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深圳南山医院韩式隆鼻多少钱深圳东湖医院治疗痘痘多少钱Have you ever heard someone say shoulda? “Oh yeah, I shoulda done that!”你是否曾听过有人说“shoulda”?“Oh yeah,I shoulda done that!”Whats it mean? In this American English pronunciation , youre going to learn about shoulda, woulda, coulda.这是什么意思?在这节美式英语发音视频中,你将会学习关于shoulda,woulda,coulda的发音。Shoulda is a reduction of should have.“shoulda”是“should have”的缩略形式。I made a years ago about dropping the H in words like have – we do it all the time in spoken American English.几年前我录制过一个关于省略“have”这类词中的H的视频,美式英语中我们经常这样。But in shoulda, were going a lot further than just dropping the H.Were reducing the AA vowel to the schwa, and were dropping the V sound.但是在“shoulda”中,我们不只是省略H。我们把元音AA弱读成弱元音,并且省略掉V的音。All were left with is the schwa, uh (loop two times). Shoulda, woulda, coulda.我们剩下的只有弱元音uh(循环两次)。Shoulda,woulda,coulda.Note that the L is silent in these words, and they all have the UH vowel, as in book, where the lips flare a little bit and theres some tension in the back of the tongue as it lifts a bit.注意这些单词中的“L”是不发音的,并且他们都有和“book”中一样的元音UH,嘴唇微微撅起,舌头微抬,后部拉紧。Uh, should, uh, would, uh, could. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.Uh,should,uh,would,uh,could. Shoulda,woulda,coulda.Lets look at some sentences.I shoulda been there. You coulda been hurt! I shoulda seen it coming.我们来看一些句子。你本应该在那儿。你可能受伤了!我本应该看到它过来了。I woulda been there. We coulda tried harder. I woulda thought so.我会在那儿的。我们应该更加努力。我本来也是这样想的。Sometimes I pronounce these words like this, all the way reduced, and sometimes I make a light V sound, vv (loop three times).有时候我用完全省略的方式略读,有时候我会发出轻微的V音,vv(循环三次)Theres no reason why I do it one way or another, I just know that I do, and youll probably hear it both ways.两种不同的发音没有特别的原因,我就是这么做了,你也两种方法都有可能听到。Now, you dont want to try to write them this way, but speaking? Yes, do it. These reductions sound like natural American English.你并不想这么写,只想这么说?没问题。这些略读听起来就像纯正美式发音。Shoulda, woulda coulda. (loop two times) these three words together is a phrase we sometimes use to say oh well.Shoulda,woulda coulda.(循环两次)这三个单词连在一起是一个词组,我们有时会用来表示“哦,好吧”。Man, I wish I had bought Apple stock ten years ago. -Shoulda, woulda, coulda.Bonus: Lets learn the negative too: Should not have.伙计,我真希望十年前我买了苹果的股票。-哦,好吧。额外福利:我们也来学习一下否定:Should not have.Americans will say this: shouldn-uh (loop two times). Drop the word not and just make an N sound.美国人会这么说:shouldn-uh (循环两次)。省略单词“not”只发出N的音。So its going to sound like two or three syllables, depending on how fast you transition from D to N: shouldnt-uh (loop two times).所以根据你从D过渡到N的快慢,可以发出两个或三个音节。shouldn’t-uh(循环两次)Right after should, hold out an N: shouldnnnnn.The tongue position for D and N is almost the same. Shouldnnnnnnnnnn-uh.should后面,发出一个长的N音:shouldnnnnn。D和N舌头的位置几乎是一样的,Shouldnnnnnnnnnn-uh。Then just release the tongue to make the schwa. Shouldn-uh (loop two times).This is the same for couldnt have, couldna, and wouldnt have, wouldna.然后释放舌头发出弱元音。Shouldn-uh(循环两次)“couldn’t have”和“wouldn’t have”的发音同样如此。Lets look at some example sentences.我们来看一些例子。Shouldnt have, shouldna. I shouldnt have said that. Im sorry. It shouldnt have started aly. Shouldna.不应该,应该。