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湖州福音医院治疗疤痕多少钱湖州脱毛哪家医院好美国“第一犬”:奥巴马调侃会挑一只像他一样的混血President-elect Barack Obama Friday admitted he faced a monumental challenge after promising his daughters Sasha, seven, and Malia, 10 a dog after the campaign, saying some of the pooches the first family-to-be were considering were "mutts like me.""With respect to the dog, this is a major issue. I think it has generated more interest on our website than just about anything," Obama said at the press conference after the election.In revealing that Malia is allergic, Obama stressed the need for a hypoallergenic breed of dog, which produces fewer allergic reactions in people.But he said the family needed to reconcile that with their preference for dogs obtained from an animal shelter, which are often mixed-breeds."There are a number of breeds that are hypoallergenic, but on the other hand our preference is to get a shelter dog. But obviously, a lot of the shelter dogs are mutts like me," he quipped.Obama's mother was a white woman from Kansas and his father was from Kenya.His race has been a point of discussion since he launched his bid for the presidency nearly two years ago, and his Tuesday victory triggered a wave of elation as people around the globe celebrated an African-American elected to lead the world's most powerful nation.In his victory speech Tuesday night, Obama revealed the family was getting a puppy."Sasha and Malia, I love you both so much, and you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us to the White House," he said to wild applause.Presidential pets have long been a focus of intense interest. Every president since Calvin Coolidge, elected in 1923, has had at least one dog in the White House, according to dogsinthenews.com. 新当选美国总统的巴拉克#8226;奥巴马于上周五坦称,他在大选获胜后答应两个女儿——10岁的玛丽娅和7岁的萨莎养一只宠物的承诺现在成了件大事。他调侃说,他们正考虑一些“像他一样的混血的”。奥巴马在大选后的新闻发布会上说:“挑选宠物成了眼下的一件要事。现在这件事在我们网站上的关注度高于其它任何事情。”由于女儿玛丽娅有过敏史,所以奥巴马强调必须挑选一种不易引起人过敏的。但奥巴马一家又想从动物收容所挑选一只宠物,这里的大多是混血品种。他调侃道:“低过敏性的品种倒有不少,但另一方面,我们想从动物收容所收养一只。很显然,大多收容所里的都像我一样,是混血的。”奥巴马的母亲是美国堪萨斯州的白人,他的父亲是肯尼亚人。自奥巴马参加总统竞选近两年来,他的种族问题一直是热议的焦点。他于上周二赢得大选胜利后引发了了一阵欢庆潮,世界各地的人们纷纷庆祝一名非洲裔当选为美国总统。奥巴马在当晚的胜选演说中“透露”他们一家会养一只宠物。他对台下尽情欢呼的持者们说:“萨莎、玛丽娅,我爱你们,你们俩就能带着宠物来到白宫了。”白宫宠物一直是美国民众关注的焦点。据dogsinthenews.com网站统计,自1923年卡尔文#8226;柯立芝当选美国总统后,每届总统家至少有一只宠物。 /200811/56278湖州除斑价格 We all have those days when all we want is to crawl back in bed for a few more hours. Unfortunately, few of us have that luxury. The following hints may help you stay energized, or at least get you going until you can make the time for rest。  我们都有过什么也不想,只想好好地在床上多呆几个小时的日子。不幸的是,很少人可以享受这份奢侈。 下面几点提示或者可以帮你保持精力充沛,至少可以让你在找到时间休息之前继续下去。  1. Engage in a quick conversation with a high-energy colleague. Their positive energy may refresh you. (Just be careful not to drag them down!)  与精力充沛的同事进行短暂的交谈。他们积极的干劲会让你精神爽快。(只是要小心不要也把他们拖下水)  2. Snack more! Having a healthy snack on hand, like a granola bar or fruit can help your blood sugar levels and may provide a healthy boost of energy. (Overeating will do the opposite and drag you down!) Moderation is key!  多吃东西。健康的食品如格兰诺拉燕麦卷或水果可以帮助你提高血液里血糖含量,为你提供健康的能量。(吃得过度会得到相反效果并让你精力下降),关键是适度。  3. Exercise. If you know that your schedule does not allow for a visit to the gym today, find a way to move around during your day. Instead of sending an email to your coworker, walk to her desk. It may be a good idea to take the stairs today, even though you're tired. But try to visit the gym tomorrow. People who exercise get more restful sleep and often feel more energized than those who don't。  运动。如果你知道你的行程安排不允许你到健身室做运动,那想办法让你自己在一天里多动。与其是发电子邮件给你的同事,不如走到她的办公桌前。尽管你很累,但今天走走楼梯也是一个挺好的主意。但是尽量明天去健身室做做运动,经常做运动的人会比那些不常做的得到更多休息睡眠,而且感觉更有精力。  