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英语口语王 第2部分:第1章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/47282/200810/53672

M: hi, how are you doing?D: everything's great. And you?M: same here. Have you seen any new films recently?D: no, I haven't had a chance to. But I've been watching a Chinese TV series called "Chinese-Style Divorce."M: oh, really? I saw it two years ago. It's worth seeing and it's thought-provoking.D: yeah. I found it is so close to our life.M: it reflects some of our difficulties in this ever-changing world.D: you said it. You know, the divorce rate has been on the rise in recent years.M: well, it's said that a lot of young people favor getting married quickly which tend end quickly too.D: I know a couple who divorced a week after getting married.M: oh, that's too short-lived.D: that's true. It's said the short-lived marriage is typical of the "post-80s" generation.M: I can't agree more. The "only-child" generation in China tends to know little about marriage.D: definitely. They don't take relationships and marriages very seriously.M: in their mind, love is nothing but passion and marriage is over once the passion is gone.D: I think, as the saying goes "haste makes waste", it is the same thing with marriage. /08/82653

应用会话部分:一、坦率的表达:2. Anger (2)7) I am beginning to lose my temper with you! 有你在,我总忍不住想要发脾气。 *指会丧失平静(temper)。8) Karl was so upset that he began to turn red with anger. 卡尔非常惊讶,红着脸开始生气了。9) Donald has become incensed at his friends for being so unkind. 唐纳德因为他的朋友太不客气,所以被激怒了。 *这句虽然不是非常口语化,确是必要的表达。incensed在“—cen—”有重音。 若发音成“in—”,意义可就不同了。10) Do you think Albert will resent you for your actions? 你认为阿尔伯特会对你的行为感到生气吗?11) He will be indignant about the injustice. 他可能会因不公平的判决而生气。 *anger是比较感情化的生气,而be indignant有种义愤填膺的感觉。12) Randy was furious about the nasty letter. 兰迪为这封下流的信而勃然大怒。 *be furious表示最激烈的愤怒,但未必指个人个性上的生气。 /200804/33451

  1)You've put on weight。   避免指出某人很胖或对体重发表意见,除非你试图用粗鲁的方式对待别人。谈论体重常常是非常敏感的话题,而类似You're getting fat. 则是非常之粗鲁且侮辱人的。

  英语日常口语 92:The cost of living生活费 本单元是关于生活费的对话Tim: So how are you settling in then Khalid? Khalid: There is going well Tim. You've all been really friendly, footy in the park and cups of teas in the afternoon. I can't believe I get all this for only 75 pounds a week. Tim: How much? Khalid: 75 pounds. I know it's less than what you're paying but us students need every discount we can get. Tim: Oh yeah, I, I knew you'd got a discount, I just didn't realise how much of one you'd wangled. Khalid: Did I put my foot in it? Tim: No, no Khalid but there's, there's an old saying "If you don't ask, you don't get" so maybe it's time for this jobless one to start negotiating a bit too.Vocabulary 字汇 footy (informal) 足球(非正式)short for 'football'wangle 巧妙地得到 get something by persuading someone or by doing something cleverput my foot in it (informal) 口无遮拦 (非正式)say something you didn't mean to say which upsets or embarrasses someone 本单元的语言点是关于 There 和 It 的用法,请看下面的解释和例句There and It副词 There We use there when we introduce an idea, talk about something for the first time or to say that something exists. In episode 92 of The Flatmates, Tim says:"there's an old saying"to introduce what he's about to talk about.More examples:There's no time, I'm late as it is, bye!There might be a new cafe opening up on the High Street.He didn't like living here. He said there was too much traffic and too much pollution. There also means to, at or in a particular place.I need to get there as soon as possible.Have you seen that new cafe? Fancy going there for a coffee? He wanted to move to the countryside because it was quieter there.代名词 ItWe use it to talk about a specific place, thing, animal or situation. In episode 92 of The Flatmates, Khalid should have said:"It's going well" (It's settling in to the flat)More examples:I was late yesterday. It was because my alarm didn't go off. (it my being late)I tried that new cafe yesterday. It was really packed. (it the cafe)He wants to move to the countryside. It'll be much quieter there. (it the countryside)We can also use it to talk about distance, weather and time:How far is it to your house?It's hot today.It was last June when I saw her.We can use it with adjectives in a to + infinitive expression like:It's great to live and work in New York. It was fascinating to see these ancient buildings.We usually begin these expressions with it, we don't usually put it towards the end of the sentence:'It's bad for you to smoke cigarettes' sounds more natural than 'To smoke cigarettes is bad for you'. 'It was great that he finally got married' sounds more natural than 'That he finally got married was great'.We can also use it to introduce a for + infinitive expression like:It's important for you to watch me, if you want to learn the dance steps. It will be good for her to have a break. She's been working too hard.Comparing There and It 比较 She grew up in a small village. There were a lot of farms near her house. It was a very peaceful place to live. He works in a huge hospital. It's a very stressful job. There are lots of emergencies he has to deal with there. /200708/16900。

