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When Tiffany is doing well, its luxury products and global presence make it tricky to use its results to draw conclusions about other US retailers. Those other US retailers better hope that the analogy remains tenuous.当蒂芙尼(Tiffany)业绩良好时,它销售的奢侈品和全球业务地盘,令人难以利用其业绩推测其它美国零售商的表现。现在,那些美国零售商最好指望这种类比继续是勉强的。In 2014, Tiffany shares rallied over 60 per cent. Strong results in the US and resilience in Asia and Europe led it to raise earnings guidance twice, despite the underlying weakness of the US consumer. But at the outset of fourth-quarter earnings season on Monday, the jewellery group said that holiday earnings were weak, and that 2015 was unlikely to sparkle — earnings growth may only reach mid-single digits. Investors in other US retailers may shrug, but plenty of other US companies may soon be cribbing the text of Tiffany’s warning.2014年期间,蒂芙尼股价上涨超过60%。美国市场的强劲业绩,以及亚洲和欧洲市场的韧性,令其两度上调盈利指引——尽管美国消费者底气不足。但在本周一开始的第四季度盈利报告期之初,该珠宝集团称圣诞期间盈利不佳,而2015年的业绩不太可能令人振奋——盈利增长只能达到5%左右。美国其他零售商的投资者可能不屑一顾,但其他大量美国公司可能很快就会抄袭蒂芙尼的这段警告文字。Nearly half of Tiffany’s sales come from abroad — primarily in Asia, Japan (a separate segment), and Europe. Currency translation lowered sales growth in Japan and Europe by 13 per cent and 8 per cent, respectively. Stripping that out, sales in Europe were up a healthy 9 per cent while Japan was down 3 per cent. The recent rally in the dollar is expected to sting US multinationals as fourth-quarter results come out. One way to counteract dollar appreciation would be for Tiffany to raise international prices, but economic weakness may preclude that.蒂芙尼近一半的销售来自国外——主要在亚洲、日本(按惯例不计入亚洲数据)和欧洲。汇率换算令日本和欧洲的销售增长数据分别降低了13%和8%。排除这一因素,欧洲市场销售健康增长了9%,而日本则下降3%。近期美元汇率持续上升,预计将影响美国跨国企业的第四季度业绩。对蒂芙尼来说,消除美元升值负面影响的办法之一是在海外市场提价,但经济疲弱可能意味着这一做法不可行。Tiffany’s US holiday sales were off 1 per cent. US results earlier in 2014 were strong: both prices and unit sales rose, and Tiffany’s gross margin reached nearly 60 per cent in the third quarter. A significant portion of US sales are to foreign tourists and some of the domestic weakness could stem from greenback-poorer visitors.蒂芙尼在美国圣诞期间的销售下跌了1%。美国市场在2014年前期的表现强劲:售价和销量都有所上升,公司毛利润率在第三季度达到近60%。美国销售中有很大一部分来自外国游客,美国国内市场的疲软在一定程度上可能源于海外游客因美元升值而底气下降。The 2014 Tiffany rally rested on the long-term global growth opportunity and its enduring brand. The current sell-off (the shares were down 14 per cent on Monday) then may present a buying opportunity. Yet it still trades at over 20 times 2015 earnings, a juicy number for a fashion company — no matter how international or prestigious.2014年的蒂芙尼股价涨势依赖于长期全球经济增长机遇,及其经久不衰的品牌。就此而言,目前的股价下跌(周一股价下跌14%)可能代表着买入的好机会。尽管如此,其股价仍超过2015年预期盈利20倍,对时尚行业公司来说仍属高昂——无论它有多么国际化或者有多么高端。 /201501/354494。