4. Drink water. "Hydration is critical," says Steven Masley, medical director of the Pritikin Longevity Center in Aventura, Florida. "If you don't hydrate, you're going to feel tired." The majority of your body is made of water; even a slight deficiency can rob you of your “oomph”!  喝水。“水是关键”,佛罗里达洲Aventura的普林逖长寿中心医学主任Steven Masley说,“如果你不喝水,你会感到疲劳”。你大部份的身体是由水分构成; 甚至一点点的缺水都会让你精力溜走。  5. Plan a vacation or a staycation. Whether you leave town for a day or a week, having something fun to look forward to will excite you and stimulate energy. Plus, if you're ing this, you could probably use a break from your day-to-day routine。  计划一次度假或在家休息。不管你是离家一天或者是一个星期,追求有趣的东西会让你兴奋并积累能量。还有,如果你正在看这篇文章,你很可能在你一天复一天的工作中得到休息。 /200909/84572Karaoke most irritating gadget in Britain: govt surveyTimeless, classic songs wrecked by tuneless, howling drunks: the karaoke machine is the most annoying gadget in Britain, a survey for the government found.A TNS Omnibus poll for the Department for Communities found that the Japanese invention topped a list of gadgets that people wished had never been invented.Nearly a quarter (22 percent) of those surveyed chose the karaoke machine. 17 percent said 24-hour sports channels, 12 percent chose games consoles, while 11 percent said mobile phones and seven percent said alarm clocks."Seeing the karaoke machine at the top of that list made me smile," said Kane Kramer, a director of the British Inventors Society."When people are singing karaoke they are enjoying themselves, but as a member of the audience you are just watching somebody who can't perform -- and isn't particularly pleasant to listen to -- for as long as you can bear it."It is anti-social. You might have 10 people who want to sing some karaoke, which means 150 people have to suffer it."But the crazy thing is that people still do go just to be a spectator at other people's inability to sing."After a short while -- unless they're very drunk -- they're going to find that listening to performers failing to perform for two hours is not the best way to spend the evening."Karaoke has turned into a multibillion-dollar industry since being invented in 1971 by Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese club keyboardist looking to provide music for a customer who wanted to sing on a company trip.Asked which gadgets people would like to see invented in the future, 18 percent said a robot cleaner, 16 percent said a time machine and 12 percent said a teleporter.Asked what the most important safety gadgets were, 69 percent said the smoke alarm, 64 percent said seat belts and 29 percent said baby seats.Pollsters TNS Omnibus surveyed 2,584 adults in England online. /200901/60930安吉县中医院治疗狐臭多少钱

湖州医院开双眼皮多少钱She is wearing her long blonde hair in no particular style. It is chest-length, wavy, and slightly frizzy. Her facial features including her cheekbones, chin, and nose are quite prominent. She has piercing blue eyes.金黄色的波浪长发,看似无形,配以有形的面部轮廓加之蓝色深邃的眼睛,突出了发式的亮丽色与随意内涵。 /201108/151651湖州有没有哪里可以激光去疤 I sometimes seem to gain about 10 pounds during the day. Is it water retention?Q: I weigh myself both in the morning and again at night. In the morning I'm around 193 pounds, but in the evening, my weight sometimes hikes up to 204 pounds. I use the same scale and weigh in the nude, so I feel like my ings are accurate. My friend says that I have a water-retention problem. What can I do to treat this?A: It's normal for body weight to fluctuate widely throughout the day. It's likely that your weight in the morning, and especially after you've used the bathroom, is at its lowest since you have probably not consumed any food or water for the past 12 or so hours.How much and what kind of food and fluids you've consumed, as well as how much and how often you've evacuated, and even how much you have sweated all play a role in the pounds that register on the scale at any given point during the day.Be careful not to mistake the increased