  《剑桥常用英语》,。,。。在信息化时代的今天,英语已经渗透进我们生活的方方面面,而且使用频率越来越高。如果有一部较为全面的生活常用英语教材,那么,我们的学习、工作将会方便很多。《剑桥常用英语》就是专为大众常用而精编的英语教材。它全面、通俗易懂,是现代生活中的良师益友,有了它,就拥有了方便、高效和快捷! /200804/36393

  一说到“拍马屁”,大家都会觉得有点反感吧?但是,适时、适当的赞美可是会在人际交往中起到意想不到的效果,只要不是阿谀奉承,拍拍马屁也并非全无是处。下面就来教您几句“拍马屁”的话。   21. You're catching on. 你很有吸引力。  22. Now you've got it. 现在你做到了。  23. You're incredible. 你简直令人难以置信。  24. You can do it. 你能做到的。  25. How did you do that? 你是怎么做到的? 26. Bravo! 好啊!太妙了!  27. You're fantastic. 你真太妙了。  28. You're improving. 你在进步。  29. Hurray for you! 为你喊万岁!  30. You're on target! 你达到目标了!  31. You're on your way. 你就要成功了。  32. How nice! 多好啊!  33. Good job. 干得好!  34. That's incredible. 简直难以置信!  35. Hot dog! 了不起,好极了!真棒!  36. Let's try again. 再试试。  37. Dynamite. 非同凡响。  38. You're beautiful. 你太美了。  39. You're unique. 你太不寻常了。  40. Nothing can stop you now. 现在你已所向无敌了。  41. Good for you. 为你好。  42. I like you. 我喜欢你。  43. You're a winner. 你是赢家。  44. I respect you. 我尊敬你。  45. You'll make it. 你一定会成功的。  46. Remarkable job. 做得真不错。  47. Beautiful work. 干得真漂亮!  48. Spectacular! 壮观啊!  49. I like the way you handled that. 我欣赏你的做法。  50. You're precious. 你是宝贵的。 51. Great discovery. 伟大的发现。  52. You've discovered the secret. 你已经发现了秘密。  53. You're making progress. 你正在进步。  54. You figured it out. 你搞懂了。  55. Fantastic job. 干得太好了。  56. Hip, hip hurray! 万岁!(喝声)  57. Bingo! 成功了!/太棒了!/猜中了!(指“因出乎意料的成功而兴奋的叫声”)  58. I believe you'll handle it. 我确信你能行。  59. Magnificent! 太好了!  60. Marvelous! 真是不可思议! /200803/30157眼看春节将至,大家都忙着买票回家团聚。朝夕相处的朋友、同事都要暂别,临走的时候别忘了互相告别哦。  I'll miss you.  我会想你的.  I wish I could go with you.  我真希望能和你在一起. /201003/99086阿美在看完电影后,看到第二天放映《人鬼情未了》的海报,这是妈妈最喜欢的电影,因此她当即为爸爸妈妈买了两张电影票。那么爸爸妈妈到底有没有去看电影呢?Listen Read Learn(Dad and Mom walk to the cinema to see Ghost.)Dad: Ghost will be on at 6:30. It's aly 6:15 now. Hurry up.(Mom feels a little angry.)Mom: You'd been hanging around before left home. Well, now, you are urging me for the movie. This has been fun!Dad: Don't be upset. I am just afraid of missing the movie. It is your favorite.Mom: In short, you become more and more impatient with me after wedding.Dad: Why do you think so?Mom: Every time I complain about the domestic chores with you, you just don't listen.Dad: Nothing of the sort!Mom: Don't interrupt me! In addition, every time I need your advice, you just say, "it's up to you."Dad: Maybe I was busy with my work at that time, so I felt a little bored.Mom: You mean, I am not busy with my work?Dad: Honey, don't get me wrong. (Don't misunderstand me.) I don't know how to explain. But I really have eyes only for you and our children.Mom: Do you still love me?Dad: Honey, maybe sometimes I seem careless, but I take great care to cooking breakfast every morning. That shows how much I love you.