As many women know only too well, finding a dress that fits like a glove is no easy task.许多女人都很明白吧,想要找一条和手套一样合适的裙子可不是容易事。But a new dress, created using a 3D printer, may be the answer to every woman#39;s style woes.但是这条用3D打印机打印出来的新裙子,也许可以解决每个女人的时尚问题了。A design studio have used 3D printing technology to create an innovative dress customised to a woman’s body.一件设计室已经可以用3D打印技术“制作”为女人量身订造创新型的裙子。The dress, which costs a staggering #163;1,900 (,000) to print, features 2,279 printed panels interconnected by 3,316 hinges.这条裙子,出人意料的要花1900镑(3000美金)来打印,由3316条铰链连接2279块打印的图案。Creators Nervous Systemcall it a ‘4D dress’ as, like fabric, the printed garment can go from a compressed object to its intended shape.创造者神经系统称其“4D裙子”,因为像织物一样,这件打印的衣可以从一件被压扁的物件展开成你想要的形状。Jessica Rosenkrantz, co-founder and creative director, revealed the garment took approximately 48 hours to print.合作创始人和创意总监杰西卡·罗森克兰兹透露,这件衣大约要花48小时来打印。The company, based in Massachusetts, USA, have also created a smartphone and tablet app, which helps users to manipulate their dresses.这家在美国马萨诸塞州的公司也发明了智能机和平板的APP,它们可以帮助用户来操作裙子。Using the app, the pattern, style and flexibility of the dress can all be changed.使用这款APP,裙子的图案、风格和灵魂度都可以改变。Speaking about her work, Jessica said: #39;I’m very interested in a future where garments are more personal and customised.说道她的工作,杰西卡说:“我对未来裙子可以变得更私人,还可以量身定做感到很有兴趣。”#39;It is printed using a process called Selective Laser Sintering that uses a laser to fuse together nylon powder, leaving unmelted powder in between all of the gap spaces.“其使用选择性激光烧结方法来打印裙子,使用激光将尼龙粉末熔合到一起,在空白的地方把不熔化的粉末留下来。#39;More dresses are aly on the way.#39;“更多裙子已经在制作中。” /201412/349084。

Beijing (AFP) - A Chinese man who sued local government officials over an attack by a wild panda has won more than ,000 in compensation, his lawyer said Monday.北京(法新社)——一名被野生熊猫咬伤的中国男子起诉当地政府,赢得了8万美元补偿。The animals are renowned for their lovable appearance but despite their placid, bamboo-chewing image they are members of the bear family and have a fearsome bite.熊猫因长得可爱而闻名,但是尽管它们有温和吃素的形象,它们仍是熊科动物,咬人一口后果是严重的。The animal wandered into Liziba village, in the northwestern province of Gansu, where local officials tr ying to capture it chased it onto Guan Quanzhi.s land, the Lanzhou Evening News reported.兰州晚报报道,咬人的熊猫闯入李子坝村,该地位于甘肃西北部,当地林业人员试图抓住熊猫,在围捕过程中把熊猫赶进了关全志的地里。;I saw a panda jump out in front of me, its body completely covered in mud,; he told the newspaper.;我看见一头熊猫在我面前跳出来,满身是泥;关告诉记者。The creature bit him in the leg and only released its grip when another villager covered its head with a coat, the report said, and the incident in March last year left Guan with injuries requiring seven hours of surgery.新闻中说,熊猫咬住了关的腿,直到另一名村民把一件外套罩在它头上,它才松口。这是去年3月份的事,关的伤口需要7个小时的手术。The panda escaped.熊猫逃了。Guan#39;s son sued local forestry officials and the nearby Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve, which is home to more than 100 wild pandas.关的儿子把林业部门和白水江国家级自然保护区告上了法庭,白水江自然保护区里有100多头野生熊猫。Following ;negotiations;, officials agreed to pay compensation of 520,000 yuan (,000), his lawyer Wang Chaohui told AFP.关的律师王朝辉告诉法新社,经过;讨价还价;,林业部和保护区同意付52万元(8.3万美元)。Guan is ;satisfied with the amount;, which will cover his medical bills, he said, adding that he may need further operations.关对于;赔偿金额很满意;,这笔钱可以付他的医疗费,他说,并说他可能需要进一步的手术。The giant panda#39;s natural habitat mostly lies in mountainous southwestern China. They have a notoriously low reproductive rate and are under pressure from factors such as habitat loss.大熊猫的自然栖息地主要在中国西南部的山中。它们的繁殖率很低,并且处在栖息地缩减的生存压力下。