scale weight as a conclusive sign that you are gaining or losing weight because going by pounds alone can often be misleading. While most people cite one number as their current body weight, it may be more realistic to cite a range, since the number does fluctuate daily. Most weight-loss programs advise to weigh at the same time of the day to try to minimize this variation. But still, if you were to weigh yourself every two or three hours you are likely get a whole range of weights, and here's why:You can even sit in a sauna and sweat off five pounds, but that doesn't mean that you've lost five pounds of body fat. In fact, you'll gain that 'weight' right back after you replenish the fluids you sweated out. Water is retained and lost throughout the day and while it may be contributing to your varying ings, these fluctuations are most likely normal, and not necessarily the problem that your friend suggests. (If you have signs of bloating, check with your physician, however.)If you eat a meal that consists of lots of plant foods like beans, grains, veggies and fruit, the food might weigh quite a lot because of all the fiber and water in it. On the other hand, you could eat the exact same amount of calories in the form of processed high-carb or high-fat foods and since this food is very condensed (much of the fiber and water is processed out of it), it's very light. If you ate the more healthful food you might take in a couple of pounds of actual food that would actually make you seem heavier if you weighed yourself after eating it. The processed item such as a fluffy, light croissant may not register as much extra scale weight at all even though it's very high in calories.So does the heavier-weighing food make you fatter? Not at all. Here's why: The body gains weight from accumulating more stored body fat by eating more calories than are expended over time. (You can also gain more weight for other reasons such as increased muscle, but you would need to be doing progressive, heavy resistance training and eating more calories over time.)When you eat a large meal, and if it's an unprocessed, plant-based meal, it's likely to be lower in calories, even if it has greater volume. Check out this comparison from the book Picture Perfect Weight Loss (Grand Central Publishing, 2003) by chiropractor Howard Shapiro. One small muffin is around 720 calories, and a huge platter consisting of an entire pineapple (that weighs several pounds), half a melon, half a papaya, plus two pears, some grapes, kiwi and two small whole-wheat rolls are also 720 calories. Not only would it would be nearly impossible to eat the healthful meal at once (who can eat an entire pineapple without feeling stuffed?), if you managed to even eat half of this, you would have ingested a pound or two of food, compared to a few ounces by eating the muffin.So after eating this plant-based meal, you would temporarily weigh more while the food is going through your digestive system. That doesn't mean you are heavier, though, because it's the caloric load that ultimately leads to excess body fat. In reality you might only be able to eat about 400 or 500 calories worth of this healthful meal, even though you ate much more in terms of volume of food. Most of the fiber and water in the plant-based meal is calorie-free and would be excreted out, NOT turned into extra body fat.Another example in the book compares two 400-calorie options: a high-fat choice such as three small ribs or one egg roll, or a large meal consisting of brown rice, vegetable soup, a fortune cookie and Chinese-style broccoli and shrimp.Chances are that you'd not feel full eating only one egg roll or a few ribs. One could easily eat double, triple (or more!) than the 400-calorie serving shown to make a meal. So you could easily take