(Mom drops into silence.)Mom: Oh, honey, that's enough. Our love story is more touching than the Ghost.Dad: Let's go to see the movie. It's time to begin.听看学(爸爸和妈妈一起走着去电影院看《人鬼情未了》。)爸爸:《人鬼情未了》将在六点半开演。现在已经六点十五了,快点啊。(妈妈感到有点生气。)妈妈:你在家磨磨蹭蹭的。现在有为了赶电影一直催我。真有意思!爸爸:别着急。我只是怕错过电影嘛。这可是你最喜欢的电影。妈妈:简而言之,结婚后你对我越来越不耐烦了。爸爸:你为什么这样认为?妈妈:每次我对你抱怨家务事时,你总是不听。爸爸:哪有这回事!妈妈:别打断我!另外,每次我需要给些意见的时候,你只是说:"你说了算。"爸爸:可能是那个时候我忙于工作,感觉有些烦吧。妈妈:你的意思是说,我工作不忙吗?爸爸:亲爱的,不要误会我。我不知道该怎么解释。但是我真的非常在乎你和孩子们。妈妈:那你还爱我吗?爸爸:亲爱的,可能有时候我显得很粗心大意,但是每天早晨我都会很用心的做饭。这代表了我有多爱你。(妈妈沉默了片刻。)妈妈:哦,亲爱的,这足够了。我们的爱情故事比《人鬼情未了》还要动人。爸爸:那我们就快去看电影吧。马上要开演了。经典背诵 RecitationDad: My wife often complains that I've become more and more impatient after the wedding. You know, I am always very busy and my carelessness just makes it worse. But I do care a lot about my family. I am a very responsible person to my family. So to make it up for her, I'd take her to movies from time to time. It works!生词小结walk vi. 走urge vt. 催促upset adj. 心烦意乱的impatient adj. 不耐烦的interrupt vt. 打断bored adj. 烦躁的explain vt. 解释careless adj. 粗心的touching adj. 感动的注释Hurry up 快点!hang around 闲荡complain about 抱怨……domestic chores 家务琐事in addition 另外,……be busy with 忙于……cook breakfast 做早餐take great care 用心……drop into silence 陷入沉思Nothing of the sort! 没有这回事!It's up to you. 由你决定!I really have eyes only for you and our children. 我真的非常在乎你和孩子们。从字面上看,这句话是说我的眼睛放在你和孩子们的身上。言下之意是说非常在乎你和孩子们。语法小结 Grammar用在时间和地点前的介词1.连接时间的介词(1)at表示时间概念的某一个点(在某时刻、时间、阶段等)at 6:40 在六点四十(2)on 表示具体日期They arrived in Beijing on February. 他们二月份到达北京。(3)in 作为连接时间的介词,有如下两重意思①表示时段、时期。in 1983 在1983年②表示以说话时间为基点的"(若干时间)以后"。I will be back in 10 minutes. 我十分钟后回来。The job will be finished in a week. 这工作在一星期内完成。(4)after 表示"在(某具体时间)以后"after supper 晚饭后; after the war 战后(5)for 表示"(动作延续)若干时间"I stayed in Beijing for two days. 我在北京待了两天。(6)since 表示"自(某具体时间)以来),常用于完成时态He has worked here since 1965.(指一段时间,强调时间段)自从1965年以来,他一直在这儿工作。He began to work here after 1965.(指一点时间,强调时间点)从1965年以后,他开始在这儿工作。2.连接地点的介绍(1)in (表地点、场所、部位等)在……里,在……中in Class Two Grade Three 在三年级二班in Beijing 在北京(2)on (表示接触)在……上on the wall 在墙上 on the floor 在地上(3)under 在……正下方,在……下面,底下under the chair 在椅子下 under the tree 在树下(4)behind 在……后面behind the sofa 在沙发后面 behind the tree 在树后家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方挑选出合适的翻译。1.阿美把电影票放到桌子上。2.爸爸喜欢饭后散步。3.叔叔星期二将带丹尼尔去电影院。4.妈妈下班后忙于准备晚饭。5.电影五分钟后开演。1.Mom is busy with supper after work.2.Dad likes having a walk after supper.3.The film will begin in five minutes.4.May put the movie tickets on the desk.5.Uncle will take Daniel to the cinema on Tuesday. /200804/35604