The number of wild giant pandas rose nearly 17 percent over the decade to 2013 to reach 1,864, state media cited an official survey data as saying this month, with a government agency crediting conservation measures for the increase.一份官方调查数据显示野生大熊猫的数量在过去10年终增长了17%,到2013年达到1864头,政府部门称保护措施起到了作用。Pandas are a major generator of tourist revenue in several parts of China and for Beijing, which capital ises on the global fascination with the animals by renting them to foreign zoos.郎猫是中国部分地区的重要_资源,由于R離是全球人与动物,-瞭也通过租赁肖離给外国的动物园不少。They have been known to attack humans, including in 2008 when a panda mauled a 20-year-old man who c ed into its enclosure at a zoo in southern China.觸S—直有攻击人类的事迹,包括在2008年,一个20岁男子)肥^家动物园的糊s区,结果被咬伤。The nature conservation organisation WWF says on its website: ;As cuddly as they may look, a panda can protect itself as well as most other bears,; using its heavy weight, strong jaw muscles and large molar teeth.世界野生动物基金(WWF)在官网上说:;尽管看起来萌萌的,熊猫有能力像其他熊类动物一样保护自己,;熊猫有庞大的体重,强有力的下颚肌肉和巨大的臼齿。It cautions: ;Although used mainly for crushing bamboo, a panda bite can be very nasty.;WWF警告道:;熊猫的牙齿虽然主要用来咬碎竹子,但是被熊猫咬一口,后果是非常严重的。; /201503/364511。

Hearing loss is practically an epidemic among young people in middle- and high-income countries -- and it#39;s getting worse, not better. The World Health Organization said that 1.1 billion people ages 12-35 listen to personal audio devices at ;unsafe volumes,; risking permanent hearing loss. Worse, people who experience hearing loss don#39;t always get the help they need fast enough, and they may not recognize that their behavior is risky to begin with.The proliferation of smartphones, which provide easy access to music-listening apps and often come packaged with earbuds, coincides with higher hearing-loss statistics. There#39;s basically no question that the two are related.Here are a few simple things you can do to protect yourself from permanent, noise-induced hearing loss.听力损害几乎已经成为了年轻人的一种流行病,在中等收入和高收入的国家,这个问题并不见好转,却越来越严重。世界卫生组织发布消息,全球有11亿的青少年由于听音乐的“时间过久、音量过大”而处于可能永久性听力损害的危险之中。更为糟糕的是,听力受到损害的人往往没有得到及时有效的帮助,而且他们可能还并没有意识到自己的听力受到损害。智能手机的普及,让青少年更容易使用耳机通过个人音乐播放器,同时我们也可以看到,听力损失数据的不断升高 。毫无疑问,二者是有关联的。你可以通过这些简单的事情来保护自己的耳朵不受到永久性、噪音导致的听力损害。Get Headphones That Fit佩戴合适的耳机A whopping 86 percent of U.S. consumers age 25-34 owned smartphones in 2014, according to a recent Nielsen survey.That#39;s a lot of phones. The problem is, the headphones that come with these devices aren#39;t designed to fit perfectly into your ears, which means they let in a lot of ambient noise. People tend to crank up the volume on their devices to make up for this.It#39;s imperative that your headphones fit correctly, so you should test out a few different kinds before buying.最近的一项尼尔森调查显示,2014年有高达86%的美国青少年消费者拥有智能手机。这是一个很大的数字。问题在于,这些手机所配置的耳机的设计并不是很完美,阻挡不住周围的噪音。人们往往通过增加他们的音量来弥补这一个缺陷。耳机必须要选择完全合适的,所以在买手机之前,你需要测试几种不同类型的耳机。Give Your Ears A Rest让耳朵有休息的时间The World Health Organization recommends that young people limit themselves to one hour of listening per day on devices like smartphones.;You shouldn#39;t have exposure to 80 decibels for longer than 60 minutes,; Hall ,executive director of the Hearing Loss Association of America,said. ;Give yourself a rest. Let your ears recover a little bit.;For reference, 80 decibels is equivalent to the sounds of city traffic or a garbage disposal. After several hours, this decibel level can be damaging to your ears. Consider that next time you#39;re pumping music through your headphones.