in 800 to 1,600 calories at one sitting choosing the high-fat options. In comparison, it might be difficult to eat the entire healthful meal shown. But even if you did, it would consist of only 400 calories. So you'd feel satiated, but you still be dieting because you are controlling your caloric intake with these plant-based foods that are high in both fiber and water.The major point to keep in mind is that, while weight is important, it is not a total reflection of your body composition such as the amount of body fat and/or muscle that you have. When losing large amounts of weight, the scale is a useful tool to gauge the change. But avoid getting too nit-picky with daily ings, and look for trends over time. If you have access, try getting your body composition measured, either through a DEXA scan at your doctor's office, or by using body fat calipers by an experienced trainer at your gym. An underwater weighing tank in the exercise physiology department at a local university is another option (some gyms occasionally offer measurements taken in portable tanks). It's also important if you are losing weight to make sure to include some resistance training in your routine so that you can minimize the amount of muscle loss that inevitably accompanies weight loss. /200812/59853湖州市第三人民医院激光除皱手术多少钱

南浔区大腿抽脂价格多少英美文化浓厚的几处景致1. Wall Street (华尔街) 纽约曼哈顿岛南部的一条街。全长不过三分之一英里,街道狭窄而短,从百老汇到东河仅有7个街段。1792年荷兰殖民者为抵御英军侵犯而建筑一堵土墙,从东河(th e East River)一直筑到哈德逊河(the Hudson River),后沿墙形成了一条街,因而得名Wall Street。后拆除了围墙,但“华尔街”的名字却保留了下来。然而,它却以“美国的金融中心”闻名于世。美国根( Morgan)财阀、洛克菲勒(Rockefeller)石油大王和杜邦(E.I.du Pont de Nemours and Company)财团等开设的、保险、航运、铁路等公司的经理处集中在这里。著名的纽约券交易所(Stock Exchange)也在这里。 2. Fleet Street (舰队街) 原为伦敦城外的一条小河。16世纪时,河的两岸住满了人家,但河水浑浊,臭气熏天。1737年开始了舰队河的掩埋工程。填平后,原址成为一条街,取名amp; ;舰队街”。18世纪以来,英国的老报社、出版社都设立在这条街上。影响较大的有《每日电讯报》(The Daily Telegraph)、《每日邮报》(Daily Mail)。“舰队街”已经成为英国报业及新闻界的代名词。 3. Tower of London (伦敦塔) 位于泰晤士河北岸的塔山(Tower Hill)上,是一个占地达18英亩,由城堡、炮台和箭楼等组成的庞大建筑群,建于l078年,当时是外族征者威廉(William the Conqueror)建造的一个军事城堡,中心塔是高约27米的白塔(White Tower),周围有13座塔。12世纪起,历代国王在这里修建王宫、教堂。其中的血塔(the Bloody Tower)被国王用来专门囚禁政治要犯及国王的死敌,是一座死牢。被关进这座塔里的人大多被处死。伦敦塔充当了国家监狱。如今,伦敦塔已经成为收藏文物珍宝的物馆, 保存有古代武器、历代王冠和王室珠宝,还有一根镶有大宝石的皇杖。此外,伦敦塔的东侧附近还有一座塔桥(Tower Bridge),是一座吊桥。 4. Poets' Corner (诗人角) 英国威斯敏斯特教堂内著名文学家的坟墓。这里墓冢累累,墓碑林立。此处埋葬着许多著名的英国文学家。英国诗歌之父乔叟在此不仅有墓穴,还有一个纪念窗。19世纪著 名的小说家狄更斯(Charles Dickens,1812-1870)被安葬在诗人角的中央。陪伴他长眠的还有19世纪诗人丁尼生(Alfred Tennyson,1809-1892)、布朗宁(Robert Browning,1812-1889)、小说家哈代(Thomas Hardy,1840-1928)及英文词典编纂之父约翰逊(Samuel Johnson,1709-1784)。莎土比亚的坟墓虽然在他的故乡,但这里也有一个壁龛放着他的雕像。但英国文学史上两位了不起的浪漫主义诗人拜伦(Geo rge Gordon Byron,1788-1824)和雪莱(Percy Bysshe Shelley,1792-1822)因被认为有异端思想而被排斥在“诗人角”之外。5. Shangri-La (香格里拉) 原为英国小说家希尔顿(James Hilton,1900-1954)在他的小说《失去的地平线》(Lost Horizon,1933)中描述的一个在飞机失事后紧急降落在中国西藏的一个虚构地名。由于小说及后来拍成的电影的广泛影响,香格里拉遂成为公认的世外桃源或隐秘之地 。第二次世界大战期间,美国空军首次轰炸东京时,美国总统罗斯福(Franklin D. Roosevelt,1882-1945)曾对外界说,这些飞机是从香格里拉起飞的。罗斯福还将美国总统设在弗吉尼亚州的一个山间别墅命名为香格里拉。后来,艾 森豪威尔将之改为戴维营,以纪念他的孙子戴维。 6. Greenwich Village (格林尼治村) 位于美国纽约市曼哈顿区。英国殖民统治期间为一村庄。1910年以后,不信奉英国国教的作家、艺术家、文人墨客、大学生等知识分子开始汇聚此地。20世纪80年代 ,这里建起了高级公寓,很多地段成为时街区。村内街道弯曲,建有老式房子、外国餐馆、古玩店、实验剧场、标新立异的夜总会。纽约大学也建在村中。7. Hyde Park (海德公园) 英国最大的皇家公园。位于伦敦市中心的威斯敏斯特教堂 (Westminster Abbey,即西敏寺)地区,占地360多英亩,原属威斯敏斯特教堂产业。16世纪,英王亨利八世将之用作王室的公园。查理一世执政期间,海德公园曾向公众开放。185 1年,维多利亚女王首次在这里举办伦敦国际览会。这里现在也是人们举行各种政治集会和其他群众活动的场所,有著名的“演讲者之角”(Speak ers' Corner)。 8. Dead Valley (死谷) 美国加利福尼亚东部的沙漠地区有一条由西北向东南延伸的断层地沟,长约225公里,宽6-26公里。部分地沟低于海平面,是西半球最低的陆地。1873年 ,在这里发现硼砂矿。19世纪80年代以后,又在附近发现铜、银、铝等矿藏。后来大量采矿。矿源枯竭后,人们迁走,留下一片荒凉瓦砾。1849年曾有一队寻矿的人进入沙漠 底谷,几乎葬身其中,后脱险,因而起名“死谷”。1933年,这里辟为死谷国家公园。 转自我爱英语网 /200803/32131 The feeling of cool morning grass under your bare feet when you walk out to get the newspaper at sunrise.太阳出来时,光脚出门拿报纸,踏在草坪上时的清凉感觉。 /201107/142844湖州曙光医院好不好湖州曙光整形美容医院祛疤痕好吗



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