见——兴登堡号甚至同时配备有为它特别设计的轻小型钢琴和吸烟室In May 1937, during its attempt to dock, the luxury liner burst into flames above Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey. In 37 seconds the Hindenburg was destroyed by fire; 36 of the 97 passengers and crew died. What went wrong? A few things. First and emost, the Hindenburg was filled with hydrogen, a highly flammable gas, instead of a less-combustible alternative such as helium. There have been differing theories about what caused the hydrogen to combust. Could the zeppelin have been struck by lightning? Or was the German Hindenburg -- Nazi-funded, with swastikas on its tail -- a political target, destroyed by a bomb, gun or sabotage? Or maybe, others thought, the powdered aluminum in the paint contributed to the explosion? Today leading theory suggests the combination of leaking hydrogen gas, such as from a broken or malfunctioning valve or wire, and a build-up of electrostatic resulting from a thunderstorm may have sparked the fire when the crew dropped the ship landing ropes, which may have grounded the zeppelin and discharged the electrostatic.1937年5月,兴登堡号在降落新泽西州莱克赫斯特海军航空站的过程中着火,短短37秒就被彻底焚毁,造成机上共97名乘客及机组人员中36人遇难是什么酿成了这次事故?首当其冲的就是兴登堡号气囊中的氢气——一种极易燃的气体,而非更安全的替代品氦气关于氢气被引燃的起因人们众说纷纭是有闪电击中了飞艇?还是兴登堡号尾部的万字符和它的纳粹背景引来了敌军的炮火?抑或是其表层颜料中的铝粉引发了爆炸?今天呼声较高的解释是:一系列的因素导致了惨剧的发生,首先是阀门或线路的故障或损坏引起了氢气泄露,同时在雷暴天气下,兴登堡号的表面逐渐积蓄起静电,当机组人员将飞艇着陆的绳索放下接触到地面,静电就被释放出来与泄露的氢气相遇引发大火审校:郗莉红 编辑:listen 来源:前十网湖州权威美容医院湖州曙光整形美容医院治疗纹身怎么样

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