世界卫生组织建议青少年把每天在电子设备上,比如手机上,听音乐的时间限制在一个小时之内。美国听力损害协会执行主任霍尔说:“不能让耳朵暴露在80分贝的听力环境下超过一个小时,要给自己一个休息的时间,让耳朵恢复一下。”作为参考,80分贝相当于城市噪声和垃圾处理的声音。几个小时之后,这个分贝水平的环境会对你的耳朵造成损害。下次通过耳机使用个人音乐播放器播放的时候要注意了。Get Screened及时检查耳朵的健康状况You know not to listen to music too loud. You know to wear earplugs. Now you need to make sure your ears stay healthy.We need to get screened for hearing loss from their health care providers.Adults should try to get a hearing test every five or 10 years. And even then, many people find out they#39;ve got hearing loss, but actually wait a few years for it to get worse before they actually do something about it.In short,the sooner we can get them assistance, the better.你知道了不要播放太大的声音去听音乐。你也明白了必须要带耳塞。现在你需要确保你的耳朵是健康的。需要去医生那里去做自己的听力损害的检查。青少年应每5年或者每10年做一次听力检测。即便如此,还是有很多人发现他们的听力受到了损害,但是在等上几年问题变得严重之前做点事情还是比较有帮助的。总之,越早治疗越有帮助。译文属原创,未经授权! /201505/367946。

Every profession has a dress code, whether spoken or unspoken. For men on Wall Street, it’s a pretty stringent one. That suit had better be navy blue, that tie had better be in a Windsor knot and if you want to express yourself with your clothes, your exit interview is down the hall to your right.每一种职业都有明确或不言而喻的着装要求。对于华尔街男士来说,这种要求尤为严格。西装最好为海军蓝,领带最好为温莎结,如果你想用着装来彰显自己的个性,距离你的离职谈话恐怕就不远了。But now, you can add to that a touch of Botox.但现在,肉毒杆菌开始在华尔街大行其道。The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said that in 2013 alone, 385,000 men had undergonethis procedure. Last week, the organization said the 2014 numbers also show the number of men having cosmetic surgery continues to rise, though it didn’t yet release the latest Botox numbers. Todd Schlifstein, owner of Fountain Medical Group in New York City, told Men’s Journal that the men coming in for Botox are “middle-aged, health-conscious, white-collar guys” who want to look not just younger, but fresher.美国美容整形外科学会表示,仅在2013年,就有38.5万名男性注射了肉毒杆菌。该学会上周发布的2014年数据也显示,接受整容手术的男士人数在继续上升,但尚未公布男士注射肉毒杆菌的最新数据。纽约喷泉医疗集团的所有人托德o斯克里夫斯滕告诉《男士杂志》,注射肉毒杆菌的男士多为“关注自身健康的中年白领”,他们不仅希望看起来更年轻,也希望自己的外貌更有活力。“Since the 2008 meltdown in the economy and the subsequent repurposing of careers and functions, it has been messy on the Street,” New York-based executive coach Roy Cohen said in an interview. “In the process, fear of job loss, diminished prestige and shrinking income have led men to pay closer attention to image and age.”纽约高管教练罗伊o科恩在接受采访时表示:“自从2008年的经济危机导致许多人开始重新审视职业前景以来,华尔街一直处于混乱之中。在这个过程中,害怕失业、声誉下降和收入减少,促使华尔街的男士们更加关注自身的形象和年龄。”For men who want to reboot their image but can’t change their wardrobes, getting a little “work” done can yield the desired benefits. Dr. Norman Rowe, a New York City plastic surgeon, told A TV that he’s aly seeing men come through his office for Botox, specifically asking for a procedure that will provide what he calls “that Wall Street Wrinkle.”对于那些希望改变形象但却无法改变着装风格的男士们来说,一些小的“工作”便可以取得期待的效果。纽约市一名整形外科医生诺曼o罗士对A电视台(A TV)表示,有许多男性来他的诊所注射肉毒杆菌,并特别提出整容手术的要求,以获得他所称的“华尔街皱纹”。