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陕西省第二人民医院割包皮多少钱西安市中医院治疗早泄多少钱西安哪家男性问题 As the creative director of the French children’s clothing company Bonpoint, Christine Innamorato spends a lot of time thinking about fashion. But interior design, she said, deserves just as much attention.作为法国童装品牌邦布朗(Bonpoint,法国顶级童装奢侈品牌——译注)的创意总监,克丽丝汀·那莫瑞图(Christine Innamorato)把大把的时间花费在了思考时尚这件事上。但是室内设计也值得同等的关注,她说。If you’re trying to create a happy, comforting environment, “the decoration of a child’s room is very important,” said Ms. Innamorato, 48, speaking through an interpreter. That’s why her company has a dedicated team of antiques shoppers to furnish its 110 stores around the world, she said. In fact, she added, “When we show a nice dress in an armoire, sometimes the moms just want to buy the armoire.”如果你想要打造一个快乐、舒适的环境,“儿童房的装修非常重要。”48岁的那莫瑞图通过翻译这样表示。这就是为什么她的公司里有一专业的古董买手团队,为全球110家店面布置家具,她说。事实上,她补充道:“当我们在一个大衣柜里展示一件漂亮裙子时,有时妈妈们只想要买那个衣柜。”But beyond furniture, “the quality of light is very important, and makes a big difference,” she said. “It has to be warm and cozy. It’s all about good energy.”除家具之外,“灯光的质量也非常重要,而且真是会大不一样,”她说,“灯光必须温暖舒适,给人好的感觉。”In New York for the opening of a new Bonpoint store in SoHo, Ms. Innamorato took time out to shop for the most comforting sort of lighting: night lights.在纽约,邦布朗要在SoHo开一家新店,那莫瑞图花时间实地勘察了店面,找到最舒适的一种布光:夜灯。At the Schoolhouse Electric amp; Supply Co. showroom in TriBeCa, she admired the Ion C-Series lamps in the window: bare bulbs with exposed filaments on brightly colored bases.在位于翠贝卡区(TriBeCa)的Schoolhouse Electric amp; Supply Co.,她对橱窗里的离子C系列(Ion C-Series)灯具喜爱有加:裸灯泡和暴露在外的灯丝,拧在色鲜艳、五颜六色的基座上。“The light is just soft enough for a child’s night light, but it would also be good for an adult,” she said. “I would use a number of them together.”“作为孩子的夜灯,这种光线足够柔和,但对于一个成年人来说也很好,”她说,“我想要把它们好几个放在一起用。”At Babesta, she studied a large, playful lamp modeled on the cartoon character Miffy. “It’s funny, but it’s also comforting,” she said of the bunny-shaped form.在巴贝斯通(Babesta,一家纽约童装店——译注),她看到一座好玩的巨大台灯,是以卡通形象米菲(Miffy)为原型制作的。“它非常有趣,光线也很舒适,”她如此评价这只兔子造型的灯具。And because it was so much bigger than the average night light, she added, “You could put it on the floor or on a table next to the bed.”因为这款灯比其它夜灯大得多,她补充道,“你可以把它放在地板上,或者床边的桌子上。”She also liked the GummiLights by Jellio, battery-powered lamps made to look like oversize gummy bears.她还喜欢Jellio设计的GummiLights这款灯,是靠电池供电的,造型像超大尺寸的小熊软糖。Candy for the eyes, she called them: “You almost want to eat it.”这是个养眼的东西,她这么称呼这款灯,“你几乎想要吃掉它。”And at Kikkerland, in the West Village, she picked out the Moon night light.而在西村(West Village)的仙源(Kikkerland,美国一家品牌家居店——译注),她拿起一款月亮夜灯。A small, plug-in model, it was one of the simplest she chose. But as a design inspiration, the moon is “ideal for a night light,” she said. “It’s a nice invitation to dream.”这是一款小巧的即插式模型,是她挑选的灯具里最简单的一款。但是,作为设计灵感的月亮,是“最完美的夜灯”,她说,“是对美梦的绝佳邀请。” /201407/308996西安医院泌尿外科九龙挂号

