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China on track to 12 operational J-20stealth fighters in 2017 for airpower edge over other countries in Asia中国计划017年部2架J-20隐身战机以取得对其他亚洲国家的空中优势In July 2016,the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation rolled out two more low rate initialproduction (LRIP) J-20 stealth fighters. This brings to a total of four J-20fighters built for service into the Chinese air force, as opposed to theoriginal eight J-20 prototypes, which are still undergoing a rigorous flighttesting regimen. At this rate of production, China may have 12 production J-20y to hand off to a PLAAF squadron for operational and flightfamiliarization, with an initial operating capability (IOC -- meaning thosefighters can conduct combat operations) in 2017-2018.2016月,成飞批量推出了另架低速生产型(LRIP)J-20隐身战机。这样一来总共就有4架进入中国空军装备的J-20隐身战机,另外还有之前制造的8架原型机,这些原型机仍然在接受更严格的飞行测试计划。以这个制造速度,将会有一个中2架量产型的J-20交付解放军空军用于入列改装,以便017-2018年形成初始战斗力(IOC,意味着这些飞机形成战力)。If the J-20 meets its 2017-2018 IOC target date, it will give China atechnological edge in air to air combat over all its Asian neighbors, who donot yet have 5th generation planes. As a heavyweight stealth fighter, it isarmed with long range missiles, electronic warfare, advanced radar and passivesensors, making it a respectable competitor to even the new US F-22 and F-35stealth fighters. CAC is aly planning a series of future updates to keepthe J-20 state of art; domestic WS-15 engines are just one of them.如果J-20可以按期形成IOC,中国将对所有的亚洲邻国在空战中取得技术优势,这些国家都没代机。作为重型战机,J-20可以携带远程导弹、电子战装备、先进雷达及被动传感器,这些甚至可与美国的F-22与F-35相提并论。成飞已经安排了一系列的升级计划已让J-20保持在最新的技术状态,国产的WS-15引擎即是其中的一项。The J-20 willbe stealthy, fast, heavily armed with long range air to air missiles, and stateof the art radar and infrared sensors. Perhaps more than any other weapon, theJ-20 represents Chinas military modernization. via China Defense ForumJ-20将会是隐形、快速、重型的战机,配有远程空空导弹、先进雷达和红外传感器。J-20可能比其他武器更能代表中国的军事现代化。图片来自中国的军事论坛。Also ImprovedJ-31 fighter另外还有升级版的J-31Chinas second fifth generation fighter, theJ-31 is a twin engine, medium weight stealth fighter built by the ShenyangAircraft Corporation. It is undergoing testing, while waiting for firm domesticand export orders. A display floor model of an improved J-31, with a largerfuselage, improved indigenous engines, stealthier features and improvedsensors, was prominently displayed at the Zhuhai 2014 Airshow. The second J-31prototype, incorporating those improvements, is expected to make its firstflight soon, if it aly hasnt done so. A first flight of the improved J-31,just in time for the 2016 Zhuhair Airshow, would greatly improve its salesprospects at home and aboard.中国第二代战机,J-31是沈飞制造的双引擎、中型隐身战机。J-31在试飞中等待落实国内及出口订单。在2014珠海航展中,一架地面展示模型醒目的出现了更大的机身、改进的国产发动机、更多隐身设计及升级后的各类传感器,这些极大的提升了其国内及出口市场的销售前景。Lovely Swiftat mil.qq.com. The new J-31 prototype (the one in lighter gray paint) isexpected to be larger, have a nose mounted infrared search and tracking sensor,and stealthy features (such as clipped horizontal and vertical stabilizers).上图是Lovely Swift发布在mil.qq.com网站上的。新的J-31原型机(那架浅灰色涂装)将会有更大的装设在机鼻处的红外搜索及追踪传感器及更多的隐形设计(如更简洁的水平及竖直稳定面等)。