我不应该那样说。对不起。它本来应该还没有开始。应该。Couldnt have, couldna. You couldnt have known. We couldnt have made it anyway. Couldna (loop two times).不能,能。你本不该知道的。无论如何,我们本不该做这个。能(循环两次)Wouldnt have, wouldna. I wouldnt have said that. It wouldnt have mattered. Wouldna (loop two times).Wouldn’t have,wouldna.我本来就没那样说过。本来应该没关系的。Wouldna (循环两次)I hope youll now be more comfortable identifying these phrases when you hear them, and reducing them yourself in conversation.我希望现在你听到这些词组的时候能更容易分辨,并且在自己的对话中进行略读。If theres a word or phrase youd like help pronouncing, please put it in the comments below.如果你有单词或者词组的发音需要帮助,请在下面。Dont forget to sign up for my mailing list by clicking here or in the description below to keep up with all my latest s – its free.不要忘记点击这里或者下面的描述免费订阅我的邮件,关注我最新的视频。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201707/516212深圳激光点痣多少钱 Good luck, Nikola.好运 尼古拉Thank you, Mr. Westinghouse.谢谢 威斯汀豪斯先生Ladies and gentlemen,please welcome the new wizard of electricity,Nikola Tesla!女士们先生们 请大家欢迎电的新魔术师 尼古拉·特斯拉My first demonstration is for those amongst you who fear that AC and high voltage will make the world unsafe.我的第一个演示专门为害怕交流电并认为高压会威胁世界的人所设计Tesla travels the country,showing AC pulsing through him.特斯拉的足迹踏遍全国 演示交流电从他体内穿过The successful demonstrations have orders for Westinghouse power stations pouring in.成功的演示让威斯汀豪斯发电站的订单蜂拥而至People who understood the science of electricity realized that Tesla was a new giant,and a significant rival.理解电科学的人认识到特斯拉是一颗新的巨星 也是一个伟大的对手J.P. Morgan suddenly finds himself in an unfamiliar position.J·P·根突然发现自己处在了一个不熟悉的位置I thought you didnt have any competition.我以为你没有任何竞争None that are worthy of note.没有值得一提的I have just seen the drawings and descriptions of an electrical machine lately patented by Mr. Tesla,which will revolutionize the worlds electrical business.我刚看到了很多描述和报道讲的都是特斯拉先生最新注册专利的发电机 说它将会为世界电力行业带来革命AC has a very high voltage, and is lethal.交流电电压很高 而且致命A young boy touched a straggling wire and was killed instantly.曾有一个小男孩抓住脱落的电线马上就被电死You, sir. You have DC running through your home.先生 你家里走的就是直流电None of your family are at risk.你的家人都不会有此风险Edison, I see that the electrical industry has two competing systems right now: AC and DC.爱迪生 我很清楚 电力行业现在有两种相互竞争的系统:交流和直流This world has room for only one of em.但世界只能容下其中一种J.P. Morgan is staking everything on Thomas Edison.J·P·根把一切赌注都压在了托马斯·爱迪生身上But as the battle to electrify the nation heats up,the pressure Morgan puts on Edison sends him down a dark path.但随着国内供电战役的白热化 根对爱迪生施加的压力让他步入了灰暗的前路 201605/443606光明新区中心人民医院丰胸多少钱

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深圳哪里有割双眼皮的Elizabeth! Elizabeth...伊丽莎白!伊丽莎白...Steven...史蒂芬...I cant believe I caught you.没想到我竟然追上你了You came back. I knew you come back.你回来了。我就知道你会回来。I have to ask you something.我有个问题必须要问你。Anything.你尽管问吧。What is the netflix password?Netflix的密码是多少?ilovesteven.ilovesteven?“我爱史蒂芬”。“我爱史蒂芬”?Its all lowercase, one word? Yeah. OK, Cool.都是小写,没有空格?是的。太好了You gotta get it, to get it. See ya !!只有拥有Netflix的人才会懂。再见。Watch movies, TV shows and exclusive seriess instantly.随时收看电影、电视节目以及独家影集。201703/495406 深圳福田医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱深圳专业做热玛吉医院




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