西安男人怎么样If you still love the summer dress, then keep wearing it! But don#39;t forget to add a simple little vest , it will make the dress look more special. Besides, the belt on the waist comes from the TOYO inspiration , and this detail can help you follow the fashion trend of this year.如果还没过完夏日长裙的瘾,那就继续吧!但是别忘了外面加一件小马甲,让长裙看起来特别一些。并且,腰间的腰带是BG今年的东瀛灵感,这样的小细节能帮你很好的follow新的流行。The show of Coach seems much younger than ever before. We have no idea about the opinions of the faithful fans of Coach, but the author thinks that this mix and match style is young enough to attract attention. So please copy this style: cartoon T-shirt + leather skirt +neutral vest+ pearl necklace!Coach今年比以往都年轻了起码20岁!且不说Coach的忠实粉们是否能接受这样的变化,反正编辑觉得这混搭的年轻气非常招人喜欢,所以你请你拷贝,卡通T恤+皮质半裙+中性马夹+珍珠项链的搭配!Blouse is always in vogue . This kind of apparel modelling is well suited to the following autumn. You can just wear like this, and don#39;t miss the unilateral earring.衬衫的流行:这套造型太适合接下来的秋季,你就这样穿,连模特的单边耳环都不要放过。If you try to choose a suit in this season, then you can choose the suit featuring with printed floral, a profiled jaket and a dress with silt design. Likewise, don#39;t forget to wear a belt!今季要选套装,就选全印花、夹克有廓形感、裙子有开衩设计的,同样,别忘了系上腰带!Please remember long blouse plus long suit is the year#39;s fashion! And the high heels with pointed toes is the key of being chic.今年请记得穿长衬衫+长西装,够长才够流行!其中尖头高跟鞋是让一切都变得更“chic”的关键!Adding a long vest outside the long shirt will look much nicer, and the most important thing is to wear flat shoes.在长衬衫外面加一件长款马夹,看起来就丰富多了。并且,穿上平底鞋才是最重要的!This deress becomes fashionable starting from the popularity of diving-suits fabric . If you add a belt and a pair of flat shoes, your look will be impeccable .从潜水面料走俏开始,这种挺括感的连衣裙就一直非常流行。加上一条腰带再来一双平底鞋,你的LOOK就无懈可击了。Short TOP has been popular for several seasons, you can still wear it this year, and it is recommended that you choose long bottoms to match!短TOP已经持续流行了好几季,今年你依旧可以穿它,编辑推荐你选择长款下装搭配,更有腔调!You can wear the short print dress of summer for a little longer, just match it with a light nine point pant.夏日的印花短裙你也可以再穿一阵子,搭配一条质感同样轻薄的九分长裤就够了。Wearing see-through dress need you to have a good control about the degree. Matching the see-through with the opaque is in the year#39;s fashion.掌握好透视的比例,用透与不透相互搭配着,才是今年的流行。 /201410/334717西安做包皮包茎手术 Sri Lankan couple Nisansala and Nalin tied the knot on Friday in a world-record-breaking ceremony.斯里兰卡的一对情侣Nisansala和Nalin于本周五举行了婚礼,而这场婚礼还创造了新的世界纪录。The pair beat the previous Guinness World Record holder for most number of bridesmaids at a wedding ceremony with a whopping 126 #39;maids. According to Reuters, the previous record was 96 bridesmaids at a wedding in Thailand.他们婚礼上的伴娘团队多达126人,打破前吉尼斯世界纪录,成为伴娘最多的婚礼。据路透社报道,之前的纪录由一场在泰国举办的婚礼创造,当时的伴娘人数为96人。Champi Siriwardana -- one of Sri Lanka#39;s leading wedding planners and dress designers (who also happens to be Nisansala#39;s sister-in-law) -- came up with the idea to try to break the world record.Champi Siriwardana是斯里兰卡首席婚礼策划人兼婚纱设计师,她也是新郎Nisansala的嫂子,就是她想出了要破世界纪录的主意。Twenty-five groomsmen, 20 page boys and and 23 flower girls and even First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa were in attendance at Nisansala and Nalin#39;s Big Day.除了126位伴娘外,他们还有25位伴郎、20个男侍童、23个女花童,甚至连斯里兰卡的第一夫人都出席了两人的婚礼。 /201311/264933西安市第一人民医院割包皮多少钱

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