As Chinese defense exports grow, the J-20 andJ-31 could start making the rounds at foreign airshows, and possibly even inforeign air forces.随着中国的武器出口增长,J-20与J-31将可能出现在国外航展上,甚至可能进入外国空军列装。来 /201607/454806German Chancellor Angela Merkel toldreporters on Tuesday that the “Brexitis irreversible, pouring cold wateron efforts tokeep the ed Kingdom inside the European Union.德国总理默克尔周二对记者说英国脱欧不可逆,这给继续让英国留在欧盟内的努力泼了一盆冷水。“I see no possibility to reverse this.We would do well to accept this reality This not a time for wishfulthinking, but to see things as they are,she said, as ed by Politico.“我看不到可逆的可能性。我们最好接受这个现实。。。现在不是一厢情愿的时候,而是要面对现实,”Politico网站援引她的话说。Merkel is blamed by some analysts for aseries of decisions that convinced British voters to choose a future outsidethe EU.一些分析家指责默克尔所做的一系列决定促使了英国选民投票脱离欧盟。One was the decision last year to throwopen German’s borders to Syrian refugees, out of a sense of historical guiltand a desire for immigrant labor.其中一个决定就是出于历史愧疚和对移民劳工的需求而于去年决定向叙利亚难民开放德国边境。来 /201606/451976A petition against the appointment by Goldman Sachs of former European Commission president José Manuel Barroso has attracted more than 76,000 signatures.一份反对高Goldman Sachs)对欧盟委员会(European Commission)前主席若#8226;曼努埃尔#8226;巴罗José Manuel Barroso)之任命的请愿书已吸引到.6万人签名。The change.org petition which claims to have been started by a group of EU civil servants is asking for punitive measures to be taken against Mr Barroso, including the suspension of his EU pension, over his decision to work for the Wall Street giant.由于巴罗佐决定为高盛这家华尔街巨头效力,change.org网站上的这份请愿书要求对巴罗佐采取惩罚性措施,包括停发他的欧盟退休金。请愿书称,这次请愿是由一群欧盟公务员发起的。The former EU chief was unveiled as the non-executive chairman of Goldman SachsLondon-based investment bank in early July, a fortnight after the UK’s shock vote to quit the EU.7月初,也就是在英国出人意料的退欧公投结果出炉两周后,高盛宣布任命这位前欧盟领导人为该行伦敦投行部门的非执行董事长。Despite a long history of former politicians taking up private sector jobs, the Goldman Sachs appointment provoked outrage from Mr Barroso’s former political colleagues, including France’s President Fran#231;ois Hollande who described the move as morally unacceptable.尽管前政治人士到私营部门任职的历史很悠久,但高盛的这一任命却引起了包括法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)在内的巴罗佐前政界同僚的愤怒。奥朗德称此举在道义上是不可接受的。The petition is more than halfway to its stated target of 150,000 signatories and is due to be presented to current commission president Jean-Claude Juncker at the end of September. 这份请愿书声称其目标是征5万人的签名,而目前的签名人数已过半。It will also go to European Council president Donald Tusk and the leader of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz.请愿书将月末呈交给现任欧盟委员会主席克洛#8226;容克(Jean-Claude Juncker),另外还将呈交给欧洲理事European Council)主席唐纳#8226;图斯Donald Tusk)和欧洲议European Parliament)议长马丁#8226;舒尔Martin Schulz)。The European Commission would not comment. 欧盟委员会不愿置评。There is no legal basis for curbing Mr Barroso’s pension, which is more than Euro100,000 a year, since he fully complied with an 18-month restriction period that kicked in when he left Brussels in October 2014.巴罗佐的退休金为每年0万欧元。停发巴罗佐的退休金是没有法律依据的,因为他充分遵守了从20140月他离开布鲁塞尔时启动的为期18个月的限制期。Mr Barroso would not comment on the petition, while Goldman Sachs stressed that his 18-month restriction was a longer period than that imposed by most European institutions.