According to Dr. Rowe, this means that these men don’t want their wrinkles eradicated entirely. They just want enough wrinkles removed to give a fresh look to their faces, yet have enough left over to give the impression of a professional who’s been around the block a few times. After all, they don’t want to give the impression that they’re just kids. And besides, theyearned those wrinkles.“They’re battle scars,” he said. “They’re badges of honor, so to speak.”罗士表示,这意味着这些男士并非要求消除所有的皱纹。一方面,他们希望消除足够多的皱纹,让自己的面部容颜焕然一新,同时又要保留足够的皱纹,给人留下经验丰富的资深从业者的印象。毕竟,他们不希望让其他人认为自己还是职场新丁。此外,这些皱纹是他们拼搏的见。他说道:“它们就像战场上留下的伤疤,是值得骄傲的荣誉勋章。”He added that they’re not just getting Botox treatments for the brows that they furrowed on behalf of their clients. They’re also getting them in the palms of their hands, to eradicate that troublesome sweaty handshake, and in their armpits, to prevent them from sweating through their Turnbull amp; Asser shirts.他补充道,为了不给客户留下眉头紧锁的形象,男士们经常要求在眉毛周围注射肉毒杆菌。但不止于此,他们还会在掌心注射肉毒杆菌,以彻底摆脱在握手时令人烦恼的手汗,另外一个位置是腋窝,这是为了避免汗水湿透他们的Turnbull amp; Asser衬衫。In a release last week, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said that cosmetic procedures have been gaining traction among men for some time now. ASPS President Scot Glasberg, MD said that the idea that these procedures are the sole province of women is one that should be left in a less enlightened past.“Male plastic surgery rates have significantly increased since 2000 and the notion that cosmetic procedures are just for women no longer exists,” he said. “Men are seeking to regain a more youthful look, improve their self-image and feel better about their appearance.”在上周发布的报告中,美国美容整形外科学会表示,男士整容手术正变得日益流行。学会主席斯科特o格拉斯伯格士表示,以前人们认为整容手术是女士的专利,但这已经成为历史。他说道:“自2000年以来,男士整容手术的比例大幅增加,整容手术只适合女性的观念已经不复存在。男士希望重新获得更年轻的容颜,改善自我形象,对自身的外表更有信心。”Some men of Wall Street are also choosing other, less painful methods to address that not-so-fresh feeling. Diana Melencio, co-founder of the OkMyOutfit shopping service, spent eight years as a Wall Street analyst. She said her company organizes events for the clientele that used to be her male counterparts. In her experience, they’re not just trying to look younger; they’re trying to feel younger by being pampered, just like their female counterparts.此外,有些华尔街的男士们也在选择其他无痛的方法,来缓解“青春不再”的苦恼。购物务提供商OkMyOutfit的联合创始人戴安娜o梅伦肖曾做过八年华尔街分析师。她说自己现在的公司会为客户组织各种活动。这些客户多是她在华尔街的男同行。根据她的经验,他们不仅想看起来更年轻,也希望像女同事们那样获得悉心照料,从而让自己感觉更年轻。“We have thrown several events for our male clientele, and a ‘beauty’ service that has proven popular with this trend is at-home barbers,” she said. “We’ve hosted events where hot shaves have proven to be quite popular. Among this crowd, other procedures that come to mind include manicures and so-called ‘male’ facials.”她说道:“我们为男性客户组织了许多活动,事实明较受欢迎的一项‘美容’务是上门理发。我们举办的活动中,剃须也非常受欢迎。男性客户会选择的其他务包括美甲和所谓‘男士’美容。”Today’s Wall Street man has good reasons to leave the Gordon Gekko look behind, in favor of something more youthful and vibrant. Thanks to modern cosmetic products and hypodermic needles full of botulinum toxin, he has ways of getting there that will allow him to keep coming to work in his Brooks Brothers suits.如今,华尔街的男士有足够的理由抛弃戈登o盖柯式的外表,选择更年轻、更有活力的形象。拜现代化妆产品和装满肉毒杆菌的皮下注射器所赐,他们现在拥有许多改变形象的方式,以期能够继续身穿Brooks Brothers西装纵横职场。 /201503/364315。