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口语对话:周末和朋友或同事去郊游-- ::57 Go outing 郊游Go outing with your friends and put your work or troubles aside a while. This way you can vent the pressure that has collected inside your body.情景对话1:一群朋友一起去郊外放松游玩Ann: It's ten more miles to the destination.离目的地还有十里多Ben: Oh, dear! But it looks ten thousand more. My legs don't seem to be mine now.什么!看上去简直是万里长征我的腿已经不听使唤了Mike: Come on, Ben! Can you see the blue sky and green mountains? And the fresh air! What is to be afraid of if you can enjoy what you can't get at work?得了,本看见这蓝天、这青山了吗?还有这么清新的空气!要是能享受到这些上班时享受不到的东西,还有什么可担心的?Ben: Mike, I decide to get about my work and face up to this challenging trip.迈克,我决心不去想工作了,迎接这次旅行的挑战Ann: That's right, Ben. I'm glad you are man enough. The scenery is so beautiful, and it's really worth our eft.这就对了,本,像个男子汉风景多好啊,再累都值Ben: I think so.确实是Mike: Everything here is new and refreshing and seems to be mixed into one. You can hardly tell who's who and which is which.这里的一切都那么清新、和谐,彼此交融Ann: That's why I love outing. It makes you feel so close to the nature. Besides, you'll easily get energetic again.这就是我喜欢户外远足的原因它使你感觉是和自然那么亲近,让你觉得一下子精神焕发Ben: Quite right.你说得对Notes:1 Mike, I decide to get about my work and face up to this challenging trip.face up to recognize and deal with honestly and bravely 诚实而又勇敢地承认和解决,对付例句:You must face up to the fact that no one is young ever. ...and it's really worth our eft.worth of value equal to 值,等于......的价值例句:Four days' car hire costs , which is well worth it the places you're able to drive to.情景对话 :同事们约好一起去野餐Lynn: Ok. Here we are.好,我们到了Allen: This is really a nice spot picnics. I'm starving. Let's eat right away.这真是野餐的好地方我饿极了,我们现在就吃饭吧Lynn: First things first. You get the food out of the basket, and I'll build a fire over there.最重要的事情要先办你把食物从篮子里拿出来,我到那儿去生个火Allen: Good. Here is the tablecloth. I'll sp it out on the grass.好的这是桌布,我把它铺在草地上Lynn: What food did you bring?你都带什么吃的了?Allen: These are hamburgers and hot dogs, and those are drinks, and chocolate cake. The peanut butter and sauce are in another PE bag.这些是汉堡包和热,那些是饮料和巧克力蛋糕,花生黄油和调味汁在另一个塑料袋里Lynn: Some premoist towelette too. Boy, you're really thoughtful.还有几条湿纸巾你想得真周到Allen: What shall we broil first?我们先烤什么?Lynn: Hamburgers. Don't burn it.汉堡包别烤焦了Allen: I'll try not to...it's y now. Have one.我尽量吧......好了,来一个Lynn: Thank you. My god, it tastes good. You're quite a cook.谢谢天哪,味道真好你的手艺真不错Allen: Why, thank you. Let's have a coke, and then go fishing somewhere by the river.谢谢我们喝杯可乐,然后到河边钓鱼去Lynn: That's a marvelous idea.好主意Notes:1 I'm starving. Let's eat right away.right away now 立刻例句:Let's get the car started right away. First things first. 最重要的事情先办例句:Don't worry, your car can be repaired, but first things first, are you sure that you're not hurt?3 Boy, you're really thoughtful.boy在口语中用来表示惊奇,兴奋例句:Boy, that was good!Look here, boy, this simply won't do.常用句型:May I suggest a camping in the suburb?Shall we have time an outing?We can make a weekend picnic there.We'd better rent a camper.Shall we sing and dance round the campfire?I bet you've never seen such beautiful views bee.Boy, you're really thoughtful.It's not bad to go camping during this season.我的小猫(my cat) --5 :: 来源: 我的小猫(my cat)   i have a cat he is beautiful. he is yellow and white. his name is''huang huang''. sometimeshepiayswith me, sometimeshepiayswith the dog.  he can catch mouse. one day a mouse was eating my food . then my cat ran over and caught.  he is a very good cat. do you like my cat?On Friends 谈谈朋友 -- ::3 来源: On Friends 谈谈朋友  We can hardly do anything without a friend. Making friends is very important in our life. If you are in trouble, you can ask your friends help, And you can share good things with them, and learn a lot from them.  In short, we all need friends. To make friends, we must be friendly to others. I would like to make more friends, including you.  离开朋友,我们几乎一事无成交友在我们生活中很重要如果你处于困境,你可以向朋友求助你还可以同他们分享好的事情,向他们学习好多东西  总之,我们都需要朋友想要朋友,我们就应该对别人友好我想交更多的朋友,包括您呦!我的朋友安娜 My Friend, Anna -- :5:50 来源: I have a good friend. She is Anna. She lives in Haining. She is very lovely. She is eleven years old and her birthday is in June. She's small, thin and active. She has short black hair. Her hobby is watching TV and sleeping! Her mom and dad are very good. We want to take a trip this Saturday. I like playing with her, we are very happy! There are five people in her family; they are her mom, dad, grandparents and her. Her father works in a factory. Her mother works in a company. They are very kind. This is my best friend.我有一个好朋友她叫安娜她住在海宁她很可爱她十一岁了,她的生日是在六月她很瘦小也很积极她有一头黑色的短发她的爱好是看电视和睡觉!她妈妈和爸爸都很好这个星期六我们打算去旅行我喜欢和她一起玩,我们都很开心!她家有五口人,分别是她妈妈,爸爸,爷爷奶奶和她她爸爸在一家工厂工作,妈妈在一家公司上班他们人都很好这就是我最好的朋友我最爱的人英语作文 我的双胞胎哥哥 --01 ::5 来源: 我最爱的人英语作文 我的双胞胎哥哥My twin brother is the person i love the most .He's just minutes older than me.我的双胞胎哥哥是我最爱的人,他只比我大几分钟We look the same,and wear same clothes,same shoes.We sleep together,study together and play together.People usually can't tell us apart except my mother.My twin brother usually helps me when i 'm teased by others,and accompanied me when i'm punished by my parents.我们长得一样,穿同样的衣,同样的鞋子我们一起睡觉,一起学习,一起玩耍除了妈妈之外,人们都分不清我们俩谁是谁我的双胞胎哥哥总是在我被人欺负的时候帮我,在我被爸爸妈妈处罚的时候陪着我My twin brother is my best friend,he know everything about me.We have no secrets.He's the person i love the most.我的双胞胎哥哥是我最好的朋友,他知道我的每一件事情我们之间没有秘密他是我最爱的人