巴罗佐不愿就这份请愿书置评,而高盛强调称,他8个月限制期长于大多数欧洲机构规定的限制期。Critics have claimed the role is inappropriate given Mr Barroso’s central role in forming Europe’s response to the financial crisis during his decade at the helm of the EU. 批评者声称,考虑到巴罗佐在掌舵欧盟的十年期间在制定欧洲应对金融危机方案过程中发挥的核心作用,他出任这一职务是不妥当的。The petition also references Goldman Sachsrole in the US subprime crisis and Greece’s crisis and the crucial juncture the EU faces as Brexit looms.请愿书还提到高盛在美国次贷危机和希腊危机中扮演的角色,以及随着英国退欧临近欧盟正面临关键时刻。It (the appointment) is, at the worst possible moment, a disastrous symbol for the Union and a gift horse for the Europhobes that a former Commission President is associated with the#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;values that Goldman Sachs represents, the petition argues.这(项任命)是在一个可能最糟糕的时刻,发出了一个关于欧盟的灾难性信号,向恐欧者送上一份大礼,欧盟委员会的前主席居然跟……高盛代表的价值观扯上关系,请愿书称。Mr Juncker has criticised the appointment in two separate interviews. 容克已在两次访谈中批评了这项任命。The fact that Barroso works for a bank doesn’t bother me, he told Belgian newspaper Le Soir in late July. But the fact that it’s that one causes me a problem.巴罗佐为一家效力,我不认为有何不妥,他月末向比利时《晚报Le Soir)表示,我认为不妥的是他效力的是那家。来 /201609/464161U.S. President Barack Obama will speak Friday at the end of the second and final day of the nuclear security summit in Washington attended by world leaders.美国总统奥巴马星期五将在华盛顿举行的核安全峰会上发表讲话。很多国家领导人都出席了这次为期两天的峰会,星期五是峰会的第二天,也是最后一天。The U.S. leader said Thursday that in the wake of attacks in places including Brussels, there is “not only great urgency around the nuclear issue but eliminating generally the scourge of terrorism.”奥巴马总统星期四表示,布鲁塞尔等地发生袭击后,亟待解决的问题不仅是核安全,而且还有根除恐怖主义。Obama’s fourth and final nuclear summit has come at a time of heightened concern about the possibility that Islamic State militants could set off radioactive bombs, and also about North Korea’s nuclear weapons development.这是奥巴马总统任内举行的第4次、也是最后一次核安全峰会。目前,伊斯兰国激进分子可能施放放射性炸弹,以及朝鲜发展核武器等问题都让外界日益紧张。At a State Department ministerial level dinner, Secretary of State John Kerry said there have been times when nuclear security progress has been slow, and there remains an “enormous amount more to do. But every step forward that we take is a step away from danger.;在美国国务院举行的部长级工作晚餐上,美国国务卿克里说,实现核安全的进展有时非常缓慢,还有大量工作要做。但克里表示,每向前迈进一步,就是离危险远了一步。Earlier Thursday, Obama held a series of meetings with leaders. He met with South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to discuss the North Korean threat following Pyongyangs January nuclear test and a long-range missile launch in February.星期四早些时候,奥巴马与一些国家领导人进行了一系列会晤。奥巴马会见了韩国总统朴槿惠和日本首相安倍晋三,讨论平壤今年1月核试验月试射远程导弹所构成的威胁。Pyongyang also was among the focal points when Obama sat down later with Chinese President Xi Jinping.奥巴马晚些时候还会见了中国国家主席习近平,朝鲜核项目问题也是双方的讨论重点;We want to enhance communication and coordination on the Korean nuclear issue and other regional and global issues,; said Xi at the start of the talks.习近平一上来就说,“我们希望在朝鲜核问题以及其他地区和全球问题上加强联络与合作。”Washington views Beijing, Pyongyangs ally, as key in enforcing U.N. sanctions against North Korea for its weapons development.华盛顿认为,北京作为朝鲜盟友,是联合国制裁朝鲜措施能否落实的关键因素。来 /201604/435543

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