  1. Speak of the devil. 说曹操曹操就到. 有些中文的成语用直接用英文翻出来老美还可以接受, 但是 "说曹操, 曹操就到" 这句话要翻可就没有那么容易了. 而何况你还要先解释曹操是谁, 那难度又更高了. 以前我不会 Speak of the devil 时, 我都是说, That's a coincidence. (那真是一个巧合.) 但是大家现在学会了这句之后, 又更加好用了. 下次当你们谈到某人, 某人就正好出现时, 你就可以说 Speak of the devil. 或是 Talk of the devil. /201004/101188日常生活用语100篇 Lesson42暂时没有对照文本 相关专题:英语口语新东方英语900句 /200810/53351

  108. Take my word for it. 相信我的话,准没错。 用法透视 对你所说的话表示十足的信心和有把握,就用这句话。 持范例 1. Don't ask me how I know it. Just take my word for it. 别问我怎么知道的,相信我的话,准没错。 2. He'll come. Don't worry--take my word for it. 他会来的,别担心--相信我的话,准没错。 3. Take my word that she is innocent. 她是清白的,相信我的话,准没错。 会话记忆 A: Are you sure you heard right? 你确定你听见的是正确的吗? B: Yes, he is running for class president. 是的,他要竞选班长。 A: I don't believe you. 我才不相信你的话。 B: Take my word for it. 相信我的话,准没错 /02/63125

  英语口语王 第2部分:第37章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/48629。

  “活力十足”在英语口语里能怎么说?普通口语:energetic地道口语:firecracker【影视实例】素材来源:另类童话色《灵指神探》 剧情简介:根据旅行社的线索,大家料想那两只神秘的猴子应该在Chuck的姨妈家中,于是登门拜访。两位姨妈听说是Charlotte生前儿时好友,立刻敞开大门热情接待......Aunt Lily: Charlotte was a firecracker: always trying to get us out of the house. Threatened to bake anti-depressants into our food: got to the point I was scared to eat anything she cooked.【台词翻译】莉莉姨妈:夏洛特是个活力十足的姑娘:总是想着法子要把我们俩弄出屋去。还威胁我们说要在烤的东西里加抗抑郁药进去:闹得我都不敢吃她做的东西了。 【口语讲解】firecracker看多《美国偶像》的话,就会对这个词不陌生了,它本义是指过年时候用的爆竹、鞭炮那种,但经常在俚语中用来形容那种特积极、特风风火火,活力十足又精力旺盛的人,这种时候就是褒义词;但同时它又能形容一个人主意多得让人捉摸不透、火爆脾气、烈性子,这种时候就有点贬义了。可以根据上下文判断究竟是褒是贬哦。其实在这段中的运用挺让人想起《红楼梦》凤出场那段老祖宗说的"你只叫他‘凤辣子'就是了。"是不是很像? /08/80910

  287. 在会上他做了一个总结,主要意思如下...... [误] He made a final report at the meeting. The main idea is as follow... [正] He made a final report at the meeting. The main idea is as follows...注:as follows 是个习语,不管后面要讲的内容有几项,follow 后面一律加s。 /200812/57978

  主要讲大学英语考试学习方略新东方教师--周雷  北京大学英语系文学硕士,英语教学与考试专家。“2001年度新东方教育科技有限公司先进工作者”、“2002年度新东方优秀教师”。擅长以严谨的教学思路、幽默的语言风格、轻松的课堂气氛举重若轻的阐释大精深的考研阅读文章、深的学生的肯定与考评。 /07/76733

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