婚礼上的习俗-- :5: A:So what are we gonna talk about today?  我们今天聊什么?  B:I was wondering if you could tell me something about marriage customs.  我想你今天跟我谈谈婚礼上的习俗好吗?  A:No problem.What do you wanna know?  成啊你想知道什么?  B:Well,how old are people when they usually get married?  一般人们多大结婚?  A:Most people get married when they're in thier 's or 30's .But some people may not find love until they're in their 70's.  大多数的人二三十的时候结,也有七十才找到伴儿的  B:Is there an engagement period?  有订婚期吗?  A:Yes.The engagement period usually lasts from between 3 months to a year.  是啊一般是三个月到一年  B:Who pays the wedding?  谁出钱半婚礼呢?  A:The couple would probably split the cost between them,with contributions from the parents too.  两口子对半分  B:Who's invited?  都请些什么人呢?  A:Weddings are treated as a big occasion. So all close family and friends would be invited.  结婚可是一辈子的大事儿所有的亲朋好友都要请的  B:What happens during the ceremony?  婚礼上都干什么?  A:The ceremony is usually fairly simple.Some hymns maybe sung,The vicar may some passages from the Bible.The bride and groom say their vows and rings are exchanged.The newly married couple will then go outside to have their wedding photos taken,Then everyone goes to a restaurant the reception,where the partying begins. Eating,drinking,singing,dancing and more drinking,  挺简单的,到时会唱赞歌儿主持人会从圣经中摘出几段念新人当众宣誓,交换戒指然后到教堂外去照相之后大家去饭店,那里会有一个很大的聚会,大家吃吃喝喝,唱歌跳舞,然后再接着喝  B:What do the bride and groom usually wear?  新郎新娘都穿什么?  A:The groom wears a tuxedo and the bride wears a beautiful,long dress,usually in white  新郎穿燕尾,新娘则穿很漂亮的长长的礼,一般是白色的  B:What kind of gifts do people usually give?  那大家一般都送什么礼?  A:People will give useful gifts that the newly-weds can make their new home with.Such as kitchen ware or bedding.  一般都送新人家里会用得到的,比如厨房用具或床上用品什么的  B:How long is the honeymoon?  蜜月一般都多长?  A:The honeymoon ?Usually between 1 and weeks.  蜜月?也就一两个礼拜吧  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1] split the bill是指分开付费split是一个很常用的词吃饭时与别人分开结帐可以说let's split the bill.与别人分手了也可以说成we split  []婚礼上除了新郎和新娘之外,还有伴郎the best man,伴娘maid of honor和主持婚礼的牧师priest.  [3]honeymoon蜜月通常人们会问新人们这个问题where did you spend your honeymoon?你们在哪儿度的蜜月?  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ ie:What does "***"mean?"***"是什么意思?]  wedding jitter bowtie wedding gawn to have the cold feet

动物(Animals) --1 :9:9 来源: 动物(Animals)  i like animals very much. i have a dog, it’s my favourite animal. it’s white, it looks like a snow ball. it has two big eyes and ears. but its nose and mouth are very small. it’s very naughty.it often stares at my food when i have a meal. when i’m home it follows me all the time.  when i do my homework, it often sits beside quietly, but sometimes runs around me and shouts: wom wom.  i like my dog very much.

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